Republican says Trump should REJECT Freedom Caucus, make common cause with DEMS!

It sounds like Rep. Kinzinger is pissed.

What is this “expose” them crap? Does he know something we don’t know? As far as I can tell, the only allegiance they had was to their principles. Is he going to “expose” them as stalwart defenders of conservatism? Derp.

AND… his press release doesn’t make any sense:

“I am disappointed in what happened this week and especially today, but I’m ready and willing to work with anyone, Republicans and/or Democrats, to fix our broken healthcare system and make it better for the American people.

“Our constitutional system makes it nearly impossible to push legislation that checks all of the boxes for one particular ideology. It’s why we work together, as a legislative branch, to put together legislation that best reflects the core interests of the American people. Issuing ultimatums and derailing progress is not in the interest of the American people, and a wholly self-serving tactic. The American people deserve better and we as a legislative body can do better. I look forward to that opportunity.”

Uh, who issued an ultimatum? That was TRUMP, not the Freedom Caucus.

Oh well. It remains to be seen if Trump will follow this advice, stab the Freedom Caucus in the back, and lurch left-ward, and fulfill the prophecies of the NeverTrump crowd. Ahem. Cough cough.

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