Obscene: Don King drops n-word while introducing Trump in a church

Everybody thought it was hilarious that Don King dropped the n-word during an introduction of the Donald in a church. Because that’s where we’re at now.

Watch below:

I don’t even know what the hell he’s trying to say. Blacks should elect Trump because they’ll be n-words no matter how successful they are?! What?!

Putin’s favorite former U.S. General Mike Flynn found it hilarious!!

Meanwhile Mike Pence continues to denigrate himself:

This is so pathetic.

And he rambled on incoherently afterward too:

“What I’m trying to say to you is that the white women, and I put it in these kind of (words) so you understand what I’m saying, the white woman and the slave, the people of color,” King said. “When the system was created, they did not get heard. The first will be last and the last will be first.”

“The white woman did not have the rights, and she still don’t have the rights,” King said. “And people of color don’t have their rights – those are the left outs.”

“So that’s why when I see them try to ridicule him or to try to ostracize … I want you to understand, every white woman should cast their vote for Donald Trump,” he said. “Not for Donald Trump the man, but to knock out the system … to get their rights.”

“And I’m appealing to all the blacks because (their) vote is given away cavalierly, lackadaisically, with no redeeming factor, and they’re playing the vote by party that you got to vote this way,” he said.

This is exactly the kind of crap we hear from liberals!!! LOL!!

I give up. Gonna start morning drinking.

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