Obama Admin welcomes the Muslim Brotherhood

Here’s the thing. Cautiously or not, you don’t talk to Islamo-Nazi terrorists. Period.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cautiously welcomed Sunday the Muslim Brotherhood’s involvement in political dialogue in Egypt, saying Washington would “wait and see” how talks develop.

“Today we learned the Muslim Brotherhood decided to participate, which suggests they at least are now involved in the dialogue that we have encouraged,” Clinton told National Public Radio (NPR) from Germany.

“We’re going to wait and see how this develops, but we’ve been very clear about what we expect.”

Mark Levin weighed in on this earlier this morning:

Hillary Clinton is welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood in discussions about a new Egyptian government. The Mubarak government is reaching out to it as well. I wonder what those who invoke the American Revolution and other disconnected historical events to justify their blind support for events in Egypt — which they can neither accurately define or explain — think about this. Actually, my guess is they’re unmoved by this knowledge as they are motivated by doctrine and ideology, not reason and experience. They’ll downplay it and the Muslim Brotherhood’s effectiveness. But for the rest of us, it is important to pay attention to history, experience, and facts. To support these events as a democracy movement is to miscomprehend the words democracy and movement.

We all hope this turns out well. Who among us would not? And there’s no doubt that democracy is preferred to tyranny and that an untold number of Egyptians seek democracy. But now is not the time to throw prudence and caution overboard but, rather, to embrace them more firmly. The tyranny of totalitarianism, of the sort that took power in Iran and Gaza during the last “democracy movements,” demands it. While the situations are not identical, they’re close enough. Moreover, it is hard to imagine the Obama administration competently handling this extremely difficult matter when it has demonstrated incompetence in matters of far less complexity and import. Indeed, the president’s amateurism has already revealed itself in his public statements.

But I really like the way Salim Mansour candidly puts it (emphasis mine):

Extremely distressed by the crew in Washington, and in most European capitals. Media is so corrupted by left-leaning thinking that there is not much of an analysis to be expected in the media that is now competing with facebook, twitters, etc. The dumbing down of thinking is itself a huge problem the West is facing now as it tries pathetically to undertstand/explain politics and history of other cultures when it no longer has faith in its own civilizational values. I despair, and so I follow Samuel Pepys who confined himself to his diaries while London burned and I am trying to devote my time to reading and writing of my own (that of course I might not be able to publish, and even if published few will read).

I am more convinced now, as I wasn’t when Paul Kennedy wrote about the rise and fall of great powers, that the West has gone over the tipping point in its terminal decline. That intelligent people, or people who claim to be intelligent, (I have in mind the talking heads in the U.S. media such as Chris Matthews or Fareed Zakaria) cannot make the difference between the sham of the Muslim Brotherhood talking about freedom and democracy and the generic thirst in man to be free. These are the people who have like the Bourbons learned nothing and forgotten nothing. They are glibly about to put the Lenins of our time into trains heading for Moscows of our time, they find nothing odd that they are pushing for the Muslim Brotherhood to be taken into governing when everything needs to be done to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out even as one carefully negotiate the long historic transition of Arab societies from tribal autorcracy and military dictatorships to representative rule and constitutionally limited government.

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14 thoughts on “Obama Admin welcomes the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Let us do a little homework here. During the 2008 primary, there were photos with Obama and Luis Farrakan taken at one of the American Muslim Brotherhood gathering. How could anyone miss the connections of this international organization.
    Why is Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine and the Code Pink of Hollywood, got involed in Egypt, all of which has obama somehow connected, and before I forget, the Soros tentackles are also much involed . Come on people,,WAKE UP !!!!!

  2. Fact is, “You Lie!” hussein has been playing footsie with the terrorist organization Hamas ever since he assumed the title of “Worst President in American History” on 20 Jan 2009. So, of course he’ll embrace the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the SAME AS HAMAS !

    Many Western analysts agree that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are one and the same. One leading Brotherhood cleric has said: “Kill Jews – to the very last one.” A Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would strengthen Hamas in Gaza.

    Another Brotherhood leader told an Arab language newspaper Monday that Egyptians “should prepare for war against Israel.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are rooted in the same ideology. “If the Muslim Brotherhood groups gain a prominent place in the government, this would definitely help consolidate Hamas’s hold on Gaza,” Atiyeh Jawwabra, a political science professor at Jerusalem’s Al Quds University, told The Wall Street Journal’s Joshua Mitnick.

    The journalist added, “Hamas, whose founder was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, has rejected negotiations with Israel and refuses to foreswear military and terrorist attacks.”

    “Under a different name (Hamas), the Muslim Brotherhood runs the Gaza Strip. Hamas’s charter states unequivocally that it wants to eradicate Israel,” wrote Richard Cohen in the Washington Post this week.

    With his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, “You Lie!” hussein cements his role as the most anti-Semitic politician since the Third Reich.

  3. Scoop… thanks for referencing Salim Mansour. I’ll now have to revise my well researched stats on the number of moderate Muslims in North America to five.

    Tarek Fatah, Raheel Raza, Irshad Manji (my fave Muslim lesbian), Zudhi Jasser and Salim Mansour, who I forgot about.

    All are Canadian except Jasser. Jasser has a following of about maybe one hundred in his organization.

    They all suffer from what I term “Muslim at Risk Syndrome”. Loosely defined, Muslims at Risk are those who love Western society, but have a cultural sympathy toward Allah worship since they are naturally born into the so-called faith of Islam. They enjoy and relish the Western life, yet are in denial about the core pathology of hatred contained in the Islamic texts. The cognitive dissonance produced in these individuals have them defending Islam yet eschewing its core hatreds and totalitarianism as a corrupting influence which infected the faith sometime after the 7th Century after the last Rightly Guided Caliph Ali, Mohammed’s son-in-law.

    These people are a joy to listen to (except perhaps Jasser) yet are infuriating to stomach when they whitewash what they consider to be “pure” undefiled Islam.

    In conclusion….
    Canada 4, America 1
    Dubious victory for sure.

    1. That’s not cognitive dissonance, quite the opposite, it is superb cognitive dissonance management.

      1. Ha Ha… good point… it’s superb management indeed, but only obliquely. Actually it is the epitome of CD complete with the attendant all typical denial as in rejecting the authoritative texts as corrupted and “unauthoratative” in order to maintain their belief in the goodness of Allah and his prophet.

        1. Spot! Muslim apologists defend the Qur’an by quoting peaceful verses in an attempt to white-wash the anti-Semitic rhetoric that are found in it. Islam holds to the notion that revelation is progressive, whereby whenever one comes across verses that contradict one another, they say, these verses are not contradictions, they have been abrogated! The true test of Muslim apologist is to get the arabic translations of their teachings! There lies the big difference!

          1. That’s true Zara… but the so-called moderate Muslim, by definition, to the pious Muslim is a liberal at best and an apostate at worse. The moderate will reject whole swaths of Muslim texts as later add-ons or corruptions by Uthman. Therein lies their denial. They are not taqiyya artists at heart, but text deniers and liberals who have absolutely no traction in the Muslim world. That’s why there are a handful at best in North America… all of them with fatwas on their collective heads.

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