Obama: I think Obamacare is working the way it should

OBAMA: I am absolutely confident that you will see millions of people benefiting from this law. It doesn’t mean that at some point there won’t be some additional problems or improvements that we can make.

HOST: Do you have any in mind for the near future?

OBAMA: At this point, actually, I think it is working the way it should. What we need to do after the first year is evaluate what the pool looks like. Can we make sure we are keeping the premiums low? Are there more people that we could eventually cover through other mechanisms, reaching those who are still uninsured.

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68 thoughts on “Obama: I think Obamacare is working the way it should

  1. If Obama actually believes that vitriol then he is truly out of touch with reality and he continues to believe that his sheer personal charm with withstand the firestorm of criticism. Yeah his personal charm worked real well with the Arab spring didn’t it.

  2. “At this point, actually, I think it is working the way it should.” Of course it is, it’s just not working they way they said it would. They had no intention of it actually making anything better.

  3. Our infinite variation includes the unique traits within us that lead to our own personality, specific tastes, and individual worth.

  4. Of course it is working the way it should. It was never intended to work. Just destroy the U.S. Healthcare system that was working for 90% of us! Cloward and Piven all the way.

  5. More Obama OppositeSpeak. ObamaCare is an empirical train wreck? Just claim the direct opposite: It’s working fine. Obamanomics is absolutely burdening future generations with crippling debt? Just claim that the objective is to “keep the economy moving forward so that our children and grandchildren will have unlimited opportunities”! Just say the words with a straight face, and work in a little ernest enunciation of the words. He could not get away with this if we had an honest and professional press corps. As it is, America has never seen anything quite like this in its entire history.

  6. This from the same malignant, Marxist bastard that said to his aides, “I am really good at killing people.” And, “The future should belong to no one that slanders the prophet of Islam.” This POS Obloody is obsessed with death…He internalized that as a cancerous Muslim savage in Indonesia…

  7. He is telling the truth. His plan is working. We are in debt up to our ears, our military is suffering, babies being killed with gov’t subsidies, free phones for those who have all day to talk, entitlements for those who talk on the free phones and Islamic education for our children- just to name a few of his accomplishments.

  8. …repeal the DAMN THING and IMPEACH Mao HUSSEIN Obama .” (period)

    P.S. …as for listening to Mao Obama LIE for 41 seconds I don’t think so.”

  9. Liar in Chief: “You will see millions of people benefit from the law…..Can we make sure we are keeping the premiums low?”

    IRS today: “The CHEAPEST (Bronze) Obamacare plan is estimated to START at $20,000.00 for a family of 4 in 2016.” *

    $20K!! Wow! That Affordable Care Act is SO affordable and is working just the way it should (to destroy the middle class and the USD). Millions of tax payers are going to SAVE so MUCH money! Imagine: only $20,000 per year for the-oh-so-UN-affordable-ObamaScare.

    2014 is absolutely, positively 1984.

    “War is peace.

    Freedom is slavery.

    Ignorance is strength.”

    …..AND ACA is….


    “has LOW premiums” and

    “benefits MILLIONS!”

    Don’t forget: “If you like your plan, you can keep it!”

    The Liar in Chief says Obamacare is “working the way it should.”

    To that I say: Yes indeed! That’s why Invoking Article V of the Constitution in order to restore the republic per The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin MUST work the way it should to repeal Obamacare immediately. And overturning CommieCare will be just the beginning. Count on it.

    *IRS ObamaScare estimate $20K per family 2016; source: http://americanthinker.com/blog/2014/03/shocker_irs_estimates_cheapest_obamacare_plan_20k_per_family_in_2016.html

    1. While valid, this is not news. IRS produced a document back in 2012-or-so which was to advise tax-preparers, in which they openly stated that they expected the Bronze plan to cost a minimum of $20.

      It’s kind of hard to justify that kind of truth coming out of the IRS these days, but there it is. They knew and didn’t hide it.

    1. Let’s be reasonable about this, shall we?

      The EOs on the link page were written in the 1960’s. 10990-11127: JFK. 11128-11451: LBJ. 11452-11797: Nixon. 11798-11966: Ford. All of them have been expired for decades.
      Many of the Acts named are from decades ago, and have been expired or replaced.

      In short, there isn’t a single thing referenced there that originated from Clinton’s or Obama’s pen, so it’s hard to make a claim of validity for this.

      If you want some serious things to be afraid of, try being a bit more honest about it and do your own research, rather than running around like chicken little because a pine cone fell on someone’s head in the Nixon administration, and you have no knowledge of civics and history.

      1. Interesting to note that obama is getting paid big bucks and enjoying lots of lavish goodies via our tax dollars for a job in which he bears no responsibility for ANY of the results of HIS decisions.

        Only in leftist America can you get a great job like that…oh yes, Nixon, Clinton, both Bush’s And ALL past presidents are responsible for ALL of obama’s signed and sealed legislation. Sarc.

        The bottom line:
        Oppressive legislation in America now is 100% obama’s fault.

        Do your homework, Junior and find out what I am referring to…

        I am done responding to your probable ” troll blog job” comments on this post, as you cannot discern the facts and are therefore wasting my time.

        Perhaps, one day, you will wake up and realize that you defended a dictator that has the blood of millions of people on his hands. G-d help you and others complicit in these actions.

        Silence in the face of evil it itself evil
        G-d will not hold us guiltless
        Not to speak is to speak
        Not to act is to act.
        – Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

        And G-d help those Americans and others suffering now because of “useful idiots” like YOU, smugly buying into the propaganda.

        1. Geez. A little over sensitive here, aren’t you?

          I’ll restate it so you can actually understand it then:

          Obama has done enough criminality that you don’t have to make things up. You don’t have to hide under a rock, afraid of being called a racist because you have dared to say he’s broken the law. And you don’t have to manufacture tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories.

          All quoting lists of expired EOs and acts of the past as if they are still active, and then defaming people who dare to point out that they’re expired does is make _you_ look like the troll blog job.

          Congratulations. I try to help you out, and all you can manage is to dig your hole deeper. Enjoy it in there. I promise not to call you when the Air Raid Sirens stop.

  10. Obama works on 2 fronts –
    1) Be upbeat and positive even when things are collapsing around you
    2) But if things get too bad then blame it on somebody else.
    He blamed Benghazi on a youtube video, then when that didn’t work he blamed it on not having all the information.
    His recent comment that there is no corruption at all in the IRS is his being upbeat and positive about the IRS. Then as that scandal gets worse he will blame it on someone or something else.
    As for Obamacare, his comment that millions will benefit is his being upbeat and positive, even though the program is in utter chaos. Then as Obamacare continues to get even worse, he will blame it on the Republican obstructionists or something.
    If you look at how he operates you will see this same pattern over and over and over.
    First always be upbeat and positive (no matter how bad things are) and then when things get real bad always blame it on someone or something else.

  11. He is whom he is, the consummate Liar in Chief! The lies know no bounds and he has taken us exactly where he has wanted to take us. We are not exceptional, no not at all. We actually never were, nor should we have been. We will be paying for everything that he and his progressive buddies have done until our grandchildren’s grandchildren are born. I pray for our nation that those asleep will wake up soon.
    This is what the Lord said:
    Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
    ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls.
    Jeremiah 6:16a NIV

  12. OBAMA: I am absolutely confident that you will see millions of people benefiting from this law.

    The problem is most of them as citizens of another country

  13. “…after the first year we’ll evaluate what the pool looks like..” It seems to me that you come from the shallow end of the gene pool, o’ fearless leader.

  14. “OBAMA: At this point, actually, I think it is working the way it should”.
    I think it’s working exactly the way your ‘handlers’ set it up to work. In other words as a precursor to single payer, government, healthcare, by absolutely destroying every vestige of individual healthcare. :-[

  15. You will see millions of people benefit from the law. And tens of millions suffer from it.

  16. Still bucking for Marxist-of-the-Decade Award? I think you won it, Pal.
    “It’s working the way it should,” and we all have YOU to thank for it.
    A wicked, evil man posing as President.

  17. It doesn’t mean that at some point there won’t be some additional problems or improvements that we can make.

    at some point some improvements can be made………….well prez could you tell us what part of this law has work right?

    thought so……

    That monster doesn’t realize the premiums have gone UP for nearly everyone???
    I don’t believe he’s that stupid, I believe he’s that awful, evil, callous and many other things I won’t say here.

  19. uh..what’s the law this Month..uh..Week..uh.uh Day..uh..Hour…or whatever..ya know (D)ude.

  20. This is a serious question…How much longer can this charade go on?? People have to wake up at some point right?? RIIIGHT?!?!

    1. Check out a couple of left wing lunatic websites….um, it will make you sick at heart and sick to the stomach to realize this is what many Americans want for this country.

        1. I don’t blame you. It’s an awful exercise. Just seeing Yahoo’s home page is bad enough.

  21. Of course it’s working “the way it should” – from obama’s point of view. It was designed to destroy the medical profession in America and lower our level of care to that of a 3rd world country. Because obamascum hates America, that’s what he/it wants.

    Evil monster.

  22. Obumacare is the final destruction of the massive wealth creator, America’s Constitutional Republic, as it is intended by the DemoncRats/Obuma. Yes, ObumaNo Care is raping and pillaging the American Middle Class… just as intended.

  23. Telling statement “I think it’s working the way it should”
    Meaning, “We’re well on our way to our dream of complete government takeover, one payer system which will give us power over everyone. Welll done comrades.”

  24. Sad thing is, he actually believes the crap he spews….He just doesn’t get it, never has and never will…

  25. “At this point, I’m quite happy I lied. It was worth it to sucker the American people into destroying the health insurance industry. We’re that much closer to single payer now.”

  26. He thinks it’s working as it should, yet he’s made thirty illegal and impeachable changes to his signature law.

    1. The true meaning of what he said is that it’s destroying the economy while giving the government unprecedented power and control over one sixth of the economy.

  27. “…you will see millions of people benefiting from this law.”

    Yes, millions of people will indeed benefit from this law if it results in getting a bunch of corrupt Democrats thrown out of office.

  28. Obama, if it’s working as it should, why do you keep unilaterally changing the law to protect Democrats?

  29. ….’we have re-evaluate and make sure Americans are all uninsured’. There, fixed it for you, you lying sob.

  30. The man cannot stop lying…he is a compulsive liar, which equates to a professional politician. What a POS!

    1. When he sat in front of Bill O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday and had the audacity to say “There isn’t a smidgeon of corruption in the I.R.S.” I felt violated and intellectually insulted. The fraud is, without question, a cold blooded, pathological liar.

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