Obamacare’s Ezekiel Emanuel vs Health Insurance expert James Capretta on FNS

This interview between Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel and health insurance expert James Capretta is worth watching if for no other reason than you get to see what liberals are really like. Ezekiel Emanuel is Obama, Pelosi, and Reid when they aren’t in front of the camera. He blames insurance companies for dropping insurers and companies for making ‘business decisions’ when they are pushing employees into the exchanges because they can’t afford to pay for health care for their employees or penalties from the federal government.

As I said in the past, Emanuel is a know-it-all jerk and he’s a classic example of a liberal who thinks they know what’s better for you than you know for yourself. Emanuel, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama think they are your ‘betters’ and isn’t more clear than when Emanuel is at the mic.

He also interrupts Capretta so much that it becomes an issue in the interview with Wallace.




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