REPORT: Chris Christie refused to campaign for Cuccinelli, but he’s going to campaign for Lindsey Graham…

TPM is reporting that Chris Christie refused to campaign for Cuccinelli when asked by ‘senior conservative Republicans’:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) declined an invitation to go to Virginia and campaign on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, according to MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Citing an unnamed Republican source, Todd said on-air Tuesday night that “some senior conservative Republicans” asked Christie to campaign for Cuccinelli, but the re-elected New Jersey governor passed.

TPM is also reporting that Christie is going to campaign for Lindsey Graham:

Fresh off a landslide victory Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) told the New York Times that he intends to go to “places like Ohio and Michigan and Florida,” all of which have GOP governors facing re-election next year.

According to the Times, Christie informed Republicans in South Carolina he intends to go to bat for Graham, who is facing a GOP primary next year.

This is your brain on drugs….any questions?

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90 thoughts on “REPORT: Chris Christie refused to campaign for Cuccinelli, but he’s going to campaign for Lindsey Graham…

  1. Go ahead and bring your fat Jersey arse to SC. Windsey won’t make it out of the primary this year,

  2. Chris Christie wants to be president. Here are several reasons
    why he should not be president. Christie
    is NOT a conservative. He is an unprincipled,
    loudmouth bully. Christie has taken money from the Federal Government, i.e. the
    American taxpayers to prop up New Jersey. He assisted Barack Hussein Obama in
    his re-election over Mitt Romney. Furthermore, Christie is weak on the
    second Amendment, he supports gun control; he is weak on immigration, he
    supports amnesty; he is weak on the threat of Islam, he supports the 911 mosque
    and appointed Islamists to the bench; he’s in favor of the green agenda, Cap
    and Trade; he campaigned for RINO Mike Castle; and was MIA on health care
    litigation. For additional information Tom Marr has a You-Tube video exposing
    the RINO Chris Christie for what and who he is.

    ” in with them and suggesting they explain
    their position to victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.” So the
    loudmouth, bully RINO Christie thinks the spying program on Americans would
    have prevented 9/11. I guess he forgot the spying program was up and running
    when Boston got hit at the marathon. The Obama Regime is spying on Americans to
    create enemies lists. There are other ways to go about protecting the citizens
    of this country without violating their rights.

    1. Greg, what state hasn’t taken federal money? That’s the whole game. Cristie kissed up to Obama to help his state in a crisis, like any other governor would be expected to.

      1. Yeah Ed, but Greg is absolutely correct on everything he said. First thing he did was appoint a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to the NJ State Supreme Court, and he is definitely against the 2nd Amendment and supports sanctuary cities. He will never make it to the White House…nationally he is not a favorite.
        The only way a Repuklican wins in the very BLUE STATE is to be a RINO!

      2. He claims to be fiscally responsible, yet he did nothing to put an end to Obamacare, which is an entitlement program and redistribution of wealth. He is expanding Medicaid, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, with money coming from the Federal government for two years before the State will have to pick up the bulk portion of the plan.I have heard people are still hurting from hurricane Sandy.And if the money is deserving there is no need to kiss up to an evil, radical Statist like Barack Hussein Obama. It looked as if Christie had a man-crush on Obama especially when he won him a stuffed toy.

  3. Well, I wish that NJ peeps would read the Myth on the conserative NJ blog – they are onto his RINO ways1

  4. This so said Conservative Republican is actually a large mass of Fecal Matter. He’ll never get my vote for anything he would run for except maybe the OUTHOUSE.

  5. When he does this type crap he MUST realize he HURTS their chances by openly declining to endorse.

    WHAT AN A$$!

  6. Christie can campaign all he wants, he nor anyone he supports will get my vote. He is a sell out and in 1777 he would be a Tory.

  7. Christie Creme has a lot in common with RINOs…they both have enormous as…er excuse me, I have to puke.

  8. Why shouldn’t Crispy Cream shill for girly, Rino extraordinaire Lindsey Graham? Birds of a feather flock together. Big question is why isn’t Johnny McIdiot shilling for his BFF since both are warmongering neocons.

  9. He’s going to all of those places, including SC, because all of those places have GOP governor’s up for re-election. Next year he will be the chairman of the Republican Governor’s Assoc. That’s why he is going all of those places.

    Also, he didn’t campaign for anyone else this year because he was up for re-election.

  10. I VOTE we all grab a hold of Chrissy’s gastric band and PULL like a band of RINOs on legalizing aliens.

  11. This fat bastard will learn HIS lesson when Graham loses the primary! Another RINO Kool-aid drinker!

  12. Gosh, am I tired of voting for the lessor of two evils. And that includes Bush; all the
    liberal policies he stood for along with a prolonged war.
    If the repub estab puts up Christie as the repub nominee, someone will have
    to drag me out of bed to vote because, after Obama, and most everyone
    putting up with his antics, I really see no reason to vote for Christie. Just more
    of the same; crooked, egotistical, sheep in wolves clothing, self serving politician.
    I sort of feel the same way about Jeb Bush, etc.

    When push comes to shove, I will, of course, drag my sorry behind to the voting polls. Instead of holding my nose, I will vote with tears
    streaming down my face; knowing that no matter how I vote, socialism/Marxism/communism has taken over the country.

    And now that the repub estab has announced their choice, we will be inundated
    with pro Christie stories from now until the election. I promise myself to not read
    or watch any of them.

  13. I like this Christie guy. He seems very conservative. He’s certainly not one of those “moderates”.

    And as a plus, he’s in great shape too. His fitness regime must be epic. He’d easily win the women’s vote in 2016. What eye-candy.

        1. You spelled it correctly, you just do not show respect for your Creator, whether you believe in Him or not!

  14. It is a tawdry technique to show a photo of Christie eating a donut on every blog post, certainly beneath any reputable mainstream news outlet. And I love it.

  15. I can’t wait to hear Rush and Mark Levin have a field day with this one. This goes right to the heart of what Rush was saying today about establishment GOP. They would rather lose then back conservatives of any stripe…and I think most especially fiscal conservatives. I think social conservatism has little to do with it. Remember these guys line their pockets as well so fiscal conservatism would hurt them personally and the power of the purse is the main driver and controller of power in America.

    1. The time has come to push these a-holes out and get in some Conservatives. I am disgusted with every one of the Republican parties from local on up. They do not and have not stood on the Republican platform for years. Hypocrites forever. Work to make them disappear.

  16. None of this makes sense to me. The ground swell of opposition to anything related to the old old Grand Old Party grows by the day, and how Rove and Company think they can con us into voting for the ghost of William Howard Taft is beyond me. Without our votes, he wouldn’t have a chance against Hillary and though the thought of her as president revolts my sensibilities, I think our time would be better spent on capturing the house and senate with as many conservatives as possible in the coming elections.

    1. I agree with you. Fat boy will never win. Why vote for a Republican liberal when you can have the real thing with Hillary, plus first female president. I would never vote for Fat Boy. ( I love your William Howard Taft comment).

    1. If Crispy Creme had campaigned with the Cooch, I would have considered not voting. I was having a hard time with Ron Paul, but understand the premise.

  17. Hey christie keep your nj trash… in new jersey! And take poo boy wuth you! Maybe you didn’t catch the polls… 67% of the idiots that voted for you said in a head t o head with hilliary they would vote for hillairy… get it stupid!… nah you don’t…. and get this, we know the deal… you dump ur cash and trash on getting democrats to vote for limpsey in the primary… then we don’t have a choice… yeah we do… stay home and let the demoturds complete the take over… I/we WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU OR THAT TURD LIMPSEY. PERIOD.

  18. “TPM is reporting that Chris Christie refused to campaign for Cuccinelli when asked by ‘senior conservative Republicans’:”
    Why would Christie campaign for ‘a conservative’?
    😉 😉

  19. Hey I have an unnamed Democratic source that told me Chuck Todd made up the story. Inside sources also say Todd is trying to get Carneys position. Please don’t leak this information.

  20. These RINOs are just snakes with now the new leader being Chris Christie. We MUST separate from these people by redefining the Republican party and pushing Chris Christie and Rove and all who are characterized as RINOs into the democrat party because they are really democrat lite, NOT the party of Reagan or Lincoln. That’s the Tea Party and here is where we part ways. The teaparty has the most representative and articulate spokesman for Constitutional Conservatism and that’s where the strength lies. Illegals, Muslims, Chris Christie, or the RINOs have no interest in our Constitution so by articulating the Principles we have an advantage.

  21. Christie is just avoiding contamination with the toxic “controlling other people’s lady parts” ProLife crowd.

    However, Christie is fine working with Grahamnesty because Sen Graham strongly limits his long held ProLife position to the politically pragmatic goal of setting a 20 week window as the boundary of Abortion Choice… This defensible position is based upon the plausible and politically marketable notion that, at 20 weeks, the fetus may feel pain — has some sort of consciousness…

    If Cucc had strongly limited his ProLife position to “narrowing the ProChoice window” instead of “trying to control other people’s lady parts” from the beginning, Cucc would probably have got Christie and many others to help him out… Putting the ProChoice crowd on the defensive as causing pain for the unborn would shut them up and allow political debate to move on to other issues that can be won…

    Or put another way — Obama and the Ocrats wet dream is for single payer (socialized) health care. However, they are politically wise enough to recognize this extreme position is politically a non-seller. So they come up with a compromise — Ocare. Ocare, for all it’s faults and flaws, is basically socialized coverage rather than socialized care. And the Ocrats stick with the OCare idea until they reach that goal… Now that goal has been achieved, NOT BEFORE, they can start to make more mumblings about single payer…

    Politics is about setting a path into the future that includes readily achievable goals… The Ocrats, for all their faults, have embraced this concept. The ProLife crowd, not so much…

    1. First off your accepting the liberal narrative that conservatives want to “control people’s lady parts.” This is so absurd that it does not require an intelligent response. But let’s move beyond that. The divide right now between the Conservative and liberal wings of the republican party is not really about abortion. It is about the ruling class within the Republican party refusing to push back against the liberal agenda and at times even embracing it. Whether its cutting the budget, delaying/defunding/repealing Obamacare, Immigration, entitlement reform, tax reform, the establishment republicans repeatedly cut the legs out from under the conservative members of the party. The Republican Party as it is today does not stand for anything. They do not want to curtail big government because they themselves are statists and they like having the power. The Bushes, McCain, Graham, Cristie etc. are no friends to liberty. They are statists, perhaps not as radical as those in the Democrat party, but statists none the less.

      1. It doesn’t require accepting that liberal’s paint social conservative as the lady parts crowd other than that’s the playbook liberal’s SUCCESSFULLY EMPLOY whenever they face anyone with even the remotest of ties to these sorts of unachievable social conservative views.

        What is absurd is to ignore the obvious bogeyman in the room and move on as if there’s no bogeyman in the room trying to control other people’s lady parts.

        The GOP LOSERship is less than weak when it comes to fighting the OCrats on principle. BIG DUH! That’s because the LOSERship are MudFarmers — conservative principles mean little to them. The muckier the mess the Ocrats make of the Oconomy, the more cronies the GOP Mudfarmers can pull out of the muck to get ahead of Main Street remaining stuck in the muck. The MudFarmers do this in exchange for political donations (and insider info) used to maintain their LOSERship power. Also, MudFarming is a huge part of the Ocrats modus operandi. It’s not exclusive to the GOP LOSERship.

        The lady parts crowd barely ever gets a foot in the door when it comes to having meaningful debates with the LOSERship because the lady parts crowd perpetually entangle themselves in various Lady Parts traps (aka, like Akin). Go figure how many sensible GOP don’t want anything to do with supporting this sort of nonsense and campaign funds die up…

        The GOP LOSERship needs to do little but step aside and let the nutjob ProChoice folks on the far left eat the Lady Parts crowd up for brunch at general elections… No other issues ever get to significance… Done before lunch… The Ocrats can run most any slime ball and still win…

        Expect this nonsense to continue into the future until the Lady Parts crowd gets a clue and limits their talk and platform to achievable goals such as defining the window of Abortion Choice to 20 weeks. Learn to pick the winnable issues, and then get in front of the debate, rather than getting crushed by it. Put the ProChoice crowd on the defense because they are for causing pain to the unborn. The Choice crowd will be stunned long and hard enough for the debate to move onto other issues, like taking on the MudFarmers of both parties, constitutional principles, balanced budgets, lower regulations, local and private sector social marketplaces, and more.

  22. Christie is a typical liberal RINO run by the establishment. Not getting my vote in any national election

  23. It’s not straight up and down Dem vs. Repub anymore, it’s Us vs. Them, and you are Them, Christie.
    I liked the Youtube Chris Christie Porn as much as anyone in the early days, but now you’ve proven yourslf to just be another part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  24. Christie is of the establishment, nothing shocking that he wouldn’t help Cuccinnelli. Time to co-ordinate with Tea Party Patriots rapid responders, build connections and support between tea party groups. We need to build our groups and energize them. Then have our own propaganda war online: First,use the debacle of Obamacare as the path to victory, harness the distrust and anger felt by those who have been disenfranchised by this law to win both nationally and locally. Keep blogging on websites that low-information voters follow, explaining the disaster that is Obamacare and reiterating that we need to vote for those who will repeal it, while refuting the lies of the lamestream media.
    Second, fight back against the establishment in the primaries both locally and nationally: I am supporting Katrina Pierson against Pete Sessions in CD 32, and Matt Bevin in the primary against Mitch Mc Connell. One is a local race, so I hope I can actually be boots on the ground help, and the other the most important national 2014 primary to me.
    Third, engage with young libertarians on libertarian websites and show them the common ground we share and our common enemy.
    The new campaign begins today.

  25. Forget the Democraps (for now). Our enemy is now the GOPe. They’ve shown the crooked lengths that they’ll go just to defeat the Tea Party. And as such, they HAVE to be Public Enemy Number 1! We shouldn’t really be too surprised by this… they’ve been at this for months now (years)… but they deliberately ceded a victory – almost a sure thing, just to hurt the Tea Party… to eat their own in a way. They’re cannibals. How damn evil is that? Couple that with the Clinton/Obama camps funding a 3rd party and they’re both on the same basic side.
    McConnell, Boehner, Graham, and a couple others are first up in 2014… THEY are the first that MUST go. Knock those devils out and start filling up Washington with new, fresh, uncorrupted blood and visionaries and we might be able to stop those idiots from putting Chris Christie up against Hillary in 2016. Oh, and in 2016, McLame is next – and the few remaining cancers left in the party. Pick the RINOs off, cut them out of power and the picture, and there’s a chance that we can save the Republican party and ultimately, America. If we fail to do this… then I’m full on, no compromise 3rd party from 2017 on out. The current GOPe is so damn corrupt and twisted… America has NO chance with them as they linger in the halls of Washington.
    Man I’m ticked… the betrayal and cronyism in the GOPe is too thick and prevalent right now. We’re choking on their stench.

  26. A Republican governor won’t campaign for another Republican Governor, but he will campaign for a Senator. Got it.

  27. Can someone help me understand the excuse for WHY the establishment types considered Cuccinelli the “not ideal” candidate? They always have some official excuse, but I can’t find it anywhere. Just felt good to say he wasn’t ideal I guess. Makes perfect sense.

  28. I will sit on my hands and stay home before I vote for another Est. Repuke again. My last vote – for Romney – WAS my last vote — unless Ted Cruz, Allen West, Rand Paul, or any of a handful of other TRUE conservatives wins the GOP nomination.

    Color. Me. DONE.

    1. Me too. Never again! I hate RINOs more than liberals, because at least liberals let you know who they are prior to you casting your vote.

    1. Maybe we’ll get lucky: maybe christie will defeat hellary and then die of clogged arteries on his first day in office.

  29. Hopefully people are catching on the the “establishment R” vs Conservative and stories like this will be no surprise.

  30. Can’t believe I once thought his straight talk to unions actually meant he was a serious contender. Just another politician who does what’s best for him. So fed up with the whole bunch of them.

  31. Bring it on Christie, we’ll be waiting for you in SC. We’ll show you exactly what we think of “moderates”

      1. yes unfortunately it is an open primary state…. that is one of the major reasons graham makes it back every year. SC needs to pick a qualified principled candidate early and get conservatives to rally around them and then nationwide get as much support as possible.

      1. I think I accidentally gave you a “vote down.” I’m sorry about that. I can’t change it.

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