WHAT? “Open minded” Trump now meeting with Obamacare ARCHITECT to discuss health care policy

Trump is now meeting with Obama architect Ezekiel Emanuel in Trump Tower to discuss health care policy of all things!

NY POST – Donald Trump is meeting with ObamaCare architect Zeke Emanuel at Trump Tower Wednesday, transition officials announced.

The president-elect and Emanuel, brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, will be “discussing health care policy,” spokesman Jason Miller said.

During the presidential campaign, Trump pledged to repeal and replace President Obama’s signature legislation.

“I think the president-elect has been very clear that ObamaCare needs to be repealed and replaced. He is looking at all ideas. I think even folks like Dr. Emanuel has talked about ways in which to improve upon it,” spokesman Sean Spicer, communications director of the Republican National Committee, told reporters.

“I think it continues to show the open mind at which [Trump] approaches all of these problems,” he added.

I really hope this isn’t a sign that Trump is moderating on Obamacare. Why consult a socialist health care architect on health care policy when you are supposedly against the very system he created???

Maybe this will be more like his Climate Change meetings, where it looks like he’s doing one thing (by meeting with Gore and others) but then does the exact opposite in execution (by nominating a ‘skeptic’ to run the EPA.)

You never know with Trump…

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