Rand Paul: Republican Party is too white and it won’t survive this way

Rand Paul said at Harvard on Friday night that in order for the GOP to survive, it needs to look like the rest of America. But at the moment, he said, it’s all white people:

I tell people that the Republican party needs to look like the rest of America to have a chance. That means with tattoos and without tattoos; with earrings and without earrings; Black, White, Brown.

You go to a Republican event and it’s all white people — not because we are excluding anybody, but we haven’t done a good enough job of encouraging people to come into our party.

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260 thoughts on “Rand Paul: Republican Party is too white and it won’t survive this way

  1. This is the same racially-correct crap the groveling GOP establishment is spewing. If the GOP would stand on clearly defined conservative principles people of all stripes would be coming to the party in droves. But as it is, a party that prostitutes itself to the Progressive Left gets no respect from anyone on either side of the aisle, and deservedly so. Bye bye Rand, you’re sounding more like part of the problem than part of the solution.

  2. I want my money back that I sent to his PAC. I liked him early on, but just like Rubio, he has shown his true colors.

    1. Funny this BORE and FRAUD never talks about how the DEMS do everything to EXCLUDE WHITES….NOTHING….and I was just at a local conservative gathering and BUDDY you are a FOOL….there was quite a mix of Whites, Latins, Asians and Blacks….you see this Cheap Suit with no Charisma wants to be like McLame…PANDERING and SOUNDING ABOVE THE FRAY….really Dud!! Notice how Rand the Fraud raises all his money from whites. GIVE IT BACK PUNK or SHUT YOUR WORTHLESS TRAP DOOR!! You have become a spineless little leech that runs his mouth like a sewer. You were elected SOLEY with Tea Party help and you have BACKSTABBED the Tea Party at every opportunity. NO RAND if minorities want to show they understand America they need to be more LIKE US not US LIKE THEM…real simple jerk….Small Government, Freedom, Liberty, the US CONSTITUTION, Ownership, Self-Responsibility, Love of Country and Making something of yourself.

      So take a hike loser in the Kentucky Mountains with Daddy…both losers, both clueless, both drones and both a disgrace!

  3. I’m so over this fake. He’s Mitch McConnell’s buddy now. It’s ideas, not what color the “party” members are, that win elections.

      1. What Libertarian was it that won ? Senate even ?

        Oh that’s right, you are ZERO for LIFE and never got more than 10% on a ballot as ‘libertarian”.

        Even Ron and Rand Paul had to run as a “Republicans” to win.

        You can’t even win ONE primary…not ONE. So tell me again how your strategy and methods are superior ?

        Tell you what, go actually win something significant and then people might take you seriously.

        What you HAVE done is help in those GOP losses. What a way to win converts to your cause, huh ?

  4. That’s the problem with the republican party: They just don’t allow anyone but white people to join, turning away all those people of color.
    Paul is implying that the GOP must become more like the democrat party. He turned rino fast.

      1. Yes he did.He is pandering IMO.I am all for inclusiveness,but at what cost?Do you surrender your principles,which the republicans have already surrendered most of.Just like Rush says it is hard to compete against Santa Claus.

        1. How could he imply that, when he stated the opposite.
          Of course, he’s pandering. He’s a politician.

          1. I see no such pandering from Ted Cruz….or gimmick lawsuits….or safe talking points…..

            At least you admit that Paul is a fraud. If he’s pandering to win votes, then his principles amount to exactly jack chit.

            1. That’s right. You don’t see “such” pandering from Cruz. His pandering is different. He panders more to you.

              I wouldn’t admit that Paul is more of a fraud than any other politician. It just so happens he is factually right. Republicans are not attracting black votes. Why would a simple statement of fact be controversial.

              From other posts, you sound intelligent enough to think above the level of a partisan simpleton. Aren’t you more of a philosopher than a follower? You don’t actually “believe in” any of these folks, do you? If you do, prepare to be disappointed.

    1. Perhaps we should kick Rand out of the Republican party and over to the Democrat party so he does his part to reduce the # of white people.

  5. Funny, I haven’t seen him stumping for anyone, but white GOPe. Where’s the grass roots brown minority he’s helping?

  6. Let me guess, he was talking to a bunch of white folks. I still haven’t heard what he has done about the race problem in his state.

  7. I hate this guy. SHUT UP YOU BIG DOPE! You are an embarrassment to conservatives. Go back to being a libertarian RINO.

  8. Yeah? Well, Rand, I was going to vote for Herman Cain before the Social Democratic Communists did what they do best…SMEAR!!!!! You certainly don’t fill the bill for diversity…although I like some of your ideas! AMNESTY??? Enforce the laws on the books…and then we will talk about “adjustments” to our laws!!! SEAL THE BORDER!!!

  9. Hey, I know Rand, why don’t you just get a Bill into play that requires racial quotas in parties? I mean, if you’re going to be like some skin-color obsessed leftist, you may as well go all the way “affirmative action” while you’re at it.

    Then political parties would be like the NFL: Parity!

    Rand is starting to remind me of Will Ferril’s Harry Caray bits on SNL.

    Hey! Lemme ask, What’s your favorite planet?

  10. Scoop,
    You have a pattern of mis-paraphrasing Ron Paul.
    Or did he say the Republican Party “won’t survive” on some vid that you didn’t post?

    1. “I tell people that the Republican party needs to look like the rest of America to have a chance. That means with tattoos and without tattoos; with earrings and without earrings; Black, White, Brown.”

      It’s written in the article and contained in the video – does not that suffice?

    2. No, you and your ilk get all bent out of shape when your new King of Quirkistan gets exposed.

  11. The only reason Rand’s worried about the Republican party being to white
    is because he’s for Amnesty to flood the country with illegal brown
    people. Maybe he should look at the statistics that show Hispanics from
    different countries who are hear legally or citizens already don’t agree with
    Amnesty any more than white Americans do. When he’s done poking
    Conservatives in the eye with every other speech he may find out the
    only support he has left are the Potheads.This is why he’s going to so many Universities. The left has already convinced our young that pot is a right along with any other addiction or abased behavior so Rand’s job is a lot easier than it would have been in the past. Since when is living in a haze right?

    1. While a agree with your point, I think that’s just a little unfair to Jeb Bush.

      At least Jeb is the same guy he was 10 years ago. I may not agree with everything he stands for, but you can’t say he isn’t being genuine to who he is.

      Probably more accurate to say Rand is the libertarian John Kerry except he was against it, before he was for it.

      1. Darrell I agree with almost nothing Bush stands for especially his tone like he’s lecturing us. The Bush family has twice wiped out the GOP.

        1. I’m a Cruz guy. I was merely noting that one of them is clearly pandering to forward himself.

          1. I disagree. First, it can’t be pandering only when they say something we don’t like. They are always pandering.

            Second, the Bushes are Progressives. End of story. They are globalists, with Wilsonian, US as international cop, foreign policy; and big spending, expand-the-police-state domestic policy. It was the first Bush who said “new world order” – and we have had military in Iraq for 20 years. The only conservative things we got out of them was half their Supreme Court picks: Thomas and Alito (which were balanced off by disasters Souter and Roberts).

            And last, try this one for size. JFK was more conservative than either Bush.

  12. Sorry Rand, but you can’t get it to look like the rest of America when the minorities will not support the Republican party because they get handouts from the left. It wouldn’t work anyway. The only thing that would work would be to become even more Democrat lite. Don’t talk about ending racial preferences or affirmative action. Just having minorities in the party, which we have, won’t change a thing. They are just Republican slaves and traitors to their race.

    Just do your freaking job and stop worrying about cosmetics. We (try to) vote in the best conservatives regardless of race.

    1. Rand is all for giving handouts too. Amnesty for illegal aliens. Voting rights for felons (including murderers). Release the drug dealers, even those that deal drugs to kids. Drugs, drugs and drugs all while claiming to be “pro life”. You’d think one of his medical school courses talked about the destruction of drugs to the young and unborn. Maybe he was only “present” in that course.

          1. Where do I start?
            First, I didn’t hurl an insult at you. But you did suggest I am uninformed. Your post is highly partisan, anti-Paul and comes off just like a TV attack ad.
            Second, the links you provide do not include the positions you accuse Paul of taking.
            – Said nothing about “giving handouts,” by which I assume you mean government handouts
            – Did not say voting rights for murderers
            – Did not say release people who sold drugs.

            And FWIW, IMO, (any) Bush and Romney are Progressives on both domestic and foreign policy.

            1. Not partisan at all, filled with facts. Paul is an open borders pro-amnesty, pro-drug, pro-felon progressive as dangerous as his nutcase father that speaks to Holocaust denier organizations.

              Paul’s handouts including voting that was part of a felon’s sentence. He “preaches” limited government yet wants the federal gov’t to dictate to states on numerous matters. Murderers are felons as are rapists and child molesters. His bill restores voting rights for felons, that’s a handout. Where does he fight to restore anything to the victims? Check out his bill on the drug sentences, which by the way, were passed by Congress. “Non violent” includes drug dealers including those that deal to children. Paul should go home and raise his son, perhaps his son could then overcome his own addictions.

              Interesting you should post you believe Bush and Romney are progressives. Just yesterday, Rand was courting Romney’s election team. Hummmmm http://washington.cbslocal.com/2014/04/28/rand-paul-crafting-new-alliances-with-romneys-2012-team/

      1. I don’t know about all that, but I see you have another comment below this one that gives links to prove everything you said. So, kudos to you. 🙂

  13. Now this just gets me fired up….just like getting rid of affirmative action, you don’t fix racism with more racism. How about just QUALIFIED PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION and I don’t give a rats a– what color they are – or sexual orientation they are – I don’t even want to discuss that anymore. It doesn’t matter, so why is it still an issue??? Come on, we elected a black president – TWICE – there are PLENTY of rich black people in our country – and Oprah Winfrey is the highest paid celebrity….A BLACK AND A WOMAN! Gay people can and do run for office – no one is standing in the way,……if there are white men in the republican party, so frickin what. I want many of them to go home, but not because they’re white…because they’re not doing the peoples work.

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong, but white people just happen to be the largest single group of citizens in this country. So any gathering of a cross section of people is going to be PREDOMINATELY white. He is merely giving ammunition to Republicans and Tea Party detractors by making it seem as if both are racist. I was over him a while back but this just cements it hard and fast in my mind.
    Go lick McConnell’s boots, Rand. You dog.

    1. Yeah, he’s been bending towards pandering to minorities and moochers instead of sticking to conservative policies. Seems like he thinks we should give up our principles in order to win elections.

        1. Who said anything about giving up policies? It’s kind of hard, however, to stick to conservative principles if you’re pandering to minorities that expect handouts. You can put all black conservatives in Congress and it won’t make a difference. They get trashed even more than whites do.

            1. No, you’re reading it wrong. He’s not changing his policies but he’s trying to sell conservatism by the (color of) the face of the party instead of by conservative principles.

              1. THIS ^^^^^^^^

                Tell me how Rand’s strategy now is any different than Romney’s ? It isn’t. How did that work out ?

                He lost to the most corrupt and clearly incompetent president in modern history.

                1. I have no idea what Romney’s “strategy” was besides playing target to a smear campaign.

                  Paul is not articulating a strategy that I can discern. He is stating facts. He is just saying there is a problem.

                  If you look at these posts, they sound like people who don’t want blacks or tatoo’d people to vote Republican.

                  What’s your strategy? Bush got a Reagan coattail majority in 88. The other Bush got a tiny majority in 04. The RINO’s lost the popular vote in 92, 96. 00, 08 and 12. There just doesn’t seem to be much chance of spotting the Dems 14% (95% of the black vote) and getting 51 or the remaining 86. But then, that’s the same thing Paul said in the above video.

                2. But I’m not saying I don’t want blacks or tattoo’d people to vote (whatever that means) Republican. All I’m saying is that I’m not going to vote for the available black candidates just to make the Republican party look more inclusive. I will vote for the best candidate that’s available. If they are all black, they will all get my vote. But we can’t vote for black candidates if they aren’t there to vote for.

                3. I’m not a Romney fan, either. Do you think I’m agreeing with Rand Paul? I’m not.

                  Hmmm, you liked my comment so maybe I’m just reading yours wrong. I don’t think we should do anything to the Republican party except vote everyone out that doesn’t vote along conservative principles. Race means nothing to me.

                4. The question was rhetorical, so you got the gist.

                  Coolidge is making excuses and condoning the same thing Paulbots have always condemned when they stay home or vote third party. Pandering to win an election.

                  Rand should be filed under the “they are all the same” category if the Paulbots were intellectually honest.

                  The main problem the party has is that we have DNC lite RINOs on one end of the scale and Paulbot borderline anarchists on the other. The argument is made that it’s all one way or the other. Foreign policy for example: invade everyone or stick our head in the sand.

                  The overwhelming majority of us are in between the two extremes on the right side of the political scale. Conservatism. Which splits the differences and hits the right balance.

                5. I gotcha, and I agree. Although the establishment RINO’s to the left of us say we are extremists and need to be destroyed. I sure hope we have another Tea Party clean up later this year. Eventually we will get enough of them that the party will have to change.

                6. Agreed, but folks also need to realize that the Paulbots see the tea Party as a vehicle to promote what they never could do on their own…a viable third party.

                  In some sectors they have coopted it. My concern is that by going to the right of leftist GOP elites, we swing the pendulum too far towards the anarchists into Paul Doctrine Kookesville and irrelevance.

                7. They might co-opt it, but they still don’t have the votes to get nutcase Ron Pauls in office….at least not on a wide scale. Surely we can still drown them out by voting in sane conservatives in the primaries.

                  But I get your concern that people won’t join the Tea Party effort if the Paul-bots take over the message.

              2. I think he is saying the same thing I say. There are black votes out there to be had, but the Repubs can’t get these votes by just talking past black people’s self-awareness. I hate the cliché, but they have to reach out – the right way. I don’t think they can, and I am not sure Paul can. I know how to do it, but I am not them.

                1. I’m curious…..how do you do it? I don’t even know how. Conservatism is being painted as something it’s not by the left and by the media, and I don’t know how you get the message to people who don’t want to hear it.

      1. And being able to “message” our principles in a way that makes sense to the average person is what is needed to win an election.

        1. Exactly. We need to sell our message. I’m not going to vote for blacks just to change the face of the Republican party. They have to earn it and represent conservative principles. If they are the best candidate, they get my vote. Since most blacks vote Democrat and few run as conservatives, well….not a lot of them to vote for.

  15. Let the RINO party die. Rand keeps shooting himself in the foot to try to be politically correct. He lost my vote when he, along with Ben Shapiro on his radio show, endorsed Mitch McConnell.

    1. His couple of little sentences are 100% correct and nothing that others haven’t said for years. Maybe he just doesn’t fit YOUR political correctness.

      1. you are all over the place. You do realize that some of the statements are response to statements above and not Rand’s statement.

  16. I truly believe that only racists see color. Who gives a rip what color people are?!?!! This is just another way that Rebuplicans (IDIOTS) are allowing the Dems to be offensive while they try to defend themselves. As Patton said “We’re advancing constantly and we’re not interested in holding anything…!” Let’s move FORWARD!

        1. I was generalizing about the facts that every other day there seems to be a huge blown out of proportion statement about racism? Why? is it because we need to patronize the first black president to all blacks?? Rands statement was more all inclusive of all minorities I guess and it goes with his agenda of social issues. But IMO he is asking the conservative party to be more like the democrat party and kill the system of checks and balances The Tea party came about because the GOP was pandering to the left. Rand was elected based in the spineless GOP and now that Rand is comfy with his DC hobnobbing he has turned against grass roots.

          1. The out-of-proportion statements are the agitating left promoting perpetual civil war.
            I didn’t see or hear a single thing in Paul’s comment that said be liberal and not conservative. If you can direct me to one, I’ll look it over.

    1. Someone who views everything through a prism of race is a racist.

      Now who is it that views everything through the prism of race ? You already answered the question.

  17. The GOP is mostly RINOs and pretty much close to extinction anyway, the day it becomes conservative the non white people will come but only if they want to, you cannot sell conservative, you go to it.

      1. Hispanics have a different history than Black history. The GOP shouldn’t pander to the left’s game.

        1. Hispanics have been rewarded for lawbreaking over and over and over again and have reached out their hands for more.

  18. So Rand Paul.is saying that we need to change our philosophy in order to encourage people to join the Republican Party and the Tea Party. in fact we need to show them, meaning those on the left in the minorities, that the answer too many problems in this countryis found within the Tea Party and the conservative movement.it is a matter of teaching them that the Democrat and Liberal Party’s are not the answer. And we have to show them why. We do not have to change our thinking..

  19. What an absolute idiot this guy is! He buys into the leftist-materialist ‘race, class, and gender’ emphasis/filter–along with RINOs this tendency will eliminate the GOP unless halted and reversed.

    We need Conservative politicians to skillfully attack the premises behind the entire godless atomistic materialism of the libertarian left. My guess would be that after Rand has put his foot in his mouth a few more times, Ted Cruz will step forward to start highlighting the disagreement. Rand Paul is not a Conservative.

    1. Cruz is pandering to minorities as well, but from the Hispanic amnesty perspective. Cruz is just a bit more coy in how he is approaching it.

        1. Might want to read this: “Asked about what to do with the people here illegally, however, he stressed that he had never tried to undo the goal of allowing them to stay. ” http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/13/us/cruz-tries-to-claim-the-middle-ground-on-immigration.html?smid=tw-share&_r=2

          from the Right Scoop on visas for illegal aliens: http://immigrationnewstoday.com/sen-ted-cruz-also-supports-temporary-legalization-status-in-the

          and from Washington Examiner: “Cruz offered an amendment that would have created a three-year period, during which security would be increased, before the estimated 11 million currently-illegal immigrants could apply for legal status” http://washingtonexaminer.com/byron-york-ted-cruz-opens-up-on-immigration/article/2530773

          1. He does have to put through an agenda with the problem the left has swept under the rug for the illegal votes

            1. The only agenda is Rule of Law which is the grassroots movement that got him elected. How quickly he has forgotten but we have not.

              1. He is a constitutional scholar and a lawyer. He is the closest thing you will get to defending the constitution in DC. He is despised by the GOP beltway establishment. I think Ill take my chances and Bank on Ted Cruz for President!!!

                1. Obama is a constitutional lawyer too. Both graduated from Harvard. Cruz has always worked for the government. I’d lay odds he went through school on the AA card just like Obama. He is also now a millionaire after just 1 year in the US Senate. He is preaching Reagan and another amnesty. Where did that get the US in 1986 and afterward?

                2. BO has been disbarred with sealed documentation. He never studied or practiced constitutional law but social/ civil liberty. He is a paid puppet and he didn’t earn any millions practicing law but keep those blinders on. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was Oprah that donated that million to BO. She thought he was her Messiah. Boy has time told the tale.

        2. Perhaps you are a legal immigrant but I am not. I was born in the US to US citizens who were born in the US to US citizens and so forth. Many have generations of truly US citizens in their family born here.
          Listen to Cruz’s speeches, starting with Obamacare. He is categorizing by race just more coy than Rand Paul. He has also stated that his loyalty is to immigrants.

            1. They are all indented the same. This software isn’t good for much more than a few one-liners.

    2. An idiot who is 100% percent right, saying nothing new. The Republicans aren’t attracting blacks.

      You can attack godless materialism all you want. You have to have their attention first – that is, if you goal is to finish higher than second in national elections.

  20. Typical liberal…err…..I mean libertarian.Just go ahead and cross over to the dark(dem)side Rand.It is where you really belong anyway.

    1. What do you mean by telling the truth? Republicans can’t attract blacks. That’s a fact.

  21. He is correct, however, it may not be just because repubs haven’t done a good enough job being inclusive. It may be because democrats have a stranglehold on the minorities in this country because of social issues.
    And then there are the unions, government jobs/unions, welfare, etc.
    The repubs let all this get by them for decades. They let the media control the spin and didn’t do anything about it. I bet that most people do not know that it was the republicans who championed freeing the slaves; the democrats mostly opposed it.

    1. And the repubs are trying to expand the dem base by giving amnesty to the illegal aliens(foreign invaders)Anybody still question the fact that there is only one party in D.C.?

      1. Not to mention the release of drug dealers and drug addicts and rewarding felons by restoring their right to vote even though loss of voting was part of their sentence.

        1. Exactly.There is not 2 cents worth of difference between the parties,with very few if any exceptions.

      2. I agree that both parties are just different sides of the same coin. And we conservatives are not in a position of strength to get what we want (at least right now – it may take years). Therefore, we have to do a little bit of give and take and pay attention to the serious issues; leaving the social issues to the states to decide.
        We need to reduce the size of government, spend less,
        take care of the middle class whom Obama is trying to ruin,
        keep our military strong without overspending (hello
        Dick Cheney and Haliburton, etc. etc.), stay out of lengthy wars (be a little smarter in winning them if we have to get in them at all) get rid of Common
        Core so our children and grandchildren don’t grow up unequipped to perform in the work place, and shore up our relations with allies whom Obama is also involved in ruining. I could go on and on. So could you I assume!

        Additionally, the illegal situation is not a black or white issue. It has varying shades of grey and no one answer is the right one. Sending them all back after being
        here for decades is not practical. Giving them citizenship while others stood waiting in line for years for citizenship is not the answer either. I am sure it lies
        somewhere in between. One thing I am sure of it that the border needs to be secure. How are they getting
        in and staying? How are others overstaying their visas?
        It is all big government run amuck – and that needs to be fixed first.
        End of rant! (for now)

        1. I agree that most of the trouble is due to big government.The only difference between repubs and dems is the repubs like it almost as big as the dems.Neither side is willing to shrink it.Plenty of lip service,not much else.Common Core needs to go as well as anything being a product from the UN,including Agenda 21.I will write in my candidates if need be before I cast another vote for the lesser of two evils.

          1. Always write in “Ronald Reagan” if you don’t like either candidate. They get the message.

        2. “Additionally, the illegal situation is not a black or white issue. It has varying shades of grey and no one answer is the right one. Sending them all back after being here for decades is not practical.”
          It is a black and white issue, it is called rule of law.

          1. Then why did YOU let them stay here for
            decades? Why did YOU use their services?
            This didn’t just happen overnight. How many
            restaurants have you dined at that had illegal
            cooks, servers or bus help, either knowingly or
            That is why there are shades of grey.

            1. I left them stay? I hired them? I frequented where they illegally work? You are incorrect on all counts. I did not vote for or support Reagan with his amnesty, do not hire illegal aliens or frequent businesses that hire them.
              Keep trying to defend Rand Paul and I will continue to remind people that he compared those that want the rule of law followed to Nazis.

              1. No I am not incorrect. We ALL have frequented
                establishments that hired illegals.
                Your Nazi comment is ridiculous. Not even worth
                a response.

                1. Keep drinking the RandAid it is as poisonous as the Obama KoolAid. Rand Paul is a danger to our country, insults Jews, Christians, Americans and now demonstrates his racism.

                  Rand Paul: “Are they for sending these people home? Do they want us to put them in concentration camps, on buses, and send them back home?”

                  Rand Paul is an anti-Semite, voted to confirm the anti-Semite John Kerry.

    2. You are right. There is a combination of factors. They boil do to – rich white boys don’t know how to with the brothers.

  22. Rand, your insistence on commiting suicide to true conservatives is now officially complete. In the words of John McLaughlin… “BYE BYE!!”

  23. Some of you don’t seem to know the history of your own party. Back in the Nixon era, the GOP made a concerted effort to appeal to pro-segregation die-hards in order to break the Democrat segregationists’ hold on the deep South. It worked, but at the cost of branding Republicans as racist in the eyes of many African Americans.
    So we do need to reach out, which is all that Paul is saying. It’s not as if he’s been endorsing affirmative action programs or bigger government welfare programs — let alone saying that we have to renounce constitutional conservatism — in order to appeal to black voters. There is a big difference between reaching out and selling out.
    Frankly, I’m more worried about his endorsement of McConnell than this little flap. But it looks like Bevin has shot his own toes off anyway, so Paul’s endorsement is not going to have any practical effect on the outcome.

    1. Paul has been promoting amnesty for over 1 year. Amnesty required MASSIVE expansion of government. Paul is also promoting rewarding other criminals, ie drug dealers and other felons with a get-out-of-jail free card and here’s your vote returned so just ignore the Congressional-approved sentencing. He’s pandering for votes and is an angry spoiled acorn that feel from daddy’s nut tree.

        1. Hey friend! Did I miss your post on this thread? Someone please put a cork in this screwball touting to the progressive campuses calling us racists.

              1. Everybody except my wife.She is somewhat better now,but struggling with cancer.Chemo and radiation.She is back to work part time,but that is all she can take.Celebrated her birthday yesterday.Thank you for asking.

                1. I will say extra prayers for your wife and a speedy remission. If there is anything you need, let me know.

    2. Rand is using Leftist language to get this innocuous place you are describing. He’s using all their buzz words.

      As K-Bob says quite often, whoever controls the language controls the debate.

      1. Well, yes. He’s like a missionary in a far-away land. You have to talk the local lingo. So what?

        1. I don’t trust someone to speak Left, but govern right.

          There are much more articulate ways to appeal to people without sounding like a liberal.

          Plus, it will come to a point where just saying “I want a big tent” etc. is not going to pass muster with the Leftist press.

          Rand will have to put some teeth behind the rhetoric eventually.

          1. It doesn’t already. The press will be gunning for him as much as for anyone else we have. The question is whether he gets through to voters with it.
            Look, I don’t altogether trust this guy either — I see where you’re coming from there. But he does have an underlying point that’s worth considering, even if you support another candidate. I myself may well end supporting Cruz over Paul, if it comes to that — but I’ll take Paul over Jeb Bush any day!

            1. Fair enough. I don’t trust Paul at the outset bc of his capitulation with social issues.

              Trust your instincts. They are usually right.

  24. Lifted straight from the MSM Playbook/talking points.

    Wouldn’t it be nice, for once, to have an elected GOP leader not parrot these? Or even question the very premise? I know, wishful thinking.

    I wanted to vomit when I read Scoop’s headline.

  25. The worst thing that can happen to the conservative cause is to have another Bush episode. That is, have someone labeled as a conservative leader and then have him govern like a liberal on domestic policy.
    Then again, it could be the best thing as it is high past time the conservatives in this country dump the Republicans on their cans.

  26. So what is the solution Rand? Start adopting new planks in the platform that redefine the party even further away from conservatism? What is the goal here? Is it to be more hip, or re-enforce the founding principles of this country?
    It scares me when someone starts talking “big tent” politics. I don’t care how big or small the tent is. I only care that the tent is staked in purpose and principle.

    1. Rand’s really not a Republican in the historic sense of the word. He’s a libertarian. They believe in legalizing drugs and having open borders, where everyone is a citizen of the world. Libertarians gravitate to the R party because it’s closest to their fiscal beliefs.

  27. Conservatives have NO PARTY anymore. We have two liberal parties for the last twenty years. So pick between the Democrat party or Democrat light party. Or just stay at home.

    1. No, there is the TEA alternative. In races where TEA candidates are running, they’re the ONLY alternative.

  28. I know there are many Paul fans at the Scoop. So I don’t want to be too harsh, but get another candidate that at least espouses libertarian values.

    Rand Paul is hurting conservatives, liberatarians and the Republican brand because he wants to become our next president. His futile attempt to bring more moderates, liberals and minorities to expand the so-called ‘big-tent’ is a farce. He’s attempting to form a new party – one that I will have nothing to do with.

    And I will oppose him in presidential primaries as I will oppose his reelection bid to the Senate like McConnell.

  29. I prefer to judge a person by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. But according to the obamessiah regime rhetoric, that would be classified as racist.
    Seems like Rand Paul’s morphing into a rino is nearly complete.

  30. He is saying that America is lost. 2012 was the tipping point and the Socialist won! Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. Si habla?

  31. This guy is melting down daily……..this is a big reason why immigration hawks like me favor reducing immigration. Immigrants, who are overwelmingly nonwhite, support and vote left-liberal. So why is the level of immigration so high? Why can’t it be lowered? Paul is groveling like a Rino for business donor money to keep importing half the world. Undignified.

  32. Rand Paul is right and he is wrong. There many black people and people in other minority groups who hold conservative principles but continue to vote for liberal politicians. We will not convince these people by waffling. We have to be committed to our principles. If the Republican party would consistently espouse and apply those principles, than maybe minorities would have a reason to join them.

    1. What about all the white rank and file white democrats 65 and above that whole Kennedy generation needs to die off as they are too old to change parties. But Obamacare will affect them the most and they need to be woken up.

      1. Your never too old to learn. You’re never too old to change. My granny has just recently realized that she is not a democrat and she is 70 years old. If we don’t convince them to join our side what are our other options? We can’t kill them off.

        1. no we cant and my parents and inlaws all White according to Paul but I would call them European. Specifically these people and their parents left oppression and the exact socialist conditions that they have given us by supporting the democrat machine.
          Rand is supporting the democrat machine when he bows down and lowers his agenda this way.

    2. Yep. I still remember the ZoNation episode where he talked about how the GOP used to be the party that put boot-to-butt to show the country who these dems really are. We need some more Cruz and Zo Repubs to come out and really mix things up!

    3. If there are minorities who have conservative principles then we need to run a candidate who does to. We haven’t had one since Reagan.

  33. So..BSing at Haaaaaavd is reaching the folks in Watts???, El Paso???? (R)inos=(D)em-wits 2.0…same game , different name….

    1. He’s after the kids who believe all the malarky the left has been teaching so he’s using leftist taking points about how horrible white Republicans are for not reaching out to ethnic communities. Conservatives don’t buy this crap but leftist brainwashed kids do.

  34. He’s turning out to be a total loon.

    LOL Tats and piercings? Too white?
    This is why his father didn’t get anything done.

    We have to be race hustlers to survive?

  35. Here is an observation derived from listening to conservative talk radio as I occasionally like to do. Have you noticed that the commercials on the conservative channels are a bit different than other kind of channels? For example, lots of commercials about buying gold and silver, bank ads for mortgages and reverse mortgaging – you get my drift. Now this is money talking, not a politician, and just whom do you think they are targeting. Well, seems to me targeting old people that are retired and have some funds or properties to be managed. Anyways, like it or not, there is perception that conservatives are well to do older people. The demoRats will do all in their power to keep us stereotyped. Whether you like Rand or not (I don’t), there remains that perception of the have vs. the have-nots. Lately I hear a lot of talk about freedoms and the constitution. I think that is a good thing that appeals to all walks of life…. just an observation.

    1. The left have all the magazines, newspapers, and lapdog media at their disposal to stereotype us. We have not wised up and fought back hard enough. We’re not called the party of stupid for nothing. Oh, how I miss Breitbart. Rand is talking like an affirmative action senator. I thought he had more sense than his Dad, but it looks as though he might be even worse.

  36. Return to conservative morals and values and espouse the greatness of America again like Ronald Reagan did and we would win big time! At this point I think only Ted Cruz gets it! He is my pick as of now.

    1. Cruz and Lee are pushing massive expansion of H1B visas so foreigners take the high paying jobs Americans spent years in college to obtain. Cruz also introduced legislation for Visas and legalization for illegal aliens. He mentions Hispanic and Black in his speeches but never white.
      Remember the father of illegal alien amnesty was none other than Ronald Reagan and he CAMPAIGN on the idea of amnesty. Cruz wants Reagan amnesty #2. He’s also the latest US Senate millionaire.

  37. ~~ Well get your ass out there and start “encouraging people to come into our party”….your the politician….!!!….stop bitchin’ and moanin’ and pointin’ at the problem you perceive and “fix it”.

  38. Rand Paul is NOT anyone I would vote for as President EVER! Isolationist, 9-11 “America Had It Coming” and now this BS? He is just another poser and a RINO when it comes down to it.

  39. You go to the Republican rally and all you see are white people….

    Gee maybe it’s because the Republican Leaders don’t do a damn thing to defend the Minorities in their own party! Where the hell was Rand Paul to go after the NAACP President who said down right vile things about Tim Scott?

    Or you know, how every Conservative African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, and Women are bashed by the Democrats and Liberals alike FOR BEING REPUBLICAN!

    Don’t tell me the GOP needs to embrace Liberalism and race bait politics.

    The issue Rand, is that leaders like you don’t ever say a damn thing about the hypocrisy that is the Left when it comes to race.

    The GOP used to GET the Black Vote. They LOST it because NOT ONE GOP LEADER DEFENDED them from the RACIST SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS that PASSED JIM CROWE Laws. This is all a bunch of BS.

    The GOP does need better outreach, but they don’t need to be pandering. If you’re pandering it means you don’t stand for anything.

    1. What the GOP should do is stand up and speak the truth.

      Go through the entire sordid history over and over and shove it down the DNC throats.

    2. The GOP also launched the amnesty in 1986 and subsequent amnesties, is now sneaking it into bills to the objections of black conservatives. Amnesty is wrong and raises the unemployment levels for blacks.

  40. He is a fool to make that statement and no one should chooses a party based on skin color as he puts it.

  41. He’s right. There are a small percentage of minorities in the GOP, but thats only because progressives have done such a good job of convincing minorities that Republicans are evil and only Democrats care. Which couldn’t be further from the truth

  42. The Republican party needs to find issues that consistent with limited government and will appeal to minorities. Even though minorities should care about tax cuts or deregulation, they don’t. Those policies benefit them, but it is a hard concept to grasp when you don’t pay taxes. Issues like drug sentencing reform affect like 30% of blacks. Restoring voting rights for non-violent felons is consistent with conservatism and is a way to get the foot in the door for a hearing on other issues.

    I don’t understand why people want to be so cloistered. A politician’s job is to sell. I’m happy that people like Paul put their cup on and do the heavy lifting. It is much harder to work for votes from new constituencies than to talk about guns,abortion, and Duck Dynasty.

    1. It’s not if Paul was advocating racial quotas or more welfare programs. He’s trying to get a message out to African Americans that they need to hear — and to Republicans that they need to hear.
      I think a number of posters here are just looking for reasons to hate on libertarians. Which is very ill advised, because as Benjamin Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

      1. The fact that he brings up race shows that he is appeasing and justifying the lefts agenda. We should be playing our game and not theirs

      2. I don’t think Benjamin Franklin would support amnesty the way Rand does. Don’t think he’d compromise on principles just to get more votes either.

    2. Rewarding felons who lost their right to vote BECAUSE OF THEIR CRIMES is not conservative. What does that say to the victims? Drug dealers, etc. should be in prison according to sentencing passed by Congress. Your idea is for Republicans to reward criminals.

  43. You can have your GOP Rand, we’ll stick with Constitutional Conservatives who don’t base popularity on skin color, but character.
    You’re SO done.

    1. Right on Duckie. I’ve posted this before that Reagan’s “program” for black americans was capitalism. Conservativism is a harder sell but it creates opportunity, economic advancement and liberty. Under the last conservative President Reagan black employment, black business ownership and black professional jobs all boomed.

      To quote the link below: Between 1982 and 1988, total black employment increased by 2 million, a staggering sum. That meant that blacks gained 15 percent of the new jobs created during that span, while accounting for only 11 percent of the working-age population. Meanwhile, the black jobless rate was cut by almost half between 1982 and 1988. Compared that to Obama disastrous double digit unemployment record for blacks. I wish someone in the GOP would mention this record of success.



      1. I don’t have time to read the link right now, but put it in my files. Thank you for it.
        Yes the truth is always a harder sell, but to some, I guess that means giving up trying to sell it 🙁
        Excellent points BearNJ

  44. how about setting up a mobile tattoo station at the next GOP event? Or maybe Rand should take the initiative and start a new trend, pierce his ears and get some fat tats, to show the new Face of the GOP?

  45. I do not like this man.

    What a fake a phony this Paul turned out to be.

    Loves Amnesty
    Loves Mitch McConnell
    Loves Eric Holder
    Loves to be an Isolationist

    I tell you right now, this man, Christie, Bush, Romney or any other RINO runs and gets the Republican Nomination in 2016, more people than ever WILL STAY HOME AND NOT VOTE. I will always VOTE but when i say I won’t ever vote Liberal – Go ahead and nominate one of these people then tell me how I am destroying the country, because Hillary or Warren will win. You think that argument works any more.

  46. So we need affirmative action for the Republican party? Is that what you are saying rand. You lost my vote.

  47. FURP. Seriously, you suck.

    What the GOPe is afraid of is the Tea Party taking away their power. The GOPe is intentionally using amnesty and immigration issue to demoralize the base, you know…all us flyover people. The GOPe believes if they can defeat the Tea Party and conservative base by threatening or passing amnesty, they can retain their power (one party rule as it is D=R) and crush the TP once and for all. These same RINO’s never attack Obama or Democrats, just take cowardly jabs at Cruz or Palin.

    All of this Republican RINO amnesty talk is to protect the establishment…Rand jumping on board because he is not a conservative, just a pandering whack job.

  48. how about randy pointing out that it is the demoncrats that put people in a box by race!
    Conservative republicans are a party of ideas and principals not based on color but liberty and liberty does not have a color!!!!

  49. Maybe if the GOP were something other than Democrat Lite they wouldn’t have this problem. How many Republican politicians can & will simply explain the destructive impact big government has had on minority communities? Answer: Very few.

  50. OMG , how insulting. So screw principles , let’s have a party based on race and radial make up? Hmm sounds racial/racist to me. Nothing like a WHITE guy trying to move me and “my peoples” around like chess pieces on a chess board.
    I hate these SOB’s !!!!!

    On another note POS Mario Diaz(R-FL) says we will definitely have immigration reform(amnesty) this year. I guess we’re not going to win the senate. They don’t want it.

    “Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., told CQ Roll Call that pro-rewrite calls earlier this week from two Illinois Republicans, Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Aaron Schock, recent comments from Speaker John A. Boehner, combined with a rash of immigration rallies and protests across the nation in recent days, are indications that momentum has shifted back to those hoping to implement an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws this year.”
    Read more at http://patdollard.com/2014/04/gop-rep-momentum-has-shifted-back-to-amnesty-bill-passing-we-finally-have-the-policy-right/#dDxCqVZSuisrCb6B.99
    I guess I’ll be leaving the party.

    1. Two more traitors from the pit of Illinois. Wow – are there any real repubs in this state? Anyway – we don’t need reform – we need the laws upheld – illegal is illegal. I do believe we need to start having citizens’ rallies demanding immigration laws be upheld.

  51. Somebody send this assclown bus fare back to Kentucky. I’m sick of his voice. I’m sick of his lousy haircut. I’m sick of the faraway look in his eyes. Just go away.

  52. It doesn’t help when the Democrats keep pushing the narrative of Republicans being rich racist white people. But it should be more important for us to attract people of character rather than skin color or appearance.

    1. All Sonny Boy does in his speech here is confirm that Democratic narrative. Not exactly helping things.

  53. Just shut up. Like your father you ramble on about anything the media throws at you. Shut your yap and go to work. The more I hear you the bigger a kook you become.

  54. I actually can’t disagree with this:

    “You go to a Republican event and it’s all white people — not because we are excluding anybody, but we haven’t done a good enough job of encouraging people to come into our party.”

    If you talk to any conservative Black Republican or Latino Republican they will likely tell you the same thing. The GOP is terrible in minority outreach and need to, instead of buying TV ad time, actually go into minority communities and talk to people. I don’t see how improving your public image and the publics perception of you is pandering.

    1. It’s how sonny Boy wants to do this so-called “outreach” that is the problem. Not the fact that it needs to be done.

      1. Despite popular opinion, I do not necessarily believe immigration reform is the end of the world.

        1. Look at CA and you’ll see what the electoral college would look like for the next 50 years.

          Then come tell me what a wonderful idea it is.

        2. Depends on the reform. My point is, what good is it to legalize millions of people who can’t speak English? Also has anyone even asked if they want to be citizens? Most probably just want to work here only.

        3. You can’t have massive immigration and a welfare state. The left want to use these people to create another subservient class. I’m all for making it easier for people to come to the United States to work, but we can’t let them become citizens.

    2. You know, this premise never ceases to frost me.

      If anything, the black community should be doing outreach to us.

      Time and time again, the GOP has been on the right side for them. Time and time again, they blow us off, call us bigots, and vote for the Democrats. Time and time again we get slapped in the face.

      They exchanged physical binds for economic ones…from the SAME people. That’s somehow OUR fault ? Frak that entire premise.

  55. How about you stop flapping your lips about race relations and do something productive. You sir, have lost any chance at my vote. You now have shown your colors are no different than Rubio, Jeb, and Paul Ryan. All a bunch of fakes who will stab the American people in the back as soon as you get the chance. You are a race-baiting fraud guilty of the political crime of pandering. We don’t need a panderer. We need a leader.

  56. So Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley,Ben Carson,Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Herman Cain, Suzanne Martinez, are white? When did that happen?

    1. PAUL wants more blue ribbon Negros, you know the drivers that the DEMS have ???? Rev’s Al, Jesse, Wright, Sheila, Maxine, Cummings “etc” I did not know that Bobby, Nikki, Ben Carson, Allen West were “white” also, Thank you for bringing it to everyone’s attention ???

    2. Let’s not forget Tim Scott, Mia Love, Doneen Borelli, David Webb, TW Shannon, Niger Innes, JJ Watts and many other blacks and minorities who have chosen the GOP as their home.

    3. I think it’s pretty clear that Paul was talking about the average folks in the audience, not just the exceptionally strong-minded few who managed to escape the plantation mentality on their own. I have observed the same thing myself — Republican and Tea Party events are attended mostly by middle-class whites (such as myself). Considering that African Americans have been as badly screwed by the liberals as anyone, if not more so, it’s appalling that the party of Lincoln cannot muster significant black interest, let alone voter support. Maybe it’s because the GOP has been run too long by the country-club set and the Chamber of Commerce and is mostly energized by the business agenda — such as securing an unlimited supply of cheap labor from Mexico. Mostly, I think, it’s cultural.
      Anyway, I’ll admit Paul could could have done a better job of confronting this issue. But It’s hardly “pandering” on his part to point the problem out. And at least he has been trying to reach out, which is more than you can say about the rest of the GOP field.

      1. Their attended by mostly white because the country is still mostly white. The press the Gop establishment and the left like to make us think we are already in the minority while doing their damndest to make it so. If white voters hadn’t stayed home (don’t blame them) Romney would have defeated Obama. Why to you think the left and their allies (think Boehner) want 11 million illegals made legal? If anything we need to be appealing to any white person still in their right mind to vote conservative. With the right candidate CONSERVATIVE minorities will vote for them not by appealing to them as an individual constituency but by appealing to them as conservative Americans.
        We need to stop using the leftist press lies to run our political campaigns and thinking.

  57. This is just race hustling in another form. He is no different than Sharpton or Jackson.

    And rarely have I ever seen a politician implode so fast as I have seen Rand Paul do. Perhaps he should stop talking now so it saves his career.

      1. That’s what I think but don’t discount the Paulettes yet. Their mania can get self righteous and infectious.

        1. But it doesn’t translate into votes. In 2012, the old Rube did decent in Iowa and New Hampshire (mostly because of crossover Democrat votes) and then fell off the map.

          1. Unfortunately, here in VA the margins are so tight….private vs. public sector…..that the Paulbots actually can cause mayhem, and have.

            1-2% will swing a state wide race either way. A GOP candidate is going to need VA.

        2. Especially to our already brain washed young. The left has done Rand’s job for him all he has to do is pull them in.

    1. Your first sentence is so, so right on! It’s what I’ve been thinking but you articulated it much better.

  58. Question for you, Senator Paul. If a group of people (I’d like to name one, but for pc) promised to deliver 10m votes in exchange for a (R) party makeover, would you continue to pander? Because, this is what it’s starting to look like with you.

    1. I think you are onto something. I have always beleived that amnesty support is coming with a price. For example, I just read a report that McRogers, who is the 4th in command in the Republican party, a RINO of course just said that amnesty will happen


      Condalezza Rice also advocated for amnesty and she gets appointed to the board of dropbox.



      And that’s just a few and that’s not to mention John Boehner and company-Eric Cantor to name a few and now Rand Paul. So now I am waiting for the next news to drop showing who is giving Rand Paul money. These people have no principles because they have sold out the Republican party and philosophy and if you notice it always the Progressives and RINOs.

  59. If it’s too white, let’s begin by getting rid of you.
    This fool is turning out to be quite the Benedict Arnold.
    Exaggeration?! Hardly.

    This from a brown man.

    1. I second that motion! This WHITE man wants to think color not POLICY, that’s what’s destroying EVERYONE in this nation!
      Anyone seriously think DC will reform itself? Please, please for the love of God , and all things holy, Join Convention of States. Stop these idiots with an article V.

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