President’s Weekly Address – I Don’t Need No Stinking Congress


President Obama wants 2014 to be a “breakthrough” year. It’s also going to be a “year of action” with such active actions as “promise zones” and using pens and phones. Because as he says, where Congress isn’t acting, he’ll act on his own.

It almost goes without saying – but only almost, so I’m going to say it – that if George Bush had made this many threats to act outside of congress and the people, indeed outside of all accountability including elections, the left, the media and the Hollywood sycophants would have been marching with pitchforks and torches. In fact, they essentially were: Bush was referred to as the Imperial President or King George (among other far less savory nicknames) by the activist left over signing statements and the wars. So where are they now? Are they wallowing in frothy outrage? Are they setting fires and throwing rocks and burning President “No Means Yes” in effigy – all things they did under President Bush – in protest of the man who would be king? *Looks out window* .. nope, guess not.

The left aches to be dominated by a benevolent marxist dictator. They won’t say it, but it’s what they think about in their special time alone with their promise zones. This is as close as they’ve come to fulfilling their domination fantasy. And they plan to enjoy it.

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