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22 thoughts on “Palin tells Hannity GOP needs to reload, not retreat – on her 50th birthday

  1. Given the incalculable amount of knowledge in our civilization, the amount of knowledge that a single mind can understand and use is just a tiny fraction of the total knowledge we make use of every day.

  2. If others can make football ‘dream teams’, I figure I can make a DC public servants one.
    This is possibly my favorite of many possibilities:

    Sarah Palin President
    Allen West Vice President
    Ted Cruz Speaker of the House
    Mike Lee Senate Majority Leader
    Mark Levin Attorney General
    John Bolton Sec. of State

    ….and true restoration would begin.

  3. “There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with the power to endanger the public liberty.” – John Adams
    The GOP is as lost as the dems, they are the same party. The only way to change things is to replace each one who’s up for re election.
    The Republican party could care less about reloading, and most of them have no use for Sarah either. I understand she is a gracious person- much more so than I could ever be, but dang, they’ve got as much use for what she has to say as they do for what we all have been saying.
    They’ve proved their worthlessness for the past 5 years.
    Forget reloading, it’s time for all new guns.

  4. Republican’s have no interest in ‘Reloading’ they are very comfortable sitting back and soaking up the lavish lifestyle we give them. Other than Ted Cruz who do you see really putting up a fight? Louie Gohmert, Mike Lee, Rand Paul from time to time? That’s all folks! The rest are all Democrat’s in my opinion. I think we would have better success creating a 3rd party (Tea Party) and winning over pissed off citizens votes than trying the same old effort to retake the Republican party. The Liberal media, TV, Hollywood have successfully trashed the Republican name just like they did Sarah Palin’s. By the time it will take to repair the Republican brand (if its even possible) we could have a new party that voters could be excited about supporting again. I have had it with spineless Republican’s that do nothing but sell out their principles and values in an effort to appear as ‘working together’ and ‘compromising’. Republican’s are not the party of true conservative values anymore and won’t be anytime soon. It’s time for the Tea Party or a Constitutionalist Party before the bloody revolution begins. This Government is way out of control and if we don’t change course very soon (it may be to late already) this country will never be what it was for us for our children and grandchildren! The American Dream is dying! The more the Debt and Government expansion continues the closer we come to collapse! Meanwhile the Sheeple sleep. As long as they have their iPod’s and electronic distractions from reality they are happy lemmings marching to the drums of the suicidal socialist utopian dreamers.

    1. Not to mention the fact that the RNC has been re-writing convention rules to make it more difficult for conservatives and Tea party candidates to win nomination over the establishment favorites. Candidates running as third party are not subject to RNC or DNC party rules.

  5. Trump is wrong it’s very easy for Republicans to make a case for work you just need to know who to direct it towards. All Republican’s need to speak to are those who have lost their job, home and a good life, those who have lost what they once had and want to go back to work. They still outnumber the lazy. It’s pure bull to think that people who were once working and had a decent life are now satisfied with a downgrade with no hope for the future. Why these politicians think they should only speak to the permanent welfare crowd shows me how little common sense some of them have.

  6. Sarah you just described John McCain! I’m sorry but it is very disappointing that you prop this man up. You dont have to leave him actually. He has already left you! Cut the guy loose!

    1. It’s a good thing “Sarah” takes her own counsel and doesn’t listen to all the keyboard warriors who love to order her around.

      A very good thing.

      1. Why the heck did you put her name in quotes? You call us keyboard warriors and then turn around and insult people which makes you the exact definition of “keyboard warriors.” Why would Palin (Is Palin ok?) stick up for a guy that demeans the very candidates she helped get elected and have the same principles as her? I love Sarah. Total respect for the woman but I dont just follow people blindly and not dare question anything. Thats how liberals think. I’m not a liberal.

  7. The last thing the Republican party needs is another ‘one size fits all’ candidate like McCain, Romney (and Christie) in the next Presidential election.
    Unfortunately, that’s probably the first thing we’re going to get. :-{

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