REVEALED: The Face(book) Behind The Mysterious Ted Cruz Posters!

The “Ted Cruz as a bad ass” photoshop posters that have been popping up in California have also been popping up all over the internet in the last few days. Most of those stories, including our own here at The Right Scoop, have written of the origin of the posters as a “mystery.” Well … mystery solved.

Sabo Art out of Los Angeles has “come out” as the artist behind the posters. On Facebook, you can find the artist’s fan page here. Here’s a screen shot of one of the original Cruz posts.


The artist also maintains a website at, which he says is out of date but stresses that he has been doing this kind of art “since before 9/11.”

Sabo has also posted this photo of himself with a collection of the Cruz posters:

And of course, you can find Sabo on Twitter as well.

Like many artists, particularly in Southern California, Sabo’s art seems to tend toward the, to say the least, controversial or “shock” genre. This is evidenced of course by the Cruz posters, but also by some of the other far more over the edge pieces posted on the Facebook site. We have asked him about his artwork and in particular about his motivations with the Cruz posters, but have not heard back at this time.

Until then, you’ll be happy to know that, friend or foe, the Cruz posters will soon be available to all.

Negotiations are still underway for the HOWE posters. We’ll, uh, let you know.

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