Obama’s AG: The best response to terrorism is to hug a terrorist

Obama’s AG spewed nonsense today, saying our best response to terrorism is love and compassion:

This just shows she doesn’t understand the nature of what we are up against.

This isn’t about hate and bigotry.

This is about a supremacist religion that spreads itself by the sword.

This is about a supremacist religion that teaches its followers that salvation and death go hand in hand.

This is about ISIS. This is about Islam.

She can show all the love and compassion she wants, but the only way to deal with a threat like this is to kill them all!

My advice would be to Obama’s AG that if she wants to hug a terrorist, make sure they aren’t wearing a suicide vest.

Since you clicked on this thread, I’ll give you a bonus video that explains exactly why Islam is the problem.


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