Obama: I couldn’t cut the deficit in half because recession was worse than I thought

I literally laughed out loud when I heard Obama tell this reporter that he could have kept his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term if the recession hadn’t been so bad:

All he did was run up massive, and I do mean MASSIVE deficits. Never before in our history have we seen trillion dollar budget deficits. Even with the wars, Bush’s average deficit was around $266 Billion. For Obama’s first three years in office his average deficit was $1.4 Trillion. That’s insanity!

Obama has added more to the debt than all US presidents from Washington to Reagan combined. And he did it in only 19 months.

So let’s put an end right now to Obama’s ‘I woulda if I coulda’ excuse for breaking his promise. It is a blatant lie.

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80 thoughts on “Obama: I couldn’t cut the deficit in half because recession was worse than I thought

  1. “It’s worse than anybody ever told us!” Obama now makes this claim even though he said time and again while campaigning in 2008 that the economy “has not been this bad since the Great Depression.” He can’t have it both ways.

    Obviously he knew the full extent of the financial mess in 2008 and now he claims it’s worse in 2012 than he thought it was back in 2008. Well — he is right, because he has made it worse. He did not inherit the economic mess that exists today. He made it.

      1. Yep.  Keep borrowing more money does not work!

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        NYGino wrote, in response to johnos2112:
        That didn’t seem to work out real well, did it. What’s the definition of insanity? Link to comment

  2. If it wasnt so dire it would be hysterical. this man proves what a putz he is everytime he speaks. And he obviously isnt capable of deep introspection because he seems to think he’s still the answer to everyones prayers. The depths of dislike I feel for this jerk off astound me. Im ashamed of him, embarrassed by him and still cant understand why Americans arent pissed off about the things hes done and hasnt done. We deserve four more of this retard if we dont start waking the F&^% up. All you have to do is listen to him and he will tell you himself what a loser he is not to mention his lack of knowledge on anything of importance. he should be so ashamed and I hope to GOD I live long enough to see history show him for what he has been. A damaging small minded little peckerhead.

  3. A certain segment of America won’t care. I just hope those stupid independents have had their life savings reduced to ashes like most of America. Then they may engage their brain housing groups and vote like a normal, thinking human being.

  4. Sickening, embarrassing, DELIBERATE….I do not for one second believe that he is naive, as Sarah said this morning…he is doing doing what he set out to do…transform America to socialism.

    1. Exactly. He said what he needed to say to get elected. He’s going to do it again. Three years in and he’s creating chaos while repeating the same lies over and over again.

  5. The official “Liar-and Chief”. Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing the worst president in the history of this country.

    And the thought that there are brainless dumb masses out there lining up to vote for him is absolutely sickening. There’s a sucker born every minute, but a nation of fools?

    Vote this monster out of office!

  6. I never watch interviews he gives with the MSM. It’s a dog and pony show and has been from the beginning of his term.

  7. In his first month in office, he added $1T to the baseline budget with the stimulus. If all he had done was maintain FY 2008 spending levels, the debt would now be $5T smaller than it currently is and the deficit would be shrinking.

    I really think he believes he can say anything he wants and we will just accept it as fact. Sadly, because he has every network newscast giving him cover, too many Americans do believe him.

    1. One thing that we need to keep in mind is that the currency has been devalued over this time, and the cost of everything is much greater. This causes the debt to increase even if they do nothing more than they did then. We could keep debt spending at the current level from now on, and it would still snowball out of control. Going back to 05 would not get us out of it. We need to cut at least $1T now, and a lot more over the next couple of years if we want any chance of saving our currency. Ultimately, we need to have a US dollar again, and wipe out what is owed to the central bank. We need to let China eat it, as it was fake money to begin with. Then get back to work here in the US by getting government out of the land and mineral business.

  8. Obama reminds me of the trailer trash guy who rapes everyone in the neighborhood regardless of age or gender, then flees to safety leaving fatherless children and broken families only to be defended by a lawyer who worships the Devil with him. It is the ACA which has halted the economy and nothing is going to restore it until business knows where we are headed: deeper into hell with higher taxes and unmanageable healthcare debt, or a better-known future with an unknown Republican party leader.

    Throughout history, every time a country is in utter chaos they are in danger of things getting much much worse due to the masses being so upset with their leadership that they support someone, or something, even worse to take over. This was what brought Hitler to power, is a major part of the history of Texas, and the list goes on.

    1. Hitler’s greatest tool was deception. How is our government/media doing on that? I read this quote recently:

      “what luck for the rulers that men do not think” (Hitler)

  9. He didn’t even try though!! If he had put somethings to work cutting the deficit and it just didn’t make it to half of it then I got it. But all he did was INCREASE the deficit. How in the world can he sit there and say he tried to cut it?? Unreal!! What is more unreal is that there are people who will still vote for him and think he did do everything he could. That reporter seemed to be pretty smug as if to say…I know you did, I’m still on your side.

    1. This man is a brazen liar.
      I don’t believe that it was ever his intention to cut the deficit and restore our jobs base. He- and the democrats, wanted this list of things, now they could, and they were going to ram it through come he77 or high water. If the country goes bankrupt, maybe that’s not so much of an accident. Hasn’t Soros gotten so filthy rich bankrupting countries?
      And what about Cloward-Piven?
      Nothing I could find out about this man or any person in his administration would surprise me. Nor the democrats and I’m feeling pretty uneasy about the GOP right now.

      1. there are a few in the GOP that I have some faith in but not many….not any in any current leadership positions that is.

  10. He was a freakin Senator. He didn’t realize how bad it was? Glenn Beck knew. Peter Schiff knew. Gerald Celente knew. Rick Santelli knew.

  11. I hope all the future publishers of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and Bibles, etc., of the type that will have a series of pages devoted, one each, to each US president will have the good sense to make Obama’s page blank on the back so that it will be simpler cut it out of the book.

  12. If it was not so tragic it would be funny!

    The American people should send the debt bill to obama. The debt belongs to obama not us!

    1. You know what, Grace? We Should. Like reverse profit sharing. Every Congressperson, cabinet member, czar, prez & vp and the heads of every department should have to divide up the increase in spending during their term before their final pay and it should be withheld or deducted. That would be a game changer.
      Personal responsibility should start at the top, just like in real life.

          1. :Shruggs: Why the hell not. Are you telling me you don’t think some of those law makers in Congress don’t deserve it? Good things would come from it like oaths of office taken seriously, justice actually being done…etc

            1. Of course they deserve it. But it would be letting them off too easy. Isn’t treason punishable by death or life in prison? If it isn’t treason, why isn’t it?
              Their assets would go a looong way toward paying down the deficit. (I wish someone brighter than me would do the math on that. How many Congresspersons’ salaries + perks would it take to retire the deficit? :-> Maybe *that’s* why they’re afraid of Newt)

              1. The deficit is an easy problem to fix. We expose the Fed for being counterfeiters, repeal the Fed Res act, write off the debt, create our own currency, keep the money supply reasonable, and allow competing currencies to take over and slowly get government out of the currency business. Let money be created by the markets, and backed by commodities, and have the government’s only role being the prosecution of fraud.

          2. We could use the court and give them a fair treason trial, then put them down nicely with drugs. That would be the more humane treatment, and it would follow the rule of law, which our government doesn’t.

    1. It took a world war to remove the one that headed up Germany to finally threaten him enough for him to shoot himself. What’s it going to take for this monster to be gone and will we learn from it?

      1. “will we learn from it” Generations come and go faster than even I was aware of…lol! If a wise people had been voting in 2008 they would have known Obama was who he is as we know him today. The majority of people didn’t care and still don’t, they just wanted ‘Hope and Change’ and more importantly a black man as President. Man isn’t it cool! We have a half black President!

        Why did you vote for him? Average Obama Supporter – “Ahhh… because I like him and he is going to make it so I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage or worry about buying food. Obama is going to take care of all of us.” Obama Bucks! Welcome to the Democrat Plantation.

        1. I knew you would say something like that and I’d have to agree. Most of them don’t have to worry about gas in the car as they no longer can afford one as the cost for owning and maintaining is now out of this world thanks to, wait for it, Cash for Clunkers where our all knowing all seeing government destroyed thousands of good cars and trucks and thier uses as spare parts in salvage yards that make a living recycling these old defunct units. I wonder how many jobs were lost to this.

          DemonRats , smartest political party ever! Home of the dumbest voter ever!

          1. You forgot to mention that those cars were shipped to China as part of the deal. So we went further in debt, to supply China with raw material, so that we could buy it back at an inflated cost. Yoooo hooo!

    2. NO.DOUBT.ABOUT.IT. One need only look up the psychological definition of sociopath to know he truly is one. Horrifying. And yet the Obamazombies will reelect him. Holy effing excrement.

  13. I’m curious what the reporter followed up with after our antagonizer in chief’s BS answer. Probably asked a question like does he sing to Michelle.

  14. Spoken like the spineless lying Marxist pile of excrement that he is. Obama, the undisputed destroyer of freedom and liberty on earth.

  15. Still blaming past administrations. Still lying to us. Still making excuses that he didn’t realize this or that. Still thinking that he can say and do anything he pleases. Still increasing the debt. Still counting on the MSM covering for him. Still counting on the race card if need be. Still not aware of the immoral damage he is doing to this country (or is he?). Still counting on the ignorance and apathy of people. Still dividing us into splinter groups. Still encouraging class warfare. Still on course to destroy us from within.

    Either this person goes or our Country goes. It’s that simple.

  16. Excuse Du jour. I didn’t watch the clip? Did he mention ATMs, floods, GOP, Fox News, Bush, Cambridge police…

    1. Scoop was kind and kept it to 22 seconds and Obama only speaks for about 8 of them. And, really, it’s the excuse du terme. Nothing bad that happens while he is in office will ever be the fault of anyone but Bush, and everything good that happens will be due to Obama’s policies. If Jesus returns before Obama’s replacement takes the oath of office, it will be because of ObamaCare.

    1. If McCain was president they wouldn’t let him get away with that excuse.

      I think the truth is that both parties would have increased the deficit to new records but not at the rate of Obama. McCain is hot garbage but there probably wouldn’t have been Obamacare at least, and perhaps maybe there might have been some entitlement reform. Who knows if the GOP establishment is really serious about that.

      1. Each time I hear Paul Ryan discuss the topic I’m convinced they are. But…one enduring lesson I’ve learned in life…what ones says means little…what one does means everything. Talk can be cheap.

      2. Most all politicians stink, they are in it for the fame and kickbacks. It is sad that this country has come to this.

    2. Actually it was voodoo economics, well not economics but voodoo. Soros had a Obama doll, many were made, Nancy, Harry Reid, all had one as did many school children. It’s just that Pelosi, Reid and Soros’ dolls were made in Jamaica by witch doctors and, well, you know the rest.

    3. Where was this budget in 2009 when he had a dem. super-majority in both houses? Ask him that. If this budget was so important, why didn’t he pass it then?

      ABO 2012

    1. That’s probably because it isn’t his mouth. He’s one of those people with a reverse GI tract. And if pure sh*t flies out of it like it was nothing that must be his …..
      It makes sense, since he also suffers from a cranial/anal inversion as well.

      ABO 2012

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