President Obama’s Kenyan family secretly giving scholarships for students to study Wahhabi Sharia in Saudi Arabia

President Obama’s Kenyan family is raising money under the guise of humanitarian aid to give free scholarships to send students to study Sharia Law at Wahhabist centers in Saudi Arabia. The goal is to create an Islamic majority in Kenya:

President Obama’s grandmother Sarah started the Sarah Obama Benevolent Fund Institute, otherwise known as the Mama Sarah Obama Children Foundation, which raises 90% of its monies primarily from donors in the United States and some from Europe. Those monies are solicited as humanitarian aid and according to the website…

…to make a lasting impact on the lives of the orphans and underprivileged children by improving their housing, their education, their upbringing (which) continued to weigh heavily on Mama Sarah.

That’s what we’re told but when one peruses the foundation’s real activities in Arabic, it reveals a very dark side to the family’s efforts.

Musa Ismail Obama, the president’s cousin—in an exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera TV—explained all the troublesome detail, which does not bode well when translated into English: the bulk of the Sarah Fund as it turns out sends little to widows and orphans while the rest goes towards giving free scholarships to studying Sharia at the most influential Wahhabist centers in Saudi Arabia.

In the shocking interview, Musa was asked about his communications with cousin Barack, the president of the United States. The soft-spoken Musa explained that the President’s preferred method of communications was through one chosen conduit that relays messages back and forth with the family in Kenya by going through Uncle Sayid Hussein Obama. This is the man who was in attendance with Mama Sarah at Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

And there is so much more. Click the photo to read the whole article by Walid Shoebat:

Even though this isn’t in the article, I’d also like to remind you of this.

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85 thoughts on “President Obama’s Kenyan family secretly giving scholarships for students to study Wahhabi Sharia in Saudi Arabia

  1. I didn’t have time yesterday to read the entire article. I just went back this afternoon and did so. If any of you have not read through the complete article, I recommend you do. It is beyond shocking, in light of all that has happened since Obama became President.

    A story like this will never be shown by the Mainstream Media. As a result, most of America will never see it.

    Thanks to Scoop for posting it.

  2. Obama described his maternal grandmother as “A Typical White Person.

    Looks like Obama’s paternal grandmother is a “Typical Black Person,” getting money from the US with no real effort.

    Can I say that or has the 1st amendment already been suspended for the duration?

    1. Not only can you say it, but its absolutely true.

      I would only add, that there is a growing minority of Black Americans who want to change that.

      1. Thanks for your support white 531. You are both brave and forthright in your comments.

        I agree and it pains me to paint a people with such a broad brush. But the experience is the same for people of conscience who were born to the black culture as it is for people of conscience who were born to the Muslim culture. If you stand out, if you hold your own truth and speak your own mind, you will be smitten by your brothers and sisters without restraint. That is the fact.

        But the oppressed will remain the oppressed and my battles will not wait for the natural ally to reveal himself. Until the people of conscience, without regard to color, religion or gender stand up, identify themselves and risk the outrages they are destined to receive from the ignorant and domineering membesr of their own group, they cannot be free of it.

        Just because you have decided that you will not tolerate another unanswered beating from a bully doesn’t mean that you won’t get another beating regardless.

        I’m a white guy living in California less than 30 miles from the People’s Republic of Davis and less than a hundred from downtown OWS Oakland, United Communists of Berkeley and the city of brother/brother and sister/sister love, San Francisco.

        I have more fingers and toes than friends.

        1. You need to change your name, because Words Don’t Fail You.

          As for friends, you have more here at Scoop, than you will ever need.:)

  3. Anyone who gives money to an Islamic organization or a muslim is a fool. It is a fundamental part of their religion to lie about their goals so they can fool people into believing a false narrative.

    I heard a story about Obama’s ring yesterday. I guess the claim is that the ring he wears has a phrase about Allah inscribed on it. Maybe it’s true, maybe not…but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fact. In my opinion Obama is a cloaked muslim practicing taqiyya.

    1. I have thought all along that he was born in Keyna and is a muslim. I stand by my convictions. Too many red flags.

  4. Do we need more proof to know what and who obama is and what his intentions are for America?

    The irony is that if obama is Gay ( and much evidence proves that he is) and obama installs Shari’a law, they will kill him.

    1. I’ve thought a lot of bad things about Obama, but never has it crossed my mind that he’s gay. Lol, I don’t believe it, but anything’s possible with that imposter.

      1. I am not certain of this either but some people in Chicago have come out and said he frequented gay bath houses there.

        1. This is hilarious. I don’t see any relevance other than just another example of how he is a fraud and nothing he presented to be himself is himself at all. He’s going to lose, so he can go live it up with is boyfriends after January 20th.

  5. My Wife is Kenyan, and her family over there is telling me that Muslims have been trying to take over Kenya since the British left. The saving grace is that the dominant tribe, the Kikuyu, hates Muslims with as much fervor as they hated the British occupiers. They ratified a new constitution a couple years ago and it has sharia in it, but the government is afraid to put it into effect because the Kikuyu’s won’t tolerate it.

    1. This is why we cannot allow the religion cult to grow here in the states. The goal for them is always to take over the state, institute Sharia Law, and to kill the non-believers. I saw a report on it once, where it showed the behavior of muslims from low population as they progressed to higher populations. They start out calm, but as they increase in populaton they start using the system against itself and making demands (darkened windows at the pools, for example). Then comes the violence.

      1. There’s already been violence, and retaliation. It doesn’t get reported because it’s not in Nairobi or Mombossa, but my family tells me the Muslims started stuff up before they had any numbers, so who knows what’ll happen. But, yah, I’d heard about their tactics elsewhere. I hate to say it but this religion is a cancer, and when it comes to a choice between Christian dominance in the world, or islam, the other religions (including atheism) is going to side with Christianity. Unfortunately, I see bloodshed and the genocide of islam in the future as the world will only tolerate so much. I’m surprised negative stuff didn’t happen to Christianity more than it did.

        1. I had a lib tell me there aren’t any killings or violence against Christians (or that it’s rare). Yeah, what dune do you have your head buried in?

  6. Well, maybe they could raise some money for the BROTHER that lives in a GRASS HUT???????????? It is amazing how few Americans know how horribly Obama and his family treat his own brother. Never mentioned, not named and they could care less. But oh yes we need to send them money to send more people to study a faith that hates women, wants to kill the infidels, has no hope whatsoever and leaves everything it touches in darkness and misery!! Brilliant… you see the true Marxist’s roots and how his inner fabric is woven. Oh he is Christian alright…the same as I am 10 feet tall!

    The apple NEVER falls far from the Kenyan Grass Hut does it now Obama?

  7. “I’ve got a feelin’ I’m not the only one” – US taxpayers’ money?
    And you say FuBar Ack does not help his family. It is soooooo
    easy to be generous – with other people’s money.

  8. Sarah Obama Benevolent Fund Institute primary donors from the USA.

    Are those taxpayer dollars or voluntary donors?

  9. Anyone who is surprised by this…..raise your hand. I’m looking around and I don’t see anyone’s hand in the air. Surely only a few of the most gullible are surprised or shocked by this “news.” Remember the old saying: If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck….”

  10. Musa Ismail Obama Part 1

    Musa Ismail Obama part 2.m4v

    Musa Ismail Obama part 3

    Part 2 @ about 8:45 they start discussing Sharia

  11. There are only two facts you have to keep in mind, in order to understand everything that is happening to our country.

    !) He is a Muslim.

    2) His purpose is to destroy this country.

      1. Because in thier whimpy minds they have to smile, get along and sing lullibies to each other. Every one of these lamebrains need to be outsted and replaced with Tea Party patriots.

  12. Thanks Scoop for posting this – TJinNJ linked to it on another thread and I was wishing you would give it prominence. It’s an excellent article. Lots more about the ‘persecution’ of islamists in Kenya by agressive Zionists and Western Christians and church organizations. Now we know more about the reason for the very under-reported personal involvement of zero and his emissaries in Kenya’s last election, and the huge amount of taxpayer money that was invested in that election. Plus the support for Sharia law there.

    This also points up more than ever what traitors the state media have been.

    BTW Why didn’t D’Souza get this far with his research – had heard he knew a lot more than was in his book and movie – wondering if he knew as much as the Shoebats.

    1. Because D’Souza is still hurting from his epic fail in a debate with Robert Spencer. He’s stuck on his theory that all of Obama’s actions are because of his “anti-colonial” ideology. He totally ignores that Obama is a crypto-muslim. The anti-colonial meme is only a small part of Obama but D’Souza is not willing to give it up as the sole motivator for obama. Egoists have a difficult time parting with their pet projects.

      Here is D’Souza in full meltdown against Spencer… note that he seems to be getting talking points from that Islamist infiltrator, Suhail Khan, who is from the American Conservative Union and who has had influence at CPAC along with Islamist Grover Norquist.

      And what is worse is D’Souza’s wretched attempt at moral equivalance between jihadism and the Old Testament. I lost a LOT of respect for D’Souza after seeing this. (part 1) (part 2)

      1. If you want to defeat an enemy, you need to name him then burn him out where he breeds slat his earth, slay his animals.

        Please note that the Romans finally shut the North African Carthaginians up. That city has never been rebuilt.

        So name the enemy–Carthaginian? Terrorist? Islam? Jihad? Muslim.

    2. The biggest point i see is the concrete link between Saudi Arabia (our friends who paid for 9/11, built the mosques right here in the USA preaching the same Wabbahism, hate of America, muslim brotherhood) and Obama…Caliphate is the Saudi’s goal…

      This will go nowhere unless Levin, Hannity, Beck, Rush, etc…make this their clarion call.

  13. Hey remember the good old days when the commies had a heart attack when Bush held a blind Saudi King by his hand to walk him to his ranch and kept the prices of gas LOW ?

    1. when on Bush’s watch gas went up 10 cents, MSM journalists were interviewing bi*ching customers at the gas pumps…..when on FuBar Ack’s watch gas prices DOUBLED and TRIPLED in CA, MSM urinalists stuck their head you-know-where and tell us “this is new NORMAL”.
      That’s why we do not watch/read your red garbage.

  14. It doesn’t matter. Video proof could surface proving O was a terrorist and the Left would defend him, the media cover it up.

  15. This just further tells us to follow the Constitution because the framers and founders did all the research. When they said that the President of the United States must be a natural born citizen to eliminate foreign allegiance to any other Nation and this is an example. I paraphrased here but the meaning is close. The democrat party is so unethical and immoral that it’s just wrong what that party as inflicted on this country. They give us, Bill Clinton, a rapist and then market him as the most attractive President ever lived. And now we have someone who is not natural born and a Muslim violating our Constitution. I think our next challenge needs to be ridding this country of the democrat party they lack morals and are unprincipled. That party needs to be destroyed!

    1. And the non-opposition party that does nothing to impeach and or arrest him and charge him with treason also needs to be replaced by a Constitutional party. It’s the only hope for America and, dare I say it, the world. Otherwise the NWO infiltrators will succeed.

      And yet again one asks, what about the period between 11/7/2012 and 1/21/2013? He will have to be sequestered before any more damage can be done.

      1. I think, once he’s been defeated on Nov 6th, people will be released from their silence and the stranglehold that Obama has had on them for almost 6 years. There will be a lot more people willing to combat any attempt he may have to destroy the furniture on the way out the door.

        I believe, if he tries to write any Executive Orders, that they will be totally ignored and promptly jumped on to squash the effects of them. People change with the wind, and like the Media who are starting to turn on their ‘messiah’, the politicians will also try to go with the flow in order to survive, even the outgoing ones.

      1. Seems that many are, good thing. My military bf deploying soon & had no prob getting voter ballot early in NC. Thank goodness.

  16. I have suspected all along that obama has been a muslim his entire life thus why all of his records are sealed. I think the democrats approve of it and the Republicans are too big of wussies to do something about it.

      1. I awoke to this posting this morning before spending my time with the Lord. I’m about to go bat-s#%t crazy. The hits just keep coming from this subversive-in-chief and anyone connected to him.

        When Romney gets in, only one man will do as Sec. of Defense, and that would be Allen West. And his top priority would be to purge (YES I SAID IT…) PURGE the military of any and all Islamic/Brotherhood elements and institute a thorough retraining effort to bring everyone up to snuff on who and what Islamic enemy looks like. Ditto goes for all other US institutions including the DOE.

        I’ve had ALL I can take from this pos pretender in the White House, and I am not quite sure how I’ll get to the finish line on November 6th. I am just so hoppin’ and freakin’ ticked off right now… and I have not one shred of respect for ANY Democrat either… don’t get me started on that one either. Dealing with Democrats is the bigger problem, more than with the Brotherhood goons.

        1. las1, I could not agree more. Muslims in this country, our government, and our military, are a sleeping menace.

  17. Oh my God. He’s killing our troops with the help of the upper brass in the military. They say nothing. They just follow. They’ve said “Yes sir,” for so long, they don’t have the ability to reason anymore. They don’t have the ability to understand that he’s not who he said he is. He’s a Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator.

  18. Obama’s Kenyan roots are known to a lot of people. The dude is a complete fraud. Alot of us already know that. Shoebat is just digging a little deeper and exposing Obama’s background to the light of a little scutiny. So who’s the bigger fraud: Corsi, Cashill or Obama?

    PS: That last line was tongue-in-cheek.

  19. Oh crap this doesn’t surprise me. Everything dear leader is tied to or touches turns to gold for islam and death to infidels.

    For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.
    Psalm 37:10

    I never thought I’d ever do it, but I about have the whole Psalm memorized I’ve been leaning on the Words in it so much this past year.

  20. Lol. I have to laugh because it just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    How many more shady links does Obama have to have before Americans wake up and pay attention?

    This man-child has no right whatsoever of portraying the President of the U.S.! This is just another link in the chain. Bedtime… I’ve had enough today.

      1. I’ve checked on that with a very credible Arabic source and the reason I haven’t posted it is because there isn’t a photo of the ring good enough to make the determination Corsi makes. They say it’s possible it may say it but it’s simply too difficult to judge based on the photos. And I had a better photo of the ring than Corsi did and it’s still too difficult to determine.

        I was told it’s not a slam dunk like Corsi thinks it is. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m letting it go until it can be proven.

        But it is an interesting theory.

          1. I also find it very interesting that it isn’t his wedding ring, that he’s had it from his occidental days. Where did he get it? Why is it now his wedding ring? Why has he had it so long?

            I’m very interested in the ring for some reason.

            1. So little was known and remains unknown about Obama, as some say, Who is the real Obama. I just want him defeated along with the 100’s of the Progressives that now infect DC and State’s like Maryland.

            2. Here is another one for you RS. This is where Obama wanted to go when he was first elected. He actually thought he was dictator. He didn’t know any better. That is how he was raised. He talks about indefinite detention in terms of “terrorism”. But it is clear that what he really wanted was to imprison the Tea Party or You or Me or anyone who opposed or disagreed with his reign. This effort failed. But it is good insight into how he thinks and what this man wanted to do to America and Americans.

              Rachel Maddow – Obama talks about Indefinite Detention –

              1. Last night on Glenn Beck plus this morning on radio, he lays out, in great detail, what is REALLY going on with obama… point by point….. it all makes sense. Aid & comfort for the Muslim Brotherhood.

                Wake up America, if you still think he’s a nice guy you better WAKE THE HELL UP. He is dangerous for all of us.

        1. I do respect your not posting something because you have some reservation about its accuracy.

          However, I tend to believe the WND story about his ring as its 100% consistent with everything the obama regime does and stands for. I recognize its technically more in line with strong circumstantial evidence. But thats not proof beyond any reasonable doubt.

          Would be interested in finding out how he obtained this ring. My speculation is that its a gift from someone he respects.

        2. What will the fall out be?

          I suspect that not an insignificant number of cameras hence forward will be focused on Obama’s ring finger. But more importantly, will Obama suddenly turn up with different “wedding ring” on his finger?

          As Obama never takes real questions, we will never hear from his own lips the quaint history of his most remarkable ring.

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