‘Objective’ Univision publishes OBSCENE video mocking Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

Univision continues its long march into irrelevancy with this absurdly unfunny and obscene video intending to mock Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump.

Watch below:

The basic premiss is to make the statement, “Megyn Kelly likes high ratings” as disgusting as possible. Which can be humorous if you’re just an embittered troll full of hatred against Republicans – so, great for the staff at Univision, but not really for anyone else. This suffers from the same affliction that Saturday Night Live has – they rely on their hatred instead of actual humor to make fun of something. Which is why they’re both so unfunny.

As you all know, we’re not fans of el Trumpo, but this kind of obscene propaganda reflects just how low the left is willing to go to demean their political enemies.

Newsbusters’ Jorge Bonilla, who alerted us about the video, does a great job of explaining Univision’s precarious position in news media here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Univision continues to post more and more outrageously biased content in a pathetic attempt to grab a greater portion of the media market.

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