Obama overrides Congress, signs waiver to send $192 million to Palestinian Authority

Obama has gone around Congress again, this time to ensure that we financially support Israel’s enemy across the border. Yeah, Obama’s got their back:

Times of Israel – US President Barack Obama has lifted a ban on financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Obama stated that the aid was “important to the security interests of the United States.”

The US Congress froze a $192 million aid package to the Palestinian Authority after its president, Mahmoud Abbas, defied US pressure and sought to attain UN endorsement of Palestinian statehood last September. The presidential waiver means that aid can now be delivered. …

Section 3 of Congress’s Palestinian Accountability Act, which applies to 2012, stipulates that “no funds available to any United States Government department or agency … may be obligated or expended with respect to providing funds to the Palestinian Authority.” Obama has now signed a waiver, however, the White House said Friday, and asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to inform Congress accordingly.

The AFP news agency quoted White House spokesman Tommy Vietor as saying the $192 million aid package would be devoted to “ensuring the continued viability of the moderate PA government under the leadership of [Palestinian Authority] President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.”

Vietor added that the PA had fulfilled its major obligations, such as recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing violence and accepting the Road Map for Peace.

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205 thoughts on “Obama overrides Congress, signs waiver to send $192 million to Palestinian Authority

  1. Israel receives billions of dollars a day from the U.S. yet they continue to violate UN Resolutions to stop building settlements. If we hold one accountable we must hold both accountable.

  2. The U.S. sends billions of dollars a day to fund Israel. In fact, Israel would not be able to exist if the U.S. didn’t send the money. Yet, Israel defies UN policies and builds new settlements daily. If we hold one accountable then we must hold both accountable.

  3. Yes congress holds the purse strings, don’t know how this can be done… BTW Even using a fictional character to even jokely make threats against the President will get you a visit from the secret service and just ain’t cool…..

  4. Simply look at the picture in the lead post , this is a picture of Obama looking at Benjamin Netanyahu.

    I don’t know about you but I see nothing but HATE on obama’s face.

    1. The “dot” is called “Bindi”, and has zero to do with Islam. It has to do with the Hindu faith.

  5. Wealth distribution= obama steals our money and keeps most of it for himself, gives some to his friends, sends to to groups that hate us and our old allies. And the Americans that deserve the help ( paid into the system) don’t get the help and services they earned.

    Obamacare to Herd Disabled Seniors to Bare-Bones Medicaid Plans
    Posted on April 29, 2012 by Cowboy Byte

    Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former senior official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Bush administration, warns that under Obamacare disabled seniors who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid will receive inferior care, according to a report by the New York Post.
    Gottlieb, an American Enterprise Institute resident fellow, says these low-income people who are elderly or have disabilities will be uprooted from the tried-and-true Medicare fold and “herded” into state-run Medicaid plans as another phase of Obamacare grips the nation.
    “It’s hard to see how they’ll be better off in bare-bones, and sometimes poorly-run state Medicaid plans than by getting access to Medicare options they were entitled to before Obamacare,” Dr. Gottlieb lamented on Friday.

    1. What can one expect when the President organized a panel of insurance company executives to help write the Healthcare reform act???? The only people who are going to be better off with Obamacare are the Insurance companies and the 32 million people who can afford any insurance and the Insurance companies. Meanwhile the Congressmen and President and their family members sit enjoy free (2 and 4 years respectively). Perhaps if they were forced to swallow the same pill (coverage under Obamacare) they wouldn’t be so quick to Supreme court deems the law unconstitutional and the American public decides that who ever voted to pass the bill needs to be voted out of office.

  6. Keep in mind while obama is sending our enemies money, he is virtually helping those groups that kill our solders. And then obama has the gall to elicit the help of our military families to get back into office, so he can send more money to enemy countries/groups that go after our soldiers.

    Obama’s Re-election Campaign Targets Military Families
    Posted on April 29, 2012 by Cowboy Byte

    President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is focusing on military families in an effort to expand support beyond what he received in 2008, by pushing the message that the president is for veterans and families, The Washington Post reported.
    Obama lost the veterans’ vote in 2008 but won among those younger than 65 when running against Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a decorated hero, the Post noted. The campaign believes veterans could make the difference in Virginia and North Carolina, states with large military populations. In addition to the president and first lady making a stop at Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Ga., Michelle Obama will head to New Mexico next week to meet with service members and families.

  7. Obama should be impeached! His administration just gave the Palestinian Authority (an entity in cahoots with terrorist organization Hamas) $192 million of taxpayer dollars to do with as they please. Guess where that money will end up? In the hands of terrorist Hamas and no doubt will be used to kill Israeli citizens and other innocent people in Israel and abroad.

    Obama has committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the United States of America and its national security interests, which are impeachable offenses by the way. Therefore, Barack Obama should be held accountable for his treasonous actions and be impeached. But it is likely the Republicans in Congress will simply… let it slide… and will continue to allow Barack Obama the ability to destroy the fabric of American society, and our economy, because Republicans are apparently more concerned about their own cushy jobs and retirement benefits instead of doing what’s right for the country, or indeed, for our ally Israel in the Middle East. I would be very surprised if Republicans in Congress call for Obama’s impeachment. Which he undeniably deserves in my opinion.

    Listen, Obama has already made it very plain he will continue to “bypass” Congress in order to implement his socialistic agenda. One of the byproducts of Obama’s evil agenda is to prop up our enemies – like Hamas and the terrorist funding Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, all the while denigrating and demeaning our allies and friends from around the world. That includes stabbing Israel in the back just yesterday, after giving the Palestinian Authority – which is in cahoots with Hamas (which is on the FBI list of terrorist organizations), which includes elements within the Palestinian Authority, hundreds of millions of dollars which will likely be used to carry out terrorist plots against Israel and Western Civilization. Obama never met a terrorist he didn’t like it. At least that’s the impression I get.

    Obama recently said that he “had Israel’s back” but the truth of the matter is Obama just stuck a knife in Israel’s back and it was simply one more of his many “lies” that Obama continues to spew out of his mouth on what seems to be a continual basis. Along with his press secretary Jay Carney. Liberal elitists who are leading America down the path of destruction and misery, as they seek four additional years, so they can continue doing the same thing! At the expense of the American people and our allies, even as they continue to bankrupt the country at breakneck speed! That’s liberalism for you!

    Obama MUST be stopped! Impeachment is optimal but if we have to wait until the November election, so be it. America is going down the same path as the ancient Roman Empire I’m afraid. America will become Greece II if Obama gets reelected in my opinion. Obama is waging war on religion and denigrating the moral fabric of society. He is trying to rule as a King and if Congress or the Constitution happen to get in his way… he simply bypasses both of them. Which should make every God fearing citizen in America stand up and take notice and then do everything in their power to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president. Yes, that means voting for Mitt Romney, even if you have to hold your nose while doing it. I was hoping Rick Santorum would get the nomination but it didn’t work out that way. I’ll still vote for Romney because ANYBODY would be better than Obama. America will likely collapse under the weight of Barack Obama’s socialistic policies if Obama gets another four years to implement his agenda. Therefore it is absolutely crucial to defeat Obama in November.

    Republicans in Congress need to grow a spine. If Republicans tip toe around this latest issue we’ll unfortunately have to wait until the November election to get rid of Obama. Impeachment is preferable but the election in November is the second and most likely option. Thanks [sic] to Republicans in Congress, who continue to give Barack Obama basically free reign to do whatever the hell he wants without any repercussions. Lord forgive me but that’s how I feel about it.

    Republicans in Congress have thus far refused to grow a spine (except perhaps Darrell Issa), and as a result Barack Obama and his liberal cohorts continue to take America down the path of destruction and economic misery. November can’t get here soon enough!!!!

  8. All Americans must get involved to see that O is fired. Leaving elections in the hands of the “experts” is what has given us this administration.
    There are blogs everywhere that are finally vetting this man and his staff. Speak to your neighbors, to strangers, to family and friends. We have allowed Congress to give so much power to the president that they are becoming obsolete. We must insist those powers be rescinded and this country return to what made us great in the first place.
    We were the “barbarians”, the “ugly” Americans because we said what we thought, meant what we said, and did the right thing, not the political thing. We are NOT cultured Europe, or Ancient cultures such as Greece or Rome, or China. Nor should we ever wish to be. America used to blend the best from all nationalities and beliefs to make America stronger, while respecting our differences. Now we have an administration that encourages, supports, defends,and forces division among us all.
    What we have allowed our politicians, ethnic spokespeople, and celebrities to do to us is make us ashamed of our roots, our way of life, our personal national pride. If you doubt this, think on it for a minute — why is there a need to classify oneself as African, Asian, Latin, Native, Arabic, Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, ad nauseum American? The only “race” NOT allowed to stand tall is White American. How many people in America really have a “pure” lineage?
    We are, should be, and must be Americans first, ethnic & religious or non religious mix on a lower rung. Only by doing this will we be able to restore America to Americans.

  9. I don’t think that I have commented here before but I’ll say what I’ve said in other discussions. If Obama isn’t the Antichrist, then he is the second runner up. Remember when he made the claim “If Congress won’t act, then Joe and I will” Apparently he thinks that he can do just whatever he wants with you repercussions and this circumventing Congress is a complete violation of his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.

    I hate to think what our country will be like if he gets another 4 years.

  10. The trouble is already here, the enemy with-in. Why are we again, surprised by this appeasing from our failed Commander and Fraud. Just recently, Congressman Allen West called out the CPU: the Communist Party USA. Which is now– the politically correct speak for the CPC: Congressional “Progressive” Caucus. These “fools” are siding with the infiltration of jihadists and the Muslim Brotherhood here in America and abroad.

    Notice the comment from Obama, that the aid was– “Important to the security interests of the United States” Yeah right….! Folks, were in very dark times, and of coarse Obama must go. What scares me more– is the lesser of two evils: Romney’ what’s he going to do about this mess should he be able to squeak-out a win against Obama.

    God help us all……….I feel I’ll !

  11. In obama’s post Republic, wrong is right and right is wrong.

    An example:
    Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

  12. This just shows that Obama is bending over backwards to support the Pelestinians, even as they conspire with the Iranians to destroy Israel. Congress should just refuse to give out the money. In an election year and with the Jewish vote up for grabs, do you think anybody in Congress is going to support the Palestinians? A bill should be brought up in Congress to stop all funding to the Palestinians. Last time I heard, Congress still had the power of the purse. I doubt anybody wanting to get re-elected would vote against Israel on this and that Congress could easily override a veto. If Congress means what it says, they should bring up such a bill and do it.

  13. http://frankdimora.typepad.com.

    Psalm 83 news:
    Palestinians call on UN to stop Israeli settlement legalization
    ThePalestinian UN observer Riyad Mansour denounced on Wednesday Israel’slegalization of three unsanctioned West Bank settler outposts as an illegalattempt to entrench “its massive network of illegal settlements.”Mansour called on the UN Security Council “to act immediately to addressthese continuing illegal, grave actions by Israel.” He said in a letter tothe council that the intensified construction of Israeli settlement activitiesin occupied Palestinian territory “is glaring proof” of Israel’s “unlawful,expansionist aims.”


  14. http://frankdimora.typepad.com/the_last_chronicles/

    Prophecy Sign: Zech.12:3 and vs. 9 – The Burdensome Stone
    Zechariah 12:3“And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: allthat burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people ofthe earth be gathered together against it.”
    News showing the two wars that have not yet been fulfilled.
    Prophecy Sign: The coming Psalm 83 war

    Prophecy Sign: Ezekiel War found in Ezekiel chapter 38-39

    Listed below are the nations which will attack Israel from Ezekiel chapters 38-39 and their modern day names. The map shows nations attacking Israel.
    Gog is the leader of the Russian invasion of Israel.
    Magog, Meshech, and Tubal comprise modern day Russia.
    Persia is Iran, parts of northern Iraq, and Afghanistan.
    Cush is Ethiopia and Sudan.
    Put is Libya and will most likely include Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.
    Gomer is Eastern Germany.
    Beth Togarmah is Turkey and Armenia.

  15. BEWARE obama you have cursed America:

    John Hagee for Israel: ‘Prevent Obama from sacrificing G-d’s holy Israel for Palestine” CUFI’11

    CUFI – Why Christians support Israel with Pastor John Hagee

    John Hagee: State Dept Inviting ‘Bloodbath’ from God

  16. This isn’t surprising… Obama is no friend to Jews. Maybe it is Memories from his father.

  17. OBAMA needs to learn he is an elected individual, not king or dictator. America has not spent treasure and shed precious blood to destroy terrorism for him to decide arbitrarily to take from hard-working Americans through taxation to aid and support terrorists who want to kill us. He hates America and has as his #1 priority the fundamental transformation (destruction from within) of America. Obama has begged to be impeached from day one of being PUT INTO OFFICE! At some point he must be obliged. Obama’s skin color, his most valuable-to PC Democrats- is also his ACHILLEs heel. Marxists/Socialists selected Black Americans as SHIELD for their EVIL agenda at the end of Reconstruction. Nothing has changed! They formed the axis of the coalition to re-enslave the newly emancipated slaves. E.E. B. DuBois, Obama’s predecessor, seeking social justice-but, most of all, white acceptance, the pied piper led his ‘talented tenth’ UPNORTH to equality-found in an Urban Plantation located in a concrete jungle called a ghetto. Booker T. Washington was derided and called an uncle Tom, one of the nicer names for trying to get THEM to stay in the south. He pleaded, ” Don’t go! Put your buckets down where you are. The wealth is in the land”. Today, due to overwhelming violence UPNORTH and really hard economic times-and still no social justice. Former slav owners and emancipated slaves who chose to stay, rebuilt the war ravaged south. What PC/Marxists/Socialists/Democrats did not anticipate, was that leaving God out of their equation was a fatal mistake. Today’s PC, like coalition to re-enslave, hijacked 1960’s Civil Rights Movement and using guise of EQUALITY, targeted America’s black minorities to SHIELD agenda: Fundamental Transformation of America. Barack Hussein Obama, modern day E.E.B DuBois was selected as the Trojan Horse. He met their criteria: Financially needy, emotionally greedy; fulfilled the paper bag, ruler requirement: skin color no darker than a brown paper bag, hair straight as a ruler; and spoke HOOD only by choice – PERFECT! God had other plans. Remember, man appoints, God disappoints! So, even being PUT INTO Office and having-in beginning- control of both Houses of Congress(House of Representatives and Senate) their 4+ decades of insidiously, incrementally, embedding like termites in the very foundation of America’s faith based society have resulted in spectacular failures. Another reminder: what the God’s would destroy they first make ridiculous. Obama has become an unfunny joke. So, impeachment that he, his Cabinet and Czars (his so-called brilliant end-run around Senate, who has constitutional duty to advise and consent on Senate appointments) should be impeached, convicted, imprisoned, lose ALL pensions and protections. America will survive. America’s enemies will not. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

  18. You guys should be careful goofing around about Ziva. The government looks for particular words used on the internet in the guise of ‘finding terrorists’ just so they can put us conservatives away…if you know what I mean. Us grandmothers of America know what THEIR (Obamanites) real agenda is: Socialism.

  19. This SOB needs to go. This man is treading dangerous water and folks we almost need to go door to door to get this man out!

  20. Looks like the GD c*ap of Islam is spreading:
    Bomb blasts injure 26 people in eastern Ukraine – tinyurl.com/7ao9s2m

    This may also be part of Obama’s Summer of H*ll programme for the US. Create chaos and take advantage of it.

  21. I don’t understand how this man keeps getting away with this crap….and why isn’t Congress raising holy hell? It’s insane….

  22. odumba is pandering to his “rag-head” buddies. Remember, “birds of a feather flock together.” (BoF)! He should certainly be impeached.

  23. If Obama gets four more years in the Whitehouse Israel will be in serous trouble. Obama has assisted the Muslim Brotherhood to take the lead in the Middle East. He gave them Egypt and it has continued from there. This is reminiscent of when the North rolled over the South Vietnamese. There will be red sand for many more years to come and Obama is to be thanked for it. He bypasses Congress as a norm to insure he gets what he wants. He nows he is impeach proof as long as the Democrats hold one of the Houses.

    1. If he is re-elected, Israel will cease to exist and America will become another Haiti, South Africa, Iran, North Korea, China, or South America.

  24. “President overrides Congress…”

    What happened to our system of checks and balances?

    Obama’s running around, issuing one Executive Order after another, overriding Congress, “warning” the Supreme Court…

    So basically we are now being ruled under a dictatorship?
    This should be alarming to every American. Where is everyone on this?

    1. The Blind, dumb, and stupid who elected him are getting ready to vote for him again. They get their Obama Money and that makes them happy, they could care less about the rest of it.

    2. Every Representative and Senator should be raising Holy He!! on this. Where is the outcry? Where is the representation? WHERE?!?

  25. As Beck pointed out, the Progressives, Communists, and Islamists are working together to destroy America. Same could be said for Israel. Like Obamaladen’s mantra on energy, “ALL OF THE ABOVE”, so is his affiliation with these groups.

    1. The cure for that is not Romney – his governorship was the model for Obama’s presidency; his tactics, progressivism and corruption are the same as Obama’s.

      Even the RNC and liberal media can’t make Romney into a prince or a conservative.

      1. Romney may not be the cure;however, it would start America remembering that we, the people, have the ultimate voice. If Romney does not produce, then fire him in four. We have forgotten that politicians work for us, not vice versa. They serve at OUR pleasure. Removing this administration and incumbents will be a wake up call.

  26. Earth to America, this move shows that we have a fascist tyrannical dictator serving in the office of President. What is next Mr President? Are you going to be giving money directly to Al Queda? How about Hamas? Tell ya what why dont we just give Iran and North Korea nukes and ICBMs.

  27. Obama is one of the hardest working presidents in recent history………he’s simply been doing the work of three men……….

    Karl Marx…..
    Joseph Stalin…..
    Mao Tse Tung……..

  28. This is horse crap. Congress ought to threaten to withhold at least that much from ObamaCare, until that money is restored. Whether you realize it, or not, but in giving them money, Obama has just officially made the United States a state sponsor of state sponsored terror. Palestine is a pseudo/para-state, and a sponsor of anti-Israeli (and American) terrorism. Obama has just literally used US funds to finance state sponsored terrorism, and has basically signed the death warrants of who knows how many Israelis (and, again, possibly Americans). He needs to be impeached NOW, and screw WILLARD. We CAN’T WAIT.

  29. Obama is one of them. Can this be payback for something that was done for him when he visited Palestine in the 80’s when Americans were not allowed into the country. Something is very wrong and our congress is going to sit back and let him overthrow this country right in front of our eyes. Dictators are probably taking notes. This guy will be the ruler of all the dictators. Our congress is betting on the election which might not happen if our dictator has anything to do with it. He is setting us up.

    1. Just for the record, his visit in the 80’s was to Pakistan not Palestine.

      If Congress doesn’t take back control of the purse strings they may as well just go home.

    2. I seem to remember funding sources being set up for Blamo in Palestine during his campaign last time. Here’s a little scenario that crossed my mind: Blamo sends government money to Palestine, Palestinians donate the money back to his campaign.

  30. What more does one need to realize just what Obama is doing? If ever there was a reason to believe that Obama is against not for this country, what more proof do you have to see. He has been signing executive orders left and right much like a two bit dictator trying to get everything he wants to bring this country to its knees! Unbelievable!

  31. I never thought I would type this but; WIN ROMNEY WIN! Get this nightmare outta the White House and fast!

    1. Even if he was impeached, the socialist control the senate and would not remove him from office.

      More than likely it would play into his hand of running against a do nothing congress.

      This would probably back fire, but the house should tie a knot in the purse strings and shut of funding to any non-USA entity.

  32. he will win this election…by any means neccessary..and you are right..he does know exactly what he is doing…and the next 4 years, will transform this country forever..

    1. What the heck is up with all these waivers? Pass a dang law and stick to it. Thanks for the comment, I had no idea that they gave him a pass on this. What a load of crap.

      1. What a load of complicit crooks the Republican establishment are.

        They have been playing good cop/bad cop with us.

    2. If that certification is blatantly perjerous, the president should be impeached & removed from office for being a traitor to his country- a high crime.

      1. Well, all he has to certify is that it’s important to the national security interests of the United States. But isn’t it a matter of opinion what those national security interests are, and what is important and unimportant to those interests? So how can you get him on perjury if he didn’t make a statement of fact that can be proven or disproven? And anyway, I don’t know whether it’s considered perjury to lie in a letter to Congress, since he’s presumably not under oath.

        1. Well, my impression as a lay person of the word ‘certifies’ in the context you presented would be the number one definition, a, b and c, in Merriam Websters online dictionary (though what it really should be in this case is d):

          “1: to attest authoritatively: as
          a: confirm
          b: to present in formal communication
          c: to attest as being true or as represented or as meeting a standard
          d: to attest officially to the insanity of”
          (source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/certify)

          To give money to Palestine is not in the interests of our national security- I believe that can be easily disproven if he certified it was.

          1. It’s not hypothetical – he really did make such a certification to Congress. But as I said, how can you definitively prove, as opposed to just argue, what the national security interests of the United States are? And how can you prove what is and is not important to those interests? And finally, perjury is lying under oath, but he wasn’t under oath.

            1. I did not know he I suspect strongly outright plain lied like that to get the money to give to a nation not our friend.

              I believe he should have to give the evidence to prove something has to do with being in the interests of our national security- a real and verifiable emminent threat to our citizens here in our nation/our land if, in this case, money were not given (which I don’t believe for one minute he could prove).

              I would say he did the opposite of doing something in the interest of our national security by doling out money we didn’t have to spend to a nation definitely not our friend, as well as not being Israel, our ally’s friend.

              Well, I guess judges would have to decide whether certifying something was true to a body of lawmakers (a lot of liberals in the Congress I would not consider competent) was the same as perjury- note this definition below of perjury includes willful giving false testimony by way of affirmation.

              “the willful giving of false testimony under oath or affirmation, before a competent tribunal, upon a point material to a legal inquiry. ”


    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking. We’re ticked off, (really ticked off) and good at banging away at our keyboards, but what the heck do we do to stop this? Obviously, we thought by voting, and now that’s in question.

      My uncle who was a vet from the Korean war warned me this would be coming, but always said “Don’t you worry little girl, we (the military) will always be here to defend our country, whether we’re active or retired.” I’m seeing his predictions come true. I sure hope the same applies to our good military folks today.

      I get more ticked off and absolutely frightened every single day, and am so worried. There are so many phone calls you can make, petitions you can sign, but it goes on.

  34. Crap….crap a dapple do….please don’t let your kids drink the feel good lib cool aid he’s selling at these “policy” college gatherings. UNREAL.

  35. “The Palestinians are important to our national security? Really? As long as they EXIST they will be a national security problem via an unstable Middle East. Pick them all up and fly over the 21 or 22 Arab states and push them out. Go home you terrorist bast….s.”

    I agree, the ‘so called Palestinians’ already have a home land, it’s called Jordan.

    And there is no reason ‘whatsoever’ for Israel to be responsible for the settlement of the Palestinians, none whatsoever.

    The middle east is chocked full of Islamic nations with HUGE amounts of land that could very easily accommodate the Palestinians, but nooooo, Israel, the smallest nation in the region, the only Jewish nation in the entire world, must be responsible for giving up land to the Palestinians.

    This is ALL about Islam and the Muslim obsession with annihilating the Jew and Israel, nothing more.

    1. Over the last several years, I came to the same conclusion. If people in that region want peace, open your borders. Obviously, peace it is not their goal.

        1. I guess I wasn’t very clear. I was referring to the other Arab states. Why don’t they open up their countries to the “palestinians.

  36. President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad will be laughing all the way to the bank as Obama brings the judgment of Almighty God down on America. And if it is true that the PA has said with their mouths that Israel has the right to exist, their word is worthless in a religion that teaches it is acceptable to lie to deceive the enemies of Islam until such time as they are powerful enough to destroy them.

  37. Mellanie77 is a Muslim obviously. Foul mouthed with no integrity.

    It’s typical for Muslims to hate Jews though, they can’t help themselves, they just have to be racist haters, it’s in their nature. They learn it from their theopolitical ideology of Islam. The whole ideology of Islam is about racism, hating the Jew and the Christian and creating a global totalitarian Islamic caliphate based on sharia law.

    It’s quite simple really, listen carefully, anyone who hates Israel or hates Jews, also by extension hates the Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). Yes, Jesus was a Jew, which makes Christianity a Jewish sect.

    If you come against Israel, by default you align yourself with the anti-christ, if you come against Israel you come against God himself.

    In the bible, every nation which is destroyed by the messiah and his armies, is an Islamic nation. Coincidence? I think not.

    You decide which side you want to be on, but make sure you choose very carefully.

  38. RS,
    You removed my last comment??
    For what reason may I ask?
    Because I may have spoke the truth???

    1. FORGIVE ME RS!!!
      I STAND CORRECTED, I found my last post.
      I guess I just wanted it to be the very first one every one see’s
      LOL, My bad.

    1. What about foreign aid of not asking for more money, but rather paying off what is owed by the U.S. to certain foreign countries? I imagine those countries we owe would be appreciative.

  39. Congress holds the purse strings. Period. Mr. Obama should be held in contempt of Congress along with Mr. Holder.

    1. Obama should be impeached by the House & removed from office by the Senate & Mr. Holder should be fired & tried in a criminal court.

  40. The Palestinians are important to our national security? Really? As long as they EXIST they will be a national security problem via an unstable Middle East. Pick them all up and fly over the 21 or 22 Arab states and push them out. Go home you terrorist bast….s.

    Did you know they put Obama in the dictionary? Yes, and it says “See ‘dictator’ “.

  41. About a year ago, I came to this site by a search for Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. I’ve been coming back every day since and reading the articles and passing many of them along. It’s only recently that I’ve ever posted anything here.

    After reading this, I have a request that may not sit well with everyone. Please vote this madman out in November. Even if that vote is for a moderate / liberal in Republican party that you don’t particularly support.

    I think one of the problems we face is that the political spectrum has shifted so far to the left. Like it or not, we are still a country comprised of both left and right. It’s just not possible to swing the scale around in one go from the position we are in. I do believe that we can make “progress” against their agenda much like how they did to the constitution and the core beliefs of this country. I truly believe we have a chance to chart ourselves back on the right path but we all have to be in this together. We can’t just not show up.

    Let me put it another way if that was too wordy. You’re stranded in the middle of nowhere and have a leech attached to you. It’s been on you so long and it’s grown so fat it won’t let go. You’re about to give up when you see a dirty, rusted fork. You can let it sap you or you can perform amateur surgery, get horribly infected, but have a chance to make it home. Pick your poison.

    I’m going with the fork. But what do I know. I’m just a kid.

      1. Maybe you don’t vote and maybe you haven’t voted but who says you can’t vote>

        My wife and I talked and we’ve decided to grant an American Born In Canada 1/2 of each of our votes, so you’re an honorary US voter as of now.

    1. That’s a little bit of a stretch, Treason is a very explicitly defined crime under US law.

      1. Is Obama guilty of treason by providing material support for terrorism? email this discussion to a friend?
        myLot reputation of 60/100. Taskr36 (6912) ranked 280 out of 4,006 in politics 2 years ago

        Now take a serious look at the law, look at where our president has been sending hundreds of millions of dollars, and really think about this.

        By law, it is treason to be “Providing foreign terrorist groups with material support in any form,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts, “furthers terrorism by straining the United State’s relationship with its allies and undermines cooperative efforts between nations to prevent terrorist attacks.”

        Now, lets look at the names of some terrorist organizations.

        “Groups listed as “foreign terrorist organizations” by the State Department include al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah.”


        Good, still with me? Now many of you probably know where this is going, but I’ll continue anyway. Who is Hamas? Well aside from being a terrorist organization, they have been the ruling class of the Palestinians since 2006 after winning the democratic elections and being CHOSEN by the Palestinian people.


        Ok, so giving material support to terrorists = treason
        Hamas = Terrorists
        Palestinian leaders CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE = Hamas

        Now… who do you think has given more aid and MATERIAL SUPPORT to the Palestinians, INCLUDING HAMAS than anyone else in the world since this law went into effect? Yup, Obama.

        “In March 2009, the Obama Administration pledged $900 million in U.S. assistance to the Palestinians to address both post-conflict humanitarian needs in Gaza and reform and development priorities in the West Bank. The pledge was exceeded by appropriations made in the Omnibus Appropriation Act, 2009 (P.L. 111-8) and the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2009 (P.L. 111-32). P.L. 111-32 also included a provision that applies different conditions than those applied by previous FY2008 and FY2009 appropriations legislation to possible U.S. assistance to a Palestinian power-sharing government THAT INCLUDES HAMAS. P.L. 111-117, which provides $500
        million in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians for FY2010, applies the same conditions as P.L. 111-32 did for FY2009 supplemental funding.”


        So there you go. Our own president, giving $900 million in material support to a terrorist organization. Pretty scary huh?


        1. Is this explicit enough for you?

          Article III, Section. 3.
          Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

          Granted HAMAS controls Gaza, however the West Bank is controlled by the Palestinian Authority (Fatah), HAMAS was thrown out of the P.A. government in 2007. Reconciliation elections were scheduled to take place in May of this year, however at this time remain on indefinite hold because of instability in the region. While HAMAS is a listed terrorist organization, no official state of conflict exists between Gaza or the West Bank and the United States, and you will note Article III Section 3 only refers to the enemies of the US, not the enemies of any other Nation nor does it refer to organizations.

          Still there? Good.

          Now as much as I respect Chief Justice Roberts, he does not have the authority to alter/amend the US Constitution, that process is laid out in the Constitution as well. As to the “waiver provision” in the bill, now known as the Palestinian Accountability Act, it is not quite as simple as the article in the Times of Israel states or as you believe. The waiver is no where near a “done deal” or as simple as claimed.
          From the Act itself;

          Prohibits certain Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 funds from being made available to the PA unless:
          (1) a U.S. nongovernmental or private entity audits the PA budget and the Secretary submits the audit to Congress, and
          (2) the Secretary certifies to Congress that the PA meets specified requirements. Prohibits funds from being obligated or expended for U.S. contributions to the United Nations (U.N.) if the U.N. or any U.N. entity recognizes statehood for the Palestinian territories unless the Secretary certifies to Congress that the PA meets specified requirements. Prohibits funds from from being obligated or expended for U.S. contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) unless:
          (1) a U.S. nongovernmental or private entity audits the UNRWA budget and the Secretary submits the audit to Congress, and
          (2) the Secretary certifies to Congress that UNRWA meets specified requirements.

          So, in simpler terms, Congress can still reject the waiver and withhold the funding.

    2. Disturbing, isn’t it? I read that D.C. knows, congress and the courts know, the media knows…that this is all a fraud, but the threats are supposedly out there against those who would speak. There’s no tin-foil hat on my head, but if you research, you find an awful lot of deaths around throughout his career and at times that are highly suspicious…And this seems to be why the secret is kept. (Wasn’t it odd that Breitbar died a few hours before he was to reveal news that would “change the election”? But hey, just a heart-attack for a guy in his 40’s, no reason to investigate, even tho’ he DID live a life where threats against his life were common-place, so there MIGHT be reason to ask a few questions.).


  43. good,after the 60 minutes program showing those dirty jews (who i used to support) abusing christians I say send the marines in to beat some jeew azz.

  44. Every day – It becomes more and more obvious to those with their eyes open, where this usurper’s loyalties lie. If this maniac is not removed from office this November (…that is – if there is still an election) then we will watch, before our eyes, the death of the United States of America. So… how’s that hope and changy sh*t working out for you?

    1. Obama is voted in by those who vote for a living…and those who are immoral and mentally disturbed.

  45. So they recognized Israels right to exist, so they could get their terrorist activities funded by the United States to make sure Israel doesn’t exist. Alright, got it.

  46. Since the fundraising is down, I wonder how much of this will get back into the obamunist campaign fund

  47. OK, sanity question here.

    What is different about Mitt Romney declaring he will GRANT WAIVERS to all 50 states the moment he gets into office circumvent a law he doesn’t (maybe doesn’t) like, and Obama writing a waiver to circumvent a law he doesn’t like?

    What is constitutional about the presidential waiver process?

    1. There is no “presidential waiver process” being invoked by either Obama or Romney. In each case, it’s about Congress putting provisions in bills that say that the President is allowed to waive a particular requirement.

      In this case, the bill that prohibited funding to the Palestinian Authority contained a provision that says that the President can waive the funding restriction if he certifies that it is in the national security interest of the United States.

      In the case of what Romney’s talking about, the Obamacare bill required states to set up health insurance exchanges and implement other parts of the law. But in case some state came up with a better solution to deal with the uninsured and other problems in the health care system, the bill contained a provision that it could ask for a waiver from the secretary of HHS allowing the state to implement its own solution and exempting it from the relevant requirements of Obamacare. Romney is saying that he’ll instruct his HHS secretary to automatically grant a waiver to any state that requests one.

    2. The difference is that it is one issue. obama comes up with bone-chilling, frightening examples of wanna-be-dictatorship every day. I think people underestimate those formative years. Wasn’t it from about age 4 to 12 that he lived in Indonesia, a muslim country, where non-muslims are “tormented,” where there was a dictator, and where he attended koran classes, not to mention having the influence of his step-father, a muslim, in the house? Someone with that background can never think like an American or even like a non-muslim. Wherever he was born, he’s not American in values. Romney’s got the silver-spoon, but at least he wasn’t brought up hearing the call to prayer every day and calling it “the prettiest sound on earth.”

  48. This ahole has again given the Congress a slap in the face

    I am convinced they all are castrated.

    That being said >>>>>

    If Clinton could be impeached for the “Lewinsky” lie

    Obama can certainly be impeached on this offense alone- It is not that difficult to get the ball rolling

    As per WIKI >>>

    “The impeachment process is a two-step procedure.

    The House of Representatives must first pass, by a simple majority of those present and voting, articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations. Upon their passage, the defendant has been “impeached”.

    Next, the Senate tries the accused.

    In the case of the impeachment of a president, the Chief Justice of the United States presides over the proceedings. For the impeachment of any other official, the Constitution is silent on who shall preside, suggesting that this role falls to the Senate’s usual presiding officer. This may include the impeachment of the vice president, although legal theories suggest that allowing a defendant to be the judge in his own case would be a blatant conflict of interest. If the Vice President did not preside over an impeachment (of anyone besides the President), the duties would fall to the President pro tempore of the Senate.

    To convict the accused, a two-thirds majority of the senators present is required. Conviction automatically removes the defendant from office. Following conviction, the Senate may vote to further punish the individual by barring him from holding future federal office, elected or appointed. Conviction by the Senate does not bar criminal prosecution. Even after an accused has left office, it is possible to impeach to disqualify the person from future office or from certain emoluments of his prior office (such as a pension). If there is no charge for which a two-thirds majority of the senators present vote “guilty”, the defendant is acquitted and no punishment is imposed.”

    Will he ultimately be convicted by the Senate? –

    I don’t know – but he sure has made a lot of Dems angry .

    I hope someone in DC can grow a pair

    1. The Senate won’t do it! I’m sure Reid wouldn’t even bring it to the floor. Seems as though we’ve lost all balance of power.

      1. I know the Senate won’t do it BUT

        ALL the offenses would be brought to light AND

        EVEN the MSM will cover it

        I really don’t understand what the heck is wrong with
        “The Speaker John Flaccid”

        1. The only coverage the MSM will provide is spin to say that the accusations are “racist” and the House members are worried in an election year. Don’t expect any unbiased coverage. They will say anything to protect their dear O.

  49. It’s not like Obama wrote if the political winds should get ugly I will stand with the Muslims. Oh wait he did. Forget it turn on Jersey Shore. My goal is to get on Obama’s enemy list by the end of the week.

    1. And you’ll fall with ’em too, uh,,,”sir”. (at the ballot box of course, since free speech is a thing of the past, except for Muslims.)

      This jerk wants us to rise up. He must be surprised by now that we haven’t.

      Here’s the thing though. We have become complacent. We have become immune. Each new day brings with it some new blood boiling scam, some new travesty of justice, some new injustice on unstable steroids.

      If this next election is not a landslide against him I fully expect every fat lady in the world to be singing opera at the top of her voice!

      I’m outta here!

    2. Jay, I feel as though all of us are on his enemy list. America’s constitutional freedom is his enemy, and he is doing everything within or outside of his power to destroy our country.

  50. Just when I think I can’t get more angry, there’s another story that makes me want to scream! Obama’s flying around on AF1 on our dime campaigning and sucking up to brainwashed colleges students. I wonder if ANY of them understand how truly DANGEROUS he is.

    And no Mr. Romney, he is not a nice man. He is a disgrace to our great country. Gosh, I sure hope Romney grows a backbone and hammers Obama on all of the treasonous actions he has taken already.

    I can’t wait to hear responses from Allen West, Steven King, Peter King and many others on this one. (I won’t be holding my breath to hear from the spineless Speaker).

    1. Romney needs to go on the offense and show no mercy. Expose Obama for the snake in the grass he is.

    2. How do you think I feel right now- michellantoinette just flew into my neck of the woods to speak and then be “whisked” off to a fancy fundraiser. I made my son turn off the local news (he likes to watch it) because they had wall to wall coverage. Gag. I can NOT stand these people.

  51. This man has no respect for the 3 branches of government, except the executive branch of course. He’s a wanna be dictator IMO, how some people can not see this is beyond me.

    1. All they can see is the free stuff he’s promising them – or the absolute power they want over us all.

  52. So how much more of a “F-U” to Israel before the Jewish vote wakes up and sees this man as no friend of Israel?

    1. As their being shoved into the gas chamber, they might, might reconsider but even then, it’s highly doubtful.

  53. …come November 2012 America will put POTUS Obama out to PASTURE where he can graze with the GOATS in Palestine .”

  54. Gentlemen, I agree obbamma is really pushing the envelope here, but look at it from his perspective.
    Fact, he is going to go down in history for two reasons,
    A 1st 1/2 black president,
    B The worst president in history.
    So how does turn the attention away from his record and just on HIM, his favorite topic.
    Something has to happen to him, that would play right into this life history. Allow me to explain, He has just completed an interview with NBC about how he killed bin ladin,
    this will inflame the radicals, at the same time he over rides the congress on the 192 million to the palastinians, there by pissing off the Israels, and the conservative populous of America.
    If in fact someone did retire him, he would accomplish his goal by becoming a marter,
    which would take all the attention off his record and throw America into havoc.
    Isn’t that his goal???

    1. Interesting: If he wins, he wins and if he loses, he wins.

      I’ll take door number 2, please.

  55. ….and does anybody wonder what he will do if the Supreme Court shuts down Obama care? What could Romney say? Waivers after all, are a wonderful thing! Just as for the GM bond holders….justice under the law is different here!

  56. If I remember correctly, funding terrorist orgs is ILLEGAL according to federal law. This is SURELY IMPEACHABLE NOW!!!

  57. Why yes, just the other day it was in the papers and all over the MSM “PA recognizes Israel’s right to exist, has renounced violence and fully accepted the ‘road to peace’, maybe you missed it.

  58. This President continues to make Congress irrelevant. Why don’t the Republicans put him on blast for this by letting everyone know what he is doing? Congress do your freakin job!


  59. Grrrrrrrrr.

    Leftist liberal minds refuse to see the evils of Islam and the righteousness of Biblical Judeo-Christianity – the Commandments of GOD and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    The Isamists have consistently chosen to be aligned with evil Hitler, Fascism, Communism and tyranny rather than good.

    The US has come under the headship of an Islamo-fascist, black supremacist. We will not come out from under his tyranny unless we repent and vote for a conservative pro-life leader. Romney is one with the leftists and cannot lead us out, but further into bondage. His governorship was the model for Obama’s administration. If the RNC forces him on us, he will do no better than Obama.

    They prefer lust, lies, captivity, conflict and death to the Way of Love, Truth, Life, Freedom, Peace and Joy.

    Islam is a big racist, misogynist hate group.

    May repugnant Islam become despised and extinct as God’s True Way is revealed.


    2. “The US has come under the headship of an Islamo-fascist, black supremacist”

      This is the key. If only there was a way to shake the general public into seeing this fact that is staring them right in the face.

  60. If memory serves me correctly, of all the nations in the world, wasn’t it the Palestinians celebrating in the streets, for our misery suffered, on Sept 11, 2001?


  61. Isn’t about time that the American public stop complaining and get this “fraud” out of office and held accountable. I am so sick and tired of hearing Obama disgrace our constitutional checks and balances, side step our laws, divide this nation. He is a disgrace
    to our very existence as a free republic.
    And how did “we” let this disaster happen? It’s about time that the USA rise again and take this Kenyan piece of sh$%% out of the White House. America is gone people – your best view is in the rear view mirror unless we put a stop to it.
    In my life as a Vietnam Veteran will I ever regret having to see my patriotism, religious freedom, laws of my fellow Americans tramped by the likes of this “wanna be” and his gang of corrupt thieves who occupy our very foundation called US Government.
    It’s an absolute disgrace that we as a nation is allowing this to happen.

    1. The RNC Presumptive Candidate Romney is no better than Obama. His governorship was a state-level version of Obama’s administration.

      Sit SUFFRAGATOR cave. Suffragium non malus.

      1. Don’t like Romney, butbig disagree. Three groups of people Romney won’t invite to the White House all the time:

        1. muslim brotherhood (as well as not doing constant “outreach” to bring muslims into the gov. He probably won’t use the U.S. military as a muslim defense league.
        3. rappers, thugs and those who talk about killing “white devilse” and cops.
        3. Marxists and socialists.

        Along with that, he’ll probably let Bibi and the Dali Llama leave through the front door.

        Say what you will — and I diss Romney constantly — but he’s not a muslim, and he will not give a department of the U.S. Gov (NASA, anyone?) to the muslims. I also can’t see him apologizng world-wide. He’s just a wall st. insider who made mega-bucks by buying businesses, tearing them to pieces, and selling the parts to the highest bidder.

        Ain’t it terrible that we live in an age when this is the PREFERRED candidate?

        God, I never knew what hatred was till this administration. They blatantly break the law and then mock us and laugh at us, either through tears and “my people” BS like Holder or through slangy hipster “jokes” like obama (“And now they want the keys back!”)

        1. He’s just a wall st. insider who made mega-bucks by buying businesses, tearing them to pieces, and selling the parts to the highest bidder.

          yes, yes…Failing companies, that he turned around…people seem to overlook that part of the equation…


    3. If we could impeach the whole lot of them…that would be a large step in the right direction. Off with their heads….all of them Scatter them bones to the four corners of the empire er republic.

  62. We have every single day a scandal, an outrageous statement or an executive order against the constitution and I wonder what else does he have to say, what else does he have to do, what else has to happen to see a real reaction from the Republicans in Congress? I cannot handle this anymore. It is like having a war with hundred fronts and nobody knows in which direction to go or which enemy to attack first. And on top of that Hollywood is getting ready to lunch a movie about their personal hero as they are very satisfied…….
    Please boycott Hollywood and buy a history book instead. Stop going to the movies of the ones who just don’t care about America and let their fans down. We have many stars great but they don’t make America great. Traitors!

    1. I haven’t gone to a movie in years, and the last ones I bought on DVD was the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

      I understand your frustrations Susitna, I’ve been wondering the same thing- what in the WORLD is it going to take for American citizens to demand their ‘leaders’ start the impeachment and treason process not just on dear leader but all of his administration. With everything from unConstitutional orders by the government forced on the people, aiding and abetting criminal drug/gang lords on our southern border, allowing God knows how many terrorists to come across a wide open border while at the same time bringing a lawsuit against a State who is doing nothing more than trying to enforce the federal law already in place, to giving money to enemies of the US and her allies, apologizing to the enemy in a time of war when our troops are being killed because of it, subverting the Constitution, eracing the separation of powers in government…. oh I could go on and on. Please people, call your so called representatives and demand action finally.

      1. We HAVE been demanding action. Many petitions have been sent, phone calls have been made and emails sent to congress-critters. I’ve sent so many my so-called reps won’t even respond any more. Unfortunately, we have a Congress that has no cajones. Not a single one is willing to take a stand because they don’t want to go down in the history books as the one who brought our first so-called black prez down. They also don’t want to be responsible for the riots that will surely follow such action.

          1. We can certainly try. My state (WI) is traditionally Dem, though, so it’s not gonna be an easy task.

  63. Odd this comes at about the same time Hamas and Islamic Jihad factions are calling for the abduction of Israelis to be used as swaps for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. Both factions call for the destruction of Israel. Obama’s little trio Clinton, Rice, and Samantha Powers should all share the same Gitmo cell.

    1. stop spitting on and assaulting american christians visiting israel as 60 minutes reported or we will invade israel and make you low lives squeal like pigs

    1. You might want to start the impeachment hearings on the members of Congress. Apparently they seem to be so spineless that they imposed on Obama a funding ban for aid to Palestine, but also gave him the authority to waive the ban.

    1. good, keep urinating in these jews mouths president obama,WE THE 300 MILLION LOYAL CHRISTIAN AMERICANS ARE WITH YOU. wait til his second term when jewish interests and aipac can’t threaten him by derailing his reelection, hope he starts rounding jews up as enemies of the state

          1. Just sent a notification to Right Scoop about offensive antisemitic comments being made on this thread that I’ve been flagging.

  64. Isn’t this treason? He needs to be hung from the yardarm. Aren’t the purse strings held by congress? Somebody stop this freaking insanity.

    Ziva, you know what needs to be done.

    1. Mike, if you are referring to Ziva David, yes, you are right. She knows what needs to be done, can do it and, under orders, would. Love that woman.

    2. Yes, Congress would have the authority to block funding to the PA, but for some reason it gave the President the authority to waive this funding provision if he thought it was important to national security.

      1. there was no exception that is why he used this EO the money had already be froze by Congress. Obama thinks he is more powerful thern our Constitution.

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