Obama guy Ben Rhodes, who LIED to get the Iran Deal passed, says Trump is wrong

Former Obama deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes says that Trump is wrong about his contention that Obama ordered wiretapping on Trump Tower in a tweet tirade this morning:

He’s referencing this tweet:

BUT, to be fair to Trump, and you all know how much I hate having to do that, Ben Rhodes is nitpicking in order to deny the allegation, which may still be true.

Can president “order” a wiretap on citizens? Well, he can ask a fisa [foreign intelligence surveillance] court to wiretap citizens, which is what some reports say he did on Trump and his aides. So is Rhodes purposely lying here to smear Trump?


This is the same scumbag who LAUGHED about lying to idiot reporters about the Iran Deal to get it passed. AND he openly mocked them about it in the New York friggin’ Times. Do you think a scumbag who lied to get the Iran Deal passed MIGHT JUST be lying about this to make Trump look bad? Yeah, probably.

I’m watching CNN right now, and they’re quoting this a-hole without informing the audience about him lying for the Iran Deal. Pretty great press we got here, huh?

Moron kept tweeting:

Well. No, it’s not. But your guy, Obama called Bush “un-American,” so go to hell, you POS.

OK, this is the only one that comes close to the truth. As the evidence stands now, it’s basically from anonymous sources. Which, by the way, Trump decried, saying that the news shouldn’t be allowed to cite anonymous sources.

BUT, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

And the fact that Ben Rhodes purposely misleads people about wiretapping makes me think there might be something there…

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