Obama’s war on coal causes more coal mines to be shut down, more job losses

A West Virginia coal company will have to cut 1200 jobs after shutting down 8 mines because they can’t keep up with the new regulations being put out by the Obama administration:

CBN NEWS – Alpha Natural Resources announced it is shutting down eight mines in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Alpha said it will cut production by 16 million tons and eliminate more than 1,200 jobs. Many believe the move is the result of the Obama administration’s so-called “war on coal.”

“Since the Obama administration has been in, things have been tough on the coal economy,” one West Virginia coal miner said. “It just keeps going downhill, and without it West Virginia will be one state that won’t make it.”

The Obama administration has portrayed coal as a dirty energy source. The Environmental Protection Agency has imposed tough new regulations to keep operating or get new permits.

Miners owners argue they can’t afford to make the necessary changes in the amount of time they’re given. That has resulted in layoffs or mines simply shutting down

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85 thoughts on “Obama’s war on coal causes more coal mines to be shut down, more job losses

  1. I can’t wait until November; May vote early. Got to vote republican again ( I am a Democrat by registration). Can’t see Obama vote from me . Didn’t vote for him the first time. Best wishes to all coal miners, and any industry /business that provides a service to the coal industry!

  2. Service Unit Operators
    Service unit operators run the machinery used to remove equipment jammed in coal mine walls and other surfaces when problems arise. In Virginia, service unit operators made an average of $15.34 per hour and $31,910 per year as of May 2010, making them the lowest paid coal miners in the state, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wages in the state were more than 25 percent below the national average, which was $20.58 per hour and $42,810 per year. The lowest paid 10th of service unit operators in Virginia made $25,310 per year or less, while the highest paid 10th made $38,560 per year or more.


    Read more: How Much Does the Average Coal Miner Make in Virginia? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8557222_much-coal-miner-make-

  3. Sure just like he lied about more drilling. He cancelled the east and west coast and gulf coast drilling and won’t open the Keystone pipeline and this will create more unemployment. This country under the notorious Obama lying regime is spiralling out of control.

    WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE OF THE US BECOME MORE POLITICALLY EDUCATED AND SEE WHAT A FOOL AND BLOOD SUCKER OBAMA REALLY IS. He is living a lavish lifestyle with his family and putting more burden on the taxpayers backs.

  4. Southern (People’s Republik of) Illinois has been hit by the EPA reg’s. However, the huge voting block in Chicago will assure the state goes for 0. It’s maddening for the folks south of I-80.

  5. But the Cockyman Obama has the gall to tell on the Letterman’s braindead show that he is working for all Americans. I believe he means all Americans that work in Hollywood, Media Matters and in the White House. No time to meet with Netanyahu, but with the vicious Letterman.

  6. Hmmmm…… I thought Obama was for the ‘little guy’! No redistribution of wealth in W.VA!
    When the bread lines are gone, will he say; “Let them eat cake”?!

  7. His war on oil and coal is much bigger then what it seems..all tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Middle East..not sure if this is the link but Becks been talking about it for a while..they do not want this country to be energy independent because that doesn’t go along with what they have planned..many have warned of this..We need a President who gets jobs back , stops aid to countries that hate U.S. and makes this country independent of them..


    1. If the vote, if they turn their backs on the Democrats Progressives Communists Sexual Deviants- then they are the richest men in this country.

        1. I live in CA but I don’t mind if the new administration turns this state into a concentration camp for the communists, progressives and the hand maidens the csers. We’ll figure out how to survive. These mindlesss Americans do not deserve the title and need to be driven bodily out of the nation. As an alternative, tatoo every malcreant with some stupid slef-worship, image on their backsides. That’ll make them easy to detect when they are on their knees pointing their a**** to allah.

          Is Megyn Kelly tramp Stamped?

          1. Yeah, ‘Moonbeam’ is touting his new State employee benefits reform. However, it applies to NEW hires only, who will retire in 30 years from date of hire, so, we have a bit of a ‘wait’ to feel the impact! NO on # 30 – Yes on # 32!

  8. Nothing will ever, ever happen if people don’t just say to hell with this crap. Don’t obey the regulations. To insulate the company just tell the workers hey we don’t care if you keep mining. Make them take us all to jail. Have a copy of The Constitution in their pockets. Sorry EPA, you can go to hell. Look what I have here in my hands. It says I can tell you and your boy Obama to eat $hit and go clean my toilet while you’re at it.

    People have to make a damn scene. Get on TV. Show others that these people aren’t as toough as you once thought. Keep working. Think they’ll throw you all in jail when it would shut down the east coast? Strength in numbers. This needs to remembered. Mark Twain has a great quote. It says when you hold a cat by its tail you learn something you wouldn’t have learned any other way. They got our tail so its time to follow through and start to scratching.

    Don’t know if that made any sense.

    That’s my right wing rant.

    1. This is totaly irrelvevant but I really like your attitude Joe.

      I shop at Walmart a lot in the last few years mostly for odd food items, medicine and horse manure.

      I avoid checkout stands where the cashier appears to be a liberal. Don’t know what difference it makes but I’ll wait an extra five minutes to find a cashier who looks happy to see me and isn’t talking to the ethnic moron in line behind me or texting on a cell phone.

    2. I think what you are expressing is similar to what the apostles in the Bible said to the ruling Jews who told them to stop talking about Jesus. They said, ““Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” They refused to obey when it went against God’s desire.

      You are suggesting civil disobedience; to not obey a law when it goes against the constitution. Makes sense to me.

    3. Oops, Joe. El Presidente and his civilian security force don’t like that kind of insurrectionist language. The EPA brown shirts, along with the BATFE, will be knocking on (or down) your door. You’d better pretend you made a controversial YouTube video and go into hiding.

  9. just plug your electric car into that plastic box on the wall………………
    ……………………..WHAT!!???!!?? ………. Electricity comes from WHAT???!???!!????
    From coal? WHAT???!???
    He lied to me about “green” energy????

    Liberalism is a mental disease and built on lies

  10. Okay, obama is killing the coal industry, but won’t allow much, if any, new drilling for oil. Now what, King obama??? Kinda making us dependent on foreign oil, aren’t you? Of course you are! Things are difficult enough without the president killing industries that might stave off financial disaster….unless that’s his objective.

    1. Obama’s objective. lets see. um, could it be spreading our (america’s) wealth arround to the 99%’s of the world? the movie 2016 proves that point to me

      1. In his warped mind, as well as in the minds of those who think as he does, we deserve what we get. We deserve to give more of our money to the ingrates, deadbeats, and sponges of the world (as if we aren’t giving enough already). Oh, but we are such a harmful, intolerant, murderous, imperialistic bunch of racist bigots. Uh-huh, right.

  11. I feel really bad for the workers. On the flip side I would like to kick a Democrat..any Democrat will do.

    They can’t make the repairs in the time allotted was by design of this administration based upon enviro whacko faulty science.

    Want a clean pristine planet? Rid the world of enviros then.

      1. I agree but I don’t think West Virginia will vote for Obama. If they do then they deserve what they get. If Obama wins, legally no cheating, then the country has voted for socialism because the country is now socialist.

    1. um john, yopu forgot a few states. ohio, kentucky, and wyoming are a few more coal and oil producing states. “Obama hates black power, coal and oil”

  12. Once the oil rigs are all gone, and the coal mines are all shut down, then we can get to work supporting that vast pond scum industry that will be created when our entire country collapses in ruin.

    Perhaps all those layed off coal miners could get a job building Chevy Volts – and then MacDonalds could put them in their happy meals (but only for 3 and under).

    1. Yes and many of us let this happen because we did not like McCain…he was not a great candidate but he was no Obama and what we face today is what our children and grandchildren will suffer for. It sounds so good well I will show the GOP and I will sit on my butt but that butt lives under all the Regulations and Depression that ensues whether you like it or not. And your pride will not pay the bills, protect your loved ones or help America. This is what happens when pride gets in the way! And we are all suffering for it!

      GET OUT AND VOTE FOR MITT PEOPLE! and get others with you!

      1. “Yes and many of us let this happen because we did not like McCain”

        Eat what the GOP feeds us or it is our fault.

        The GOP is the problem. It has become has become the party of “better” big government instead of the one fighting it. We sat on out butts alright, when we should have been fighting the GOP to take back the party of limited government and the Constitution.

        We are at fault for letting a Republican majority Congress and President increase the size, budget, deficet, and debt of the Federal government to a level exceeding all administrations before it. The only one that has outdone them is Hussein Obama and his Congress.

        We are at fault for letting the GOP parade one rino in front of us after another. We are at fault for not realizing that the 2008 election was between a socialist and a marxist.

        We are at fault for letting the big government republicans take over the party whose most essential obligation to liberty is to stand against government growth.

        We are at fault for not forcing the Republican part to be the conservative party.

        Here is Romney debating Ted Kennedy. We are at fault for letting progressive men like this become nothing but a default option to a destructive marxist.

        We will hold our nose and vote, but don’t try and tell us it is roses.

        1. No not really. I see the enemy and it us. The GOP isn’t the problem if one doesn’t fully participate in the GOP so that one can control the agenda OF the GOP.

          Activism at all levels is required. That is how the left has taken over this country for decades and while I don’t agree with their agenda one can simply recognize they grabbed the spotlight and kept it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

          1. The establishment GOP types and RINOs (McCain, Graham, Snowe, Collins, etc.) need to go. They are what would be called “leftist lite”: Still big government types, but not as far to the left as a left-wing Democrat. They have damaged the GOP. They have been allowed to remain in power because hey, at least they aren’t Democrats. We will have to settle for Romney in this election until we get a true conservative to vote for in the next presidential election. Unless Romney has an epiphany and becomes a true conservative. I doubt that will happen, but sometimes surprises pop up once in a while.

      2. I agree with you to an extent. I don’t think things would be much different with McCain. He is more fiscally responsible but is a constitutional illiterate. How many times have him and Gramnesty called for limiting the 1st amendment? They did again just the other day with the ME riots. Take note that McCain wants to arm terrorists so left up to him the riots would be worse.

        Politics is a reflection of the culture. If ‘We the People’ don’t like the reflection then we need to change it. GOP is part of the culture and reflects it.

        Also note that the last election had a good turn out. Many Republicans voted for Obama and that is how he got elected. It wasn’t due to anyone staying home so much as it was crossing the aisle.

        I predict if Obama is re-elected a third party will rise and consume the GOP. Quite frankly it might do the GOP a favor.

  13. Well, I guess we don’t need coal. Those electric cars weren’t selling anyway

    Coal is just “…a national resource whose use affects everyone. Coal is America’s most readily available, least expensive, and most abundant major fossil fuel resource. Burning coal generates over half of our nation’s electricity. Coal is also used directly by industries and manufacturing plants. When coal is burned it produces coal ash. Fly ash, bottom ash, and boiler slag are the primary forms. Fly ash can be used as a partial replacement for cement in concrete; as a low cost filler in golf balls, tennis rackets, screwdriver handles, plastics, bowling balls and linoleum. Bottom ash is often used in concrete blocks and as a base in road construction. Boiler slag is used in roofing shingles and as a blasting abrasive. ” http://www.coaleducation.org/lessons/primary/uses/find_coal.htm

    And coal is used to make things from insecticides to linoleum. http://www.wsgs.uwyo.edu/coalweb/using/uses.aspx

    So, I guess we really don’t need coal. (…and the idiocity continues… )

    1. Thank you for the education, Sandra. Yes, coal has many uses, as does petroleum. It’s funny though, how are those Priuses, Leafs, and Volts that nobody wants going to get recharged? Windmills and solar panels? Hmmm….

  14. What about the railroads that have no coal to move –

    less train workers – less coal box cars being built – another hit to the economy

    If ZERO wins – It will only be by FRAUD

    1. Approximately 45% of Rail traffic in the U.S. is comprised of Coal.

      The impact would be huge…. negatively…

      1. Results don’t matter to El Presidente and his merry band of useless idiots. Short-term pain and misery is inconsequential in their twisted minds. They are ideologically driven. They care not about those who make the country move. They see some sort of long-term reward for all that they are doing.

    2. it is not just railroads joe. there are the truckers, the river barges, the mechanics to service the above listed. and the trickle-down effect continues. suppliers of services and goods that support, the small mom and pop resturants, food stores and the like. lost tax revenues to the states. more importantly death. yes i said it! death! coal fired generators supply electric service to health care providers. brown outs and black outs are coming. oh! i it just came to me. electrical utilites will also need fewer workers. boy oh boy the list keeps on growning. just think, some people in a far distant city has all the answers, of you should work where, how we should crap (toilet regulations, what light bulbs we should have to buy. i guess i have listened to Mark Levin to often

      1. It’s shared sacrifice, my dear fellow. As long as it’s not the elitist statists like El Presidente, Bobo Biden, Nincompoop Nancy Pelosi, and Horrible Harry Reid doing the sacrificing.

    3. Electricity prices will skyrocket, as well.

      Yes, he will win by fraud! I believe it’s a company in Spain who has total control over our voting machines!

    4. That’s WHY the Democrats were so against ‘Voter ID”! Rather hard for the Unions to bus dead people in to the Polls…..

    5. Joe, also affects coal haulers ( I done this for 2 years before going back over the road (OTR) Long haul… also the local shops,busisesses that sell Diesel fuel. lots of people here in Southern Illinois would be hard hit!

  15. I read this yesterday and it is so FRICKING SAD!! These hard working men and women have worked in some of the toughest environments on the face of the earth to give us the energy we use to run TVs, power computers and I-Pods, turn on lights, run heat, keep cool, clean clothes and on and on. This is how people repay them…voting for a SCUM BAG that made clear back in 2008 he would make coal so expensive he would put them out of business!!

    Hey you liberals…when you receive those increased utility bills come winter..SHOVE IT because you voted for a man that vowed to destroy the livelihood of millions and YOU CAN NOW PAY FOR IT!!

    These people in Ohio, VA, West VA and Penn seem like they are forgotten…and that is why MITT will win those areas big time. He has been down there…Paul Ryan has been down there and they know WE MUST USE COAL to energize America!

    Mitt’s coal ads out today will play nicely in conjunction with this announcement…Vote for Obama Vote for LOSS OF JOBS and HIGHER ENERGY BILLS!! YAHOO!! great guy!

    1. The increase in utility bills is already coming . That is a done deal…

      Investors Business Daily Editorials reported:
      Steven Miller, president and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, warns of job losses totaling 1.4 million over the next eight years and a 23% jump in electric rates in states dependent on coal-fired plants due to EPA regulations.

      PJM Interconnection, the company that operates the electric grid for 13 states (Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia) held its 2015 capacity auction giving the first real indication of just how damaging Obama’s war on coal will be.

      The market-clearing price for new 2015 capacity — almost all natural gas — was $136 per megawatt. That’s eight times higher than the price for 2012, which was just $16 per megawatt. In Pennsylvania, the new market price is $167 per megawatt — 10 times higher.
      In northern Ohio, suffering from more forced coal-plant retirements than the rest of the region, the 2015 price is an astounding $357 per megawatt.

      It’s already here…

      1. “Under my plan, energy rates would necessarily skyrocket” – pResident Zero

        “You didn’t build that” – pResident Zero

        “I actually believe in redistribution” – pResident Zero

        Why can’t people take a man at his word, that he is who he says he is?

        1. Those with their hands in our pockets DO take him at his word and that’s why he was elected, and will likely be re-elected. It’s a very sad time in AmeriKa!

      2. Just as he told the Russians when he didn’t know the Mike was open….
        “AFTER the elections he could be more “flexible”……We are so screwed with this joker!

    2. I am a registered Democrat BUT I am not voting for Obama ! Too many of my friends and Family are Coal miners or work in an industry that suppies the mines. I didn’t vote for HIM the first time either. Best wishes and Prayers for you miners! You need all the prayers you can muster up on this situation!!!

  16. And you tell me any of these coal states are going to go for this clown…

    we will see… These men and their families WILL vote with their paycheck.. union or not..

  17. Yes, my children and I are seriously being impacted by this!! With my husband being sub-contracted, he is OUT! He does not get any unemployment, so we will not be counted in the unemployment rate, as one of the “unemployed”. Your prayers would be appreciated!

    1. So sorry to hear Grits….so many people that are not counted in the manipulated BLS numbers. Millions with no safety net and no ability to survive…but Obama is with Beyonce and David Letterman flying around costing millions!! I CANNOT STAND THIS ANYMORE!! Good hard working Americans being just kicked around and destroyed while this dime store narcisstic jerk worries about himself and himself!

      1. He doesn’t really want to be president as even he KNOWS it’s beyond his capabilities! What he REALLY wants is, to be; “Celebrity-In-chief”!

    2. I must clarify- that he is still at the mines working, removing equipment and winterizing, but any day now…. btw- the mine workers are all laid off.

      1. Yes, happy times are ahead…for leftists and environuts who want to eliminate “fossil fuel” mining and production. What isn’t reported is that there will be layoffs at the other Alpha mines. My folks who live in Wyoming told me they read in the paper that Alpha plans on laying off an undetermined number of workers in the Wyoming mines. Of course, it was also reported that the laid off workers may be rehired. The attack on the coal industry, through actions being taken by the Obama Administration through the EPA and executive order, is being waged in the name of curbing “global warming” or global “climate change”, a theory or theories based on unproven scientific climate models, statistics, and projections. Lest we forget, the fraud of the whole “global warming” or global “climate change” was exposed for all to see:



        El Presidente did say that he intends to greatly curtail the coal industry in this country and that electricity prices would “necessarily skyrocket”.

        Hey, but El Presidente is a “nice guy”. He’s representing every American, not just his lunatic fringe base and other Obamatons who will vote for him no matter what. Ask David Letterman. He’ll tell you how President O’Kardashian is representing every American. The demise of the coal industry shows how much Prez O cares about hard working Americans and the condition of the country’s economy.

        1. What needs to be investigated, *mind you it’s only my personal observation*- but the coal mines that are remaining open, the coal all goes to China, Russia and India!! For instance a huge coal mine was put in Southern Ill., 90% + went straight from the mines to the rail, down to the Gulf of Mexico, straight to China.
          Surely Obama wouldn’t help to supply coal to China and cut US off?? When will this nightmare end? And I see on Drudge that he’s ahead??? I need to take a deep breath…

          1. Nothing surprises me with El Presidente. Well, since he decided to kill the Keystone pipeline, Canada will be selling their oil to the Chinese.



            Just like the coal industry, El Presidente is not only killing oil exploration, drilling, and refining jobs, he is aborting them before they are even “born”. Who cares if they provide jobs for Americans. Who cares if it would mean lessening our dependence on foreign resources. So what if it contributes to the country’s economic stability. More kind, caring compassion on Dear Leader’s part. So he kills the coal industry. We can all afford to pay more for electricity, even though we’re making less money, with the grand prospect of higher taxes being levied against working Americans starting in 2013. Hey, but Prez O is a “nice guy”. He really represents all Americans.

            1. What about the clean-burning fuel that comes from coal? RightScoop posted an excellent video regarding this, a few weeks ago. It sounded very promising, except for the fact that the Obama environmental brown shirts are putting out their usual stumbling blocks.

              1. It is promising technology. El Presidente was against it in his 2008 campaign, now he’s for it. At least, that’s what I get from this:

                However, that was back in February. The environmental brown shirts (like the ones in the linked video), as you say, may have gotten to him since then. However, I don’t see him changing his stance, according to this article:


                As the previously linked article points out, West Virginia doesn’t care for Obama that much, as can be seen after this little incident:


                Apparently, El Presidente and his EPA horde are moving forward with his job-destroying policies anyway. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

    3. I am so sorry for your family’s trouble. I will hold a good thought, and keep my fingers crossed that the future brightens for all of you. Hang tough.

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