“POLITICAL DEPRAVITY” – Dan Bongino slams Obama admin for abandoning our people in Benghazi

A great interview with Dan Bongino as he conveys just how ‘depraved’ it really was that some bureaucrat decided to leave our people to die in Benghazi. And given his work in the Secret Service, he has a special insight into this that many of us don’t have.


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42 thoughts on ““POLITICAL DEPRAVITY” – Dan Bongino slams Obama admin for abandoning our people in Benghazi

  1. We got to the bottom of the talking points controversy long ago. Much of the media coverage is trying to talk about non-talking points related news that just doesn’t exist.

  2. I fear Benghazi was abandoned by our government because some of  the people there knew too much. I suspect that gun running was going through there on it’s way to our enemies. Something got messy and it was an easy fix for Obama and Hillary. I truly believe this.

    1. susan savage  
      We may never know why, but we certainly know what happened.  That should be enough to impeach The Tryrant and the State Dept. Commisar in pants suit.
      They should be criminally prosecuted.

  3. Not for political reasons. What political benefit comes out of having 4 Americans die? One of the reasons I have seen reported for why the extra troops were allegedly not sent is that they wouldn’t have been effective and wouldn’t have made it in time. I did see, however, that 2 of the people who died in the attack were actually sent from elsewhere, but they might have been already in closer proximity.

    1. What’s the benefit of four people dying? There isn’t one to most people. Obama though? Reelection.

      1. ryanomaniac Actually people dying on a president’s watch doesn’t help with reelection. Witness how Obama lied to cover it up. If he thought 4 people dying would have helped him, he wouldn’t have had to lie about it. 4 people dying in a terrorist attack could have raised questions about whether he did a good job securing the consulate and fighting terror. In that case, it would have hurt him. Obviously there’s no political benefit to having those people die.

        1. notpilgrims ryanomaniac  
          The fact remains – his actions and inaction caused the death of these 4 men – otherwise we’d know the truth.  Nothing but lies, stonewalling and coverup.
          It’s almost like we live in a police state.

        2. notpilgrims ryanomaniac Unless of course, you don’t want what they know to get out.

        3. susan savage notpilgrims ryanomaniac If the terrorist attack didn’t happen in the first place, Obama wouldn’t have to worry about people testifying about what happened during the terrorist attack. What would have been best politically is for the attack not to have happened.
          And there is more than one person who saw the attack.
          We have pretty much gotten to the bottom of the talking points controversy.

    2. notpilgrims There is no “political” benefit, but the deaths of these men is something this administration is prepared to deal with. Lie and cover!  It’s what they actually knew and could have lived to tell.

  4. Forgive me for nodding off halfway through Bongino’s sililoquy but Ben Ghazi has become like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody’s doing anything.

  5. The slow drip method. Yep. It wears down people’s sensibilities bit by bit like weather erosion on sandstone.

    1. PNWShan the be defense for the drip, drip is to ignore it. Don’t speak of Ben Ghazi for a few months. Don’t allow the drip to wear people down. They hit them suddenly with another uproar.

  6. This is about abandoning people who cover BHO’s a&&! Not just Benghazi, but also Fast and Furious. Absolutely no sense of morality, right vs wrong in the bunch of miscreants currently at ‘the helm’

  7. Bongino is playing the politispeak parsing game, and I don’t like it. This isn’t about politics, this is just flat out depravity, plain and simple. This isn’t about politics, this is about immorality, selfishness and evil.

    1. VIRUSX2K1  
      I agree with all of the words you said, and they still don’t convey how bad this was – to let these men die.
      However, I will disagree and say that it is politics.  The words you wrote are descriptions of Dear Leader and the progressive democrat’s politics.

      1. The reason why I won’t write it off as just being politics, is because evil is evil. It would be just as evil if a serviceman did it, as it is when Obama does it. Though politicians and petty bureaucrats (like Panetta and Dempsey) were involved, this isn’t a matter of politics or bureaucracy; it’s just plain evil and cowardice.

  8. I vote for this guy.   It’s a disgrace what Obama did and how he is so callous about it and doesn’t care.  He gives a speech giving concern then turns around and calls the events phony.  The only phony I see is in the WH.

  9. There should be a court martial for Carter Ham, Panetta, Dempsey, Obama and any other in the chain of military command who said we could not send fighter jets overhead, could not send armed drones, could not send special ops troops in time to save the men at the CIA base in Benghazi. Nearly 30 personnel were there under attack for 7-8 hours from the start of the terror attacks on the consulate.
    All of the above either tell the whole truth and owns up to exactly what they know and what they didn’t do to save our people (because only God saved all of them), or they all go to prison and the guys in uniform should all lose their pensions. Gutless to stand up to the weak President. 
    These generals are  profoundly worthless leaders in the military. You leave your men under fire? You don’t immediately defy the civilians telling you to stand down?  Hell no!  You order the rescue and resign. If they arrest you for defying their order, the American public will protect you.  
    Allen West should the way in Iraq. You kill the enemy and then you face the consequences. But you protect your men. Always.
    Eisenhower would have had them all against a wall for treason or cowardice. Failure to lead under fire is Cowardice. Failure to protect Americans is treason.

  10. I am hopeful that the full truth about Benghazi will eventually come out. Unfortunately, that probably will not happen until Hillary runs for president. I’m sure there are enough people even in the mainstream media who want to see her fail, and only then will there be an incentive for the mainstream media to DO THEIR JOBS and dig into what really happened. Makes me sick to think what the mainstream media would have done with the Benghazi story if a Republican was in the White House. It’s just shameful, but that’s who they are.

    1. Libertyship46         Think of the position the MSM will be in when that happens.  The deeper into the truth they go, the more culpable they reveal themselves to be.

    2. Libertyship46 Bill & Hillary are WELL-Connected to the mainstream media.  It is the only way he won election in 1992.  They relied on their friends within the media to ridicule and expose any anti-Clinton stories.  The media love Hillary.

    3. Libertyship46  If McCain was the President, I don`t think Benghazigate would be an issue. The Good Lord only knows….

  11. I really like this guy.He is a patriot.I hope Maryland citizens come to their senses and elect this guy to represent them.

    1. 57thunderbird 
      Hope springs eternal with you, doesn’t it? 😉
      The voters of Maryland who didn’t vote for this fine man are so far gone it defies explanation.

  12. Losing interest?  NEVER.  No one has ever polled me about it and if they did, they would never come away with the impression that we are losing interest!
    Remember Benghazi!  Remember Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.  Never forget!

  13. There’s a reason race relations in this country are deteriorating.
    There’s a reason our standing in the world community is at an all time low.
    There’s a reason our Armed Forces are demoralized and uncertain.
    There’s a reason our religions are being attacked and discredited.
    There’s a reason our economy is headed in the wrong direction.
    There’s a reason other nations no longer look to us for leadership guidance.
    There’s a reason all factions of our country are being torn from each other.
    That reason is Barack Hussein Obama

  14. The only phoney scandal is the obamessiah training the brownshirt commie agaitators, ahem, “community organizers” for the politically correct –  to go out and enforce, ahem, “promote” for the politically correct, his obamacare program.

  15. Bongino is such a patriot and champion. I sure hope he can be elected in that horribly leftist state.

    1. deTocqueville1 The district in which he is running is a formerly red one that has been gerrymandered to more of a purple one.  If Dan runs a good aggressive campaign he should be able to unseat the current first-term democrat incumbent.  I iwll be working on his campaign.

      1. Dukehoopsfan deTocqueville1  GOOD LUCK Duke !!! Your efforts will be in our prayers. A “Tell it to Their Face” mindset will Not go unnoticed. Character Counts in my book, and a background with the Secret Service speaks to character….

  16. The First Yellow President. of the United States “If you don’t do anything, you don’t do anything wrong.”  
    Pimp, liar, coward, bastard, traitor, backstabber, thumb sucker, piss ant, disgrace.

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