UPDATE: WWII MEMORIAL PRIVATELY FUNDED! – Obama sends more barricades to WWII Memorial to keep veterans out


Yeah, it looks like we’re going to need an open thread for this:

To quote Allahpundit on Twiter, “Never go full A-hole.” And that’s exactly what the administration is doing:

So if they are paying people to set up barricades, couldn’t they pay people to keep the park open? This is so stupid…

UPDATE: Apparently the Park Service workers don’t like being on camera and fled:

UPDATE II: Vets are on the way!

What Twitter is saying:

UPDATE III: One more:

UPDATE IV: You won’t believe the administration’s excuse to barricade the WWII memorial:

Via Jake Tapper:

Why was there a need for barricades in the first place?

“Park Service did not want to barricade these, but unfortunately we have been directed, because of the lack of appropriations, to close all facilities and grounds,” said National Mall and Memorial parks spokeswoman Carol Johnson.

I know that this is an open-air memorial, but we have people on staff who are CPR trained, (and) we want to make sure that we have maintenance crew to take care of any problems. What we’re trying to do is protect this resource for future generations,” said Johnson.

CNN’s Erin McPike reports.

See Legal Insurrection for more about the 1995 shutdown.

UPDATE V: Vets have arrived!

UPDATE VI: More from Charlie Sperling who is on the ground there for the Washington Examiner:

And of course this!

And for the protest sign of the day:

SIDE UPDATE: “Tear down this wall” protester is a Marine vet:


And a message from the Park Police:

UPDATE VIII: CONFIRMED – White House OMB behind closing of National Park:



UPDATE X: Barricades were breached without incident:

UPDATE XI: Ok this made me laugh:

Here’s a few more:

Even more:

And a hateful one from Claire McCaskill:

UPDATE XII: And for the icing on the cake via Weasel Zippers:

The National World War II Memorial was funded almost entirely by private contributions, as specified in Public Law 103-32. The campaign received more than $197 million in cash and pledges. Support came from hundreds of thousands of individual Americans, hundreds of corporations and foundations, veterans groups, dozens of civic, fraternal and professional organizations, states and one territory, and students in 1,200 schools across the country.

Donated and pledged funds were used to cover the total project costs of approximately $182 million. These costs include site selection and design, construction and sculpture, a National Park Service maintenance fee required by the Commemorative Works Act, groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies, fund raising, and the 11-year administrative costs of the project from its inception in 1993 through completion in 2004.

Remaining funds are held on deposit with the U.S. Treasury in a National WWII Memorial Trust Fund. The funds will be used by the American Battle Monuments Commission solely to benefit the World War II Memorial.

The White House will counter something about staff and CPR and taxpayer money…but it doesn’t require staff and it wasn’t even built with taxpayer money. But this president has it closed anyway. What a wanker.

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459 thoughts on “UPDATE: WWII MEMORIAL PRIVATELY FUNDED! – Obama sends more barricades to WWII Memorial to keep veterans out

  1. “So if they are paying people to set up barricades, couldn’t they pay people to keep the park open?”

    Barricades don’t earn a salary. The park rangers that are required to keep the park safe and maintained do. How can you be so obtuse?

    1. Setting up and manning barricades do earn a salary. All that cost, and fork left cost to run and operate give me a break. I’m sure we can get a group together to pick up trash if that is needed…not a huge deal there. It was a privately funded site and thus has no business being closed. What we should cut our the USFS jobs, obviously they have too much funding. Maybe all that land taken from States should be given back and let each state decide how to manage their land.


    Park service: Honor Flight visits are a ‘First Amendment activity’ WASHINGTON — World War II vets are allowed back in their war memorial now, shutdown or no shutdown.

    A day after hundreds of tourist veterans took over the closed down World War II Memorial in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, the United States Park Police announced that planned Honor Flight visits to the monument are considered “First Amendment activities,” which are allowed regardless of the government’s operating status.


    1. Still sad that Rangers who are Americans are going to uphold any kind of crazy idea like shutting down a site. How about people kicked out of their homes in NV, or the Business forced to close on the Blue Ridge Parkway although Parkway is still open. And all they say is “I’m following orders”…well maybe don’t follow them *shrug*

  3. Those men FOUGHT, spilled their blood, guts,
    & tears; went without food, water, and other supplies; spent
    sleepless nights in foxholes wet , tired, hungry, & cold; missed the
    births of their children, birthdays, holidays, & other momentous life
    events like the first words or steps of their child; and watched some
    of their best friends die so that these clowns in Washington would be
    free to have a government free of tyranny. The current administration
    has ignored the SACRIFICES that these men made and should be run out of
    Washington DC on a rail tarred & feathered. Had those sent to
    “enforce” that closure of the national monuments attempted to stop these
    veterans they may have started a civil war. WWII, Korea, Viet Nam,
    Iraq, & Afghan vets this American salutes you& thanks you.

  4. All I have to say to the workers that would rather be cutting the grass than blocking a memorial paid for with taxes…go cut the grass! They should have used those zip ties to sandwich McCaskill between the barricades.

      1. Yep…she’s done enough damage in a short 6 years. She needs to go at the next election. I guess that would be in ’18 for her Senate seat.

  5. Bachmann needs to be voted out. She supports the spying on AMerican citizens by the NSA by not voting on Justin Amash’s anti-spying bill. Vote her out!

  6. Unfortunately, in the next election cycle, the party I just left, republicans, won’t dare mention this transgression, or any other by the dems. The career politicians of both parties are more interested in getting the scoop on the next big stock move, or the private jet get away to some resort, to be concerned about things so petty as protecting citizens’ rights. barry’s in good company because impeachment proceedings should already be well underway.

    1. Rick…if you are in a legislative district or state that has a RINO up for re-election I woul dencourage you to change back to Republican. Get with the Tea Party or another conservative group and find out who can run against the RINO in a primary. Get rid of them even before the general election. That’s how we change things…fight – don’t run.

  7. Today would have been my Dad’s 91st birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!!!). Sadly, he has been gone for 4 1/2 years now. Dad had a pretty simple bucket list in his last few years: He wanted to see Ireland and he wanted to see the World War II Memorial in Washington DC. The trip to Ireland is one I will never forget because of the joy it brought to him. My only regret is that I was never able to keep the promise to get hime to the WW II Memorial before he got too sick to travel.

    Now, there is an organization called Honor Flight (HonorFlight.org) that is making these wishes come true for our WW II Veterans. As they say on the web site, time is running out for these veterans. An estimated 640 WW II Vets die each day. Today, there are barricades blocking these veterans from fulfilling one of their last wishes. Why? Because a spiteful President, angry over a partial government shutdown, said ‘Make it hurt and make it public’. And so, today the NPS will spend more money than they normally do when the parks are open, to set up barricades and threaten WW II veterans with arrest if they attempt to breach those barricades. These monuments are open all the time (except when there is a partial government shutdown). There was no reason to block access to the memorials except to ‘make it hurt and make it public’.

    So today, many veterans will make that last trip to Washington in hopes of seeing the memorial erected in their honor with NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING (in fact most of the donations came from WW II veterans and their families) and they be turned away by a tyrannical government that shows an utter lack of compassion for these men and women, bordering on outright disdain for them. I would love to be there today, with wire cutters, to help them tear down those barricades! But, since I can’t be there in person, I will pray for those who will be there and I have made a donation to Honor Flight network in honor of my Dad. Happy Birthday Dad!!!

  8. Who does McCaskill think she is fooling? What a dumb bitch. i wouldn’t shake her hand. It would take a week to get the grease off of mine.

  9. Lmao, these vets took down the walls of Normandy, took over islands inch by inch. What makes those morons think they can block the vets with those puny fences?

    1. My uncle was a pathfinder and parachuted into Normandy the night before. If he were still alive he would hang glide his way into the Memorial.

  10. ONE barricade (to hang a ‘closed’ sign on), at the WW1 Memorial. (None of them left alive to insult). 😉

  11. These great vets breeched these BARACKades as quickly as they breeched the BARACKades at the beaches of Normandy and did it from wheel chairs.

    To think Nero Obama, the BORG Queen, can pump up his chest and put down disabled and very elderly American vets but hasn’t got the spine to stand up to Putin or Assad or Iran or any of the other world class tyrants that these vets made mince meat 70 years ago.

    I hope our TEA Party congressmen and congresswomen show up at the WWII Memorial every day to make sure Nero Obama doesn’t find the courage to put down these WWII Vets again and that they never again have to storm BARACKades to get into their own memorial like it was a beach on Normandy.

    I also hope that the reporters who published these great photos of the WWII vets stormin’ their own memorial will start taking the names of the Park Service employees who are putting up these BARACKades and publishing them so that the various veterans organizations can interrogate them about who was behind this nonsense.

    We have a great D-Day Museum here in New Orleans which many veterans visit with their families, including children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Is Nero Obama going to muster the courage to close it off too? Well, if he does, I will do my part to help any veteran breech those BARACKades if he does. One of my relatives, Robert Clark Bourgeois, is a featured part of the D-Day Museum exhibit – he was one of the Doolittle Raiders on April 18, 1942, in Flight Crew 13, Lucky 13 – he was the bombadier – he sunk a Japanese aircraft carrier, the Ryuchu, in dry dock in Yokusura Bay, before he and the rest of the crew bailed out somewhere over China in the dead of night in a blinding rain storm not knowing where they would come down – in Chinese-controlled territory or Japanese-occupied territory and many Chinese who helped him and the others escape the Japanese were slaughtered by the Japanese for doing so, including everyone in a little girl’s ophanage. These veterans who are storming the BARACKades today were greatly inspired by what the Doolittle Raiders did in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and they in turn inspire me with their courage in standing up to Nero Obama and his BORG democrats in the Senate and in the House and in the “lamestream media”.

    As I said, if they want to come to the D-Day Museum here in New Orleans and Nero Obama puts up his BARACKades with the help of Senator Hillary Landrieu, I will be more than happy to do my part to help these WWII vets breech the BARACKades.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  12. The liberals who called us ‘Baby Killers’ when we got back from Viet Nam are all of a sudden ‘pro-troop’?
    Right, spin me another one. 😉 😉

    1. I feel that, my hubby a Nam vet also….can’t think of a better revenge for their hatred than get up their and kick them all out.

  13. Hey, maybe it’s time for us to take over where they (wwII) vets left off. Maybe we are the greatest generation yet…..?

    1. If we were as great as the greatest nation, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, we’d be stomping in skulls.

  14. You guys are making me proud. ( Heh. Most of you , anyway!) I know how mad you are, but you’re working on your proper, vituperative discourse, rather than using tawdry vulgarities. Well done!

    Remember how much fun the creator of Doonsbury had, portraying the Nixon White House as being behind sandbags, and barricades? Oh, they laffed and laffed. But we can’t portray barack that way! Ohhh no0Oo0o.

    Well the pressure’s on now, barack. We have had our limit with your pustulent presence. Your disrespect for the Constitution, the office you hold, and the furniture we provide you is emblematic of a festering, damaged hatred that would be the admiration of any of the millions of filthy jihadists your policies have spawned around the globe. You are the effluent and the flies upon it. As the author of this current misery, and the owner of this collapse, you will be remembered forever as Liberty’s Judas. You need to get yourself ready for unemployment, because impeachment, removal, and criminal trials are in your future. Bank on it.

    2014 – Because Impeachment

    1. The White House Milk Dud is flying to Asia on Friday, leaving all the open microphones to the Republicans. Can you imagine a dumber political move?

  15. I hear they are doubling down on the barrycades tomorrow and will be using sandbags to reinforce the fences.
    There is no reason other than evil for this to be done.
    (Sorry, can’t help it, this struck a chord with me and is sending me over the edge)

    1. Me too! The American people can, and HAVE, endured a lot, but NOT the disrespecting of our VETERANS! No Way. Period.

  16. I think I saw a video today that showed Congressman Gohmert and other republicans moving the barriers so the vets could enter…did anyone else see that?


    1. This is from The Blaze:
      On Wednesday, a large wave of veterans defied the shutdown order
      and stormed the World War II memorial *with the help of multiple members
      of Congress.* So, I suppose that’s the video I saw earlier today.

    2. Mark Levin warned the White House that if any Administration goon touched even one silver hair on the head of any of the WWII vets, that he would have 100,000’s of people at the War Memorial in a blink of an eye. He told Louie Gohmert and left poor Louie gasping for air. Mark “double dared” Obama to cross the line. I love it when ML goes ballistic!

      1. I’m just waiting for the word from Mark. I’ll take time off – gladly. It’s a short drive from Southern Maryland!

    1. Excellent and encouraging. Especially when many of us feel so beaten down by the government but mostly by the MSM coverage. Nice to know we’re not alone out here. And, go vets!

  17. You know what’s worse than the Petulant Brat having a tantrum and shutting down the People’s monuments, parks and museums (privately funded or not)?
    The federal employees and others LETTING him!
    What is the matter with them? All they have to do is JUST SAY NO and let the people in.

  18. Dictators do whatever they want to their subjects. How you liking your ObumaNOcare, illegally being enforced since the Dictator changes the Law at his whim every day, now subjects?

    1. That word, “dictator…” it does not mean what you think it means. If by changing the law at his whim you mean “got a law passed,” then you are correct. Using rhetoric is an insult to countries who actually have dictators with no hopes of elections. If you can’t see the difference between Obama and someone like Kim Jong Un, then you have a serious problem.

  19. ”WE’RE MAD AS HE## AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!” (yes, I’m shouting.)

  20. I’ll go to DC to help tear down the wall. I have a full time job, but this transcends it. What organization do we have that will provide the rally point? Let’s get the motorcycle brigade back. Those guys will help tear down the wall!
    PS: I am a vet.

  21. Not one dime of taxpayer money was used for this Memorial……The current administration is playing politics with something that belongs to the Veterans not the US Government. If we need to come back to Washington and reopen this memorial we can do that.

  22. The saddest part is these Honorable Veterans had to wait 50 years to even get a Memorial, and now they are being refused permission to visit it.

      1. It’s because they didn’t whine enough about their ordeal. They already knew the country wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them and most immediate generation following them knew it to. Never the less, it should have been constructed decades ago to properly honor those that risked it all. God blessed all of us with an entire generation that knew what to do and may He bless all of those that fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

        I’m not dissing the vets from the other wars, it’s just we kind of got it backwards and that is a shame.

        1. I don’t know………coming home from WWII there were a lot of celebrations and the vets service was commended. Coming back from Korea and Vietnam the folks weren’t greeted with anything although the wounds were just as gruesome and the the deaths mourned as deeply . Look after the ones coming home now………………bet all the WWII guys say the same.

          1. You may indeed be correct. With so few left, the reminders aren’t as evident as they were three and four decades ago.

          2. WW2 was the last war this whole country was involved in. Since then, there has been fat and happy class, sitting at home, doing nothing but complaining. 🙁

      1. I wouldn’t put it past barry to order them to stand down. After all, he ordered them to hold an umbrella over the PM of Turkey.

  23. This regime is lawless through and through, top to bottom, inside out. Pathetic spectacle. Such hate for the American people on display for the world to see.

  24. Can you believe this crap!!!?? Have you ever in your life seen such hate?

    Do these morons honestly think we will believe that OBAMA shut down the WWII memorial? I am SO SICK OF THIS!

    1. You may believe whatever you want. And I am sick of this too. God bless our veterans and all who serve to protect our country.

    2. It wasn’t shut down or Obama didn’t make the call? The park representative admitted that the WH directed the closure, so…are you lying like Obama or what?

        1. Perhaps I am confused, I read boatkitten’s comment to mean Obama didn’t order the shutdown and she is sick of us stating otherwise.

          1. Oops!! My bad!! You are correct. I reread it and realized she’s a drone defending the Bowing Usurper.
            I’ll delete my comment. I’m sorry.

    3. Believe what you want, but it is truth. If you don’t like the truth, too bad, too sad, it is still the truth.

    4. Yep…I hate this coward of a POTUS with every breath I take! I also hate anyone ignorant enough to defend his treasonous acts against the citizens of this nation! Too much honesty for ya? I’ll go further to say that every member of his administration is also treasonous evil scum that have spit on all Americans! Go ahead…defend that piece of slime here! Give it a shot…I got all night and I’m ready to rumble!

      1. Come on boat kitten…watcha got? Do you think it is right that this POTUS lied to all of us on how transparent his administration would be and then passed a law that nobody ready, but his cronies benefitted from? How about that all the folks that fought for that poisonous law, got waivers and also are getting federal subsidies to get cadillac policies on our tax payer dollars? Come on, baby…defend the indefensible! Bring it!

    5. How can you defend him? It was ordered by the White House department of management and budget. He is a traitor and a liar. You are deceived, take your blinders off and see what is right in front of you. READ, investigate find the truth for your self. Stop just listening to the talking heads on TV. If you where honest with your self and spent a considerable amount of time researching what the rest of us have found you would not support him because I am sure you are not a moron. We are not morons but we would be if we did not fight for what we know is truth. We fight so you have the freedom to voice you opinion. We are angry because we don’t want a single citizen in this country to lose their freedom. We are America and we will fight.

  25. No staff and no government money used to keep it open, yet Obama shuts it down and ushers in 7 security workers. I knew Obama would target whoever he could, but this should be illegal. It’s not funded by government, and this is as hateful and despicable as you can get.

    1. If my father was alive to visit this (his) Memorial and the Memorial for which his brother died, he would have personally beat the crap out of any park employee who tried to stop him.

  26. Without going into everything that has brought our nation to this shutdown and understanding what the Park Service is saying about someone needing to be in attendance on the WW II Memorial grounds……Will someone in authority please find a way to let these honorable veterans tour their memorial! These trips have been set up in advance and it would be criminal to deny the veterans their chance to view the memorial. They don’t have all the time in the world to wait for re-scheduling. My own father was a World War II veteran and he would have been so proud to see this monument to the “Greatest Generation” but he died before it was completed. Stop grandstanding and make it happen!

    1. The Memorial is open 24 hours a day, but it is only staffed from 9AM to 6 PM daily, so what is the problem now?
      People were allowed to visit any time day or night before 10/1.

  27. What exactly is the point of closing an OPEN AIR memorial. How many park officials will have to stand guard to make sure now one crosses the Barricades. Probably plenty enough to go ahead an maintain a small support to keep it open. Wake up America you are being played by the Democratic administration. This is all just a big show to inconvenience people publicly in hopes it will play in their favor.

  28. Yup. Keep the Vets out, let the Illegal Aliens and the Terrorists in. Welcome to ‘Obamanation’. 😉 😉
    Like somebody said earlier, Normandy was ‘closed’ when these guys got there too. I can’t put it better than that.

  29. I guess Reid & OBastard had to have a “designated dope” from the Demorat side, and McCaskill drew the short straw. That woman is vile & needs to be ejcted from the Senate.

  30. LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Obama didn’t shut down the government no matter how much you say that he did.

    You people really are delusional.

    “Though conceived by largely private funds, the memorial is operated and maintained by the National Park Service.”

    1. You ever been there? There’s nothing to maintain? What do they do, empty the trash cans?
      This is a liberal, political, stunt and a ‘red line’ Obama shouldn’t have crossed. What’s next, barriers in front of the Viet Nam Wall?

      Now, they’re arresting Vets who dare to move the barricades. Where’s the money necessary to do that coming from, Barry?
      I’ve got a News Flash for you Barry. You don’t have enough jail cells in DC for that and this is only the beginning.

      😉 😉

      1. My bad! Sometimes you are only giving one thumbs down!
        How’s the weather in that dark, dank basement?

    2. Yes, and it is usually open 24 hours a day with personnel at site 9 AM-6PM. Why is it not a problem from 6PM to 9AM any other time? The WH personally selected the memorial site to close. The Vietnam Memorial is not barricaded, neither is the WWI Memorial.

    3. No Vance Decker it’s not. Better research the memorial and how it was built. No Obama didn’t shut down the government. His stooges (like you) did. And not largely private funds moron. All private funds with the remainder in trust for it’s upkeep……That word “delusional” fits you real well.

        1. Oh look Mommy…..a troll!!
          You know something? It’s pathetic how some of you have shown up here and are liking your own comments. Are you guys all in the same basement?
          Do you understand how bad you look? Making your assinine comments in regards to this subject?
          I don’t care who one voted for…this should PI$$ you off, but your kind is so danged stupid you do whatever it is you are told.
          How much you getting paid tonight sweetie? We know you are getting paid by SOREA$$ and probably our tax dollars too.

    4. Yep…He owns all of this! I bet the POTUS would really love your avatar! It’s so “tolerant and peaceful”, just like him! 5 years this A$$HAT in Chief has sat in office, taken vacations that cost millions of dollars….and HE CAN’T WRITE A BUDGET?!!! Even when he had a full majority…he did NOTHING but spend, spend, spend! The account is closed and will not be opened for a crappy, unconstitutional law that he and his cronies are waivered from! I hope it all stays closed until his arrogant, nasty, marxist butt leaves office!

    5. Harry Reid (D-Senate Majority “Leader”) shut down the Government because he wasn’t getting his way…period! Truth can set you free Vance, maybe you should try it for once.

  31. Give me a break! It’s costing us (taxpayers) more to hang a “closed” sign then to leave it open for a day. What an ….he is. The inmates are running the asylum!!

  32. So we all have something to SAY but what are we doing? We write on face book and post on site’s like this but what are we DOING to stop the madness? I am asking myself this question as well. I am trying to get help to organize a “50 Million United Citizens March” . My hope is to have citizens of ALL 50 STATES gather at their state capital on a date chosen to tell government “You work for us” not the other way around. To tell them first IMPEACH the Trojan Horse traitor in the White House NOW! He has had too much time already to try and forge a birth certificate that is even close to authentic. Everyone he has product (and I mean produced) has had as many as 67 errors in it and ALL have been proven to be fake. There is proof he WAS born in Kenya and that makes him ineligible to be president. End of story, impeach him, clean house, void ALL his unconstitutional orders, czars sent packing and get back to the Constitution and bill of rights before he has a chance to take away our guns, more of our rights and install marshal law! People we are looking and civil war here and he is pitting military and “his private army” (homeland security, etc.) against the American people and we must not wait one minute longer to WAKE UP AMERICA, STAND UP AMERICA, SPEAK UP AMERICA.

    1. Don’t forget to call on Americans living outside the 50 States, e.g., Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, etc.

      They’re just as affected by this Imposter-in-Chief, not by Obamacare per se but by insane taxation situations like FATCA and by his making kissy-kissy with the Muslim Brotherhood.

      1. You are right Gary but then he is only working for his mu slim brother hoods countries so we can all rot as far as he is concern.

    2. Not to mention the MOST obvious reason he isn’t eligible. He says his daddy is Obama Sr. Well O Sr. was NEVER a US citizen. Both parents must be US citizens AT THE TIME OF YOUR BIRTH in order to have natural born status. Many people are confused about “naturalization” and “Natural Born”. They are two DIFFERENT things. Naturalization is the process a non US citizen goes through to become a US citizen. Natural born is something you either have at birth or you NEVER have it. You can’t attain it later…..and Congress can’t pass a law to change it either.

      1. I agree Vona….YOU have NO education!
        Don’t forget…..you start a sentence with CAPITAL LETTERS!!

      2. You have no class…so what’s your point, drone? Are you proud that you follow a POTUS that spits on the citizens of this nation? Your ignorance and projection is laughable! It must be really sad to know that you will always be an asshat!

  33. Here’s the Bum in Chief wanting to ‘hurt’ the vets and all Americans just because he didn’t get his way.

  34. That’s what I thought, that it was privately funded. I remember how long it took to even raise the money. Can’t they sue to get it opened?

    1. We ought to arrest those clowns that put up the BARRYcades for blocking the sidewalk and keeping us from our property.

  35. You’ve done a great job summarizing the whole sorry mess. thanks for it! And especially for adding the photos of individual vets. “Good whiskey & bad women are the key to longevity” LOLOL AWESOME

    1. I was cryng as I was scrolling through the pictures….and then I read that and laughed through my tears.

  36. We’ll see how McCaskill votes when the veterans’ benefits funding bill comes up in the Senate later in the week. Bachmann, of course, has already voted in favor of it – her support of veterans is genuine.

  37. Your masters aren’t stupid. Note that they made an exemption to this shutdown to ensure that the military get paid on time…. Sounds almost patriotic at first. When reality strikes you realize they’re keeping the military on side. If NY based military personnel were deployed to CA in order to shoot civilians most would probably follow orders out of fear, blissfully ignorant of the fact that CA troops are in NY shooting their friends and family. Stop their paychecks & they’d stop to think and side with the people. That is a worst case scenario for the government. Politicians & generals would be rounded up at gunpoint & tried for treason on pain of a death sentence which may be commuted if they give evidence against their puppet-masters.

  38. Why are they paying 7 officials to block off, basically a public sidewalk ? Any vandals will not be slowed down by those puny bars and police tape,— Give me a break— it’s like the spoiled child getting mad and taking his ball home so no one else can enjoy the sidewalk.

    1. Lol, sealing the gates with zip lock ties???

      I’ll bet this is delighting these old vets…one more beach to storm! Even an arrest or two would make them very happy. What excitement for them to challenge tyranny once more! Go vets!

      Another case in point that Obama doesn’t know anything about the American people. What a loser!

  39. I’m thinking, at the cost of keeping this memorial open, we could put some barrycades around Air Force 1 and then barrycade Obama in the White House. Keeping him grounded and off the fairways would bring enough money for all parks and memorials to stay open for years.

  40. Like I said in another post, Who is paying for the barricades to be put up? If the government is shutdown, then how do you have money to put up barricades and not have money to leave it open?

      1. I will assume that as a joke, but my question was meant to be serious. No money to pay for someone to keep it open, but the geverment has $ to pay to close it each day and through out the dy and then later wire tie it.

  41. Looks like it is time to roll some bikes to DC. Who is going to stop a couple million Bikers?????

    1. Oh I’m sure my ‘Brothers’ in the Nam Knights Motorcycle Club have probably got something in the works by now. 😉

      1. After reading the comments, you’ll see that most real bikers wish the driver of the SUV had been armed and not afraid to use it. I rode to DC on 9/11 with real Patroitic Bikers ready to get this country back. Most if not all were Vets. who like myself have served and protected this country. We are not in the same class as those THUGS in NYC.

    1. Take hike you ignorant, evil, piece of crap!!!

      You actually thought people here would applaud that didn’t you? We are not like your side.

    2. A hanging could be considered racist by some.
      Impeachment, Treason Trial, and execution by Firing Squad. That’s what Obama has earned.

  42. EVERYONE who is fed up with the direction this country is going needs to watch THE MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE ON AMERICA EVER. PERIOD!
    AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN is much more then you think!
    Knowledge is POWER – find out what YOU CAN DO to restore and revive the Republic!
    We are ALL part of the conflict:
    Share with everyone in your sphere of influence:

    1. Thank you for this information and I am going to watch and share. Tears For America, what an appropriate handle. We should all be crying for this country.

      1. Thank you for your acknowledgement. My frustration is that everyone in our beloved Republic has not seen this movie! I guarantee the knowledge one gleens from it is a game changer. I have seen it so many times that I put together an extended custom trailer on it for those thinking they don’t have the time to watch the Full Length hour and half – THEY NEED TO MAKE TIME! Anyway people can use – post the link everywhere – especially on Facebook Comments:

        I weep long and hard to the Lord over what we allowed to happen to us but then I get off my knees and try to wake as many as possible to what has been happening! Please do likewise, Get your church to do a showing, tea, patriot and veterans, biker groups need to do likewise, Truckers to DC, I mean EVERYBODY needs to see AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN!

  43. Lots of signs at WWII Memorial today supporting our Vets!! People thought this one was one of the winners!!


  44. As usual I’m part of the peanut gallery on this issue here. I’ve read all the comments and true Americans (values, principles, family, GOD, respect etc) are truly irritated. With that being said, I wonder if the administration, has just found an expiration date on all the ammunition that s been purchased by homeland security, is approaching.

  45. Just a quick note about the guys from the Park Service. I recognized one of them in the picture. They are good guys being told to do a bad thing, and many of them are Vets. I’ve been privileged to wash the Vietnam War Memorial Wall with Rolling Thunder, and the Park Service folks there supporting us are always great. And they are very respectful of our monuments and our veterans. Put the blame on the White House OMB, who only seek to maximize pain – to include the discomfort inflicted on our National Park Service.

    1. Yes – this is something to keep in mind, and I believe they showed (turning their backs on those who opened the Barrycades, for example) that they knew this was wrong.
      These people are another group who must be mightily p*ssed off by what the POS did today.

    2. Then they need to resist. Seriously. I know they can’t actively HELP, but they need to make sure that it’s clear where they stand.

    3. The Park Service did just right. We know they need to keep their jobs, so they said what required, but as far as I could tell, they then quietly and respectfully joined the vets and the Representatives going into the Memorial. Government workers can keep their jobs, but if what they are told to do goes against their conscience, it is possible to initially keep up appearances…….but then do what is right as a patriot.

  46. The National World War II Memorial was funded almost entirely by private
    contributions, as specified in Public Law 103-32. The campaign received
    more than $197 million in cash and pledges.

    Unfortunately, much like Social Security, when Congress finds something funded solely for the purpose intended, they spend that money for their own greedy uses and declare an IOU from the trust fund – to be paid back by unknown future generations.

    1. Is this correct? Was the money allocated to general revenues or was a dedicated trust fund set up for it?

      1. No, I’m not saying it actually happened. I’m saying this is what they like to do and then wonder where earmarked money went. I’m sure this money was safe, if they protected it properly.

        Edit: when they say something went into a trust fund by the US Treasury, however, you can bet it’s full of IOUs, like SS.

      2. It was given a special fund but then later allocated to general revenues, and SS was given billions in worthless IOUs.

  47. First, a very heartfelt thank you to all vets everywhere and particularly to our friends posting on this thread.
    Thanks Scoop for taking the time to do this and for all your patriotism.
    McCaskill comes across as a complete horse’s a$$! And a typical Dem, a hypocrite who condemns the conservative patriots but is right there to bask in reflected glory.
    Thanks Michelle Bachmann and the others. This is going to backfire on 0 hugely!

  48. Closing monuments and parks is the only way you’ll KNOW the government is closed. They’re scared to death that if they can’t make you suffer, you’ll start to realize there’s a LOT of places the budget needs to be CUT!

  49. Posted something like this on the ‘Liberty Bell’ Thread – but it’s suitable here as well:

    These monuments, the parks, Liberty Bell, the historic farms, all the things the POS is shutting down to ‘punish’ you, they don’t belong to him, they are not his proeprty – he’s not a king!
    They don’t even belong to the government.
    They belong to you, the people. So it’s right to remove the Barrycades and take back what belongs to you.

    1. THANKS mum; sometimes we don`t realize how important something might be, until it is taken away…like Liberty

    2. I love the term “Barrycades”. It could be the battlecry of the new revolution – “Tear Down the Barrycades. Obama MUST go”.

      1. I”m using it with permission of a scooper much further down, who coined that lovely expression.
        It’s now even got a hashtag on twitter!

  50. Those Veterans should completely destroy that wall and dare anyone to arrest them for doing it. They faced death, torture, the Nazis, and Imperial Japan. Do you think they’re afraid of some pissant terrorist throwing a temper tantrum?

    1. They are pissing off another generation of Vets – the children and grandchildren of those heroes from WWII. . And this generation of Veterans are quite capable of taking back what belongs to us – Our freedoms are not up for discussion!!

  51. This is the most despicable Administration & unAmerican Democrats I have ever seen! showing they are all a bunch of Communists! Is this what you people want for our Countryto be ruled by Communists?

  52. I have One question is if the Memorial was paid for by tax dollars how can they just close it! I mean I see they have can put up barricades and was more money they dont have! Why not just leave it with minimal personnel and let it be! Oh wait that’s right The Goverment is a bunch of over paid under worked Shit Heads!

  53. Listen- the park service workers have a choice to enforce or not enforce. It may not be a choice without consequences but when people are selling their freedom for pennies this is what we become. Nobody’s job is safe anyway. Remove power from the gov from the feet on up. (in case you didn’t know, you can’t walk without your feet…)

  54. I really think its time for all veterans disable and others to march to the white house and let them know who we are..

    1. Because he is a Marxist, born and bred for the job of destroying America. It’s all that has ever been inculcated into that tiny, narcissistic brain of his. “Barry, you’re so wonderful, and you’re going to be POTUS someday. Just do exactly what we tell you to do, and you can be King of the World.”

  55. They crawled across a beach and stormed the gates of hell for us. We can’t open the gates to a memorial for them?

  56. If the repubs,. conservatives, and libertariarians cannot light a fire under EVERYONES butt as a result of this on singular tell tale, spiteful, asswhole move, than they are in much worse shape than I thought

  57. As a veteran (of Desert Storm – USAF, 20 yrs.) I’m offended by this effort by Obama and his cronies to inflict the maximum amount of hurt on Americans and especially the greatest generation… Obama has no shame. And then to blatantly blame it on the Republicans – these vile devils know no humbleness or honor. And then McCaskill (shrew) shows up to politicize it. She has no warmth, respect or honor for these veterans – none whatsoever. She’s just another part of the fungus that lives in the Demoncrap party.
    However, I do salute those congress people who showed up with the right heart and intentions… who are there to honor these American heroes. May God bless them all.

  58. One of these 97 year old WW 2 vets should kick Obama’s ass for the rest of us Americans!

  59. Yeah for our vets! And kudos to the Congressmen that had the guts to show up as well. Whether or not it was a political opportunity, it still took guts for them to show up. Thanks to Michelle Bachmann for leading the way! Shame, shame, shame on our non-President for doing his best to hurt and take revenge on the very people that hired him to serve them. Counting the days until he is GONE!

  60. McCaskill says “Bachmann being there was political”. Well what the h**l was McCaskill doing there? By her standards, can anyone say, playing politics. In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a moroon”.

    1. If she shows up for the veterans from Missouri, I really hope they turn their backs on her while asking “you want my back so you can stab it again?”

      When voting on whether Missourians wanted the ACA passed the majority answered no. Instead of complying to the will of those she is suppose to represent, she voted party line.

      As a Missourian, I don’t trust a word out of her mouth. There are many skeletons in her closet and only thanks to St. Louis and KC is she still in DC. The majority in the rest of the state strongly dislike her.

    2. Exactly. Besides, Bachmann has said she’s not seeking re-election so it definitely was not about politics for her.

  61. With this POS president it is all about making people hurt the most regardless. No wonder things aren’t getting done. My way or more pain is the mantra. We should throw his ass out of the White House, peoples house and close it to all people not just US.

  62. With proper reporting (ie: unbiased media) this action alone would turn any one with a iota of respect for our countrys past and existence, would turn on this guy immediatly. What a shame the petty things he has done to denigrate the office, our country, and respect for more than half its population.

    1. Because this makes Obama look really bad – a petty little tyrant – my guess is that the major media outlets have completely ignored it, correct?

      Were any of the major news outlets reporting and/or filming this? Fox News maybe?

  63. Your going to stop people who stormed Normandy with zipties? Good luck with that. Hashtag: Epic Fail!

  64. My father-in-law is a decorated WWII veteran. He wants to make a weekend trip there just to storm down the gates! GO DAD!!!

    1. Give him a Big Hug next time you see him, and Thank him for His SERVICE and Our FREEDOM ! ! ! ! Peace be With you

  65. A government big enough to give you something is big enough to take something away, even if its not theirs. Loose interpretation of Benjamin Franklin. This guy (0) might be looking to incite a civil war

    1. Oh here, I found the EXACT quote, and its even more fitting of our path ” A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have”. WAKE UP AMERICA

    1. Agree – he was outstanding. But then – he’s from Texas, like Louie Gohmert and a certain Senator who’s been in the news recently …

  66. Yes the Memorial was privately funded. I donated to it and was one of the first wave of visitors. Maintenance is tax payer funded of which I am and I’m ticked. THIS IS WHY WE PAY TAXES. NOT WELFARE! NOT SPECIAL BENEFITS FOR POLITICIANS!

    To quote Shakespeare…”A pox be upon both of their houses!”

  67. Wanker doesn’t cover it, Scoop. I wonder where that moderator line is? Let’s test it.
    Moabama is what is left over after a baboon has an abortion.

          1. Oh, I agree but how can you miss the rock star once in a while. I say “EW” Then search for NCIS reruns or AFV

              1. Well, I am no introvert. All I need is a way to get in touch with her and, just maybe, a good word from her mother.
                hint, hint.

                1. I work in Montgomery County, down by DC but live in Carroll County which is halfway between Baltimore and Frederick.

              2. I am going to delete this immediately but if she is even a little interested ask her to text me first. My cell number is
                443 280 5433. Have her say she’s Laurel’s Daughter.

                1. I’m not getting any younger and I have never been married which sucks for someone who has always wanted a family. I’ll take any chance I can get. Shocking coming from a Marine, no doubt. LOL

                2. Really? I am a serial monogomous. I don’t want more than one woman at a time. Excuse the bluntness but “getting laid” is easy. Finding love, which is my goal, is a bitch.

    1. Even though I think you’re being much too kind, I still give you an up vote, unlike the nitwits that didn’t vote for the Houses CR because it was not conservative enough. man, my neck is still shaking over that one.

      1. LOL, it was the worst thing I could think of that I KNEW wouldn’t get moderated out. But I agree with you. He is something far more grotesque than that.

  68. The Obama administration also ordered the DOD to cancel all service academy athletic events. Right now AF and Navy football game is being cancelled despite the fact these programs, especialy Navy’s, are self funded and do not rely on government funds to support their programs. The Army and Boston College game may be cancelled. Again the Army football program is self funded. There is no need for this but it shows how Obama, just like with sequester, he wants to maximize the pain.

    1. Same with the bulk of Fleet Week here in SF but they are blaming that on the Sequester and yet 95% of it is funded privately.

      If this country isn’t sick of Obama and his thug tactics yet then they are stupid or not paying attention.

    2. To AF, Navy, Army: Why cancel? Just forge ahead, like the vets and Representatives at the memorial, quietly, respectfully, proceed and overrule these cancellations. Why cave at every dictum? Just go ahead and lead.






    Senator McCaskill the rabid two-faced scumbag liberalcrat said so!

    1. You forgot George Bush was shooting people who were trying to get in . A left winger told me that . What’s this world coming to .

  70. Claire McKaskill has a record and habit of treating the elderly very badly. She was one of the first Congress Critters I noticed doing that during the summer of ’09. She hid from her constituents for starters and then when she finally did talk to them she was as arrogant as I have ever seen a person act. Today she topped that performance. She is one nasty piece of work. What a total hypocrite.

  71. This is civil disobedience perfectly executed by vets who know what it means to storm a beach.

  72. the photo in the headline says alot about this wasteful government – using a 15 ton forklift to move 800lbs or barricade.

    1. Sounds like a good idea. Navy vet here. Will try to get down there from Md.


  73. I’m at the point now where I am not going to refer to this as a stupid move by Obama. No, this is worse than a stupid move this is bordering on Treasonous behavior. When will this traitor be held accountable for the attempted destruction of Our Country??!!

    1. None of this is stupid. I think he is the most arrogant, soulless, manipulative and amoral person to ever enter the Oval Office. And his advisors are chosen for the very same reasons. They may be smart but they are far too self centered to use their education and talents for good. I think their vibes might make me vomit if I were in the same room with them.
      Reagan said something along the lines that liberals know so much that isn’t so, and these people are of that ilk but also possess extreme anti-social tendancies. Too smart for their own good; too big for their britches.

  74. I’ve been trying to get impeached or at least start some riots. Nothing seems to work.

    -B.O. nonverbal –

      1. Let him declare it! Let’s see if patriotic troops who love this country and people stand up for this DICKtator against those very people they fight to defend and their way of life! This could be dangerous for Nobama if he’s not careful… and I hope he’s not!

        1. EXACTLY, Wuff Wuff. My research inicates that the military has authority to arrest a Treasonous President…no need for Congressional approval…Could be wrong…Still researchin`

          1. They also are NOT supposed to abide by unconstitutional orders. They took an oath to uphold the Constitution.

  75. owebama is the lowest form of putrescent excrement. I am proud there are real men in washington willing to stand up to this socialist dictator thug wanabee. push the gates down and let the veterans in.

  76. Odumbo…let us break it to you…the White House is owned by the American people, not you! This WWII Memorial is the same and we intend to do whatever we have to to put you in your place…preferrably Guantanamo in a prison cell!

  77. Make no mistake…Odumbo owns this shut down…all of it! He is a class A A$$hat! The funding was approved by the House for all of the other things that needed funding, but Odumbo and Reid are having a tantrum. This is what we have for leadership…all who actually voted for it should be hanging their heads in shame. However, all who voted for this Imposter don’t have enough brains to even bathe, so I doubt they even know what shame is!
    Kudos to Bachmann going out and greeting our greatest treasure…these beautiful veterans!

    1. When you have 140%+ turnout reported by some places in the last election, some surely Must live in space….

      1. We could send them back there, but Odumbo has NASA doing muslim relations instead of aeronaughtical science! The Imposter in chief is head loony in the Congressional asylum for the demented!

  78. So a Privately funded WWII Memorial is being blocked by Government officials during a shutdown? I’m telling you, Obama is out for Maximum Pain on the American People for Political Gain

  79. Wow, 0bama and the dems are really turning D.C. into Detroit with their boarding up and barricading of expensive, beautiful monuments and architecture. They just can’t help themselves!

  80. Glenn Beck just paused his interview with Rep. Gohmert bc they are singing “Amazing Grace” at the WWII Memorial…AWESOME!!!!!

  81. Leo Shane III ‏@LeoShane 1m
    Just to make it clear: Honor Flights are now permitted access to the #WWIIMemorial, per Park Police announcement, #shutdown or not.

    Leo Shane III ‏@LeoShane 3m
    Even under #shutdown rules, “1st amendment activities” are allowed at closed memorials. Definition is murky. Honor Flight visits count now.

  82. Contact your local VFW, Legion halls, and veterans to ask for physical support for these heroes of the Greatest Generation.

  83. What is sad is the signs the vets are carrying reference foreign lands as if the Park is a foreign land that must be conquered!? Have we come this far?! What a sad moment for this country. And yet it does my heart good (being the child of WWII vets) to see the vets there standing up to this ridiculousness!

  84. Screw the tyrants! It’s the vets’ memorial, not Obama’s and the Dems’.
    They are just trying to make this s painful as possible can an effort to get their way.
    Their disrespect for our vets speaks volumes about their hatred for America and American values.
    I just wish the WW2 vets were a bit younger so they could kick some ass.
    Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan vets should show up to honor and escort the WW2 vets past any assholes that try to keep them out.
    We should have a very long memory of whom in power abuses us and who followed the order to do the abuse.
    Perhaps if tyrants’ heads (and also their enablers) were still routinely mounted on sticks alongside the highway, for both a punishment and a reminder of their misdeeds, we wouldn’t have to endure such foolish people as them and the evil they set upon us.

  85. I wish I were there. I hope some people take audio/video recordings of them telling war stories. We need to enjoy these American Heroes while we still have them!!!!

  86. How is it that the park and other facilities already had signs printed and hung the first thing after the government shut down? They shut down at midnight and nobody can tell me print shops are open and printing between midnight and 8 am. This shut down was going to happen regardless. Hey Obama….keep it shut down but you can’t keep us shut out.

  87. That stoopid Sen McCaskill pushed in and told the veterans that these barrycades were all the fault of the TEA Party and Michele Bachman (who, incidentally, was there yesterday as well … ). And then she apparently said that some politicians were playing politics there.
    What a disgusting person she is.
    But hey – lefties always accuse others of what they themselves are doing.

    1. Lefties and projection go hand in hand! Their arrogance has them so blinded that they still don’t get that we are on to them and are more than happy to keep holding their feet to the fire. If the citizen must have Odumbocare, then EVERYBODY gets it! No waivers, no subsidies, no excuses! The demoncrats created this mess and we will see to it that it sticks to them!

  88. Normally there are FIVE park people on site

    Today there are at least FIFTY on site

    That’s the way to save a buck!

    As usual – The Feds are backwards

  89. If the jackasses don’t take a smart pill, this could be their and the brat’s Waterloo for stupidity, pettiness, and asininity.

  90. Louie Gohmert just quoted: “What are they going to do next, place a drapery over Mt. Rushmore?”

    BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA…he is about to be on Glenn Beck in a few minutes…he is awesome!!!

  91. I just went down the line and retweeted all the above tweets… If you are on Twitter and haven’t already done so, please take a minute to do so… Spread the word! YES! This IS that important!

  92. Teri Peters ‏@hipEchik31s
    Still the greatest generation. Thank them for me please. #WWIIMemorial

  93. Charlie Spiering ‏@charliespiering 2m

    McCaskill mentions Bachmann, tells vets that Tea Party politicians are here “playing politics” calling it “bad manners”


  94. As this is an Open – can I just say thank you, again, dear rightscoop – for putting this up, and for creating this amazing community from across continents and oceans.
    (That means you, dear scoopers!)

  95. The hypocrisy of the “selective” shutdown would be comical if it weren’t so sad. You will still get your junkmail (which requires employees), but government websites (except the new Affordable Care Act website) will be shut down…(the only labor required there is to actually take them OFF the web). If you need a freedom of information act request or a gun permit you will be out of luck, but you can still get your green card processed. NASA’s websites and live feeds are off the air, but the pandacam will still be up.(maybe the Chinese fund that..IDK) Permits for oil and gas drilling will not be processed…(big surprise) The IRS will stop sending out refund checks, but will still accept your checks (I guess as long as you use snailmail.) This shutdown has not been based on who is essential, but who can cause the most punitive damage to the citizenry. All brought to you by the guy that refuses to negotiate on the individual mandate, but who gave big business an extra year on their responsibilities under the same bill…and whose mantra is,”make it hurt”. Finally we’re getting transparency out of this administration.

  96. We need to seriously brake check those who wish to separate us from our heritage. It began with academia as a means of self-empowerment circa the 1830s. And now it has acquired an anti-white-establishment racial tone.

  97. Hoorah and Semper Fi, Brother Marine. Sticking to those guns well after you’ve done the share of all of congress already.

  98. I’d like a Democrat/Obama supporter to explain to me just why this decision from the WH and the action taken to close this particular monument.

    1. Because Obama is an asshole.

      His Pride uber alles!

      It’ll be interesting to hear him say which republican placed the barricades. Which Tea Party folks placed the barricades? What an evil piece of lying crap he is.

      1. I wonder who the arse is that put a down on you? Show some balls, troll, and stand up and defend your position and get the hell out.
        AM I CLEAR?

        1. Looks like it worked. I don’t see it.


          ♪ ♫ From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…. ♪ ♫

          1. Fear is a great motivator. It has been fixed.
            “We will fight our countries battles, on land, in air and sea.”

  99. Scoundrels! Fiends! Ingrates! I support protests against this injustice. This is just typical of this regime: make sure suffering is felt in an attempt to blame Republicans. Screw the vets, just make sure people blame the GOP.

  100. Don’t kid yourself on this one – My prediction is:

    Obama is setting up the Park peoples to TAKE the FALL

    He will pull up in the “BEAST” – and take down the barricades – personally!

    and He will hold a press conference immediately thereafter to blame the Tea Party

  101. how is it that with government shut down Obama and the democrats can afford to pay these government workers putting up the barricade?

          1. To “borrow” from GC Scott in his “Patton Speech” “WE’RE GONNA GO THROUGH THESE “BARRYCADES” LIKE CRAP THROUGH A GOOSE!”

  102. Obama is such a spiteful and vindictive little man. He’s singling out WWII vets because they were also the generation that first stood against his hero Stalin and the USSR.

  103. How nice! It is because of this clown’s that the gubment shut down & now he punishes the very people who sacrificed to protect the country-The Vets. Very evil!!

  104. I’ll bet a few of these park employees detest this action as well. That could be why they fled the cameras.

    Another thing – wire ties? Gee that will be hard to get past (not). It’s time for some good ole civil disobedience – the good kind.

  105. My question is, how much money is it costing the gov’ment to redirect these employees’ work duties just to setup these barricades to appease idiot liberals??

    Only a friggin marxist liberal radical is stupid enough to have the mental deficiency capable of devising a scheme dumb enough to cordon off a FREE and PUBLIC memorial!

  106. Obama and democrat should be aware, this kind of illegal obstruction can get out of hand real quick.

      1. I don’t think the obamocrats are quite ready for a confrontation of this magnitude if they were to physically harm these veterans.
        The citizens on the scene need to have their cameras and their Joe DiMaggio’s ready when the Vets show up at the memorials.

  107. An A-Hole he is. He also talks out of his -ss and spews sh-t out of his mouth. A regular contortionist!

    1. That is a brilliant idea! The bikers in the area should show up to support them! Tea Partiers too! Infact ANYONE that respects and honors the military should show up. Get the Conservative bloggers there to capture NObama’s henchmen dragging away some poor old soldier… Expose this bastard regime for the dictatorship it truly is!

  108. Secret service been barricaded from the WH yet? The people have declared Obama and his minions non-essential because we are in support of this shutdown.

  109. odumbo and the rest of the libtards have hated the military since the sixties – so this is par for the course for these idiots.

  110. Wow! So NObama’s Regime can’t/won’t pay to keep the memorial open, but will pay stormtroopers overtime to ensure it remains close…. That must be Libtard Logic! Sickening!

    1. When I was there in June, there were 3 Park Service people. Looks like they have doubled the crew to keep people out.

      There are signs to stay out of the reflecting pool out of respect for the fallen, no one read the signs or they chose to ignore them. No one was telling the foreigners and disrespectful youth to get the heck out of the the water.

      To their credit, US Park service employers are very knowledgeable and always willing to talk to visitors about the sites and they were interacting with the visitors. I am sure they do not like following the orders surrounding this situation.

  111. This is the petty, truculent way in which Obama ‘punishes’ the Nation who dares not to fall at his feet.

    He, Moochelle, his advisers and the rest of the assorted Lefties and Progs are always so quick to call for ‘punishment’ – I think it’s time for them to be on the receiving end.

    Harry Reid and his dems better ponder how this is going to be remembered in their states next year, by the vets and their families and friends …

    Btw – wildly OT, but I’m so proud of our Tom Jones, the boy from up the valleys:
    “Tom Jones adds 2nd Israel gig
    Following high demand, legendary British singer to perform in Tel Aviv on October 28 in addition to October 26 concert”


            1. Here’s a very special rendition:

              “And the (French brass) band played on .. for Wales” – that was after our victory this year …

              That’s the international rugby fellowship!

      1. Delilah is the song the crowd sings before rugby internationals here in Wales, when waiting. Imagine 70,000*) Welsh voices in full, melodious flow. Hair-raising.

        *) The 5000 missing from the full 75,000 house are those supporting the other side. And they can’t sing …

        1. A funny one for you… I was recently watching Cardiff playing… Oh I forget… in the EPL and my wife was sitting listening to the chanting… Which I love to listen to the banter between fans… She noted… The welsh fans “can sing”… She said they were on key and in tune… Never said that about my beloved Chelsea fans! I, of course, joked that Welsh people are either working “down the mine” or in a Welsh choir! Didn’t phase her… She just knows good singing when she hears it! 🙂

          1. Aww – that’s great, that is! Thanks, yes they do sing, or rather, as some Welsh wag had it: ‘other people sing – we Welsh do harmonies’.
            Personally, I think it’s to do with the Welsh language, which is amde for singing, like Italian is. And it’s to do with the Christian, Methodist tradition, chapels in every village (often two). So many hymns now sung in English are originally Welsh, ‘Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer’ being the most famous one. That one was sung by the Welsh boys in the trenches of WWI …

            1. Now you remind me, she mentioned harmonies when she was praising them! They did sound lovely… I’m not disagreeing with her, it’s just the first time she noted that the fans were actually singing… not screaming/chanting…

              I’m going to look and see if I can find a version of that song on YouTube… (seconds pass) here is what I found… Beautiful (as I listen to it as I type)

                1. That is the most often sung hymn by sports fans – started with Rugby (naturally!), where welsh fans sing “Bread of Heaven, feed me till i want no more” – when we score, or when it’s a really cracking pahes of play.
                  You can hear that even on the videos of the Lions matches in Australia this summer.
                  Great, isn’t it!
                  The best-loved non-sports hymn is of course Calon Lan …

                2. Pah! You talk like Rugby was better than Soccer! 😉 or that rugby fans were better than soccer fans… Dang… I had a video about that… With the rugby fans singing “one song… We’ve only got one song” I’m sure you know it! 😉 Dang I can’t find it on yousless (say it) tube.. right now…

                3. Well, see, rugby is the National sport of Wales, some say it’s our religion, lol.
                  How many championships has the Welsh international footie team won? Nil – nada- zilch.
                  How many championships has the Welsh Rugby team won? Two back-to-back in the 2010s, one of them a Grand Slam, two in the 2000s, both Grand Slams, countless ones in the last century …
                  But now that some Malaysian billionaire has bought CCF, they’re in the Premier League, but not with all Welsh players. in fact, the best one was just sold to Real Madrid – Gareth Bale. He, btw, went to the same school as our rugby captain/Lions captain, Sam Warburton …

                  Ah well, footie is nice, but Rugby – Rugby is life!

                1. I can’t see youtue at work but check out Celtic Woman and my favorite song is Harry’s Game.

    1. My guillotine is supposed to be delivered next week. Then we shall begin the Government Enema. LOL

        1. Front-row seats??? Won’t that be much like going to a Gallagher show? (oops, showing my age). 😉

  112. It might be these old vets that expose the political nature of the administration to the low information people of America. Kind of feels like they’re storming to take back the government, saving America’s behind once again.

    1. They stormed the beaches of Normandy, they liberated the concentration camps, they seized Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Okinawa, and now they are mounting to seize Washington from tyranny..

  113. Eventually one runs out of adjectives to describe the level of despicable this administration reaches day by day.

  114. Can I and my brothers of the era go and visit the Vietnam memorial if we wish?
    If not then we need to go and show them while we are still able bodied enough to make a difference.

    1. Not sure if I ever thanked you for your service to this country! Thank you Patriot! Thank you and your family for the sacrifice and service to this great nation! God bless!

        1. Well, I dont’ feel bad for thanking you again… I just have a poor mem…er… memo… What’s it called… that thing that helps you remember? Oh yeah… giraffe! No wait…

  115. it does not cost a penny to have that open. this is hussein the muslime pole smoker showing his hatred for the military and america… as he always does

  116. “To quote Allahpundit on Twiter, “Never go full A-hole.” And that’s exactly what the administration is doing:”
    The obie administration has finally done it … they have pulled off the never before seen triple a-hole.

    1. Yesterday Allen West referred to Oblamer as “President stompy feet”…..it’s hard to top that.

  117. Right as Obama was making that video addressed to the military that he had their back he was denying veteran’s requests to see the memorial.

  118. “So if they are paying people to set up barricades, couldn’t they pay people to keep the park open? This is so stupid…”

    Why certainly, even the three stooges know that. Bobo makes himself out to be the proverbial clown with his petty spite for the citizenry.

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