Oh Boy: Cliven Bundy made some racist remarks and now people are backing away…

According to the New York Times, Bundy made these comments at one of his press briefings:

But if the federal government has moved on, Mr. Bundy — a father of 14 and a registered Republican — has not.

He said he would continue holding a daily news conference; on Saturday, it drew one reporter and one photographer, so Mr. Bundy used the time to officiate at what was in effect a town meeting with supporters, discussing, in a long, loping discourse, the prevalence of abortion, the abuses of welfare and his views on race.

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

Now Rand Paul and Republican Dean Heller are backing away:

Republican Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Dean Heller (Nev.) sharply criticized comments from Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy about African Americans, calling the comments racist and offensive.

“His remarks on race are offensive and I wholeheartedly disagree with him,” Paul said in a statement Thursday shortly after the Times published its story.

A Heller spokesman said the senator “disagrees with Mr. Bundy’s appalling and racist statements, and condemns them in the most strenuous way.”

Both senators have previously defended Bundy in his dispute against the Bureau of Land Management, which has accused the rancher of using federal land to graze his cattle for decades without paying fees. Paul criticized the federal government’s handling of the dispute, while Heller has referring to Bundy’s supporters as patriots.

There may be people willing to stand with Bundy despite his comments, but in this politically divisive environment it won’t be politicians.

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201 thoughts on “Oh Boy: Cliven Bundy made some racist remarks and now people are backing away…

  1. Wrong man, wrong issue for conservatives to back. The far right crazies want violence, don’t give them the moral backing to wage war against the citizens of America.

  2. so, racist Reid’s comments about Obama’s skin color isn’t racist……everyone is so hypocritcal, ist’s sickening…………….

  3. So the MSM got their “quote” making in their minds Nundy as illegimate. So we should dismiss governmental overeach as not being important? I don’t think so. This issue is a lot bigger than Bundy and his ranch.

  4. The definition of what constitutes “racist” has become just as ridiculous when compared to that used for the global warming hoax (too hot: global warming, too cold: global warming, unseasonal storm: global warming, cow flatulence: global warming, etc.)
    If Congress really wanted to pass a useful law, they would legislate away any form of “political correctness”, thereby establishing that it’s not illegal to be offended.

    1. actually it’s called the 1st amendment – Free Speech – it doesn’t say free speech unless it offends someone.

  5. Racist ideology mostly falls under Democrats. Joe Biden could have his own section dedicated to him since racist gaffes are a habit for him.

    *Democrats have race baiters in Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Fact.

    *Democrats support Affirmative Action. Fact.

    *Democrats support people being on welfare for decades. Fact.

    *Obama said if he had a son, he’d be like Trayvon Martin. Fact.

    *Joe Biden in 2008 that Obama is “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Fact.

    *Joe Biden was reprimanded by the nation’s first black governor, Virginia’s Douglas Wilder, who blasted Biden for engaging in racially charged rhetoric. The Daily Mail reports: ‘Slavery is nothing to joke about. And the history of this nation’s involvement with slavery is nothing to pass off in a joke.’ Fact.

    *Joe Biden told an Indian-American supporter that “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” Fact.

    *Robert K.K.K. Byrd. Fact.

    *Harry Reid, referred to Obama as “light-skinned,” & having “no n3gr0 dialect.” Fact

    *South Carolina Democratic Chairman, Dick Harpootlin, predicted Indian-
    American Republican Governor, Nikki Haley, would be sent “back to wherever the heII she came from”. Fact.

    *Alabama Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) called Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom” while speaking from the Alabama House floor. Fact.

    *Following a 5-4 Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act, Minnesota Democrat state legislator, Ryan Winkler, tweeted, “#SCOTUS VRA majority is four accomplices to race discrimination and one Uncle Thomas…” Fact.

  6. This simply showcases the end of free speech for anyone who is not in a protected class. And sadly, Glenn Beck and Rand Paul seem to be the first ones on the right to stomp all over the First Amendment on this.

    The context matters. That’s what Paul, Beck, and of course everyone who ever worked for—or dreamed of working for—MSNBC seem perfectly willing to forget.

    * Bundy isn’t some guy running for office.
    * Bundy isn’t some guy leading a movement.
    * Bundy isn’t a self-proclaimed spokesman for people
    .  with a particular skin color.
    * Bundy isn’t living on a college campus owned by
    .  the PC police on the left.
    * Bundy is not a trained writer or public speaker.
    * Bundy is not a community organizer.

    What Bundy is is a guy who works with his hands in a job few are willing to do.

    GIGANTIC CLUE: precious few of the men who work jobs like that (ranch hands, soldiers, steelworkers, shipyard workers, farmers, roughnecks, welders, and the like) speak in politically correct terms.

    So anyone making a big deal out of Bundy’s so-called “racist” comments, which are quite common among the working men of the world—regardless of skin color—is really insulting the people who keep civilization working. And really, the thing you deserve for highlighing the “unsophistication” of these kinds of men is an invitation to go be Ted Kennedy’s new roommate.

    Bundy was unsophisticated. Fine. He chose a word formulation that a gifted statesman would never utter. Fine. But to expect otherwise of a man who has dedicated his life to work, and not the wit and wisdom of the writers in the Washington Post or Atlantic is to engage in a contemptible exercise.

    * We have an entire Cable network dedicated to words far
    .  more poorly chosen that the few sentences this man
    .  uttered in an unguarded moment.
    * We have an Attorney General who has made POLICY far
    .  more racist than the words of Cliven Bundy.
    * We have a President who always jumps to skin color as
    .  a handy bludgeon to use in framing all issues.

    The list of examples of much more egregious “racism” from popular public figures would fill a very large book.

    It’s one thing to brush Bundy aside, as Rick Perry did. It’s another to mostly keep quiet about this issue and deflect it to more salient points, as Ted Cruz has done. But to bluster and raise hell over it like Beck, or to pander and posture over it like Paul is beyond disgusting.

    * You don’t blame the poor, inner city kid screaming about white people, you blame the public mouthpieces like Al Sharpton.

    * You don’t blame a country music bass player for not knowing all of the works of Rachmaninoff. You blame the symphony conductor.

    * You don’t blame a lettuce picking migrant for supporting La Raza, you blame people like Nancy Pelosi for allowing him to be used that way.

    If you cannot manufacture or obtain some perspective, then have the decency to keep silent until you do. Otherwise, just join the left already, and be done with it.

    1. Not surprising, they are both first class hypocrites. Bundy was just being candid about the new slave, dependent class. Look at what so many conservative blacks are saying about the destruction of the family, the number of folks dying from violence in the streets and in prison since the introduction of the welfare system under Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ programs. Bundy is not a sophisticated guy. He speaks in a an old fashioned manner, without the varnish of politically correct phraseology.

      1. Exactly. I grew up around guys like that. They used speech that was common among country folks, and had no clue it was hurtful to some. They knew absolutely nothing of life in places like Detroit or LA. They went to church and firmly believed that part of the song, “Yes, Jesus loves me” about people of all colors.

        Every one of them would have been comfortable if a black minister showed up, or a black choir. Or even a few black families suddenly showing up for church.

        But in unguarded moments, the old speech patterns just fell out, and the jokes, of course. But not one of them thought it was really directed at anyone in particular, and not one meant any harm. That’s why their children have all learned a better way of speaking and thinking about these issues.

        You can’t say the same about people like the attendees of Liberation Theology churches like Reverend Wright’s in Chicago.

    2. The best comment I’ve seen all day k-bob, and I wish you’d post it on the new thread too.

  7. I don’t see what he said was so bad. He is not media savvy and he is not politically correct. He just characterized what he sees as the State of Black America and it’s sad that this man is called racist. What he said was absolutely correct because many Black Americans are slaves to welfare, food stamps and many other Government subdidies meant to be a hand up and has become a way of life. Black Americans are killing their infant, Gosnell practice was in a perdominately Black neighborhood and so are planned parenthood centers. This is where abortions happen. Let’s give Mr. Bundy a break and not give into the media hype.

  8. Oh, It’s been so long since American’s have heard the truth they can’t even recognize it when they hear it……But Oh, we’re such a color-blind Society now that anyone says anything, it’s just got to be racist……..Racism is the new truth now? LOL….Right……Well, NOTHING the Progressives have done over the past 50 years have changed anything for Blacks, in fact, it’s just gotten worse……Deal with it….

    1. Bundy may have done a good thing. Finally, the “Common Man speaks up”! Not the so-called elitist and polished politicians who go around saying one thing and doing another. Not the lies put forth to pull the wool over the people’s eyes. Not another government handout which makes people look to government to “save” them – instead of saving themselves and their families.

      The “ruling class” has done everything they can to erase the fact that The Constitution was written for the Common Man (and Woman), it was so that they would have the freedom – liberty – to build their own House and pass it on for generations to come. It wasn’t for a government to be the all powerful destructive entity it is today – that’s why we fought the American Revolution.

      Clive Bundy is a Common Man, one that makes up the backbone of America, and he is only pointing out that those of any group (not just African-Americans) have become ‘slaves’ because they know not how to labor.

  9. Martin calling Zimmerman a cracker didn’t seem to diminish much of the support for him.

      1. TRS just posted this video on another thread and it clearly demonstrates Bundy did say what was reported and that’s racist IMO.

        VIDEO: Cliven Bundy’s Racist Remarks

          1. Yes they did and it’s interesting where they begin this video. I have no doubt that The Time’s planted a question which has been cut from this video.

            But Bundy should have known better and not have taken the bait. The MSM has been attacking him since day one and they just killed his cause.

            Harry Reid has called him and his supporters terrorists. Now it will be a racist rancher and that saddens me.

            Maybe oneday, we will see the entire exchange hopefully so we understand the whole story.

            1. “But Bundy should have known better and not have taken the bait”.
              Just think, if he was a lib, he could say ‘he misspoke’ and this would all be gone before the end of the evening’s media cycle. 😉 😉

              1. He’s a rancher and not asute at all in his communications. But someone like Harry Reid- now that’s a real racist.

                1. But really, how can anyone today say that the “negros” were better off picking cotton as slaves and not expect this to happen? He was wrong to say this at all, and twice as wrong to get caught saying it on camera.
                  You can assume you know what he meant, but what he actually said was waaaaay out of line. It doesn’t make the government any more justified in what they did, and neither does it make him wrong on the land usage issues. It’s possible to recognize that he was inappropriate in his comments and still support him on the land usage.

              2. No doubts, libs get away saying the bigoted comments like good old Harry who spoke about Obama being a Negro who could call up and African dialect at will.

                But in the leftist MSM, he’s a racist like every Bible thumping gun carrying conservative. And the Becks and probably most at Fox, will no longer be championing his cause.

        1. It’s racial. But “racist” is supposed to mean something far more than just wondering if government has been bad for people of a certain skin color.

          1. I’ve used the word racial as well as racist. IMO, his racial comments will be used to label him a racist and as I just posted, that saddens me.


            Is there a video of the entire exchange? I’m curious if the Times asked him to discuss race because it had nothing to due with the BLM.

            1. Yep, they were used that way. One lying headline that was repeated a lot was “Bundy says blacks better off under slavery.” People who propagate nasty fictions that are the kind of people who would have volunteered to be guards at Auschwitz.

  10. I don’t consider what he said “racist” but a poor choice of words. He is absolutely correct that the gimmedats on Uncle Sam’s plantation are more enslaved than the slaves were, without the benefit of the family values they had back then. They don’t even REALIZE they’re enslaved.

  11. Bundy said it wrong, but we all know what he meant. Instead of the government encouraging people to work, learn skills, labor for what they want in life, they’ve made African-Americans, other minorities and in the not-too-distant future, whites, dependent on the government dole. Think about it, when you’re looking to the government to dole out your housing, education, food (stamps), and now healthcare – what freedom do you have left?
    It won’t be much longer before the government prescribes what you can earn for your labors, and that brings us full circle – only it will include more than the just the African-Americans.

  12. I dunno, sick of Rand doing his best to pander to the left…again. What a putz. He dives right into a blatant NYT smear job, helps the left and (GOPe) to Alinsky Bundy and his supporters. Just an old cowboy who’s larger point is right on the mark. Slavery is still slavery, but worse when powerful forces like Big Gov Democrats are in control of the plantation…and its destroyed the black family…the race hustlers, the subsidies…the empty promises….a total victim culture keeping D’s in power. But because of some inseeeeenssitive politically incorrect terms…Rand gets his panties in a bunch. Whatever, I think Rand is being used, allowing himself to be used to divide up the GOP…drive out the base…he’ll never get my vote.

  13. Could it be that Cliven Bundy was coaxed into his statement? You know, some media or government (same thing) “operative” suggesting that if he made a “racially” orientated statement to the press, then the government would make all his problems disappear… just an interesting thought.

  14. Of course the politicians are backing off this. They are the ones that destroyed the Black family with their so-called compassion. Shame on the Dems for pretending to be kind and all the while buying votes and shame on the Pubbies for not educating and not ever fighting back. Our elected officials did this in our names and we are stuck with the consequences.

    1. Just as their “compassion” for the environment is destroying farmers and ranchers who produce that which feeds all of America.
      I don’t agree with his statements but I don’t think he meant them in a hateful way. I could be wrong, but I think he probably feels the pain of people who feel dispossessed and are dealing with broken families and broken lives.
      Mark Steyn quoted something to the effect that the tragedy of welfare is not so much that it wastes money but that it wastes people. Unforgivable. I’m quicker to forgive Bundy’s crass comment than the politicians that created the situation he commented upon.

      1. I really can’t fault Mr. Bundy at all. Political correctness is just as evil as anything the Dems have created except the fall of the Black family. It is time to fight back and put these pretenders in their places.

        1. I agree. I would bet money that Hairy sent the mouthpiece NYT for just such a purpose – to entrap him in any bad light they could find. One of the “somethings” that he said “would happen”

    2. For the life of me, I can’t see how the Dems can set themselves up as the arbiter of anything, they were instrumental in blacks remaining in slavery as long as they did. Clive Bundt is a rancher, not a polished speaker, what he said was frankly what a major part of the US population see but choose to remain silent about. This is as wrong as the race baiters continually making inflammatory statements and the citizenry blithely permits such trash to be spread with little to no push-back. It’s time that the so-called silent majority got off it’s collective duff and began to call out these Cretans.

  15. Glad Dana Loesch thinks maybe he was baited – coaxed whatever you call it – tricked is more like it. I was thinking about that just before seeing her thoughts. Oh set up comes to mind!

  16. Anybody think these worn out old leftist ‘Hippies’ would be singing this, if Obama’s BLM had shot anybody? Hypocrite bastids.

  17. Someone should have shut this guy up along time ago. NOTHING he says is racist. He’s talking about the destruction of the black family. The guy can’t talk to save his life , why they keep letting him talk is beyond me. He’s NOT an articulate speaker. He should just shut up. Know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em. Fold! Sit down and STFU already, Bundy. Let your kids talk. Jeez.

    1. Nobody needed his opinion on Black families, and, yes, he is an ignorant racist hick. I still don’t like Obama claim jumping him, but he’s still a racist and a jackass.

      1. I’ve agreed with you on many issues. And you’re right, nobody needed his opinion and it was stupid to discuss racial issues on his part.

        The question I have is how did this discussion begin and why is there no other media outlet who heard him make these bigoted comments? I believe he stated this on a trip to Harry Reid’s hometown, so I would think other news sources must have been there.

        And that’s my problem. With all of the media attention this man is receiving, only the NYT heard him say it. There are hundreds of articles on lefty sites about this, yet they all quote the NYT.

        And the Times has a history of taking sides and publishing outright lies.


        The Scoop just posted Bundy’s response and I can not support him on race. He admitted he stated it, but kept using the word that he wonders. IMO, there’s no justification to wonder whether or not blacks were better off under slavery.

        That’s racist IMO.

      2. Obviously, the Alinski intimidation tactic has worked perfectly again huh. Now, we are talking about him being a “racist Hick and a Jackass”, rather than the government over reach and Obama’s Brown Shirts, showing up with guns drawn and dogs barking over a bunch of cows.
        This is almost as good as Obama standing on an aircraft carrier with a “Mission Accomplished” sign behind him, huh.

          1. The (redirection) deed has been done. Any time the left can’t fight the right on a topic, they will turn the topic into Black vs White.
            The only thing about this that never ceases to amaze me is how many suckers will still fall for this. :-{

  18. Dana Loesch had an interesting take on Bundy’s racial comments from based on a Politico article:

    “…Loesch, who has defended the Nevada rancher on her website and on Fox News, on Thursday suggested that The New York Times coaxed an unseasoned public figure into a tangential discussion about race.

    “I hope no one is surprised that an old man rancher isn’t media trained to express himself perfectly,” she wrote, noting that “it’s justified to have a healthy suspicion of the New York Times” for raising the issue…”

    Dana Loesch: Cliven Bundy not ‘media trained’

    Did the NYT’s bait him to discuss racial issues as Dana suggests, they “coaxed” him to racial issues?

    The left is having a field day with this story, yet how did the subject come up? If Bundy did this on his own, then there’s no defense. But, if the NYT’s baited him with racial questions until he responded, that’s a different story for a 67 year old man who is not a media pundit.

    And I still want to see a video, but I must admit I find it disturbing that there doesn’t seem to be a response to the racists charges from Bundy himself.

      1. Based on the New York Times; I want to still see a video to show how racial issues became a topic in this affair. Was he coaxed as Dana suggests? That’s pertinent since the NYT is the only news outlet that heard him make these comments.

        And I’ve already stated my disappointed that Bundy hasn’t responded to these charges and they were racist if he said it. But I have a hard time forming an opinion based on a far left news outlet like the Times.

        But as a leftist, the NYT is probably the only thing you worship.

    1. Of course they did.. One way or another they were going to get him. And it seems Glenn Beck is leading the charge. Another libertarian I can’t stand anymore.

    2. I’m not “media trained”, and I would never say that the state of the modern black family is due to the end of slavery and the failure of black parents to teach their kids how to pick cotton. Even if they asked him leading questions, he still chose to make his point in this horribly stupid way.

      1. Neither would I and in a perfect world, you would be correct. But a 67 year old rancher is use to speaking his mind. While the my post indicates it was just 4 hours ago, it was from earlier this morning. At that time, there wasn’t as much information as there is now.

        His son who was there should have recognized that any question on race was a trap. If Bundy started this diatribe on his own, once again his son should have stopped him from speaking on such an inflammatory topic.

        Also, if you look at all of my comments today on this topic, you will see I used the words racist and racial numerous times in regards to Bundy.

  19. The issue is not which side of the law Cliven Bundy is on, but rather always has been which side of “We the People” the government is on.

  20. The NY Times said????? I weary of people paying attention to the Left’s “bible” because its filled with propaganda and lies. Besides, this doesn’t change the feds overreach in his situation.

    PS. Rand Paul is now in the process of writing his political obituary.

    1. I thought the same thing when I heard where it came from. These people have printed comments no one made. I don’t trust them.

  21. He needs to stick to the subject at hand. He’s an old Rancher; not an old politician, lawyer or preacher who is skilled at speaking and staying out of trouble. He has a right to his views and he has a right to express them; this just isn’t the time.

  22. well…. is he so off the mark? There might have been a better way of saying it but the point is true.

  23. Mark Levin has addressed this situation the best. He’s covered the history of the land grab by the Federal Government. He’s addressed the legal aspect. This is not about Bundy’s personal views. I was put off by the guy who said they were going to put women out in front to get shot first. But this issue isn’t about those dudes.

    This is about an agenda to urbanize Americans and deprive us from access to rural land. It’s about politicians getting richer by the hundreds of millions by making deals, often with foreign governments, to use rural land for crony deals that puts money back in the pockets of the DC Boomtown elites.

    1. Well said. This isn’t about his race, his views, or his sexual preferences.
      It’s about the power the Fed. Govt. has usurped.

  24. You can’t hold a private citizen to the same standard as a public figure. Whether he is racist is immaterial to the issues at hand which is 1. the Federal Government’s ownership of over half of the Western United States, and 2. the BLM’s attempt to take away a man’s business and way of life over a tortoise.

    1. Double standards are for liberals. You can be mealy mouthed about this, all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that that was a racist remark, from and apparently racist person. Maybe his remarks don’t bother you, because you agree with them. Either way, I don’t care. While I still believe it’s wrong for the federal government to try to seize state lands, I will not back up person of poor character. Racists are all, universally, people of poor character. But, birds of a feather flock together.

      1. I agree it was a racist remark, and I do not agree with it myself. If he is a racist, it does not mean that his right to earn a living should be taken away from him. Mr. Bundy has a right to be a racist if he chooses to be.

        1. It’s immaterial what his beliefs are. We are not now nor ever have been, trying to help him personally. It’s the fair application of the Law that we care about and the rights of states and citizens to be free from government meddling.

          And Virus, harsh man. Way uncalled for dude. We’re on the same side here.

          1. Dude, in case it hasn’t occurred to you, I really don’t care what you think. If your family had been mistreated by people of that mentality, maybe you’d wake up. In any event, no, we’re not on the same side. I’ll never side with someone that says its uncalled for to be offended by a harsh remark that was totally uncalled for, in & of itself.

        2. I’m not on Bundy’s side, I’m on the side of the Constitution. If he’s being wronged, he’s being wronged, even if he is a racist hayseed hick. I just can’t fight for him, personally. People like him make me regret my military service, as much as Obama makes me regret it.

          1. When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union Churchill was in the awkward position of accepting as an ally a man he knew was the epitome of evil. He said “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil.” I am not comparing Clive Bundy to Stalin or the Devil. I’m just saying that the battle is bigger than Clive Bundy and that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      2. All of a sudden, he’s a raaaacist.
        OK, fine. Now tell me just exactly what this has to do with the BLM, cattle, the endangered Tortoise, or grazing rights?

          1. They brought all the hardware to ‘euthanize’ Bundy but things got a little to ‘public’. 😉 😉

      3. I think you know that people don’t agree with his remarks here. There will always be racism and it cuts both ways. All ways actually. There will always be people of all races who don’t like a certain culture or all cultures for that matter. Imperfection of human nature. 95% of whites are not racist at all but somehow one man in the eyes of liberals paints white folks as racist. Bundy’s statement was stupidly said but what he is fighting for benefits men of all color’s. Let’s not let what he said destroy the context of the issue. He has already hurt a budding movement in its infancy. He may have aborted it all together.

  25. If Bundy said this (and I’d want to hear the tape), he expressed himself “inartfully”. What he’s trying to say is that government handouts have killed the work ethic of many people, and the policies of the left have encouraged the destruction of families and a general degrading of the value of life in our communities.

    Nowhere do we see this more obvious than in African American communities. Even black leaders know this and have expressed it quite well. Just look at how Elbert Guillory says it:


    As to whether African Americans are more free today…they aren’t when they rely on the poverty wages and restrictive policies of the left. So Bundy is right.

    Should he have used the words he did or mention the idea of picking cotton? Clearly not. But it’s obvious he was just commenting on how African Americans serve as an example of people who rely on government rather than getting jobs and building a life for themselves.

    In that he is absolutely right. I wish he’d said it in the same articulate manner as Guillory did (or Larry Elder, JC Watts, Mia Hamm and others do). But he is who he is. And he said it the way he did.

    That doesn’t mean that the Federal Gov’t suddenly has permission to slaughter his cattle or surround his property with snipers just because he owes a bill he’s not paid. It’s still an oppressive hammer from an all-powerful central government that we the people cannot abide. Not matter whether Bundy’s words might not be the exactly perfect “politically correct” tone. He’s still an American. And he has rights. And the fundamentals of this struggle have not change.

    I am a Texan who lives just south of the Red River, in fact. And right now the Feds are eyeing 90,000 acres of land on the TX/OK border. This fight is not about Bundy or any specific person. It’s about freedom and resisting a central government that is becoming as oppressive and as authoritarian as Stalinist Russia.

    Let’s not take our eyes off the ball here. The left-wing media would love to cause us to retreat. Shame on Rand Paul and Dean Heller for doing so.

      1. Randy loves Amnesty and an Ostrich foreign policy, then said the voter fraud on the libtard side was “over emphasized” in comments yesterday. Nuts don’t fall far from the tree.

        1. Don’t forget Eric Holder is also his very good friend. Him and Senator Wyden get along great. Liberal =Libertarian. Except he is not a big government Liberal, which is hard to believe being he is for amnesty

        1. And pandered all through it accepting the liberal position that the GOP is racists rather than discussing the true history of the Democratic party and how it always divides people based on race and class.

      2. He is trying to do what many Republicans have tried to do and that is to convince the media that he’s not a mean spirited bigot. It doesn’t work. When you worry about what others think, you end up watering down your message and your principles.

      3. You are so right. The fight against an over reaching Government remains but what Rand did was jump on the ban wagon for something that he thought was popular. Now tell me, how is that any different than Obama? For example, during the Trayvon Martin drama. Obama says, “If I have a son he would look like Trayvon.” He was jumping the gun implying that Martin was innocent and commenting on a situation where he had no idea of the facts. This is exactly what Rand Paul does and that is not a leadership.

      4. Rand Paul reminds me of John McCain… he shifts to whatever side he thinks will provide him the most votes, demonstrating that he’s just another typical DC politician… nothing new to see here folks.

    1. Exactly, with one exception. It is not authoritarian, it is “totalitarian”.

      Sovereignty is quickly going by the way side. Because the Fed Govt is over-reaching the State(s) and the people’s Constitution.

    2. Well said. My husband was black and together we had a wonderful child. I had an uncle who once referred to my kid as the little negro. It was a long time ago. I did feel some anger, but I also knew that like Bundy, he had used words he had learned growing up. It was a bad way to express himself, but it was his real only way. He was not racist, never would have done anything to me, my son or my husband. I expect Mr. Bundy is also a decent fellow, and I also think there an underlying truth to what he said so badly.

  26. Nothing Racist here.

    Are you better off picking cotton and a slave on a plantation or are you better off on a government subsidy and a slave to the Government.

    wow lets call that racist, when it is the truth. Love how these so called republican leaders back off right away like typical politicians. We have all become so SCARED that we are going to be called RACIST that now everything is RACIST.

    Nothing can be Racist, because it is all CRYING WOLF.

    From what I read on another post, I believe mediate they were saying the NYT didn’t print or took it out of context. So wow go figure you think they would do that.

      1. Yes. He does. And we believe that he won’t back down about it either.

        We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…
        OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness
        (Mr. and Mrs.)

      2. Constantly he makes the point and it is good to hear. He is not the only one that makes that point either, David Webb, Ben Carson has started, but also Wayne Dupree.

        It is okay for Obama to be racist and call and say things about Whites which are lies, but this is the truth and this is racist. I get it Dems can’t have their secret out on how they are going to keep Lyndon Johnson’s promise to make sure they vote democrat forever.

        1. Well, I’m not a Democrat, and yet I still don’t approve of Obama’s racism. That doesn’t mean I’m going to approve it from this jerk, either.

              1. No one is telling you how to feel Virus, but she makes good points.
                Still we’re all allowed to feel and believe what we choose.

                I wasn’t at the interview for this, just as I wasn’t at the interview when Phil Robertson’s comments made a big controversy a while back. So I can’t say what their full remarks were or why they were brought up to begin with.

                Point is, they may not say things the best way, but their comparisons are pretty good points, yet all people will remember is that they’re ‘racist’ and forget the main purpose of why they were in the spotlight to begin with. In Bundy’s case- Federal government bully tactics.

                1. Virus in this whole conversation think about how you attacked me as a WHITE WOMAN telling you what to feel and do. I mean you used race. I used it to explain what Bundy meant.

                  Obama came from a White mother and white family, he is a Racist.

                2. That’s funny, because I never knew your woman until you ever ties that. Furthermore, I was attacking his statements, and him personally for making them; you chose to defend his statements and to personally identify with them, even as you beat your chest, crying, that I was the racist. If you don’t like it I express my opinion, as he expressed his, too bad. I don’t care about Obama, I don’t care about his family, I didn’t even bring them up. I have a predominantly white family, too. I guess you probably have a problem with that too. In any offense, I am still working job (which you apparently do not), and have better things to do than argue with you.

        2. It’s not the point behind his remarks that’s the problem. It’s how he stated it. How many times have you heard Allen West and Dr. Carson recommend that young black men be taught to pick cotton, or wonder if blacks were better off as slaves?

          Some people on the left making racially insensitive remarks does not give people on the right a free pass to make them. All the justifications for Bundy’s statement are just as bad as the MSM trying to gloss over or justify inappropriate statements from the left. Either you think racist remarks are inappropriate or you don’t. If you do, hold everyone to the same standard, not just the people you don’t like.

          1. the thing is HOW OLD IS THIS MAN !!! That is the point.

            I do NOT talk like my mother who is almost 80. There are words she uses I have never used. There are Words I use that My kids do not use. MY GOSH grow UP and understand that people talk differently and it is acceptable. My gosh does everyone today have such a thin skin and everything is racist.

            Man everyone in today’s world is such a Pansy. IT is a wonder anyone is potty trained today.

      3. And West makes it in context. He doesn’t talk about Constitutional rights, then tangent into how Blacks should stop smoking crack and demanding handouts. Apparently, you’ve never really listened to him.

      1. IF you think what Bundy said was RACIST – Then blacks must love living on the Plantation – The liberal god hating government will run your life plantation.

        It had nothing to do with PICKING COTTON – It had to do with DEMOCRATS OWNING BLACKS, and FORCING THEM TO PICK COTTON FOR THEM, while Beating,raping, destroying their families, and providing them with cheap disgusting housing and no ability to learn to read or write

        Wow Sounds like the Black Population TODAY

        They Vote Liberal
        They allow Liberals to give them cheap disgusting housing

        they allow Liberals to make sure they remain Uneducated ( public schools and when Blacks are given vouchers to better schools LIBERALS Like Obama and Deblasio to name a couple want to shut down the schools. )

        Blacks allow the Liberals to murder them. I mean must be wonderful to live in Chicago, DC, and be murdered. Those Gun Control laws by Liberals work so well and the only ones killing each other are BLACKS.

        Planned Parenthood in Black Neighborhoods, and Blacks believe so called Pastors or rev like Jackson and Sharpton who say MURDER YOUR YOUNG. Dismember their bodies and rip them from your womb. It is okay that we are killing alone 68% of our own race in New York every year.

        It is shameful that Blacks today do NOT KNOW HISTORY and HOW the ancestors of Blacks living today would come back and KICK MOST OF THE YOUNG BLACKS REAR ENDS. They would also say did you NOT read Frederick Douglass, Did you not read or listen to what Josiah Hanson said, did you not hear Harriet Tubman. What we fought for and died for YOU HAVE WASTED AND YOU ARE STILL BEING OWNED WHILE PRETENDING TO BE MEN STANDING ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET> IDIOTS.

        Since I don’t know you, I am not yelling when I type in caps I am emphasizing.

        1. Just what I needed today, a clueless, white suburbanite telling me how to be Black. Maybe I should go back to the ghetto, smoke a blunt and make my girlfriends get abortions, massa.

          1. Yeah you met a Polish White Woman who has NO WHITE GUILT.

            You met a Polish White Woman who knows what she is talking about considering I lived it.

            You met a Polish White Woman who is NEVER going to feel sorry for you. Because being Black is an excuse that has worn thin. Also someone has to tell blacks how pathetic they are being. I mean they are Killing themselves, and Proud of sagging pants. Makes one think what does Grandpa and grandma really think of their children’s children’s, and is this what they went through all their hell for. Because NOT ONE CHILD THAT IS BLACK TODAY CAN SAY THEY HAVE EXPERIENCED ANYTHING THEIR GRANDPARENTS DID. So go ahead and Ride that Race Baiting Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson train.

            By the way:
            You met a Polish White Woman who was basically told how stupid she was her whole life for Being Polish, knocked down, kicked around, but MADE IT and didn’t use the Polish in me as an excuse, but used it and made myself PROUD, and never used it as an excuse to damage or destroy the good name my grandparents and my mom and dad gave me 🙂

            By the way I can already hear it, I was always white on the outside. The only way anyone knew was my name. NOT TRUE. You see it is called the look of someone also. I mean do you know what Jews look like just by looking at them, some do. I don’t. Because I dont care about those things, I was taught to know a person’s heart.

            1. Honestly, you just sound like a garden variety psycho. I couldn’t care less about your parents. The mean as little to me as Bundy. I almost married into a Polish family, so you’re nothing new or different, by any means. Beat your chest to your heart’s desire, but you are not the only one with college educated, military parents, contrary to what you seem to advertise. Bundy’s a racist. Get over it, and get over yourself. Period.

              1. I am not college educated. I am not nor have I ever been in the military.

                Bundy is not a racist, you are though, you proved that in your statements. Maybe that is what you are having a hard time dealing with.

                1. Your lack of education and military service are your problem, not mine. Please stop trying to project your personal shortcomings on to me.

                2. Here’s a quick and easy way to tell if you are racist. If you think that black people are better off under slavery like in the 1800’s than receiving welfare in modern times, then you’re racist.

                3. Wait a minute they are not better off in either situation. So how is that racist ?? Because I am white and saying it?? Just confused and hopefully and picking up on your point correctly 🙂

    1. You’re right. And I think Farrakhan and Sharpton should express more of their opinion, too. After all, there’s nothing wrong with what they say, right? It’s just opinion.

  27. WHO F_ING CARES?!?!?!?

    The Feds are out of control and the only way to stop them is to stand up to them, ARMED, and fight for your liberty.

  28. this is all over the ‘net’ htis morning, and there isn’t a video or audio anywhere… In this day and age, that’s unusual… At this point, I think the New York Times has some proving to do..

      1. Does this sound familiar? 😉
        * RULE 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

          1. Dat Ol White rancher, he be a Raaaaacist. He don deserve no equal justice.
            And the chickenshit ‘politicians’ will flee from him as fast as they did from the ‘Duck Dynasty’ family when the left used this (well worn) tactic on them.

            1. Nothing more Merikan or patriotic than racism, eh?…or excuse me, “old school “talk. And….That’s why the GOP is a losing party for the 21st century.

          2. The problem is Bundy is inarticulate. And he just stepped in this himself. I’m not going to excuse him. They didn’t have to put words in his mouth. I kept hoping that his daughter (or someone else) would step up as the spokesperson. Bundy tended to ramble and you need to get your point across quickly when you’re dealing with the media.

            1. Not every rancher is Walter Cronkite. This is a tactic, (Alinski rule #12), It doesn’t matter what he said or when he said it.
              What is that ‘food chick’s’ name who said the word “Ni**er” 20 years ago?
              The name of the game is to alienate him from any support, by any means necessary. “Free expression” is only ‘free’ when it’s ‘correct’ expression.

              1. That was different in that she was accused by another person. Paula Dean admitted to it and put it in context. The media was wrong to go after her, however, I think her fans supported her. Bundy wasn’t accused of saying this 20 years ago…he was quoted, in front of God and everyone. He said he thought black people were better off as SLAVES. I’ve no doubt he thinks this way. That has nothing to do with his case against the BLM. Now he’s just spouting opinions on other subjects.

                I totally support the family as far as their situation with the BLM. But he is going to lose support and that is his doing. Why is he still giving press conferences–I think he’s starting to love the attention too much and is going off-topic now. Someone else in that family should have stepped up as the spokesperson and let him play the ‘kindly father and rancher’ role.

                1. “The media was wrong to go after her, however, I think her fans supported her.”
                  The Alinski intimidation tactic worked perfectly. She damn near lost everything she had worked for.
                  I do agree with you about one thing, it’s time to let the lawyer and the kids do the talking. ‘Old folks’ like he and I, still think we have the ‘right’ to free expression, whatever that ‘expression’ might be, which is no longer the case. :-{

                2. Free expression doesn’t mean that everyone must like everything that comes out of your mouth. He expressed himself freely. He’s not facing prosecution for his remarks. He’s not been fined or jailed for what he said. That seems pretty free to me.

                3. What does what he said have to do with the BLM, cattle, endangered species and grazing rights?
                  If you can’t spot an ‘Alinski’, leftist, character assassination, piece, calculated to divert attention away from a topic they can’t defend, then there’s nothing I can say that would explain it to you. :-{

            2. I will excuse him. He is not used to the spotlight and quite frankly I’m sick of the polished packages we get sold.

            3. It is not that he is inarticulate, he is OLD SCHOOL.

              My Mom talks differently than me. My kids are different from me.

              The thing is we have become so PC that we dont even know what is right from wrong anymore. My kids tell me things I say are so bad, and I tell them they are NUTS.

          1. The BLM got their hands dirty marching in there like Obama’s Brown Shirts, with guns drawn and dogs barking, over some cows.
            Right or wrong, the rancher gained some sympathy from the rank and file American over the government’s over reach in this situation. Something the lefties would have would have been screaming about before they became ‘the establishment’,(anybody remember ‘Farm Aid’?)
            Now, the only way out for the left is to degrade this rancher’s ‘character’ by any means necessary and anybody who doesn’t recognize this tactic by now, is a fool, or a ‘tool’. :-/

  29. Mr Bundy is old school – sorry I don’t see his comments as racist. He commented on his observations and making a comparison which is pretty much the truth. So sad that he should have kept his mouth shut and instead he exercised his right to free speech. So tired of this politically correct BS. If he in fact said it that way?????

  30. Hmm, all this comes to mind. . .how befitting. . .

    Obama on White Folks Greed:
    Source: Taken from 0bama’s autobiography and in his own words: “Dreams From My Father” page 158 of 235 PDF Form:

    “It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day
    than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year,
    where white folks’ greed runs a world in need,
    apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere…
    That’s the world! On which hope sits!
    Source: Washington Times
    State Dept buys $70k worth of Obama’s books to tell the World


    Source: cnsnews.com Cybercast Newservice
    Obama if Catholics have their schools and building and protestants have theirs

    Source: Washington Times
    Obama sparks Catholic ire comment parochial school

    1. Are you implying that the con man should adhere to the same standards the rest of us peons must? Oh goodness…..

      1. ;’) Now, would we do that? teeheehee! Say it ain’t so, knowing that every, single media outlet is in his ‘hood’, or ‘deck of cards’… LOL!

        We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…
        OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness
        (Mr. and Mrs.)

  31. ~~ Dog-gone it….his forward team, media consultants, handlers, pollsters and of course his teleprompters ALL must have been on the “blitz” that day….!!!

  32. Ineloquent? Yes.

    Can someone tell me what about his statement isn’t true?

    He is lamenting on the plight of the Black family in this country.

    1. But, he used the word “Negro” and he’s a republican.
      If he was a democrat he could use the N word with white in front of it and get away with all day everyday…heck, he could be a former member of the KKK and get away with it……….

      1. Yep. To me the real problem with his statement is he gave an opening for politicians of both parties to cut and run and grab land. I don’t know why he felt the need to go off on this topic either. I guess his soap box got bigger.

    2. I was about to say the same thing. His wording was poor but the gist of it is true, blacks on government welfare are no better off than those under slavery. Unfortunately those finer nuisances will be lost in the media.

      1. He is a white man commenting about the Black man and family…he is not allowed to do that apparently so of course it will be lost. Doesn’t matter that he pays for that enslavement with his taxes.

        I’m sure Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap is very happy because they have a month’s worth of material now.

      1. Well I did say he was ineloquent. Funny thing is media in all of it’s forms uses stereotype continually then complains when it becomes ingrained.

      2. It’s always wrong to use any label for an entire race. I have no problem with the word Negro, but to imply every black American falls into his myopic racial views just cost him a lot of support.

        Having stated this, I still want to see a video of Cliven Bundy making these comments. If the Times was there when he made these comments, surely there must be a video with all the media attention.

          1. But what led up to this Scoop? Did he just start spewing this on his own, or was he prompted to?
            Either way, it was not the best way to say it. He’s got a point, but should have left it to himself, unless he was ASKED? Was he asked?

            1. I have no doubt that the Times coaxed him into that discussion, but it does not justify his statements IMHO.

              The next time the BLM shows up at his ranch, there won’t be many supporters left. Politicians and the media will run from him now.

          2. Thank you Scoop; the article that Caleb posted with Bundy admitting he made the comments reported by NYT me change my opinion immediately.

            Some have disagreed with me, but there’s no excuse to be wondering if blacks were better off under slavery – NONE.

            The progressive plantation has destroyed a large portion of black communities in America. But to compare that with slavery is foolhardy, bigoted and racist IMO.

  33. “All Media Entities” need to disclose every single “politician” they have or do worked for.

  34. I would gladly start a movement to send spoiled suburban white teenagers to work for a season picking fruit or vegetables. I wonder if current agricultural workers would welcome them.

      1. They want them because they’re cheap. If they had to hire Americans they’d have to pay them a LOT more. It’s never been about Americans not willing to work. It’s that they expect to the paid a commensurate wage.

        1. It’s not just that they are cheap. Americans wouldn’t get paid anymore than anyone else hence the reason they have illegals. Entitlements pay more! If we didn’t have entitlements you would see Americans in those fields.

          They also want them because they don’t need to be trained. When picking a crop time is of the essence.

          1. I disagree. Illegals are willing to work for sub-standard wages, because it’s mostly under the table cash. This has been happening in the construction industry too. My husband is a retired commercial plumber. Construction work USED to pay pretty well. Wages are about 1/2 what they were decades ago. Safety is not being kept up. Part of this is illegals are either ignorant of safety practices or they don’t want to lose the job. (As an example: When you see a case where the ditch fell in on someone, you can be sure that the ditch was not shored up properly.)

            1. You can disagree but I’m telling you that most of it isn’t under the table. How do I know? Because I was born and raised farming in Central Valley.

              Construction I don’t know about as far as under the table. I do know they undercut wages hence the reason the unions used to be against illegals. Cesar Chavez was as well. Unions decided to join them because they couldn’t beat them. I think that is when unions became a monolithic part of the Democrat machine and that has caused their demise.

              I know from first hand experience what has happened in the trades industry as a customer. Hence the reason I now tell anyone I’m contracting to do work if they send me an illegal I will send them packing immediately and the job is over. Illegal immigrant labor has cost me a lot of money in repairs because the job was done shoddy. Plumbing, carpet laying, painting, heating and cooling…all of it has been touched by this topic.

  35. If this is true, I’m going to hold my thoughts until I see some video or hear a recording. In this day and age, when everyone carries a recording device, there is bound to be some proof.
    If he said these things, then everyone should back away.

  36. He complains about people on welfare, yet he’s used land he doesn’t own for decades without paying a cent? What does that make him?

    1. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what it makes you to side with the federal government’s latest land grab.

    2. He tried to pay his fees. The BLM wouldn’t accept them because he wouldn’t sign the new contract they were trying to shove down his throat to destroy his industry.

    3. He actually paid his fees to the state of Nevada as outlined in their state constitution and his grazing rights contract he purchased long before BLM stepped in.

      If you don’t see anything wrong with feds grabbing land up for trumped up reasons to line politicians pockets then you are going to have a long painful life because any property you work hard to earn is subject to the state and forfeiture.

      1. He doesn’t own the land, he doesn’t pay the fees. Most other ranchers who love the country pay fees for their businesses, but this guy thinks he should get to use public resources to make his own personal profit.

        1. You show a real inept ability to understand the circumstances. As a matter of fact you are a parrot.

          He bought the rights to that land. Do you understand what that means? do you understand how long his family has been ranching on that land?

    4. From what I understand he’s paid more than just a cent to the “county” just not the feds.

      1. He has claimed that his family has been there since the 1870’s, but that was after the government acquired the land from Mexico in 1848. The US government owns the land – the BLM maintains jurisdiction.

        1. Really? How is it that the US Government owns anything at all?

          What does Nevada own?

          What do Nevada’s land owners own?

          Since when did the BLM “maintain jurisdiction”?

          The prosecution rests.

          1. The US government owns roughly 650 million acres of land – military bases, national parks, indian reservations, or are leased to ranchers, miners, farmers for commercialization.
            Nevada owns a variety of other lands and parks, banks, prisons, and other agencies.
            Nevada land owners generally own their houses and properties, businesses, material goods, and intellectual property that they buy or make.
            The BLM was formed in 1946.

            Other people obey the rules. This guy doesn’t. And you defend him.

            1. You answered zero questions. Disconnect from the Borg mainframe and try again.

              Prescriptive Rights preexist the BLM.

              It’s apparent these days that no one owns anything. It is all subject to ongoing taxes and ongoing, expanding, regulations.

              It is no longer possible to pay anything off.

              You appear to delight in being subjugated to federal authority. Why is that?

              I do not delight in being subjugated to anyone at anytime, especially on my own property. See the subtle difference?

    5. He works every day of his life… the people on welfare don’t. Obviously you are attempting to equate the “makers” with the “takers”… good try.

  37. Oh dear, another real citizen gave their real view on life and people and government. It really stinks when citizens don’t adhere to politically correct views, doesn’t it? Well, he’s not a politician so leave him alone.

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