Paul Ryan schools Chris Matthews on Bush tax cuts

Paul Ryan goes head to head with New York Congressman Joseph Crowley (D). It’s really not even a competition. When asked if he supports repealing the Bush tax cuts, Crowley just says he agrees with what Geithner said about not repealing the Bush tax cuts for the ‘Richy Riches’ out there, though I doubt he could even recite it.

Then Matthews hones in on Ryan, wanting specifics on what he would do to cut spending since he is against the repeal of the tax cuts. Turns out he asked the wrong guy. Ryan quickly throws out several things that would amount to over 4 trillion in cuts to the deficit. Matthews then whats to know why he supports tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of individuals, except he wasn’t looking for the answer Ryan gave him. Ryan had to explain to Matthews that so many of those ‘individual filers’ actually run small businesses, and it would hurt job growth to tax them more.

Un-interestingly enough all Crowley could do in response was to criticize what Ryan didn’t say and then tout the ‘Pay Go’ that the Democrats passed, that they keep waiving every time they need to pay for something. Notice that Matthews never really asks Crowley specifics about what he will do about the deficit. He just lets him get away with basically saying nothing.

In short, Ryan talked substance and Crowley talked…er..talking points.

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