Rep. Frank Wolf blasts Gen. Ham for speaking openly about Benghazi at paid dinner but not to the American people

Rep. Frank Wolf wants to know why Gen. Ham is willing to talk about Benghazi to people paying to hear him speak but only speaks to Congress behind closed doors. Also he raises other questions based on what Ham said about his response to Benghazi.


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22 thoughts on “Rep. Frank Wolf blasts Gen. Ham for speaking openly about Benghazi at paid dinner but not to the American people

  1. And I”m sure all members were intensly listening to that speech.  Although I agree with it it’s not even going to register on the radar of rest of congress, the administration or the majority of the American public.  It’s going to go unnoticed except to people like us.

  2. I have lost ALL confidence in my Government. 
      But I didn’t have much to start with. 
      They are more of a liability than an asset.

  3. I think it was supposed to be a hostage situation. I think the plan was that Obama would have traded the blind Sheik for him.

  4. Benghazi… the main scandal that Washington desperately doesn’t want us to know about.

      1. Laurel A The Sentinel   
        At the very least, the Obama ‘machine’ in the White House was up to their A$$ in this and the IRS scandal.

        1. tinlizzieowner Laurel A The Sentinel  Obama is the elected Chief Executive of this country.  He is supposed to know all about Benghazi and how the IRS operates.  It’s his job.  Is there incompetence or malfeasance going on?

        2. Pancake3 tinlizzieowner Laurel A The Sentinel  
          Just call it ‘Fundamental Transformation’. 😉 😉

      2. Laurel A The Sentinel   I heard that they may have a direct connecton to Obama through a lawyer that he appointed.  The lawyer had an 8 hour meeting with Obama, and the very next day, and the day after, he had meetings with the IRS and sent down directives.  Right after that, that lawyer disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.  I guess they claim he’s overseas.  How convenient, and it’s not the first time this administration has done it to keep someone from being questioned.
        As for Benghazi, I think there was something big going on there.  For Obama to just sit back and watch Americans be murdered, he had to be wanting to cover something up that’s a lot bigger than not wanting the public to know the security wasn’t as good as it should have been.  I think he was up to something that would probably get him impeached.  His reaction alone should get him impeached.

  5. Unless Ham said something different behind closed doors his explanation at the dinner is criminal. 
    He repeating what Panetta said and that was criminal and was a lie.

  6. No, Congressman Wolf, a lot of us aren’t losing confidence in our government…..we’ve lost ALL confidence in it.  Congress is an exclusive club where no one does anything to jeopardize their position/membership in the club.  It doesn’t conduct America’s business, it conducts members’ business….how to get reelected, how to get money for their respective districts, etc.etc.etc.  It’s shameful and disgraceful the way our government is behaving and both parties are to blame.

  7. Don’t hold your breath, Congressman Wolf.  Here’s we’re more concerned over whether a child born across the Atlantic will be a King or a Queen.

  8. Too many unanswered questions, while the media snores.  You’d think at some point in time, with all the scandals, just one of them would break rank and do their stinkin’ job!

  9. Because they are covering up the Libyan Fast and Furious operation,that was run through the consulate.

    1. 57thunderbird We’ve heard next to nothing on that!  I think Beck touched on it but the matter almost doesn’t exist in anyone’s mind………………….like, at all!

      1. DebbyX 57thunderbird You’re right,unfortunately.Totally dropped off the radar.There is much more to this story than meets the eye.

      2. DebbyX 57thunderbird That the matter almost doesn’t exist in anyone’s mind is a result of the Obama administration’s using the Cloward-Piven strategy on us:  attempting to completely overwhelm our systems with uncertainty and confusion (IRS, AP, Boston bombing, Newtown, Martin/Zimmerman, Weiner, NSA, etc., etc., etc.), such that we figure that we can’t KEEP up and thus GIVE up trying.  This is a political strategy being used on us.

        1. LoJoFo DebbyX 57thunderbird I just think it’s the media’s lack of interest and constant covering for him.  And he should never underestimate the intelligence of the American people.

  10. Another decent rep.I thank you sir for keeping the fire under their feet on this issue.

  11. Special Operations Speaks, Wolf, Levin, and a few others are trying to get to the bottom of this, but they are like voices crying out in the wilderness.

  12. God bless this man. He’s among the precious few who actually care what happened in Benghazi.
    No, sir your colleagues don’t care what Gen Ham or any other person in this administration does or says about almost everything.
    You sir, know how lonely it is to be among the few honest congressmen/women.

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