OH GREAT: The country we made a deal with on five Taliban detainees just sent 1800 Muslims to fight with ISIS

Walid Shoebat has uncovered a secret document leaked from Qatari intelligence that shows how earlier this year Qatar trained and equipped around 1800 Muslims from North Africa (Morocco) to fight with ISIS, the Islamic jihadi terrorist group taking over much of Iraq and Syria:

The document bears the signature of the Acting Qatari Embassy in Libya, Nayef Abdullah Al Emadi, in which he wrote that “the volunteers completed military and combat training with heavy weapons, especially in the camps Zintan, Benghazi, Zawiya and Misrata in Libya” suggesting to send these fighters in three batches over the Libyan ports to Turkey, and then to enter northern Iraq through Kurdistan.


Emadi noted that “these groups will be ready by next week,” and “We call on the need to accelerate in coordination with the Turkish side to receive the fighters in the appropriate port, and let us know the appropriate dates to send those groups.”

Yes, this is the same country Obama just made a ‘deal’ with to keep the five Taliban GITMO detainees from returning to the battlefield for at least a year. I’m sure that’s going to happen.

Check out Walid’s full writeup to see what other country was mentioned on this document.

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