Richard Grenell: Both ABC and CBS presidents have SIBLINGS that work for Obama at the White House

Richard Grenell, Foreign Policy expert and media critic, reveals that both ABC and CBS presidents have siblings that work for Obama at the White House on his National Security Council, and he believes that the lack of coverage on the Benghazi hearings this week can be directly attributed to that:

So really it comes as no shock to find out, as the Daily Caller reported, that CBS executives are upset with Sharyl Attkisson over her coverage of the Benghazi scandal, because their president’s brother is complicit in the scandal because he works for Obama on the NSC.

This is worse than bias. This is blood bias.

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120 thoughts on “Richard Grenell: Both ABC and CBS presidents have SIBLINGS that work for Obama at the White House

  1. Finally being exposed for who they are Corrupt Manufactured Media, if just could get those brainwashed Politicus people to see how there being decieved

  2. WHERE IS HE? CHRIST ASKED. He’s the one near the chancel who’s glowing in
    the dark. “And you say he’s elected by the people? Yes, he is the President of
    the United States,such as it is these days. I get confused since the Democrats renamed the country “The New Soviet Union” and Washington D.C. “New Moscow on the Potomac”. Yeah, things are tough all over now here in Detroit. I can remember when going to the grocery store you only needed a single shot gun. Now we always take the armored car. The kids think its fun but the street gangs are hungry and will kill you as soon as look at you. Christ closed his eyes in rage and asked why if the people were starving Obama had a ring on his finger worth 5 grand. (hat tip to Lenny Bruce)

  3. I’m shocked, “there’s gambling going on here!” Shocked!
    John Craven – New Orleans

  4. .
    Where is he? Christ asked. He’s the one
    near the chancel who’s glowing in
    the dark. “And you say he’s elected by the people? Yes, he is the President of
    the United States,such
    as it is these days. I get confused since the Democrats renamed the country
    “The New Soviet Union” and Washington D.C. “New Moscow on the Potomac”. Yeah, things are tough all over now here in Detroit. I can remember
    when going to the grocery store you only needed a single shot gun. Now we
    always take the armored car. The kids think its fun but the street gangs are
    hungry and will kill you as soon as look at you. Christ closed his eyes in rage
    and asked why if the people were starving Obama had a ring on his finger worth
    5 grand. (hat tip to Lenny Bruce)

  5. I wonder if 60 minutes can once again misdirect us on this breaking story. The regime really needs someone to step up to thier defense, CBS news is who they can turn to.

  6. The president of the U S, said recently that you young people should not listen to your grand parents or your parents about Tyranny in government that they preach its just around the corner, he somehow thinks government & more of its good & for someone who has radically tried to change the Constition he swore to uphold under oath & trying to brainwash this newer generation

  7. I don’t know why people are surprised by this. I have said before that the Beltway has a trifecta of inbreeding. Politicians+Media+lobbyists. They are intermarry and co-habitate. They will knife each other on the tv then go to lunch. They remind me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon with Ralph the sheepdog and Wiley the Coyote. They clock in do their jobs of going after one another, then clock out and are bosom buddies.

    1. Yes and Stephanie Cutter is going to work at Bank of America to assist them in navigating the government minefield of banking regulations. I am going to miss her emails that I was getting a couple times a day. Unless she took the campaign email list to BoA.

      1. Suzyqpie So much for my stock…and where is the left to scream about cronyism? The banks are still getting approximately 80 mil per month from tax payers.

  8. March 19, 2013
      National Security Advisor Tom Donilon announced that Special
    Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European Affairs
    Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall will be moving to a new position on the
    National Security Staff as the White House Coordinator for Defense
    Policy, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Arms Control.  She
    will take up her duties on April 8.

  9. There’s also nepotism involved in the Chicago machine WH? Why I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.

  10. Now we can say with certainty that we have state run media. Can it be broken? Only God knows that. Pray.

    1. ryanomaniac the only way it’ll be broken is if a Republican is elected President. Then dissent will be the highest form of patriotism again….

  11. CNN is also involved in the incest >> 
    Let’s also show you why CNN did not go very far in covering these hearings because the CNN deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is married to Hillary Clinton’s deputy, Tom Nides. It is time for the media to start asking questions why are they not covering this. It’s a family matter for some of them.
    Read more:

    1. YoJoe When will Rubio’s presstitutes be discovered also connected to Obama?  We know his spokesperson is connected to Soros so I’m thinking there must be press links too.

  12. A lot of other things can also be attributed to that, I’m sure.
    If the takeover by the obama regime is successful, I hope they follow the pattern of other tyrants in regard to their former supporters.
    Those who support them might give some consideration to the fact that  they, the supporters, know where the bodies are buried. That always makes tyrants uneasy, but tyrants know what to do about that.
    CNN and all of the shamestream media are in this a lot deeper than they realize.

  13. Wow! This goes a long way toward explaining why the mainstream media has been so quiet on Obama’s treason. I kept wondering what was in it for them, what had they been promised. Why in the world would they sit back and NOT report on the issues and fill their air time with fluff pieces. Now I know.

  14. Both CBS and ABC should set up their offices in the White House. That way the President would be able to directly give them their talking points while they have knee pads so they can render him worship led by Brian Williams and and Chris Matthews.

  15. Jay Carney is married to Claire Shipman? WOW, where have I been? (as if I care, I DON’T) No wonder the media always seems to be “one up” in the political arena.  They have MOLES everywhere in this administration.

  16. “This is worse than bias. This is blood bias.”
    I call it incestuous.  And willing collusion.

    1. DINOright And it looks like a smart move way beyond an Obamanite pay grade. You think he’s got handlers?

  17. Tossing this out there for the Scoop family——thoughts on Jay Carney having some pillow talk with wifey poo on who to draft talking points for each of these crises….wonder how much this is happening……and who Billy Boy might have had some pillow talk with to help out Hitlary…..where are the other connections?

    1. Orangeone A woman is sleeping with Jay Carney? You mean like a genetic female who isn’t a hostage or a Philistine import?
       I need to get one of those eyewash buttons one my mouse.

      1. WordsFailMe Orangeone You read in to far my friend, I never mentioned sleeping, but now that you mention it his spouse kinda looks like Julia!

  18. ABC, CBS and CNN, all with family ties to this story.  I guess that means NBC is the only one we can trust /sarc.  Seriously though, I really miss Andrew Brietbart at this moment.  He had been threatening to organize a march on ‘media alley’ in New York to protest media bias.  In 2010 Tea Partiers had massive demonstrations on Washington over Obamacare.  They weren’t enough to stop it, but they did make the politicians take notice. 
     To all our tea party friends in the north east, is it time to start marching again?  A rally in front of capitol hill to demand that Boehner resign would be something we could all get behind, and the MSM might actually cover that.  Michelle Bachmann, where are you?  Just say the word and many of us will be there.

      1. Actually, it’s Ben Sherwood. But the Carney/Shipman relationship is important, too.

    1. trueholygoat
      Martha Raddatz, Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent for ABC News, who was one of the debate moderators was married to Julius Genachowski who along with dear leader, worked on the Harvard Law Review and was appointed as chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Dear leader was invited to their wedding.
      George Stephanopoulos, was part of a small group, which included dear leader, at Harvard University that met for a period between 1997 and 2000 to promote involvement with U.S. community institutions. He’s had a few exclusive interviews with dear leader.

       Matthew Jaffe, a reporter for ABC News and Univision who covered the GOP primary, married a member of Obama’s press team. Jaffe married Katie Hogan, dear leader’s deputy press secretary.
      Susan Rice, who was also a cabinet member of dear leader’s national security team is the wife of Ian Cameron, who at the time of her appointment, was executive producer of ABC’s ”This Week with George Stephanopoulos“.
      Jeffery Immelt, who took over General Electric in 2001, was appointed to head Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. GE was the owner of NBC Universal, which is NBC News, along with MSNBC.

      1. AmericanborninCanadatrueholygoatTo add, GE has not paid any federal income taxes during the entire Obama Administration.  When called on it on Twitter they tweeted their taxes paid to which I promptly responded those were paid to foreign country, $0 to the US federal gov’t.
        Just saw on Twitter, Susan Rice’s net worth is over $40 million, including massive investments in Canadian oil resources, including the KeyStone Pipeline.  And this from Mother Jones of all places. appoints wife of Univision owner to UN diplomatic post immediately after they called him out on the Fast and Furious gun running and just 15 days after the Benghazi murders (Fast and Furious II)
        Read more here:

    2. trueholygoat  Ben Sherwood’s (the president at ABC) sister is the Special Assistant to Barack Obama.

    1. YoJoe When I saw that on Twitter I had to giggle wondering if they were referring to the “Big Stories” being them now saying the talking points were changed, heh

  19. Swinging from streetlamps , they should be, not the ones from the WH but the ones blocking the coverage. Soon the last hot war against evil begins and it will all remedy itself.

  20. The tie between CBS News president David Rhoades is the brother  Ben Rhoades were new to me, but I did write about the other ties between dear leader and the media.  This is further evidence in their complicity, further evidence that they have blood on their hands as well.

  21. Why would this surprise anybody? Michelle Obama had her daughters listed on her ‘paid staff’ when they all went to party in Africa, (on the taxpayer’s dime).

  22. Journalistic coflict of interest!  Someone should call for ABC and CBS’s presidents to be fired!

    1. Conservative_Hippie That would be so if they were really journalists!  The students like Bill Ayers grew up and taught ‘journalism’ to the reporters of today.   They report what the left says to report.

    2. Conservative_Hippie I did read NBC’s was after editting a video for the 6th time.  I wonder if he also changed the infamous moo-slime video for the Admin so it could be blamed.

    3. I just tweeted Ted Cruz and Mike Lee asking them to introduce legislation requiring WH and press corp to publicly post all related parties on their respective websites like public companies must disclose.  What’s good for lawmakers to enforce on businesses, is good fur citizens to push back on politicians.

  23. Great! Since none of  Obama’s actual cousins can feed itself with a spoon or understand the mechanics of toilet paper,  he hires the relatives of the media into high paid positions, sensitive positions, where their personal backgrounds are thoroughly investigated and cataloged, and he then uses said siblinery as a human shield to control the media.
    Well hell, I guess the good news is that, unlike the vast majority of Obamanite Americans, Obama doesn’t have a lot of cousins,

    1. WordsFailMe Well his relatives are of a certain race thus “entitled” to welfare, food stamps and public housing even if they are in the country illegally….

      1. Orangeone WordsFailMe You know, now that I think about it, I’d really rather feed pigs and keep them home than share a bus ride with them.

      2. Orangeone WordsFailMe yes, and what about the brother, who lives in his ‘hut sweet hut’ somewhere in Africa?  What is he entitled too?  Besides a chance to speak with D’Nesh D’Souza.

        1. Jerseygal Orangeone WordsFailMe I have no doubt that our money has been laundered and arrives there for brother to be taunted with.

  24. I have been saying for years that the MSM is being BRIBED 
    PLUS THIS >>>>>>>>>
    ————————– CASE CLOSED!!!!!
    What a bunch of DIRTBAGS!

    1. YoJoe  At the end of the article Hess added, “reporters going back to journalism after a stint in
      government are always better reporters in that they now understand how
      government really works.”
      He really doesn’t get what he just said. Yes they do understand how government works. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Egads!

  25. Incestuous relationships between the media and the govt = CORRUPTION. This has to go viral.

  26. Speaking of Benghazi, here’s a US Military video of how aircraft could have engaged the muslim sons of allah in the darkness of a Benghazi thoroghafare, 9/11/2012.. Twenty or thirty American men fought for their lives for 10 hours in Benghazi while Obama laid in his wet bet, sucking his thumb and waiting for Valerie to wake him for the morning cartoon shows.
    In this vid, not one American even works up a sweat overseeing the execution of vile sons of hirsute, Muslim brood sows:

    AllaHoo Pigba! You freaking Muslim B*tches!

      1. Orangeone WordsFailMeDoswell, Va., huh? Sounds like a good place for one million patriots to gather for a picnic prior to marching into Washington DC on July 4th. Thanks Oo

        1. WordsFailMe Orangeone Yes it does.  And I’ll bring plenty of bacon along for cookin’ on the BBQ, betting AmericanborninCanada will help out with some great recipes!

        2. 57thunderbird WordsFailMe Orangeone And some pigs’ blood in bottles I hope 🙂

        3. Orangeone 57thunderbird WordsFailMe I think I can accommodate you with a case of those.Lots of local butcher shops around here. 🙂

      2. How about just letting loose a bunch of stray dogs and wild pigs loose in there?  That might really upset the poor ragheads, and I would hate to do that.  Did I offend anybody using the term ragheads?  Is goat f***s preferable?

        1. mike3e4r7 I’m so glad I swallowed my Dew before I read this post!  IMO ragheads and goat f***s are both appropriate!
          I feel very bad for the people that live in this community, certainly the ragheads bow 5 times a day and chant and now infidels are on the hunt for the terrorist.

    1. WordsFailMe  
      ‘You can run but you’re just going to die tired’.

      😉 😉

  27. I believe it goes even deeper than this…my thinking is that Obama has had his gangster minions collecting information on network executives behind the scenes since before his first election. He and Axelrod destroyed Jack Ryan by releasing information that was supposed to have been kept sealed, during his first Senatorial election in 2004. He has been doing the same thing to keep his opinion polls up and his opponents looking like fools by the press they receive from the MSM. Truth be known, he’s probably got dirt on everybody whose anybody in politics or the media (and there’s surely plenty to be had), which is why the libs and the RINOS all follow him so slavishly. JMHO…

      1. firegeorge
        You mean the stuff about the 
        ————–Cocaine Use 
        ——————————–Weed use 
        —————————————–Dog eating 
        —————————————————-MAN SEX 
        Wait! What ? 
        We all know about it BUT the Press – suPRESSes it

      2. firegeorge doofuschmartz For every one we have digging up stuff on Obama, he has at least 100 the payroll covering it up…  ?

        1. Jerseygal firegeorge doofuschmartz 
          Interesting perspective you present, Jerseygal. I would counter that however many “he” has on “the payroll covering it up,” we have ten thousand bloggers and heartland citizens committed to bringing him to account. His days are NUMBERED.

        2. OliviaHT Jerseygal firegeorge doofuschmartz Inhofe has publicly said this could lead to impeachment.  I say, WHAT’S KEEPING YOU?  And I’ve tweeted Boehner and snarkly asked “How many have to die?”

        3. OliviaHT Jerseygal firegeorge doofuschmartz I hope you are right, Olivia. I still see a vast number of Americans who are clueless, or just don’t care as long as they get their __________ (fill in the blank)  I encounter people daily who will not listen to the facts, they just spin the NPR crap.
          I do think that the bloggers and real voting patriots outnumber the Obamabots.  We just have to get better at turning out our voters on election day.  Rooting out voter fraud would also be quite helpful.

        4. AmericanborninCanada OliviaHT Jerseygal firegeorge doofuschmartz I cannot begin to post what this blogger would like to say to the racist Lee but it’s kinda like this:

        5. AmericanborninCanada OliviaHT Jerseygal firegeorge doofuschmartz The woman is as dumb as a mud fence!Hi Duckie!  🙂

        6. AmericanborninCanada OliviaHT Jerseygal firegeorge doofuschmartz Wow, from Shiela Jacka$$ Lee, whose raucous caucus ALWAYS plays the race card!  I guess I would expect little else from a session with her and Tavis Smiley.  Great link, thanks!

        7. Jerseygal OliviaHT firegeorge doofuschmartz I wonder how the LIV might be changing now that the MSM is beginning to give these murders and cover-up some media play….

      3. firegeorge doofuschmartz There is all kinds of it but the LAM ignored or did not report it.

  28. It’s the Lefty mob …. they are all inter-related, and meet at certain power points.

  29. I also saw on Twitter that Jay Carney’s wife is a senior correspondent for ABC.  Hummmmm

      1. Watchman74 Orangeone Interesting you should say that.  Public companies must disclose each quarter all activities between related parties. Why doesn’t the press have the same responsibility with its relationships w/i WH?

    1. Orangeone Looks like Obama did not have to buy the media but just had to hire family members.

    2. Orangeone As the Great One says “Incestuous”!!
      Tar & Feather them all!! Burn town to the ground and start fresh and rise from the ashes!!

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