Rep. Gohmert rips Holder into shreds: Your job is JUSTICE Mr. Attorney General!

This clip is just awesome. A very livid Rep. Gohmert doesn’t hold back in hammering Holder this morning over his refusal to provide Congress with requested documents on the 2008 Holy Land Foundation case, documents that Gohmert says Holder has already provided to the terrorists that were a part of the case. Gohmert also hammered him for not being outraged enough to find out who authorized Fast and Furious.

This is a must watch:

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110 thoughts on “Rep. Gohmert rips Holder into shreds: Your job is JUSTICE Mr. Attorney General!

  1. It is excrutiating to listen to Holder weasel himself out of this with his double talk. Every answer is a slap in the face of Congress and the America people. Oust the traitor!

  2. Gohmert said he sent friends and the children of friends to prison and went in the back room and wept. Is that not a conflict of interest? I thought if the judge knew the defendant he had to recuse himself.

    Why does it seem they keep asking the same questions and Holder keeps doing the same song and dance? I want to see something with backbone that forces Holder to comply.

  3. Arrrrgh Has Eric Holder ever heard the words “yes” and “no”? It amazes me that he can talk and talk but never say one of the two words that are all that is needed to answer a straightforward question.

    1. There’s a reason he does it. The interrogator is on a time limit. The more Holder talks the fewer questions he has to face. That’s also why they cut him off when he’s not answering the questions. Libs bitch when they cut Holder off because he’s not being allowed to answer the questions, but it’s because he ISN’T answering the questions and they can’t allow him to fillibuster the time.

  4. We know more facts about the killing of Trayvon Martin than we do Officer Brian Terry. Racism?

      1. Sad, isn’t it? There was a rush to find out everything about everything in the Martin killing, but when it comes to Officer Terry’s murder the people in Obamaland don’t want to know nothin’.

        It stinks.

  5. Wow. Too bad character is something that doesn’t matter in the democrat, socialist, communists and racist communities.

    All you have too be is loud and stupid and be willing to take money for no effort.

    Holder’s one and Obama’s another. Affirmative Action, lazy, corrupt, entitled, arrogant morons– they have no talent, no ability and no credibility.

  6. Everytime Holder speaks, he sounds guilty and in contempt.

    I don’t blame any of these people for being angry with this liar. It’s sickening and unbelievable that Democrats defend this fraud. I despise this guy more than Obama – he blatantly lies and has broken the law frequently. He deserves jail. He’s a lying Ahole.

  7. Without any doubt Holder needs a particular form of attitude ajustment, life in prsion without parole, with his terrorist muslim cohorts should suffice.

    Vote November 2012, The democrat party must be destoryed, they are the lowest species on the planet.

    Tea Party Patriot
    That’s being nice.

  8. Just another grand-standing hearing. It is obvious that Holder will not answer honestly, in fact, I’m sure that he doesn’t know the meaning of honest. The questions asked by Mr. Gohmert were not, in my opinion, good enough. Holder knows that he can hold out and wear them out and they will never defund, hold him in contempt or take any action that would truly hold him accountable. Why should he answer when he knows that he can obviate long enough to walk away unscathed when he feels like it. These hearings are a joke.

    1. I am afraid you are right. This incompetent ideologue will never answer a question or hand over evidence. He will stonewall until this regime is outta office, admit nothing, and get away with all his egregious actions. And to tell you the truth, I just want them all gone….YESTERDAY!

  9. Wow Rep Gohmert was spot on in his criticism of Holder and his Injustice Dept. My only question is how long are we going to tolerate Holder’s head games? That sob needs to be indicted. arrested and put in jail. His dept has been political from the get-go. Justice is not the by-word at “Justice”. Impeach the bastard. Defund his department if necessary, but get this egregious, evil, cretin out of office.

  10. millions of taxpayers dollars were spent to buy those guns….
    and Holder DOES NOT KNOW who had made the decision???

    Who gave money to straw buyers? Where did he/she get that money?

    What a circus

  11. Maybe I don’t understand the process, but I’m so tired of a talk, talk, talk, all show, no go, Congress, who are supposed to be representing us. We the People demand to know or We the People will hold you in contempt and lock you up until you tell us! The shear arrogance of Holder in believing he is not accountable to the People of the United States, and the shear impotence of Congress in enforcing our will on Holder, and Obama, is sickening.

  12. Why can’t politicians just answer a freaken’ question straight forward without all the stupid blathering????????

  13. Holder, like everyone else in this administration, is a disgrace. Pure and simple, nothing else needs to be said.

      1. I can see his point and think I know what they are doing, giving him plenty of rope, but the hangman is Obama and that level will never be thrown. Its good to be king and its even better to be the jester in the court of the king.

  14. Wowsa….Moochelle may not go all the way down but he can count on Holder to bend over.

  15. Why do they keep putting up with this crap? Why don’t they just charge him with something and make him prove and show facts in a court of law? This crap is gonna drag out forever……

  16. Why do they keep putting up with this crap? Why don’t they just charge him with something and make him prove and show facts in a court of law? This crap is gonna drag out forever……

  17. I don’t know what Congress/Senate can do, but whatever it is they had better get busy and do it. I am sick of them playing pattyfingers with Eric Holder. Do they have a case or not? They had best DECIDE!

  18. I often wonder how these oversight hearings would go differently if Allen West was doing the questioning?

    I wish Gohmert would have spent less time on the intro, and just delved right into hard hitting yes or no questions. The only thing Holder has been honest about is when he admitted today that he sees his position as “political”. Like, we didn’t already know that based his actions and all of the appointments made at the DOJ.

    Congress needs to stop talking and take actions.

    Now they have to spend time investigating the national security leaks!!!! These people are truly dangerous.

    Thanks goodness there are still some patriots in DC that are blowing the whistle or we wouldn’t have a clue.

    1. If West was doing the questioning, holder would have hid under his desk at the Justice dept., crying until his mommy came and got him….

  19. Holder is punk. He needs to be put put in contempt of Congress and removed from his position. All departments not in compliance need to be de-funded.

    1. That’s the best answer yet; other than being impeached & slammed into a cell, that is. I like Issa; don’t know much about the other guy; but at least he gave it his best shot & got nothing from Holder!

  20. Arrongant bastard. He is a traitor! He’s an accessory in the murder of over 300 people.

  21. Eric Holder is an obvious racist and a disgrace to the legal profession. He is indicative of the lies and deceptions that are prevalent in the corrupt practices of almost every person chose to serve in this administration. Ariel Durant said,”A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.” Barry Soetero and his gang of Chicago thugs, even though they are completely out of their league, are trying to do just that.

    1. “Barry Soetero and his gang of Chicago thugs”

      When you think about it, it really does get down to “Barry Soetero and his gang of Chicago thugs”.

  22. Oh please, Holder knows darn well what was going on. I like this guy, I’ve seen him on the Willis Report before.

  23. What we are missing here is forensic examination. The line of questioning is too verbose, too rambling. This guy needs to be pinned down. He doesn’t answer a question, fine, make him, no moving on til he has answered. Moving to another question is a success for him. What, we will go to question 2 because he has successfully evaded answering question 1? Puhllleeezzzzze!!!

    Yes he is slippery, yes he is a liar, yes he is most likely a traitor to our country and its constitution but he is not being pinned down. I was twiddling my thumbs while Rep Gohmert gave a superb after dinner speech/intro about the tough calls he has had to make. I applaud his character but that is not what is being discussed. This AG needs to be surgically scalped, viciously. I loved Daryl Issa but his questioning was awful. I mean come on folks, we need to surgically strip this guy. This is not being done.

    Frustrated !!!!

  24. He did everything but hold anybody responsible for this. He can’t do that because it’s obama.

      1. I did. It’s their automatic magic answer to anything they don’t want to answer truthfully (which is everything).

  25. This is a travesty of justice.

    How long are they going to let it go on?

    How many lines in the sand has Issa dared Holder to cross so far?

    1. Look at the bar code on the quart of milk in your refrigerator and multiply those lines by ten and we might get close to the answer to your question.

  26. “What did you do when you found out about Fast & Furious Mr Attorney General?”

    “Well, I went back to the office and moved some paper around and then told some folks that they would have to move offices. BUT…….I did it in a stern tone.

    Yeah, they were all like ‘what???’, and I said, ‘Yeah, yea…*gulp*…you heard me….you have to move out of your corner office and you lose your parking space near the building. Oh and you will receive an “unsatisfactory” on your annual evaluation.

    So, yes, Mr Gohmert, I was all like “beast” up in there with my staff.”


  27. Someone ask this guy what his name is. I want to see him run in circles for 10 minutes trying to avoid saying the word “Eric.”

    1. “Well according to my records, both personal and in my capacity as Attorney General of The United States of America, there does possibly exist the answer you are asking me but since this is an ongoing area of investigation and considering all the implications attached to the definition, or definitions, of the word ‘name’ it probably would be more conducive to a correct outcome if the matter was expounded upon by my staff, with my full cooperation to this hearing being the main goal and in order for there to be no ambiguity, or cloudiness, attached to my forthcoming statement that, I am sure, will be looked upon with all due respect for it’s source and the very careful direction my department is going to take in granting this committee the information it needs, wants and expects in it goal of nearing it’s conclusion as to the matter before us”

      “What was the question?”

      1. HAHAHAHA… oh brilliant!

        Or my personal favorite:

        “I’ve already given you 413,000 names?”

            1. As a matter of fact, yes. More than we’ve been getting. We seem to be going into that afternoon rain cycle that we’ve learned to know and love.

              1. That’s good! It’s been humid enough over here to see fish going by, hoping we get some drops out of all these clouds. It has kept the temps down a couple of degrees though (like that makes a difference down here lol!) Have a Blessed day tomorrow NY!!

      2. I’m sorry, Mr. Holder. Your time is up. We’d like to hear more, but that is all the time that was allotted. I’m sure you’re as disappointed as we are and I’m also sure you’d be happy to come before us again, for a ninth time, just to attempt to get to the bottom of this situation. Let’s see, I think we have a slot opening up in 2095, if you’re available then.

        1. Yes, as you know and understand, my intention is to be as forthright with this commission as possible and I, also, am dismayed that we couldn’t make more headway today but I understand that the rules, being what they are, preclude all of us from being allotted enough time to advance this inquiry to the extent that we and the American people would and should expect. As for the proposed opening slot in 2095 I’ll have to get back to you on that. There are many and various operations going on that require the full attention of my office in order to cover them with all the focus they deserve and warrant. But, let me say this at this time, my feelings are that a tentative date somewhere in mid 2095, at this point, does seem doable. Maybe sometime in the month of May, no…wait, no June. Yes June it seems might be more convenient but I’ll confirm that tentative date sometime in the near future.

  28. Holder is a worthless piece of crap! He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent for his criminal behavior. It will be a slap in the face of our justice system if this man gets a free pass on Fast and Furious, let alone the other notorious activities he has allowed under his watch.

    Isn’t it amazing how the country was so quick to judge (and sentence) Zimmerman in a heartbeat without knowing any facts. Yet, Holder, is confronted with all kinds of evidence and the wheels of justice seem to come to a screeching halt!

    1. So no one is surprised to see Holder and co. on the side of the Zimmerman lynch mob and on the side of the Same-o Black Panther Party. Hmmm…

  29. Wasted words on Holder –

    He doesn’t give a crap about anything

    His job is protecting Obama and “his people”

    NOT The American People

    You have admit thiugh Holder is superior sandbagger –

    These committee people now have “FOOL” status –

    Here’s your sign!!

    1. Don’t do that! Your poor computer’s not to blame for the reprehensible rhetoric of Holder!

        1. Say your mantra ABC. UMMMM UMMMM UMMMM, no wait, that didn’t work with Scott Walkers election. Never mind.

      1. OATH!, I thought you said OATS, as in Quaker, as in what do I normally eat for breakfast. There seems to be some confusion on your part.

  30. In conjunction with arresting Holder, one of the first acts of the new administration must be to raid the DOJ (with Secret Service or even Marines, if necessary) to confiscate files and records that have not already been destroyed. Holder is at least a criminal and possibly a traitor.

      1. I would ask Mexico if they wanted to file charges against this scum ,if they said yes I would pepper spray him all the way to Mexico City and hand deliver him in a pink jumper and tell them to put him in the general population….and request no bail….as you can tell I really REALLY! don’t like this bag of skunk piss……

        1. I hear ya. I have no earthly idea why anyone, especially a hispanic person [Mexican people have suffered because of F&F] or border person on either side [who endure terror due to weapons on the border], would support ANYONE who supports and defends Eric Holder and his DOJ based on what we have heard so far. If MR Holder can defend himself, he should do it. If not, take his licks like a man.

        2. I can tell you don’t like the man. While he isn’t the name you call him, his actions smell worse.

    1. One of the major problems with our transfer of power is the lame duck period between November (when they get fired) and January (when the new administration takes over). Too much can be destroyed or hidden in that time frame.

      I suspect that all a raid would find in all those files is one single little piece of paper with the words ‘nothing to see here’ printed on it.

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