Occupy Denver thugs knock motorcycle cop to the ground

This is just out of control. It’s like we’re living in Greece or something (via BBTV):


I love how the motorcycle-tipping thug got his due, but that guy with the megaphone needs to be knocked down a peg too. And that megaphone needs to be relocated if you know what I mean.

This hatred for police really has to stop. I know it probably won’t, as it’s being provoked by people with agendas. But it is totally not cool and is not representative of the American people at all. And it’s dangerous. It puts the lives of men and women in jeopardy as they serve their this country by keeping us safe.

This video is proof that we have a lot of work to do to keep American as the founders intended it: Free.


In the spirit of supporting law enforcement, here’s a great monologue by Glenn Beck from August of 2010 where he vehemently defended the police from idiots like these thugs above. If you don’t have six minutes, skip ahead to 3:10:

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