Ralph Peters: I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I’m starting to wonder if Obama has some crazy agreement with Putin

Obama’s handling of the Ukraine is so bad that even Lt. Col. Ralph Peters is starting to wonder if Obama and Putin have some kind of “crazy agreement”:

Our president is not only naive, but he appears willfully naive. On some profound psychological level, he seems to be really afraid of Vladimir Putin because he’s letting Putin run all over us on Iran, Syria, Snowden, that dreadfully one-sided START deal. I’m starting to wonder if there’s some crazy agreement between these guys, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

He goes on to talk about the signals Obama is sending to Putin by his unwillingness to say anything meaningful on the Ukraine…and more.


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88 thoughts on “Ralph Peters: I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I’m starting to wonder if Obama has some crazy agreement with Putin

  1. You guys do realize that Obama has always seen himself as the victorious Commissar over America under a new global Soviet – tasked with the goal of submitting America to Social Justice, redistribution, confiscation, dis-assembly, disarmament, retribution, re-education, and even population adjustment.

  2. Now we know why all the commie Democrites got all wee weed up when Romney suggested Russia was are biggest Geopolitical Foe. I assumed it was just the stupidity of the left wing’s normal reaction to protect their leader……but now we know what Obamao meant when he told Medvedev he would have ” more flexibility after his re-election”

  3. Personally I think all of this is out of Obama’s range of interest. It’s a hassle he doesn’t want to involve himself in. He is only interested in crushing the U.S. from inside and giving Muslims more influence and power around the world. Russia and it’s problems with it’s divided socialist state? I don’t think Obama could care less.

  4. barry’s laughing all the way to the bank. Went into the WH with about a half mil, now has about 20 mil(reported) and counting. His Chicago buds bought him a 12 mil house on the big H. He no doubt has many millions tucked nicely away from the kickbacks he got from giving his “bundlers” billions of dollars for failed green projects. The “lost” money was used to fund his and his childrens’ hidden trusts. Barry makes slick and hillary look like amateurs by comparison. When he leaves the WH he will spend his remaining days roaming around the world in private jets reading his teleprompter and advising government leaders and libs everywhere(for a small fee) how to maximize their 15 minutes of fame. barry has played his hand very well.

  5. The joke is Obama thinks he so smart, but, he is so way in over his “smart” head, he’s being laughed at all around the world.

  6. Or perhaps the man raised and mentored by communists is himself a communist. It’s a crazy theory, but I wanted to throw it out there.

    1. There is a theory that Frank Marshal Davis was not just his mentor, but his father. If so, the apple did not roll from the tree at all.

  7. If Obloody could organize the complete destruction of this Republic, he could live in any Communist or Muslim country of his choosing as a hero.

  8. Will the person with balls in the White House please come forward! No, not you Michelle, we meant your husband. Where is he? Oh. Well, when he’s done knitting his new prayer rug tell him to change from his bra & panties, put on a suit & join us in the warroom.

  9. No Mr. Peters, Obama is just an America-hating socialist traitor. Occam’s razor: the simplest or most obvious explanation of several competing ones is the one that should be preferred until it is proven wrong.

  10. Who said, “A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free People.”?

    “…In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free People.

    from the Declaration of Independence, likely by Thomas Jefferson

  11. I don’t have any trouble figuring Obama out. Whatever normalcy and common sense would do, he does the opposite.

  12. Two points – didn’t the POS say to Medvedev that he should tell Putin he, Obama, would be flexible after the elections? I think we all remember that!
    Secondly – with Putin having access to old secret KGB files, and now with access to all Snowdon brought him: isn’t it conceivable that Putin has Obama by the short and curlies? I think that makes eminent sense, after all we did hear that there was stuff in Egypt about him and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    So it might well be the case that Putin can tell Obama where to get off or else … anytime, every time.

    There’s another aspect: these two may well be in agreement to let the Eu handle this hot potato – a potato the Eu heated up all by themselves, and which will strain the economic and political coherence of the Eu to breaking point, surely something both the USA and Russia are not averse to?

    One doesn’t even need a tin foil hat to come up with these observations …

    1. Do you mean that Putin is blackmailing hussein? Maybe. Makes sense. If so, this is why ANYONE who runs for the highest office in the land NEEDS TO BE VETTED!!!!! No thanks to rancy (as in rancid) nancy!!

      1. It would not surprise me at all if there’s not some blackmailing going on in the background. Over here, quite a few French and German blog commenters speculate that Madame Merkel or Monsieur Hollande are being blackmailed because the NSA has found stuff on them.
        Me – I think a healthy self-interest for the honey pots of international organisations they wish to reach after they lose their job is all that’s needed to keep them in line.

    2. 0 and Putin merely two sides of the same coin. How can I say this delicately…? If they were cellies, Putin would get the top bunk.

  13. I’m not a conspiracy theorist either. I have no doubt Obama’s has shown he want’s to destroy America’s might and it’s economy.

    Speaking of conspiracy theories, there’s an Australian Tea Party group on Facebook and they posted this image of a young Barry Soetroro on his Columbia University ID card. Of course this could have been Photoshop, but with all that’s occurring, I wonder.

    The Australian Tea Party

    And here’s a clean version of that ID:


    1. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, but everyone is ignoring it. Obama’s a criminal posing as President. I think the GOP knows, but they are complicit, since they didn’t stop it. Can you imagine if the truth came out, and people find out he’s been leading America’s wars? How do you explain that to the families of dead Americans.

      Not one person was willing to stop him. I never thought I’d see the day, an advanced country like America would allow this kind of thing to happen. It makes me wonder what else in this country wasn’t as it appeared to be. I hope on day soon the truth is exposed.

      1. Very well stated; I never thought I would lived to see a president who would trample over the Constitution while the Congress did nothing to stop a presidential power grab as open, transparent and illegal – never.

  14. The flip side of this, despite the fact that I agree with Peters, I continue to question him as well. When I hear him say goofy stuff like “I don’t know why conservatives are not into conservation. It’s beyond me!” then I have to wonder about his mental capacity.

    Yes folks I quoted him directly from his appearance on Megyn Kelly.

    1. Ha. Reminds me of Archie Bunker, who was much closer to the truth when he said, “People who live in communES are communISTS.”

      1. It’s funny, looking back at the old sitcom, how inadvertently correct Archie was most of the time.

        1. I agree. He was politically incorrect before that phrase was common, but he was also, as you say, “inadvertently correct” so often.

          One of the things I have resented about entertainment media since about the 70s is that they could never allow personal success in any area to last. Archie and Edith divorced. Diane Chambers leaves Sam Malone, with his approval. Jason Bourne’s woman gets murdered. Superman gets drunk. Enough. Give me “Father Knows Best” and Effrem Zimbalist in “FBI”.

  15. The Russians are no doubt highly amused by Obama. The Soviets created thousands like him, to engage in AGITPROP and undermine the American way of life (unfortunately, they’ve been pretty successful). In any case, BHO is simply a “useful idiot”, which is why the Russians continually make a fool out him.

  16. Eventually, when we are ALL conspiracy theorists, it ceases to be a theory and becomes a conspiracy FACT.

    I truly believe that people refuse to accept what Obama is doing because it’s just not comprehendible to them. It’s not possible that they voted into office a man who wishes to ‘fundamentally transform’ the United States into some back-wood, third-world country, to be controlled by a one-world government run by the United Nations.

    Oh, wait. That is quite possible after all. Please, people. Comprehend it.

    1. I agree,. How much more communist underpinnings and mimicking does he have to do before we openly call him what he is?!

      I mean really…if the IRS and other behaviors weren’t enough one would think putting monitors in newsrooms would of cinched it.

    2. And what is a conspiracy theorist? Someone who doesn’t believe the lies doled out by the government and the media?

    3. The sheeple are fat and happy and will graze peacefully until the day they realize 0 has taken all of their grass away.

      1. Yep, and when that happens, they will come running to us to get it back for them. And when we do, they will revert back to their normal, sheeple, lazy ways. Sad.

  17. Ukraine, Venezuela Or Great Britain – It’s Socialism So What’s The Difference?

    “”To those people around the world who have the ability to analyse history
    and recognize socialism for what it is, the violent events in the Ukraine and Venezuela will come as no surprise.

    What does come as a surprise is the meek acceptance of the disastrous
    consequences of socialism in Great Britain, which has been accepted by
    the people with hardly a pipsqueak of protest.””

    I think the same can be said for the US at this point.


    1. The evolution of socialism in GB came about much differently than Venezuela and or Cuba actually but overall I agree with you.

      Almost all of it is rooted in coveting.

    2. While much of what that blogger writes about the UK is true, he has overlooked one very important fact – and that is UKIP and the rise of UKIP.
      We are not lying down, and more and more of us are standing up.
      The latest I heard is that there are now 34,000 members, up by 2,000 from January – and that it now takes two weeks to process new applications because there are so many …
      We’re no longer ‘the people of England who haven’t spoken yet’ – we are speaking now!

  18. Obama is passive aggressive. Aggressive with his own people and a fat wimp to strong men. He is intimidated by Putin. Its like Kennedy and Kruschev. He thought Kennedy was a rich little punk and succeeded in pushing him around. The Russians are like dogs. They can smell fear and weakness a mile away.

  19. He is afraid of him. All Narcicists do this when they are confronted with someone who is strong and won’t take their crap. If we had anyone here who could grow some and stand up to him, he would be the same way. They lie and cheat and refuse to accept responsibility for anything.

  20. Comrade Obamatollah is a marxist/mooslum…and that explains everything he has done in his war against America & Israel, our economy and the Constitution.

  21. obama’s relationship with Putin is only one small part of a much greater picture…

    Terry Bennett: 21-year Prophetic Timeframe 2008 to 2028

    October 21, 2013 12:24
    am By James Bailey

    Terry Bennett

    In December 2001, prophetic minister Terry Bennett was shown a 21-year
    timeframe, which began in 2008 and will end at the end of 2028. He saw this
    21-year period divided into three periods of seven years each with each period
    having different kinds of shakings.

    Terry Bennett is founder of Terry Bennett
    Ministries. The 58-minute audio presentation of his message is
    provided at the bottom of this post.


    The first seven-year period will be a time of economic shakings from
    the start of 2008 until the end of 2014. We have already seen the beginning of
    these shakings with the 2008 collapse of the housing market. Terry Bennett saw
    an unprecedented economic downturn would begin in 2011, which came to pass
    with major market shakings during August and September 2011 caused by the debt
    crisis in Greece. As Terry Bennett stated, this was only the beginning of the
    shakings. Since 2011, sovereign debt levels around the world have soared
    to levels never seen before in history, setting the stage for the next wave of
    economic shakings, which he saw coming in 2013 and 2014. He saw this next wave
    will be larger than either of the previous waves. This is consistent with other
    prophetic warnings of an economic collapse beginning in 2013 (see my previous
    posts in our Prophecy section).


    Terry Bennett saw the second seven-year period will be a time of shakings in
    the arena of government and politics beginning at the start of 2015 until
    the end of 2021. This could be a time when governments are overthrown and taken
    over through wars and internal conflicts. Established political parties could
    be shaken and new parties could emerge. Jesus warned us about a time when
    “nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:7).
    Jesus also warned us of days coming when “lawlessness is increased and most
    people’s love will grow cold (Matthew 24:12). These government and political
    shakings will lay the groundwork for the coming reign of the antichrist, who
    will arise as a king with answers to difficult problems (Daniel 8:23).


    Read more at,


    1. Yea, just exactly was that all about????
      We have an idiot as the POTUS.
      Everything they accused President Bush of being or doing, the con man is actually living out.

  22. “I’m starting to wonder if there’s some kind of agreement between these two guys.” Hello, Ralph! Don’t you remember Obama’s comments to Mevdevdev?

  23. This is what you get when you elect someone based on the color of their
    skin or charisma rather than their real world knowledge and experience.

    1. Obama is merely a smooth-talking, golf-playing, vacationing puppet with a teleprompter. Valerie Jarrett is his puppeteer. She pulls the puppet strings and Obama couldn’t care less.

      The best he has ever done is as a community organizer and that was done at someone else’s beck and call.

      1. Jarrett only pulls the strings of Obamao. She’s just a working stiff who takes her orders from someone higher up the chain. The question thus becomes who is the someone who actually gives the orders?

        1. In the case of the Ukraine – no need to look far. Google “International Renaissance Movement”, you’ll find the puppeteer.

        2. I believe it’s a cabal, with George Soros buried deep in the middle of it. There are others, but the higher up you go, the more invisible they become.

          The greatest feat that Satan ever performed is to make people believe that he doesn’t exist.

          1. Oh, they know he exists….they just think he will win in the end!! The scales will most likely come off when they are already in hell….

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