Rasmussen: Romney now has small lead in Ohio, +4 in swing state tracking

In the latest Ohio poll that carries a margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points, Romney is now up by +2 points over Obama at 50% – 48%. Looks like Mittmentum has now pushed him to a small lead in the Buckeye state.

Swing state tracking shoes Romney holding steady at +4 point over Obama at 50% – 46% and the daily nationwide tracking poll has the candidates inching closer together with Romney only up +2 points over Obama at 49% – 47%. The last time I posted the nationwide tracking poll Romney was at 50% with Obama at 47%.

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49 thoughts on “Rasmussen: Romney now has small lead in Ohio, +4 in swing state tracking

  1. may the better (best) man win, R/R I pray, I know my prayer answered !

    Take someoene with you to vote

  2. Months ago GB said, “Pray for a miracle.” They say that “the Lord works in mysterious ways, his miracles to perform,” and “Amazing Grace…to have saved a wretch like me.”

    The foul spawn of hell, risen from the bowels in the form of progressives to flood the earth with their lies and filth, have been exposed and discredited with their acts and lies in Ft Hood, Benghazi and elsewhere.

    The “Storm of the Century,” someday to be named, “The Storm of the Millennium,” has moved into to overwhelm any petty newsworthy distortion regarding peace with Iran or news of “Drone vengeance” attack on random Muslims in Benghazi for at least the next 3-5 days. The poor. housebound and terrified by the howling winds with only an Obamaphone for comfort and the Vagina-crats, with visions of the future facing the possibility that their next one-night stand could result in a birth are not going out in the storm because they are weak in mind and in spirit.

    IN 3-5 days it will be too late for Hell’s minions to pull out anything great or startling enough to cover promote the candidacy of the black child of Satan over Mit Romney.

    Thank you all for your prayers and your faith. And thank you Lord. And God Bless the United States of America!

  3. I hope everyone will remain safe during this weather crisis. We are with you, as you would be for us.

    I dislike that many online publications are saying that Obama has the attention of the nation, and can “once again” prove he’s Presidential…while Romney has to sit back and cancel his last minute scorching ad blitz.

  4. Hard to believe we only have a week to go. Let’s keep up the “Mittmentum” and get this fellow elected. Given how terrible things are with both the economy and the world in general, we need Romney now more than ever.

  5. After 4 yrs and continuing economic anemia, it is incredible that Obama has shot in this election. It is a worrying prospect that so many Americans are suspending disbelief and considering voting for Obama. How bad do things have to get and how little does Obama have to offer in a second term to get most voters worried? I hope the polls are reflecting another reality and he will lose in a landslide.

      1. Yes only if they are broad-spectrum and are a guaranteed cure for this country’s ailments and not just a short term remission of the liberal disease.

  6. If Romney/Ryan wins, it won’t be because the economy is thin and Obama is black-skinned…

    It’ll be because the economy is black and Obama is thin-skinned.

    1. That’s right. Take it seriously please. Lowest pressure ever recorded at that latitude.

      Also the eye of the hurricane looks like Obama’s logo, and is spinning to leftwards leaving destruction in it’s wake, just like Hurricane Hussein.

    2. Thank you for your kind thoughts folks…I’m i hour west of Ottawa..we’re expecting a bit of weather starting tonight!

      Did survive 11 days of no power in ’98 Ice Storm so…

      1. Oy! My folks are near London, I’m hoping they’ll be out of it a little, but have other family and friends all around TO. Hope it weakens by the time it gets up your way Blue… where are you exactly?

  7. I’m still surprised (and more than a little worried) that Mitt does not have a bigger lead over the Jihadi-in-Chief. What are you people out there thinking????

    1. The media are manipulating the polls in the same way the NObama regime is manipulating the unemployment numbers. They push NOBama up in the polls, and NObama pulls down the unemployment percent to ensure it’s below 8% even when it clearly isn’t.

  8. I am tired of being spun for the last 4 yrs, I don’t even mind an honest socialist in the white house at this point, fortunately we don’t have to make that choice. Sandy does not hold a candle to the storm of lies, distortions, and propaganda I have seen the last 4 yrs, this to me is the second most damaging thing the one has done after obamacare.

  9. Great news and it will probably be a landslide!!! But of course the DESPERATE MSM is already out there with the lies and skewed polls…AP…Obama Leads in Swing States…yah and I’ve got a bridge for sale! The libs are looooosssssiiiinnnng! The LIES ain’t working!!!!

  10. Obama’s lies and deceptions, with as much hate as he can interject into the discourse,will intensify has we draw nearer to election day. The only way he has a chance is if the corruption and fraud can swing enough illicit votes to make a difference. He and his thugs will not go easy, but they are going down. It is imperative to put as many conservatives in Congress, as possible, in case Romney resorts to being a RINO and refuses to acknowledge those who got him elected.

  11. This election is going to be like a fine game of whack-a-mole. Wherever Obama raises his head, it’ll be whacked with a crochet voting mallet wielded by conscientious citizens.

    It’s gonna be a blowout. A shellacking, with sprinkles liberally applied. A cherry on his head and an apple in his mouth.

  12. Perhaps I live in a bubble but I do not see ANY enthusiasm from the left in this election. Therefore, I suggest the 2010 election was but the tip of the iceberg. I have literally seen only ONE Obama/Biden bumper sticker 2012 this year. I have seen a few faded out 2008 Obama/Biden stickers which is poetic in nature as this is what this Presidency is. Tired, faded and soon to be over.

    1. After the 2008 election there was a lot of talk about how Bush destroyed the Republican party. There is some truth to that, but I don’t think the damage that Bush did to the Republican party is anywhere near what Obama will have done to the Democrats. If the 2012 election is anywhere close to being the blowout that the mid-terms were, the Democrats will be doing some serious soul-searching in 2013. Hopefully they will take their party back from the far-left extremists that have been hell bent on destroying everything that made this country great.

      At the top of the extremists are the radical socialists, globalists, environmentalists and feminists. Hopefully their grip on the media and education will be significantly weakened as well.

      1. Not to mention the attacks on the first, second, fourth and tenth amendments. Then there is also the move towards abdicating our laws to the U.N., the illegal powers given to dozens of czars for the sole purpose of executive branch powers and the push towards sharia law creeping in to our judicial system.

      2. I’m still on record as saying I think their is a good chance the Democratic party splits. The Socialist goons, like those on MSNBC, are scaring the semi-sane people by being willing to throw everyone else under the bus. Look for a splinter party to break off.

  13. It’s good to see Romney ahead in so many recent polls. But so long as he’s wins the poll on Nov 6th, I’ll be happy and the entire nation will breath a sigh of relief!

  14. The polls will keep narrowing through election day because Democrats and obama are losing and they are going to try to save face and say it was close.

    1. And they can then, after the election, scream about voter fraud and voter suppression because the polls in the corrupt media said it was close.

  15. Just as a general comment:

    My TV remote control has become my most important gadget….especially the mute and channel changer. It prevents me from having to listen to further Obama lies and BS.

        1. And America’s Bible Challenge and O’Reilly and CSI: NY and NCIS And a ton more. I can’t do without my TV, but I’m careful what I choose to watch. Bit like the Internet really, it can be an amazingly educational place, or a dark, sinister place, all depends on where you go and what you watch.

        2. I don’t get cable, so I’m pretty much stuck with the broadcast network coverage. I’m toying with signing up with BlazeTV just to get the election night coverage. However, I’m also tempted to watch the MSM just to see their reaction. If there is a Republican landslide, it will be much more fun to watch them.

    1. The DVR has been one of my best friends! I tape and watch on delay almost everything I want to see. I see it with no ads… And with O’Reilly, no Geraldo or other annoying morons.

      1. It sounds like some good advice… my friend… Anything to do away with having to see or hear Juan Williams and Alan Combs. Who seem to flush up the same revolting garabage, as if, it were on some endless loops without regard to the question or the facts of the matter.

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