Office Depot REFUSES to print anti-Planned Parenthood flyer, calls it HATE MATERIAL

When I first heard that Office Depot refused to print anti-Planned Parenthood flyers for Maria Goldstein, I thought they must’ve been filled with grisly images of dead babies on them. But I was surprised to find out that they were no images on them at all. It was just a fact sheet about what Planned Parenthood really does and a prayer on the flyer against the evil of Planned Parenthood that was to be handed out at her Christian church.


In fact the specific language that Office Depot was so opposed to, as written in a letter to Maria Goldstein’s attorney by the company, was in a prayer written on the flyer that included the words “the killing of children in the womb”, “the grisly trade of body parts”, and the referencing of “death camps in our midst”, according to the Daily Caller who got a copy of the letter. Office Depot has deemed this language, per the letter, as ‘hate material’ and ‘graphic material’ and say publishing it violates their corporate policy.

Amazing. So it appears Office Depot is in the tank for Planned Parenthood because there is nothing hateful or graphic about this language. They can hide behind their corporate policy all they want but it’s clear their true motives.

And as an aside, I’m not for forcing the company to print the material. As the report said, Goldstein got it printed somewhere else. But what I am for is making sure everyone knows that Office Depot is so far in the tank for Planned Parenthood that they wouldn’t even print a simple flyer against the organization.

Here’s a copy of the letter via TheDC so you can see for yourself:

Office Depot Response

And here’s a copy of the flyer Office Depot refused to print:

Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet and Prayer

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