Politico unfairly portrays Santorum’s comments on Sarah Palin and CPAC


Andy Barr of Politico wrote a story earlier today alleging that “Rick Santorum knocked Sarah Palin’s decision to skip CPAC”. Barr continues:

Rick Santorum knocked Sarah Palin’s decision to skip CPAC, saying on Tuesday that she must have “business opportunities” that are keeping her from the annual conservative conference that is a showcase for potential presidential contenders.

“I have a feeling that she has some demands on her time, and a lot of them have financial benefit attached to them,” Santorum told conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, who hosts an online radio show on Glenn Beck’s website.

Santorum added that Palin has “other business opportunities” — implying her paid speeches were the former Alaska governor’s priority. …

Santorum — the father of seven children — also said that Palin has “other responsibilities,” such as raising her children, that he doesn’t.

“I don’t live in Alaska and I’m not the mother to all these kids and I don’t have other responsibilities that she has,” he said

Wow sounds like he’s really ripping into Sarah Palin for ditching CPAC, until you hear what he said and the way he said it:

Sounds like to me he wasn’t ‘knocking’ her at all, but suggesting that her missing CPAC was justifiable since she’s so busy and has a large family. If anything it was just an off the cuff answer. I didn’t detect any ill-will, but of course I wasn’t looking for it like Andy Barr.


UPDATE: Rick Santorum responds on twitter:

This article is garbage.All I said was- she is VERY busy, PERIOD. Reporter trying to create something out of nothing http://politi.co/gJ4ARo

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