Obama says the NRA won’t let him take GUNS away from ISIS sympathizers?!

In an absurd segment on PBS, the moron-in-chief makes a pretty absurd argument for taking away gun rights from Americans. But it SOUNDS pretty reasonable to the untrained ear.

Take a listen at about the 1:50 minute:

So, he’s saying that he knows of people who are ISIS sympathizers, and he’s angry that he can’t take away their gun rights. Oh hey, I have a question – WHY NOT JUST ARREST ISIS SYMPATHIZERS?!?! This is a stupid argument. If there is enough evidence that these people are a threat, then arrest them, you moron. If there’s not enough evidence that these people are a threat, then it’s PROBABLY unconstitutional to take their gun rights away. People have noted that the no-fly list has little accountability, and NO formal recourse for protest. That means that you can be on that list and not know why, and you can’t do anything about it. THAT means that Obama is trying to summarily take away people’s constitutional rights without any trial, without any recourse, and without any notification.

But he doesn’t say any of that while misleading the American people because he’s full of crap.

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