President Trump really wants you to see this video from Fox and Friends!

There’s a video from Fox and Friends this morning featuring Geraldo Rivera that Trump really wants you to watch, so much so that he just tweeted it out a few minutes ago:

Trump tweets out ‘agree’ with this video.

Trump has certainly done his fair share of questionable things this year that have sent the media into a frenzy. But the media has also been very negative about Trump from the get go as we’ve seen.

So I do there is a lot of truth to what Geraldo is saying here, that the media is very quick to jump on anything negative about Trump and run with it. Just like Puerto Rico, this call is now a huge controversy. And it’s all because this Congresswoman blabbed to the media and boom, the media was on it like white on rice. It was everywhere.

Just ask yourself, how much have you heard the big MSM newsers discuss this Obama/Hillary Russian collaboration story? How many four person panels has CNN put on TV to discuss this issue? MSNBC? They definitely know about it, but we get nothing but silence.

But anything negative on Trump is 24/7 news.

Can’t say as I blame him for tweeting out this video.

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