REPORT: Delegates collecting signatures to get Cruz on NOMINATION list at convention

It looks like Ted Cruz could end up speaking at the convention after all, even if Trump doesn’t want him on stage.

Turns out that if Cruz’s name is officially on the nomination list, which a bunch of delegates are trying to make happen, then Cruz will automatically get a speaking slot:

POLITICO – Donald Trump’s carefully crafted convention lineup may include an uninvited guest: Ted Cruz.

Delegates from Colorado and Maine have begun collecting signatures to place Cruz’s name into nomination at the convention alongside presumptive nominee Donald Trump. If enough other states follow suit, it would guarantee Cruz a high-profile opportunity to address convention delegates. And that could create an uncomfortable split screen as Trump and the party try to present a unified front heading into the general election.

The process is complicated but achievable for Cruz’s allies. Under the party’s current rules, the name of any candidate for president can be placed in nomination with the support of delegates from eight states or territories. Cruz won 10, and he also installed loyal convention delegates in a slew of states he lost as well, from Virginia to North Carolina to Arizona. Those delegates must sign forms indicating their support, and if majorities in eight or more states and territories agree to place Cruz’s name into nomination, he’ll get his chance. Even delegates who back Trump — or accept party rules requiring them to back the mogul — can sign nomination papers for other candidates. And delegates can sign forms for multiple candidates if they choose.

“I did get those forms signed by well over half of our delegation,” said Regina Thomson, a Colorado delegate and Cruz backer.


Now whether Cruz accepts the speaking slot remains to be seen. He may not. But if the delegates succeed, he will certainly have the choice of speaking if he wants to be on stage whether Trumpertantrum likes it or not.

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