Outrage: Dead Veterans’ Remains Left For Over A Year Without Proper Burial

“These people don’t get the proper care they deserve, even after death.”

Via Drudge. The bodies of 28 veterans are finally headed for a proper burial this Memorial Day weekend after being left for a year and a half or more at the Los Angeles County morgue.

The proper burial they will now receive was a sudden decision that immediately followed a CBS investigation. One wonders how much longer they would have sat decomposing at the morgue if the media had not intervened.

Every day there is a new outrage in the poor treatment of American veterans. Democrats are making every possible effort to deflect blame or simply pretend there is no problem at all, citing wars or using the word scandal in “scare quotes,” but the daily revelations of inadequate care, dismissive bureaucrats, wait list run-arounds, and politicians playing political football with the lives of American warriors returned home continues to anger the American public, and politicians will be among those paying the price.

It is the natural result of policies and attitudes of government in general, but celebrated under the Obama administration, and there will be more stories like this coming out over the coming days and weeks. The time to act was years ago. It’s now time to act and time to make someone pay.

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