Rachel Dolezal is MORE BLACK than Clarence Thomas!! – MSNBC Idiot

Occasional MSNBC guest and professional idiot Michael Eric Dyson went on some incomprehensible rant about how Rachel Dolezal’s parents are asking her to stop betraying whitey and that she’s actually more black than a conservative African-American like Clarence Thomas.

Watch the idiocy below:

This just shows how much liberals hate conservative blacks, and to what extent they believe that race is actually a political construct, not a social one. How fascist is it to believe that a group can get together and wave their magic wand and strip someone of their ethnicity? Meanwhile Rachel gets a tan and fake hair and *poof!* she’s black because she agrees with their politics!

And as a bonus, don’t you just love whiter than white Ed Schultz talking about “the struggle”? LOL!

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