Parents outraged after Elementary Teacher makes children recite GENDER-NEUTRAL Declaration of Independence

An Arizona elementary teacher has outraged parents by forcing her students to recite a ‘gender neutral’ version of the Declaration of Independence that she has hanging on the wall.


Here’s more from Daily Mail:

An elementary school teacher is under attack in Arizona after she edited the Declaration of Independence to include gender-neutral pronouns.

In her edited version of the historical document, the text reads ‘all humans are created equal’ and ‘Governments are instituted under humans,’ with ‘humans’ replacing the word ‘men’ on both instances.

That decision to not sit well with Elizabeth Vaillancourt however, whose young son was in the woman’s class at Salk Elementary in Mesa.

She took to Facebook last week to voice her anger at the teacher’s actions and later decided to remove her son from the class.
‘Zev’s teacher has this hanging in the classroom can anyone guess what’s wrong with this picture?’ wrote Vaillancourt.

She attached a photo as well that showed the teacher’s mocked up version on which she used a dry erase marker to mark an ‘x’ through ‘men’ and write in ‘humans’ on a laminated copy of the document.

Vaillancourt was not the only one who was upset by the teacher’s gender-neutral edit either, with a number of people saying that the woman should be fired by the school.

‘I’m soooooo p***ed about this whole situation!!! She needs her teacher cert revoked!!!’ wrote one woman.

‘How are these idiots teaching children today. Fire the teacher,’ stated another individual.

And one person commented on Vaillancourt’s post saying: ‘I think that is so wrong, I would write a letter to the president of the United States and ask him how he feels about it.’

Of the over 20 comments only one person defended the teacher, writing: ‘Nothing is wrong with it. We are humans. Stop making a fool of your self.’

The mom with the green hair is exactly right. This triggered teacher has no business changing historical documents just to fit into her snowflake view of reality.

I’m glad in this case that the school is taking this seriously and working with the teacher to remedy the problem.

UPDATE: I had mistakenly referred to it as the pledge of allegiance. I have corrected the error.

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