REVEALED: Rick Gates credibility took a big hit during cross examination…

Rick Gates has given some explosive testimony on behalf of the prosecution and against Paul Manafort in court this week.

But yesterday he was on the stand with the cross examination and his already bad credibility took even more blows by Manafort’s defense team:










Sounds like Gates is a lying weasel. And he’s also a scumbag. Here’s more on that:

It’s also now being reported that Gates admitted today that Manafort told him to be honest to the FBI about the off-shore accounts back in 2014:

The star witness in Paul Manafort’s financial fraud trial says the former Trump campaign chairman told him to be truthful about offshore shell companies and bank accounts during a 2014 interview with the FBI.

Rick Gates said under questioning from Manafort’s lawyer Wednesday that he told FBI agents and Justice Department lawyers about some of the offshore companies that contained millions of dollars in proceeds from their Ukrainian political work.

The lawyer, Kevin Downing, was trying to counter earlier testimony that Manafort had encouraged Gates to deceive authorities by directing him to help conceal his foreign income and to submit phony mortgage and tax documents on his behalf.

The interview was part of an FBI investigation that sought to recover assets looted from the Ukrainian government under the rule of former President Viktor Yanukovych. Prosecutors have noted that Gates and Manafort were not the targets of the investigation at the time of the interview.

Defense lawyers wrapped up their questioning of Gates Wednesday following a bruising cross-examination that focused on Gates’s own crimes, an extramarital affair and a guilty plea with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office that may spare him severe punishment.

I would like to wrap up this post with a point that Andy McCarthy made on Fox News this morning about Gates:

The problem Manafort has is that Mueller indicted this whole case before he got Gates as a cooperator, so he was prepared to prove the whole case. And all I think Gates is doing is tightening up Mueller’s proof on the intent requirement for these charges. As far as all the acts of fraud are concerned, they’re not reliant on Gates for that. They had that proof before he ever took the stand.

That’s a good point. Still, it sounds like ‘intent’ is a big deal, which is why Mueller risked a lot to bring Gates as his key witness in the first place. And which is why Manafort’s defense team are trying very hard to point out just how un-credible Gates really is.

You can watch McCarthy’s full interview below:

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