Ralph Peters slams ‘bleeding hearts’ on left: “If Bergdahl hadn’t deserted he wouldn’t have been tortured!”

Ralph Peters really let go tonight on Megyn Kelly’s show, hitting back hard at the left who suggests many are being to hard on Bergdahl because he was tortured. Peters says that if Bergdahl hadn’t deserted he wouldn’t have been tortured. And then he tells those bleeding hearts on the left where they should go, literally.

And there’s much more. Watch:

Partial transcript starting after 4 min mark:

If Bowe Bergdahl had not deserted, he would not have been tortured. And all the bleeding hearts on the left need to knock it off and go to the burn ward at Fort Sam Houston hospital in San Antonio!

Bowe Bergdahl…is going to get back to his family eventually fine, in good physical health. Those brave soldiers and Marines and Navy Corpsmen and Airmen in the hospital down in San Antonio, they’re never going to be completely right. They are in gruesome pain. Many of them are not coming home.

And what about the dead soldiers? And yes, they were lost looking for Bergdahl despite Sec. Hagel’s nonsensical and duplicitous parsing of words. I mean, my god. Look, Bergdahl is back. He’s alive. Fine. But let’s stop making this guy into a victim, a hero.

…And let me send a message to all those on the left: Our soldiers don’t want your pity, they want your respect and they have earned it!

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