Rep. Jordan grills Chu over Solyndra, DOE Loans

This starts out in a tedious line of questioning, but Rep. Jordan is making the point that almost all of the guaranteed loans given to green energy companies were politically connected, and of those loans, many of the companies receiving them were considered junk status by the ratings agencies.

Jordon goes after Chu on this point:

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45 thoughts on “Rep. Jordan grills Chu over Solyndra, DOE Loans

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  4. Chu got schooled. Mr Jordan is wise to this administration and Chu’s incompitence and duplicitiousness. Chu is one sorry a$$ ba$tard.

  5. Did anyone catch that last phrase, “It’s a art more than a science”? How about basic math more than a corrupt socialist agenda?

  6. Junk status is a “reasonable chance of repayment”? Chu is not a moron. Obama is not a moron. These were politically based….Obama repaying his buddies for their support. The “hope and change” was taken by the Democrat base to mean he was going to get rid of corruption. Instead, they got the opposite. You wanna talk about being duped? Democrat voters fell for it hook line and sinker.

  7. Are all the Obama officials total liars? Do they not realize that we see right through them? Obama, Holder, Chu,etc. do not tell the truth. Power corrupts escpecially when these men have no Christian foundation, no Christian worldview. “Every one does what is right in his own sight”. What a sad day for America when we the people can not trust any of our leaders.

  8. Chu “It’s an art more than a science.”
    So is that admitting he is incompetent or merely perpetuating theft of US taxpayers money? Oddly last time I tried to get a loan I nearly had to get an anal exam and prove my life expectancy as well as financial ability to repay it… with interest. Aren’t these asshats suppose to have a fiduciary responsibility? Who will bring charges on the taxpayers behalf? C’mon … balls out!

  9. Do we expect ANYTHING to come of this?

    Do we expect ANYTHING to come from Fast and Furious investigations, either?

  10. Scoop! I am shocked, shocked at you posting this! EVERYONE knows that this is the most ethical administration in American history. Actually… now that I think about it, this is the most ethical government in all of human history. Hey now, stop laughing!

  11. I’m not even going to bother listening to it. It’s garbage unless criminal proceedings are brought against Chu, Geithener, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Bernanke and most of all Obama for all of the unconstitutional and illegal things they have perpetrated on the American people.

  12. I’ve had me a bad plate of Grilled Chu with rice pilaf in the Orient one time. I wasn’t able to go ten minutes without having to hit the toilet over the next two days.

  13. “Did you give handouts to your buddies or are you guys incompetent?”

    OMG! Woof. Laying it down, isn’t he? And Chu is so unflappable through the whole thing. He really does play cool as a cucumber.

    For what it’s worth, could we get Chu’s response posted here? Sounds like he’s about to start muddying the waters and saying the ratings mean nothing.

  14. Jourdan is a great guy. Does a really good job. This is why we need to pick out the good and the bad when talking about Republicans. Lumping them altogether is a lie. This is why the “throw them all out theme” is baloney. We already have many who are working against the tide of their own party and Democrats. We need to encourage and appreciate them for the job their doing and try to get more like them.

  15. That’s the kind of MAN or WOMAN we need

    BUT I guarantee – THIS will go nowhere fast because

    Rep. Jordan is only one person against the many

    I hope his attitude is contagious

    This vid should go VIRAL or made into an AD we won’t ever see (again)

  16. Rep Jordan is one of the best of the newly elected. He isn’t mine, but I’d vote for him if I could!

    I understand he was a champion wrestler and I think he pinned Chu in this match.

  17. What good does all this inquiry do. Questions then denials. Issa’s investigations are all time, noise and no substantive action or prosecutions.

    Where does it go from here? Are these ‘bridges to nowhere’?

      1. Besides, what is the point of attempting any prosecutions with Harry Reid running the Senate and Eric Holder STILL the top law enforcement officer in the country. You are right, Scoop. Build the case now and prosecute starting in mid January.

        Now, if they don’t start any prosecutions in January I, too, will be screaming for several heads but until then it is just not the right time, YET.

        1. You’r right Mike – though I would still like a few ads with soundbites from this grilling for the campaign.

      2. I’m sorry Scoop – This will stop here

        The GOP is incompetent and have their own demons to worry about

        Overall – the inquiries are a waste of time

        Prime example – Holder is still on the loose causing more damage


        1. I’ve been wondering that for some time. As I’ve said, there’s essentially no ‘action’ coming out of these hearings, not even pressure being put on Showbama to condemn the actions of his subordinates. It’s terrific that the Republicans are getting all ‘high’n’mighty’ in committee; I just wish they’d show some stones publicly. The only one who appears even remotely willing to call these charlatans out is Gingrich.

      3. How much more inquiry do we need? At what point do these guys actually DO something? Even Boehner had stated (last I knew) he wouldn’t even push for a vote of no confidence on Eric Holder despite the mountain of testimony.

    1. You’re raising the exact same point I raised a few weeks ago and was hammered for on these boards. These hearings — while completely necessary — are going nowhere. Each subsequent one only proves the basic assertion that these folks in the Showbama Odministration are incompetent and deserve being either (a) impeached (if possible) or (b) charged with criminal negligence or (c) minimally all cited with contempt.

  18. GREAT JOB!!! That was like watching the gears turn on a giant Medieval Stretcher-thing! He asked the very same questions we’ve ALL been asking, and it was such a relief to hear Congress getting involved!

        1. Yeah, not with this current crop of Republicans calling the shots in the House, I just don’t see anything coming from it.

  19. Every one of these frauds belong in prison. And I’m starting to think anyone that vehemently denies any wrong doing by this administration deserves a long walk off of a short pier.

  20. This Obama administration department is just as corrupt as the DOJ.

    My bet is that Rep. Jordan is a trial lawyer – a seasoned and formidable one.

    1. Yep, he used the exact method a good prosecuting attorney would use. Set him up with a lot of questions that would trap him in a corner without a lifeline.

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