Palestinian: We will not leave a single Jew, DEAD OR ALIVE, on our land

This clip is from just a few days ago by a Palestinian Sheik in Gaza, who literally swears on the Koran that they will not leave a single Jews, dead or alive, on what they say is their land. At the end of the clip he even says they will dig up the graves of Jews and expel them as well.

I think what is interesting about this clip is how passionate this Islamo-Nazi is for his cause. It’s not something any of us should take lightly, just because they say it all the time. These people mean what they say and will attempt it at some point in the future:

This clip exposes the real reason for all the violence from Palestinians as of late. It isn’t because of settlements or the peace process, as Netanyahu says. It is because they want to exterminate the Jews and that couldn’t be more clear from this Palestinian cleric.

It’s the same message of the Iranians as well. And they not only want to kill all the Jews, but they want to attack the Great Satan, America, as well. And we’ve just given them the world’s permission to make their nuclear bombs.

You think for a second if this cleric had nuclear bombs he wouldn’t use them on Israel?

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