Obama caught in ANOTHER LIE as Carney tries to spin his way out of it…

Jay Carney was asked today by Fox News reporter Ed Henry about the new revelation that Obama stayed with his Uncle Omar when he was at Harvard. Originally the White House said Obama had never met him. So how did the White House get it wrong? Ed Henry explains below:

So we’re supposed to believe that instead of asking Obama if he had ever met his uncle, they just looked at his book and concluded there was no evidence he had ever met him and reported that to the press? They believe we’re stupid enough to believe that?

C’mon. Obama lied as he does about everything. Lie lie lie lie lie. That’s all he does. And thanks to his lies about Obamacare everyone knows it.

Obama lied and his presidency died.

That will be his legacy. Well that, and the enormous harm he’s done to this country.

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