Pathetic: ‘Harry Potter’ author spreading deceptively edited video to BASH TRUMP

Celebrated author but also crazy liberal J.K Rowling was caught pushing a deceptively edited video and went on a stupid rant about what it said about Trump.

Here’s the video she was propagating:

Here’s the tweet where she put it out, but ironically, her source deleted the video when he discovered it was missing context. She didn’t.

The video shows Trump apparently ignoring a little kid in a wheelchair who’s reaching up for a handshake. The video makes him look heartless and evil.

But that’s not what happened.

In the full video, he enters the room and goes DIRECTLY to that kid first and spends time with him before the others:

You guys know I’m not a big fan of Trump because he isn’t very close friends with the truth. But that doesn’t mean you can blatantly lie about him. And that’s what J.K Rowling is doing here.

Now check out her insane rant she went on before checking to see if her video was a real representation of what happened:

C’mon. That’s just shameful.

She could say it was a mistake, but it’s almost 24 hours later and plenty of people have tweeted her about it. And it’s still up there on her account…

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