Oregon Terrorist Forced Christians To Crawl, Woman To Beg For Life As He Butchered Them

This is absolutely horrifying. It is reported that the Oregon terrorist and anti-Christian filth who attacked students at Umpqua Community College wasn’t content merely with killing. He lived out his sick murderous fantasies while he did it.

Via Weasel Zippers we read this report from the Daily Mail:

In a chilling account from 18-year-old survivor Lacey Scroggins, Harper-Mercer turned to one girl and said he would spare her if she begged for her life. As she pleaded, he shot her.

The 26-year-old killer also ordered his Christian classmates to crawl into the middle of the room to be shot dead, Scroggins’ father, Pastor Randy Scroggins, revealed.

Hero survivor Chris Mintz, who was shot seven times, likewise pleaded with the killer to stop shooting him because it was his disabled son’s birthday, the Mail reports.

There are no words for the acts committed in Oregon. It is unspeakable.

When a murderous rampage took place in Charleston, America asked first about racism and race relations. That became the dominant theme, as there was (in my view, justified) backlash against the Confederate flag. Though the killer used a gun to commit his terrorist acts, the overwhelming majority of the discussion was about his motivation, not the tools of his hatred.

Now we have a heinous, tragic, monstrous act on the other side of the country, with a different set of victims. A set of victims who are different. There in a small town, at a place of learning, now a place of sorrow. In those classrooms and halls, among those young people and lifelong learners, those dedicated teachers, those family members and friends, a despicable man committed an increasingly unbelievable horror, an atrocity, which he carried out against people who were of a particular faith. His hate for a certain kind of person is there, bare before our eyes. We do not need the media to tell us that. The survivors have told us. We know what he is.

There is no nationwide question about hatred of Christians. No examination of cultural shifts or symbols of bigotry or hurtful words. Not for this tragedy.

Instead, here we sit, angry and arguing, and listening to opportunistic speeches from the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, not only moralizing about the instrument of hate instead of the hate itself, but doing so to gain poll percentage points and improve election chances. We hear media liberals and their various and sundry guests stumbling over each other to prove they are on the correct side, condemning the weapon and not the man. Not the hate.

There are no side by side charts counting Christian deaths over the years. Just gun stats. Just anti-NRA screeds. Just lumping of peaceful, law-abiding gun owners, millions of whom are Christians themselves, into the same sick boat with this slayer of Christ’s followers.

Our liberal betters. How small they are. How petty and careless. How clumsy and blind.

How tragic a time is this.

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