Obama mandates insurance companies provide birth control free

This is how he is supposedly getting around the First Amendment concerns of religious liberty so that religious organizations won’t have to pay for birth control services and religious institutions won’t have to provide these services directly, to mandate that insurance companies provide it for free to the employees of these organizations and institutions:

Here’s the video:

Obama must take the American public for fools, but we aren’t stupid. There’s an underlying foundational principle here that most Americans are well acquainted with and it is this: NOTHING is free. Somebody always pays for the so-called ‘free service’ and in this case, it will be everyone who pays for health insurance. EVERYONE.

There’s no way that these insurance companies are going to use Obama’s opportunity cost model here to absorb the costs of these ‘birth control services’ simply because it’s cheaper than abortions (or something). No way. That cost will be passed on to the consumer, even the very folks that are being told that they aren’t paying for it. This is nothing more than a rhetorical magician’s trick so that you focus on what he wants you to see and not how the trick is done.


Also, it is very alarming that HHS can just mandate that these insurances companies provide anything for free. But that power was given HHS in ObamaCare and has been exercised already with the insurances companies as to what they cover and who.

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