Rep. Mike Kelly speaks out against signing of the UN Arms Trade Treaty by Sec. Kerry

A great speech on the House floor by Mike Kelly on the problems with the UN Arms Trade Treaty that was signed by Sec. Kerry. In short, he highlights the fact that there is no support in the treaty of our 2nd amendment rights, the treaty could create an illegal gun registry, the Obama administration adopted the treaty despite a lack of consensus in support of the ATT at the UN, and more.


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31 thoughts on “Rep. Mike Kelly speaks out against signing of the UN Arms Trade Treaty by Sec. Kerry

  1. This is the guy that requested medals for his paper cuts. b.o. embarrassed kerry’s surrendering to Syria. So, he’ll get to keep this one since it part of both of their agenda.

  2. I wonder if it was signed knowing that the financial collapse is inevitable. Maybe its part of being bailed out by The World Bank thereby giving up some amendments to the constitution?? Having this in place sets the conditions even though the Senate hasn’t ratified it… I know it sounds way out there but……

  3. Never going to become law without a 2/3 majority vote by the senate.Regardless of Hanoi Johns signature.

  4. The old President of Iran wore a business suit. The new President of Iran wears a towel on his head and a dress. Now, any rational soul (which leaves ‘Hanoi John’ out), would probably get the hint that he’s probably not too in to western culture, right? 😉

  5. This is the “New” means of subverting the Constitution and the amendment process of the liberals. Instead of trying to go about changing the Constitution through the normal process, let’s sign all these UN treaties that only need 66 votes of the Senate that will produce the change they want to the US Constitution.

    Just like the Disabilities treaty, this one needs to to be defeated, but just like the other treaties, it can come up as much as the Senate desires. Another reason to keep vigilant and kick out those who despise the Constitution they are sworn to defend.

  6. Obama had LURCH sign it – so Obama would not be blamed

    This maneuver was planned long ago by Obama

    What more proof do we need that Obama has no regard for OUR laws and wants to make up his own – OR transform us once again?

    Impeachment proceedings must be started – if only to be embarrassed

    1. Obama pushes Lurch out in front to do all of his heavy lifting. Remember, it was Lurch that had to lead the discussions of U.S. threats to Syria. Obama’s too chickens*** to do anything. Plus he’s busy either “playing cards” with Reggie or on the fairway. Obama’s actions every day confirm the Limbaugh Theorem.

  7. I think the 2nd amendment trumps any treaty our lefty socialist/Marxist/communist thug government signs.
    Of course, no one in our thug government abides by the constitution and the citizens
    go merrily, merrily skipping down the path to losing any liberty our forefathers so diligently crafted for us.
    It is all so sickening.

  8. No worries. I’ll give up my fire arms. All you gov’t arses got to do is come and get them or as King Leonidas said, “Molon Labe.”

  9. That’s not ketchup Kerry, that’s real American blood that has been spilled through the years protecting our Constitution, you know, that inconvenient thing you and your boss just spit on.

  10. I do solemnly swear that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America……….so much for that.

  11. Great speech by Mike Kelly but unless Congress acts with force against the administration it won’t mean a thing. Its time to stand tall but the weasels in the Senate don’t even know what that means let alone how to act on it. I’m sure McCain and Graham will soon be congratulating Kerry on this.

    1. Soon they will send the goons to collect all the weapons. I think this is why obama invited Russian troops to “cooperate” with American law enforcement in “providing security at large events”. Even obama, as stupid as he is, realized that there are too many armed patriots in America for Homeland “Security” to take us all out. So he petitioned his handler for backup. Even that didn’t reassure him or his handler enough, so they’re trying to get every nation in the world to join in their war on America.

      Like the old rock song says, “Ain’t never gonna change my music!” If not for the privately owned weapons in America, the socialists in our government would already have us in shackles. I had been thinking of selling one I don’t use much, but not now. In fact, I think I’ll buy another, and more ammo, after this act of treason.

        1. It may be in God’s court. I am keeping the faith. My faith is in King Jesus, the righteous judge. On earth now, I think the tide of history is turning toward globalism.

          I don’t want to discourage people, but I think we should acknowledge even a harsh reality, and prepare for it as best we can. We have been fortunate in the US. We’ve been able to delay the oppressors for five years. IMO, we are almost at the breaking point. The warning signs have been flashing red for years now.

          When the collapse comes, it won’t be necessary for anyone to announce it. It will be swift and terrible. Evil has built up like water behind some vast dam, and when the dam breaks, most of Western Civilization will be wiped out in a shockingly short time.

            1. I’m in a dark Dean Koontz mood today, so I won’t relay the various apocalyptic images and manic, sardonic Gothic humor that sentence brings to mind.

              It’s safe to say that God is not finished with individual Christians as long as they are earth. At the national level, though, I think His attention is now focussed elsewhere.

              But I’m perfectly content for you to disagree with me, and I know I may be wrong. I’ve been wrong many times before.

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