Occupy Denver thugs knock motorcycle cop to the ground

This is just out of control. It’s like we’re living in Greece or something (via BBTV):


I love how the motorcycle-tipping thug got his due, but that guy with the megaphone needs to be knocked down a peg too. And that megaphone needs to be relocated if you know what I mean.

This hatred for police really has to stop. I know it probably won’t, as it’s being provoked by people with agendas. But it is totally not cool and is not representative of the American people at all. And it’s dangerous. It puts the lives of men and women in jeopardy as they serve their this country by keeping us safe.

This video is proof that we have a lot of work to do to keep American as the founders intended it: Free.


In the spirit of supporting law enforcement, here’s a great monologue by Glenn Beck from August of 2010 where he vehemently defended the police from idiots like these thugs above. If you don’t have six minutes, skip ahead to 3:10:

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22 thoughts on “Occupy Denver thugs knock motorcycle cop to the ground

  1. Did that douche with the megaphone not see that other douche push that cop down?? It boggles my mind to here him yelling at the cops when in plain sight the guy pushed the cop off his motorcycle. Thats at least gotta be defacing public property and assualting a police officer. And where are the protesters that “peacful” denouncing this act saying the perp was in the wrong and they support the police (and their unions, ahem)??? Nope they want to bring the whole system down. And what happens you idiots when they police are gone and their is no one their to protect you, since you probably hate guns anyways and wouldn’t know what to do with one if you did have one?? What then when the mobs you encouraged come for you??

  2. Historically there are never any street protests in the winter. Don’t worry about anything it will break up on its own. As long as they don’t try to move indoors. Which could happen like sit ins in public building. But those are isolated events. If they are still around next summer that is when there will be a real problem.

    1. We will see, on a side note, there was a time when Armies did not campaign during the winter months. Just something to consider. If nothing else it sort the “wannabes” from the hardcore leftists.

  3. Where are the unions? I thought cops were part of the 99ers- all the jobs talk I hear from the left is all about keeping union jobs, meaning cops, firefighters and teachers. Why aren’t the unions screaming about this?
    That said,
    It was a small bit of satisfaction to watch this cop run down this cowardly moron.

  4. i don’t see how anyone can differentiate between the occupy and the tea party movement. Seems impossible…

  5. Viewing the video 2nd & 3rd time.

    It appears that the motorcyle cop is black.
    The creep who knocks him off the bike is white.

    So, where’s the libfag lamestream liberal extremist media?
    Why aren’t the screaming RACISM! ???????
    Should read: White racist thug knocks African American off his motorcyle.

  6. peacefull assembly…my a**

    These bolsheviks are only trying to instigate their “kent state moment”.

    The leaders of the proletariat know that for the marxist revolution to get sparked into violent action, they need a dead body. And the useful idiots will provide the martyrs.

    None of the leadership will sacrifice themselves. Thats what the useful idiots are for. They are and will be the pawns.

    They will certainly try to find a way to pin it on the Tea Party. That will make sending the pawns to do violence at a Tea Party event much easier.

  7. When I was a kid and lived in Oklahoma, there was a law on the books that made “fighting words” a crime. That fella with the bull horn would have been a fine candidate for enforcing such a law.

    I ride a motorcycle and was glad to see the cop safely jump off his bike – and run the perp down. Way to go!

  8. I still say: Water Cannons every night at 2:00AM. Especially as the weather gets colder.

    These roaches need to be cleaned out of our gutters.

  9. Could be wrong but my gut says that if you look hard at the people around the country that are starting to use violence in their protesting, you would probably find some commonality. I’m not talking about a shared gripe, I’m talking about a political entity that will benefit from an escalation in tension.
    I hope these people are being looked at hard to find out who or what is employing these useful idiots.

  10. When the POTUS and his colleagues support it, what more can you expect?
    Chicago Thugs at work all over our beautiful country.

  11. This is insane!! Wasn’t it the tea party that caused all the problems? I thought they were the radical organization that caused all the problems. Yet we see these peace loving individuals marching in solidarity for a greater love for one another. This peaceful protest is amazing… Wait…. I see Bambi in the back ground! I heard Nancy Pelosi and Obama support these fine people. Does that tell you anything?

    These people have had a chance to make their point. They’ve been doing this for over 30 days now and what have they really said. I think it’s time to revoke the permits. (the ones they didn’t have to pay for and the Tea Party did) and send them home to their miserable lives where they live in their parents basement with their Ipads and x360’s.

    After watching this “movement” I now understand why some animals eat their young!

  12. The police need to be very careful right now…they can’t afford to make one little mistake or there could be some very bad things happen that would make typical americans sympathetic to these idiots.

    1. That’s what the idiots want…they are doing all they can to provoke the police so they react and the idiots video the police person’s reaction.

      Why won’t these punk idiots go out and get a job and try to help others instead of sleeping in tents and demanding other people’s money.

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