Primary Night Open Thread: O’DONNELL WINS!

I’ll be following the races tonight, and will keep you uploaded on the major stuff. Here’s a link to the NY Times who will have up to the minute results for all of the states listed above.

But everyone knows that tonight is Castle vs O’Donnell night. Stay tuned in…this will sure be interesting no matter how it turns out.

UPDATE: O’Donnell 56.3 %, Castle 43.7% (14 of 325 Districts Reported) I feel a blowout coming!!!!

UPDATE2: O’Donnell 54.7%, Castle 45.3% (45 of 325 Districts Reported – 14%)

UPDATE3: O’Donnell 55.4%, Castle 44.6% (153 of 325 Districts Reported – 47%)

UPDATE4: O’Donnell 54.6%, Castle 45.4% (215 of 325 Districts Reported – 66%) !!!!

UPDATE5: O’Donnell 53.6%, Castle 46.4% (245 of 325 Districts Reported – 75%)

UPDATE6: O’Donnell 54.0%, Castle 46.0% (263 of 325 Districts Reported – 81%) w00t!!!!

FINAL VOTE COUNT UPDATE: O’Donnell 53.1% (votes -30, 381), Castle 46.9% (votes  – 26,848) (321 of 325 Districts Reported – 99%) LOVE IT!!!!


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17 thoughts on “Primary Night Open Thread: O’DONNELL WINS!

  1. Come on Boys and Girls, Delaware is a small State. O’Donnell will win in November because Sarah Palin will campaign for her and “We the People” are feed up with RINO’s Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Everytime the RNC calls for money I say NO NO NO, you can’t get Graham under control and I will support the Candidate of my choice locally and nationally. Steele and Rove better wake up NOW!
    I live in Maryland and the Republicans made a BIG mistake by not forming a ticket and a platform to run on, so here in Maryland we will get the same old Progressive trash.

    1. Blah blah blah. November is coming. Nobody thought she could win tonight either. No more McCains. No more whiney little flip flopping moderates. We need real conservative leadership.

    2. Blah blah blah. November is coming. Nobody thought she could win tonight either. No more McCains. No more whiney little flip flopping moderates. We need real conservative leadership.

    3. You sense total defeat in November. She’ll win and you are really afraid of that, for many more reasons than just her.

      She is a sign that Americans are fed up and sick of people like you. And your days are numbered. Your ideology is about to be kicked into the dustbin of history, where it belongs forever.

      1. I will trust in depth statistical models of Nate Silver (who almost perfectly predicted ’08) over your unwarranted asserted claim that somehow magic will carry her to victory (she has a 1 in 6 chance of winning).

    4. Look at all the RINO’s who have deserted the party, Jeffords, Specter, Crist, and Murkowski soon to follow. We are better off without Castle regardless of the results of the November election. He only helped dilute the conservative brand and allowed cover for the party of constitutional destruction.

    5. You ought to be overjoyed with WI then. The candidate chosen by the RNC won! He liked himself so much he contributed $1.5 million to his own campaign, but would not debate and claimed the US Constitution was a complicated document ( he obviously doesn’t intend to read any bills). Does this mean he will be able to beat Feingold?

  2. The people are fed up! I’m glad she won yet am not optimistic she can beat Coons. Fingers crossed that she’ll put up a good fight!

  3. Now we find out just what kind of a man Castle is. Will he man up and put his support behind the new GOP candidate or will he pull a “Crist”?

    1. sheesh…..don’t say that too load. He might get the ideal. Then again, I wish he would, so that everyone can see how much of a dirt-bag he really is.

  4. I’d say she won.
    Now the RINO are going to be very upset and write off DE. But they don’t know the power of the People. We shall see come November.

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