Phil Robertson slams Confederate flag, says it’s offensive when associated with ‘Rednecks’

Phil Robertson says associating ‘Redneck’ and the Confederate flag is offensive to him and that the Confederate flag is not what he and his family stands for:

NY POST – Artist Michael Hunt, who got to know the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch when Robertson signed some of Hunt’s prints that were donated to charity, told BlogTalkRadio, “I have spent countless hours across the table in [the Robertson] home autographing thousands of prints of various projects.”

In an interview airing Wednesday, Hunt told host Janice Malone, “I remember looking over [Robertson’s] shoulder at this big-screen TV . . . And the news was on. And all of a sudden [his] face pops up on TV, and it was a big controversy about some kid who had worn a Confederate flag to school . . . on a day they had titled ‘Redneck Day.’ And the school expelled the child.

“And I said, ‘Phil, turn around.’ So he turned around and I could tell he was — visually — very upset. And he said, ‘I have never owned a Confederate flag.’ He said, ‘This is what upsets me.’ He said, ‘ “Redneck” is a term of endearment around here. And attaching that to a Confederate flag is offensive to me . . . That Confederate flag is not what we stand for.’ ”

I’m sure this will seem contradictory to the leftists who want to paint Phil as a redneck racist, but they are the ones who twisted his words in the first place. He never said anything racist at all. They claim he said all black people were happy in the Jim Crow South, but that’s not true. If you read what he said, you’ll see he never made a monolithic statement about all black people living in the South back in the days of the Jim Crow laws. He was only talking about people he knew and shared experiences with when he said they were happy and Godly.

(h/t: Michael B)

UPDATE: As a side note, I should mention that Phil Robertson didn’t say this in his defense because of his recent comments, but said it sometime back in the last year or two.

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93 thoughts on “Phil Robertson slams Confederate flag, says it’s offensive when associated with ‘Rednecks’

  1. Once again Southerners rally around a fellow Southron and they turn their backs on us. Shame on Phil Robertson and Paula Dean. Go to to join the fight for Southern Independence. Southern Nationalism is on the rise.

  2. Would love to know what was left out where the ellipses are showing. And how do we know this artist was reading Phil’s expression correctly, and reporting on it accurately?. Phil’s three oldest kids went to West Monroe HS, Mascot — the Rebels. The Confederate flag is very much in evidence there in support of the team and the school.

  3. Shameful .. I hope and pray he never had any ancestors who fought `against` the Northern Invasion .. For they would be ashamed of him !!

  4. Redneck, is not a term of endearment. this is the meaning from the dictionary.Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United Now let me tell you that Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus Christ. He became a follower of Jesus Christ and preached relentlessly the Gospel of Christ. He not only preached in many of the Asiatic nations, he preached in Russia. Andrew was crucified around 69 AD in Patria, Greece. Unlike Christ, who was crucified on a Latin cross, Andrew was crucified on the Andrews cross. It looks like an X. And the reason he was crucified like that was by his own request. He did not believe himself worthy to be crucified as Christ was crucified. So he talked his prosecutor and persecutor into crucifying him on the X shaped cross instead of having his hands nailed to the cross as Christ was. He had his persecutor tie him to the cross even though he knew that he would suffer longer and deeper pain and agony. You have got to remember Andrew was approximately 90 years old when this was being done. For three days he hung on that cross, preaching to everyone who came by while he had breath. Finally, so many of the people were impressed by his preaching, they went and asked that Andrew be cut down from the cross and allowed to live. The powers at be consented and they went and cut Andrew down and as they cut the rope he fell to the ground dead. He died as a martyr for Jesus Christ. Andrew became the patron Saint not only of Russia, but also of Scotland.

    Did you know that in the 1800’s about 75% of the South were either Scotch or Scotch-Irish? The Confederate Battle Flag is based upon the national flag of Scotland. The national flag of Scotland is the cross of Saint Andrew and the cross of Saint Andrew is a symbol of the Christian faith and the heritage of the Celtic race. In fact, another name for the Confederate Battle Flag is the Southern Cross. It was adopted consciously, purposefully, deliberately and premeditatedly in order to display faith in the sovereign God of heaven and earth, faith in the providence of that God, the God of history and the God of salvation.

  5. I never figured Phil for a scallawag, but I wish he would at least quit associating our beloved saint Andrew’s Cross with hatred. You would think he would be enlightened enough to not to succomb to revisionist history and political correctness

  6. My comment to Phil, Get an education sir – the Confederate flag to which you refer is a symbol of the history of a proud people NOT bigoted ‘rednecks’ and it represents the Southern struggle for independence NOT slavery or hatred. This sir comes to you from a highly educated Southerner with multiple degrees in history and religion – we are not all as affluent as you but we darn sure aren’t ignorant rednecks. I am involved in living history events and do so not to line my pockets with money but to educate our Southern people of the TRUTH of the War of Northern Aggression unlike your group who portray buffoons with money. I was one of the first to come to your defense when A&E suspended you and defend your Christian rights. Watch out who you turn your nose up at my friend, fame is fleeting and to insult those who have supported you can be disastrous.

  7. Men defending their homes from Yankee invaders is what the flags stands for to me. Most Southernors did not own slaves, and I think that Phil is badly misdirected in this subject. People assume that certain things means the same thing to everyone, it is not politically correct to fight for your Southern heritage or to simply take a stand as to the meaning of the flag. No matter what you do, we will always be mean, hateful, Southern racist. I can not stand to see people wear the CS or the US flag in indecent manners. Men have died under both flags………….

  8. We must be careful when we think someone is OK… his son Willie wheres a Stars and Stripes bandana on the show. THAT is shameful.

    Phil Robertson appears to have been educated in public schools. No wonder A&E allows the show to go on. They have their millions in the bank and the heck with our ancestors that gave their lives fighting this empire.

  9. Same topic, same clods who insist they know exactly what the rebel flag means to every single person who sees it.
    “Hey, what a pretty rainbow!”

  10. I don’t want to rehash the CSA vs Stars and Stripes but if you want to get picky you will find that it was the Stars and Stripes that flew over the slave ships not the CSA Flag, just saying.

    1. Actually, you are correct. It was Yankee Clipper Ships which brought the slaves from Africa, sold in Muslim slave markets, to the United States under the banner of the Stars and Stripes.

      It should also be pointed out that other ships, US Navy Ships, also flying under the banner of Stars and Stripes, and under the authority invested in them by the Congress in 1807 and President Thomas Jefferson began seizing slave ships and freeing their human cargo in Key West. One of the last slave ships seized by the US Navy was the Wildfire which held a cargo of some 500 plus slaves and which was seized by the USS Mohawk and freed at Key West in 1860. It was written about in Harper’s Weekly in its April 1860 edition which can be found online with a reasonable search.

      The captain of the USS Mohawk became the future captain of the lead ship of Admiral Farragut’s task force at the Battle of Mobile Bay, which celebrates its 150 Anniversary next August 5, 2014. Admiral Farragut’s lead ship was the Union ironclad, USS Tecumseh which rests at the bottom of Mobile Bay in 38 feet of water along with 94 of its crew of roughly 115, including its captain who helped his pilot escape before going down with the ship during the outset of the battle.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

    2. And still to this day that yankee rag is still tyrannical. It flies in nations that the USSA invades to secure oil and install central banks controlled by the international banksters.

  11. The Term “Redneck” was first used to describe hard working folks that labored outdoors in the hot sun…We shouldn’t allow morons to hijack words and terminologies that with lack of creativity to create their own racist words. I would rather be a redneck than a white color worker. Rednecks, Roughnecks, and so on are terms used to describe hard working outdoor men and women that work hard and play even harder. they like the simple things like Wrestling, Races, Truck and Mud Jamborees. I don’t see why the word Redneck should be considered Racist. you can make any word racist if used by a racist. The confederate Flag on the other hand represents a time in our country that we are still paying for. they supported slavery and they become millionaires by doing so. Sure they had some Good Ideologies but they were needed to push Americans into battle with each other. the bottom line in the civil war was MONEY and exploiting Blacks for BIG bucks. breading and selling humans and getting Free labor…It was a very profitable skin game.

    1. @ DHardy – You’re really showing your ignorance on the subject of Lincoln’s war on the South. That war really had nothing to do with slavery and Lincoln said so himself, as did u.S Congress at that time. At Lincoln’s inaugural address he even stated that he supports an amendment to the Constitution to make slavery permanent. His ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ said slave states not in rebellion can keep their slaves and even those in rebellion can keep their slaves if they return to the union in 100 days. The north was the heart of American slavery, and THEY made millions off of it. Bottom line – the u.S. flag was and is a Slave Flag.

  12. I find it amusing that conservatives who supposedly support state sovereignty and the constitution would also take the side of the north. What right did Lincoln and the north have to stop the south from ceceding? Can anyone show me in the constitution where that right is given to the federal government? You can’t, it isn’t even implied. Actually the opposite is implied, the states voluntarily joined the United States, they can voluntarily leave it and the federal gov’t has nothing to say about it.

    1. Sadly, this indicates just how far left the so-called conservatives in the USA have moved since LBJ and his Great Socialism.
      American history is being rewritten with impunity, and, with current trends, it won’t stop by simply wishing it away. This is what radically transforming society entails.
      The Founders understood they had to secede from England just as the South knew they had to secede from the all-powerful Federal government with the election of the soon-to-be dictator Lincoln.
      As the US slides from it’s founding as it progresses further into Marxism, it simply won’t do to allow contrary views, First Amendment not withstanding.
      I honor my ancestors whom fought and died for the Southern Cause, and proudly display the Stars and Bars in their memory. Always have, and always will — and if you are offended by the sight of my ancestor’s flag, too bad for you!

  13. America has had many flags flown over it before the Civil War. French, Spain, Mexican, British and the Confederate flag…My patriotism only knows one flag and that is the Stars and Stripes. We lost a lot of Americans in the Civil war. I wonder how tolerant the Confederates would have been if they had won the war. Would the stars and stripes (Old Glory) be allowed to continue to be flown. Plus the confederate flag was designed and flown to represent the south in that way. We already had an American Flag designed by our Founders. Personally I am glad the South lost. The divide was too great. Something had to give. We will need another and it’s getting to the point where there is no other option..

    1. Contrary to what you may think. The South didn’t invade the US nor did it want to conquer it. The South merely wanted to be separate.

  14. I find it ironic that the Stars and Bars is popular in areas of Appalachia given that this area tended to favor the North in the Civil War. That is why we have a West Virginia and Kentucky and Tennessee stayed in the Union.

    Just another sign that our schools have failed to educate our young.

    1. Not all of West Virginia was in favor of succession from Virginia. Most of southern and eastern West Virginia were confederate. You’d still be hard pressed to find people in those areas today that’d want to be referred to as a “Yank.” Tennessee more or less didn’t have a choice as early on in the war they were basically invaded and occupied by northern troops. Same thing with Kentucky really. Both states wanted succession. Had the Confederates won the battle of Shiloh and cornered the Union Army against the river, might have been a different story for them in Tennessee.

      1. Right on Tennessee: it formally joined the CSA but about 70% of East Tennessee voted to remain in the Union. This was made moot after Union occupation.

        Wrong on Kentucky: it went from formal neutrality to asking for Union help after a CSA invasion.

        When West Virginia went, it took with it a number of unwilling counties that were strategical important to the Union.

        Not all of any state agreed on anything but I think it safe to say that Union sentiment was strongest in Appalachia,. Dozens of Southern Unionists were hanged in place like Texas and North Carolina. The Union had its Copperheads who were not treated kindly.

        RE: You’d still be hard pressed to find people in those areas today that’d want to be referred to as a “Yank.”

        Exactly which is why I call their revisionist history ironic..

        1. No, most of West Virginia is made up of counties that formally voted for secession from the United States, they make up about 2/3’s of the state, there is nothing “revisionist” about it, that’s the history. Once free voting occurred in 1871 West Virginians destroyed the Wheeling state constitution and the current state constitution was written by an ex-Confederate majority at the convention in 1872. West Virginia was the only border state that did not give most of its soldiers to the Union, it was about 50/50. See Mark Snell “West Virginia and the Civil War”.

          1. What I meant by revisionist history applied to the whole region. I would guess that many in Appalachia who now embrace the Stars and Bars are descended from Southern Unionists.

            And if I had any ancestors in the US back then, they would have been more likely to join the Draft Riots than the Union army.

      2. Maryland was a pro South state that was invaded and Lincoln arrested the legislature, sheriffs, and newspaper men. Lincoln then installed a puppet government to keep Maryland in the union.

    2. Well, my family comes from eastern Kentucky (Morgan county) and every single one of my ancestors fought under st. Andrews’ cross, not the Yankee banner. Things were more divided in Kentucky than so called historians seem to remember. Not as divided as West Virginia, though…

    3. A lot of the strife in the mountains wasn’t so much taking sides in the war, but family feuding.

  15. Sorry Phil, Redneck is a derogatory term used by non-southerners as a put down. It dehumanizes us and makes it easier to hate us. Never allow anyone to call you any name but your own.

    Where I live there’s huge rebel flag flying near the interstate. It bothers me because I know my black friends have to see that and it’s associated with slavery and racism. I wish it wasn’t there.

    At the same time the south has produced many of this country’s warriors. That flag is our warrior banner and as we are demonized by the media for simply being southern, white and male. We are being pushed to fight back. The country is lucky most of us are Christians.

  16. People who believe the confederate flag is simply a pop icon or a symbol of states rights are only deluding themselves, IMAO. See the photo I posted below of a klansman holding one.

    1. More likely people who believe they know what a symbol means to everyone who sees it are deluding themselves. What’s the Obama O mean? How about the pirate flag? The rainbow? C’mon, man.

  17. I have just read 30 comments and the above article. I could say a lot but I choose to not say a word on this one. Thank YOU.

        1. poptoy1949, I don’t know if you do but I liked Phil’s comments that were posted above.
          John Craven
          New Orleans

  18. IMHO The confederate is not about racism but rather the *belief* that there is a moral right of a state to secede. Phil Robertson should only claim speak for himself (not “we”) and certainly not respond to every inflammatory, disingenuous question reporters ask hoping to stir a controversy

    1. Every state should secede or nullify a lot of Obama laws. Such as not being able to grow your own garden. Or supporting a national id. Or trying to remove our guns. Phil may not like confederate flag..who knows but most rednecks associate themselves with the flag.

  19. The funny thing is that you have to search really hard to find that original article for GQ. They’ve disallowed commenting on the original unabridged version. I dunno. Maybe they want folks to buy the rag in interest.

    Well, all I can say, is that is my kind of family. Bible loving, duck hunting, Confederate trashing family. I wish the media would leave them alone.

    1. A lot of neo-confederates commenting on this article. Your pride will carry you down like a millstone.

      Lincoln… a dictator? Longing for the Confederacy? Be gone! You disgust me.

      1. No sides chosen here- just objective fact.
        It ain’t a union if you can’t leave. Lincoln killed the Constitutional Republic and replaced it with a democracy.
        (hint: that’s a bad thing)

        1. Just one thought: If you can leave a union and it still remains together, then are we still a united to Great Britain?

          I mean, it’s not as if the Constitution says: “We the People, in order to form a more perfect union….”

  20. Once again, I fully agree with Phil. I despise the Confederate rag, and those that stand behind it. I have friends that would be classified as “rednecks”, and this marker of insurrection, traitors and Human rights abuses is definitely not something I would allow to be attributed to them.

    1. ..besides it doesn’t make any sense anyway since there are as many rednecks in the north as in the south and many northern redneck’s ancestors fought for the union not the confederacy.
      Also people forget that many people in the south who were opposed to slavery chose to fight on the union side. Many of them returned to the south after the war was over and there are people in the south today who are descended from them.

  21. This is as predictable as snow wherever Al Gore gives a speech.

    Now that he’s become “the issue” all by himself, they’re going to follow him and prod him to say anything they can spin into whatever lies they want.

    This would be a good time for Phil to ignore all interviews. They’re going to try and make him out to be the next George Zimmerman.


    EDIT:I’ve lived long enough to know the issue of the Confederate flag is never going to go away, nor will it ever be “settled”. It’s a chip on the shoulder to anyone looking for trouble, and it’s a symbol of pride for people who simply honor their ancestors.

    The smart thing to do is leave it at that, but people insist on trying to build a reputation on it. That’s what’s really offensive.

      1. I wasn’t referring to Robertson. I meant all of the people who make the most noise about the flag. It’s just like certain trigger words that will never stop being triggers because people have invested so much in being prepared to jump whenever the words are used (especially by the “wrong” people).

        None of it will ever go away as long as people make their reputations on them. Robertson wasn’t doing that. He was just responding to someone’s question.

    1. You know what K-Bob? I think it’s time for a song:
      A sing-a-long too!

      Happy New Year!
      John Craven
      New Orleans

      1. I thank you for putting these links up, John.

        I don’t do music anymore, but I was once right in the middle of the music business. I played in bands and produced, and did recording and mixing and sound reinforcement. I’ve played in big jazz bands, small combos and large rock bands in front of thousands of people.

        In all the years of my experiences in music, none of it can compare with the sheer majesty of a large number of people singing an uplifting, soul-grabbing song. If it’s a song of praise, it goes into another order of magnitude.

        A very Happy New year to you, too!

        1. I’m glad you liked it, K-Bob! I just happened to stumble into The Big Sing quite by accident and when I watched and listened to these great folks across the pond belting their hearts out in praise of God and unabashedly so, I was deeply moved by it. It really was a joy to watch and listen to them and they all sang so well.

          I happened across the Big Sing when I was searching for YouTube videos of Friar Alessandro who I also recently discovered and who is the finest tenor in the world today.

          I lost a beautiful upright baby grand piano in Katrina from 1902 – a Weber if I remember the name correctly not that I played in a band or anything like that. I had it at my parents’ house when the storm hit and it went almost 8 feet under water totally unsalvageable.
          Over the years I have worked with various local bands and when I was in graduate school I used to work some of the big concerts – setting them up or working security – got to work setting up the stage for Journey and Van Halen and a whole bunch of others. I have an autographed copy of a poster from Fats Domino somewhere around that wasn’t destroyed in Katrina.
          The Big Sing is just fantastic.
          John Craven
          New Orleans

  22. I haven’t owned one of these flags and wouldn’t. I don’t know personally what the true historic meaning, or whatever, of this flag is but one thing I do know is a lot of black folks got lynched and beaten and raped and so on with this flag waving near by. People are free to their speech but just the example I gave should be enough to make you stop and think differently. This is a case where just having manners comes in.

    1. How do you know ‘this flag (was/is) waving nearby’?
      You there?
      What if it was? Guess what was waving over Sand Creek? Does that make Old Glory a symbol only for the slaughter of women and children?
      Use your damned head!

      1. How do I know?? You ever heard of a television? Ever heard of videotape or maybe pictures? I’ve never been to England but I’ve seen it on television and I believe its there. Call me naive I guess.

        1. Well I believe England was there too, But whether a particular flag waving nearby at the scene of any wartime atrocity doesn’t necessarily imply that the Flag was designed for the purpose of representing atrocities -imho
          No disrespect intended to anyone.btw

    2. I fully agree. The Confederate rag is the rallying symbol of leftists under the proto-DNC that were nothing short of thugs and scum. I would allow a Nazi flag in my house, before I’d allow a Southern scum rag inside.

      1. Phil is wrong on this issue, and so are the folks who say that the Confederate Battle Flag is racist or a symbol of Slavery. NO, this great beloved flag is a symbol of brave men, who left home and family when Lincoln started the war against the Southern states who were leaving the Union.
        Lincoln became president in 1861, slavery started in the 1600’s in this country, and Lincoln only freed the slaves after the War For Southern Independence was over half way over, and only then because the Northern population was not happy with the way the war was going, so his generals and advisors suggested freeing the slaves would perhaps cause the slaves to kill their owners, cause damage, and havoc in the South, and the big reason, to get
        slaves to come into the Union Army. The South did not start slavery, and the South did not start the war, and the Confederate battle flag symbolizes bravery against Northern aggression, forget redneck, forget blacks, forget slaves,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

      2. People like you are the reason I want the South to secede.
        Southern scum… I thought we were ‘all americans’ lol!

  23. Err, he’s welcome to his opinion. This I disagree with. The Stars and Bars may be associated with ‘red necks’ or not, whatever. I honor it, if that makes me a ‘redneck’, whatever! I don’t buy into liberal speak. I will say that the traitors are the ones who don’t see the honor in that flag or do buy into definitions made up by liberals. The Stars and Bars on another level means the same as the Gadsen flag or the Tea Party to me. Even Old Glory has flown over some heinous deeds BUT THAT DOES NOT DEFINE HER, then or now.
    Currently and sadly, she does not stand for right and freedom, but for tyranny, support of evil, and death. That does not define the flag, which to me and I think most who come here, stands for what was once the best nation in history and flew over the armed forces in which I was once proud to serve. She was once something proud, something it was worth fighting and dying for- as the Stars and Bars once represented the same to many. They did fight and die for that flag, most with honor. Maybe Old Glory will be returned to her proper meaning, but more likely…
    How long do you people think it will take the liberal left to make a thing of dishonor out of Old Glory just as they have the Stars and Bars? Think about it long and hard, Phil Robertson and everyone who agrees with his opinion on this.

    1. If this country is somehow no longer the greatest country in history, please elucidate me on which country now is. If people really loved this country, they wouldn’t be so shaky and wishy-washy with their belief (or should I say knowledge*) that it IS the greatest country in the history of the world. It would have to take a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT for America not to be the greatest country in the history of the world *anymore*. Anyone thinking otherwise is Russian or Iranian or something. That’s crazy talk.

    2. famouswolf, I actually agree with a lot of what you are saying here.

      I have ancestors who served on both sides of the War Between The States. At least two distant ancestors served with great distinction for the union. At least seven grandsons of my great grandfather who was 2 at the time of the Civil War and a son of a former slave holder served with great distinction during WWII, including one who flew with Colonel Doolittle over Tokyo on April 18, 1942.

      The war between the states was about both seccession and slavery.

      It was about the right of any state to secede from the union of states as permitted on the Constitution of the United States and declared as a legitimate action by the Declaration of Independence.

      It is why Jefferson Davis was NEVER tried! You can read more about the captivity of Jefferson Davis in a book entitled “The Prison Life of Jefferson Davis” by Dr. John J. Craven, his physician at Fortress Monroe.

      It was also about slavery and Article Nine of the United States Constitution ratified by all 13 original states which permitted after 20 years Congress to enact laws to abolish the slave trade which the Congress did in 1807 and President Thomas Jefferson signed into law.

      George Washington was a slave owner who never bought or sold slaves but who owned some 300 hundred slaves through inheritence or marriage. He sought to abolish slavery through the legislative process to avoid what he foresaw would be an incredibly bloody war if slavery was sought to be abolished by force.

      George Washington had the children of his slaves taught to read and write in violation of Virginia law. He would never break up a slave family as was the custom then. He provided for the emancipation of his and Marth Washington’s slaves upon the deaths of him and Martha and provided for the care of aged slaves long after he and Martha died. He fought alongside of freed slaves and former slaves and slaves and slave holders during the Revolutionary War.

      He presided over the Constitutional Convention which approved Article 9 of the US Constitution which permitted, after 20 years, Congress to outlaw the foreign slave trade.

      If you look at the painting of him crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve, 1776, by Washington’s side is a black man,
      his slave who went with him where ever he went, including into battle.

      George Washington was a slave owner who wanted to abolish slavery by the legislative process to avoid an incredibally bloody war. He partially succeeded with the ratification of Article 9 of the US Constitution but in the end he didn’t.

      Most Southerners who fought for the South never owned a slave, most never wanted to own a slave, and most never would. They fought for the right to seceed.

      I think had the North followed the Constitution and allowed the South to seceed and then sought by treaty the re-unification of the states with the abolishment of slavery, George Washington’s vision of the abolition of slavery by legislative means would have come true peacefully. But that’s just how I think.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      1. I mispoke. It wasn’t Article 9 of the US Constitution, it was Article One, Section 9, of the US Constitution which permitted Congress, beginning in 1808, to address the immigration of people into the United States, including slaves, and that included the authority to outlaw the slave trade which it did with the passage by Congress in 1807 the law which prohibitted the foreign slave trade. Article One, Section 9, allowed Congress and I believe the individual states to restrict the slave trade until 1808 by imposition of taxes on slaves which did occur with the anti-slavery act of 1797 if I remember correctly and a few other such acts. And it should be noted again that all original 13 states did ratify the US Constitution including Article One, Section 9, and a president who owned slaves, Thomas Jefferson, signed into law the legislation outawing the foreign slave trade in 1807.

        John Craven
        New Orleans

        1. The u.S. Constitution did not outlaw the slave trade in 1808 or there about. Congress did outlaw the IMPORTATION of slaves as did The Confederate Constitution.

  24. I think we should cry “racists” when people use the term “redneck”. It is absolutely racist and meant as a demeaning term to describe folks who are as a whole are- God-fearing, patriotic and still respect the family. Why are they rednecks? Because they’re white, and as we all know they’re folks who worked the fields, with their heads held down their necks got sunburned in the hot South. Racism is racism, no matter who or what skin color is hurling the insult. But the point of demeaning Southerners is to demean the attributes I mentioned above- God, Family and Country! The left seeks to destroy those very foundational truths by ridiculing them.

  25. I’m sorry but as a lifelong Southerner, conservative, and frequent Republican voter I do not defend the Confederate Stars and Bars flag. I understand the views of those who do but make the following points-

    1) That was the battle standard of the side who committed treason and sedition against the legitimately elected government of the US

    2) The Confederates started the war by firing on and capturing a federal installation in Charleston harbor

    3) The Confederates fought honorably for a cause they sincerely believed in and lost that war
    4) Wars and the victory or defeat in that war determine what is in bounds and out of bounds from that point on.

    Just as the Imperial Rising Sun and red standard swastika are outlawed in Japan and Germany since the defeats in that war the Stars and Bars should not be assumed to be any kind of patriotic symbol in the US any more. Knowing as many neighbors as I do who use the Stars and Bars as a symbol of their Southern heritage I know it doesn’t always represent racism. But We all know many people who are racist ALSO use the CF as their banner.

    BTW I agree with what at the time was the Southern view (John Locke’s view) that the states were free to leave the Union but as a matter of law that debate was settled by the Civil War.

    1. However, the Union (USA) has a in times past certainly supported the “right” of secession in *other* countries -as in Vietnam. so I *personally* would not call any region of any country that feels they are not fairly treated “traitors” for wanting to form their own separate state-like Katanga Province in the Old Belgium Congo.

      RE: Japan I don’t believe the Rising Sun flag is banned in Japan-I could be wrong, but I dont think so. Do you have a link? Thnx

  26. The true meaning of this flag is secession from the union. It has nothing to do with slavery, it is wrongly associated with it and has been for years. But, just like democrats are wrongly associated with rescuing black people, the media has pounded this into the heads of the populous for so long it is accepted as such. Kind of the way the media is wrongly associating the Gadsden Flag with home grown terrorism and “evil” Tea Party Patriots, of which I am one.

  27. Regardless, like Phil, a kid has a right to his free speech as well. too much offense taken over every single thing. If the Civil War was properly taught no one would be so offended either.

    And people really need to learn what Redneck is. Having Redneck day is a slur at best and patently absurd.

    1. A redneck was a member of a PA labor group who wore a red bandana to show membership and solidarity. They were coal miners.They faced death from private armies paid by the mine owners to destroy their movement.

  28. I’m a Southerner through and through, and I agree with Phil about the Confederate flag being offensive when displayed/used by some half-baked rednecks. They have twisted the dignity of the flag by using it in so many offensive, violent ways until a lot of folks think all Southerners are stupid bigots and racists because of the ways rednecks/racists/bigots have used the Confederate flag in some vile, evil ways. I, like Phil, have never owned a Confederate flag. I’ve owned a number of American flags and will continue to own and fly the American flag until the day I die.

    1. I don’t find the flag offensive but I do find the abuse of it absurd. the culture has distorted and contorted history.

  29. Back around 1980, my New England farming town had many pick-ups/cars with the confederate flag. It meant the driver liked ‘Southern Rock’. It might have even meant one liked the south. It certainly did not mean one liked slavery or to honor the civil war, etc.

    Now I guess it means different, IMO, mostly because the media has told us so.

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