Rick Perry: “I was troubled today by the tone of the president…”

Rick Perry admitted at the RGA today that he was very troubled by Obama’s tone today addressing the National Governors Association:

I don’t mind telling you I was a bit troubled today by the tone of the president. …For the president of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and to say ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure…’ – that is really troubling.

Perry went on to say that Obama was going to hollow out the National Guard and warned the state governors not to push back against it or they would hear from him:

Democrat Governors are very concerned, I will suggest to you, about what they heard today about the Guard. I left the United States Air Force in the mid ‘70s, in February of 1977, as our country was going through a similar period of time of reducing the force. But those men and women who had extraordinary expertise in combat were going into the Guard and into the Reserves.

I hope we’re not about to make a tragic mistake in this country by hollowing out our Guard in our states in some political statement of ‘you’re all going to feel the pain’. Because that’s certainly what I heard from the president of the United States today.

As a matter of fact he said in that meeting “if I hear any of you pushing back, making statements about Washington spends too much money, you’ll hear from me.”

If I’m a Democrat governor, if I’m a Republican governor, I’m highly offended by that.

Yes it is our duty to defend the people of this country. But I will suggest that making a political statement about the Guard is not in the best long-term interest of this country and it’s certainly not in the best long-term interest of those men and women who have committed and often times sacrificed greatly for this country.

Watch the clip for more:

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250 thoughts on “Rick Perry: “I was troubled today by the tone of the president…”

  1. Obama is a corrupt fraudulent criminal!!!!

    Presidential elections are not popularity contests and we
    need to stop treating them as such. The Constitutional “natural born
    citizen” eligibility criteria was put there by our forefathers to protect
    us from being “presided over” by and (most importantly) our military
    commanded by an individual with potentially dual allegiances. Our abandonment of the “natural born citizen” criteria has resulted in precisely the dire consequences our forefathers foresaw, and “Exhibit A” of those
    dire consequences currently ILLEGALLY OCCUPIES the Oval Office, has little or no allegiance to America, and goes by the names Barry Soetoro aka Barack Soebarkah aka Harrison Bounel aka Barack Hussein Obama.

    OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE!!! Obama is a USURPER who (aided and abetted by political and media powers-that-be) has perpetrated the biggest hoax against American citizens in the history of our nation! Anything Obama says, signs or does including laws, executive orders and bills are NULL and VOID because Obama is legally NOT the President! We have NOT had a legal President since 2008! When a child inherits
    the citizenship of their father, they become a natural-born citizen of the
    nation their father belongs regardless of where they might be born. It should be pointed out that citizenship through descent of the father was recognized by U.S. Naturalization law whereby children became citizens themselves as soon as their father had become a naturalized citizen, or were born in another country to a citizen father. BOTH PARENTS must have been U.S. CITIZENS AT THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH in order for a Presidential hopeful to qualify as a “natural born citizen” under our U.S. Constitution!!
    Natural born” is VERY different from any other category of
    citizenship, i.e. “native born”, “naturalized”, or
    “citizen by statute”.

    Yes, birth is prima facie evidence of citizenship, but only the citizenship of the nation the father is a member.

    Obama should be ARRESTED! He is UNIMPEACHABLE because he is NOT LEGALLY PRESIDENT no matter how many votes he got. http://www.quowarranto.info/

  2. No speaking out against the king! That’s spooky stuff. Threatening states and govs as well as gutting the National Guard? I see it as lowering the capacity of rebellion. This guy is up to some serious no good!

    1. If that is your opinion, why don’t you act like you have some sense or are you the smartest kid on the block

  3. One of the main reasons I can think of would be by hollowing out the Guard that would be fewer armed men and women who could stand up to his military that he would try to send in to bring that state in line. That is very scary to me!!

  4. So why is he being allowed to continue destroying this country? He does not, and cannot run it alone. That’s what laws and our constitution is for, and needs to be Enforced if he gets out of control. Congress and the senate need to protect America no matter what party they are. They need to bring him off his high horse.

  5. Those kinds of threats make Mr. Obama sound like a “bully in Chief” and he certainly doesn’t know how to make friends and influence people in a positive way! wow! Someone needs to give this man a lesson management and people skills.

  6. The President wants to weaken the State’s National Guard is extremely troubling to me. Obama has already started to dismantle the Constitution, he has arm all federal agencies to the teeth, (including agencies such as the EPA, the Post Office, DHS, etc…). He has also started to purge our arm forces of most talented (and loyal American) leadership, The turning of his attention to weakening the Guard is a scary development indeed, because National Guard represents a major obstacle to a Socialist-Federal style control over the American people. The Guard is a citizen Army that is “State” based-not a Federal based organization These are State militias are ordinary citizens who would defend their own State,homes and families from a Federal military style crack down attack on the American citizen. The National Guard is the one of major organization that could oppose the Federal Government. The National Guard could/would put State Sovereignty first over Federal control. This is one area of major trouble for any person who controls the Federal government with the mission to “fundamentally transform America.”

    1. I agree Mark. It’s is so obvious what obama’s intentions are. One good thing he did was to also threaten democratic governors which may backfire on him. Moderate dems may turn on him very fast.

  7. We have a really great President in the “White-House” who has been ready to lead this great country of ours where it needs to be. But instead the Republican party as a whole from Congress on down to the Governors, and the Representatives & senators at the state level have done is become obstructionist’s at every turn.

    1. Every read the 10th Amendment, Ron? I thinking you have not read any of the Constitution. This so called president should be and must be Impeached. Military =Constitutional Obligation. Homeland Security and the Patriot are unconstitutional. Homeland is equal to the secret police.
      The force reduction is in my opinion this evil mans plan to reduce military opposition, when he finds a way to declare marshal law an declare himself the dictator that he wants to be.

        1. Have to agree. He is to busy watching the communist news network and mslsd to know that facts and the truth.

    2. The only thing “great” about OdingleBarry is that he is a great liar!( he’s really a pathological liar) wake up Ron,we have a weaker ,more vulnerable,more divided country and we’re a whole heck of a lot poorer because of this person,it will take decades to undo his damage,and things will only get progressively worse until he leaves. He is a very dangerous and unstable man!

      1. 201 He is not planning to leave he is trying hard and fast to have this nation turned into a marxist and/or mushlim state before 2016. my guess is mushlim. seeing he has been omporting thousends of them .

    3. That’s what we elected them to do. To keep this socialist from ruinning our country, pretty much like his DOJ has just added to.

    4. RON SMITH—ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND! I can tell you have a great love for Treasonous Tyrants, Liars, and Incompetence. This President has dont NOTHING to move a FREE NATION forward. He only wants to take away your constitutional RIGHTS on by one. He wants to disarm you, he wants to sew you lips together so you can not speak, he wishes to unhand you so that you can not grasp a pen to write the truth, he would rather turn his back on American Ambassadors so that our enemy can tie a noose around their neck and drag them though the streets as trophies. He would sell arms to a nation entering civil up rise, yet in a blink of an eye take yours so you are defenseless. He has screwed up the HealthCare System. May I continue?? This is not a good president, you are too asleep and your lips are firmly attached to the head of this presidents dick, and drinking down the FOOL-AID he is pissing out to all that wishes to praise him. WAKE THE HELL UP. The Republicans, Congress, and Governors all know the truth about this President he is a Tyrant trying to ruin Democracy for his Marxists Ideals that DO NOT WORK. He is a failure and has taken advantage of the American People and his position. As far as I know congress has not votes to DESTROY or REMOVE the Constitution — THOSE ARE GOD GIVEN RIGHTS Created by our Found Fathers of this NATION. AGAIN THE ARE RIGHTS NOT PRIVILEGES! The States need to rise against this president, the Congress is not going to yet, but the STATES have the ULTIMATE POWER and can DISOBEY any and all things that this Tyrant has PLANNED. SO DON;’T TREAD ON ME WITH YOUR sympathetic bull shit about how well this tyrant is doing! YOU need to wake the hell up!

    5. You blame the Republicans but not a President who can’t reach across the aisle and hasn’t. What about the two years when he had both houses with majority Democrats? What about his treasonous acts? What about the onslaught against against religion? He has committed treason in Libya. He has decided not to uphold certain laws and made up laws where the Constitution gives up no such powers. What about the millions now who had heath care and no longer? What about him being a liar? He is….IRS scandals? He makes Nixon look like a choir boy. You can believe Martians put this boy blunder has done everything to take your rights away, and he has. You are the problem. People like you who do not know your history or is blinded with by one party politics are this mans skin color. He has been the most destructive and lawless President in history. He is also the biggest liar ever. He is for the murder or children telling Planned Parenthood they are doing God’s work. He promotes homosexuality and that is not God’s work but the Devil’s. You have a President who has left us open to our enemies while spending 5 to 6 trillion dollars that has done us no good. He is a disaster. Why don’t you educate yourself before he spends another 1 billion on vacations with all its cost and security. He has already taken over 14. Air Force 1 was used to transport his dog only. Does that sound like a good President while he has increased welfare in our nation? No! You are truly ignorant and Nixon never killed anyone either.

    6. and thank God the republicans are trying to stop him from taking us down that road to totalitarianism. He is nothing more than a wannabe dictator. You sir are out of your mind.

      1. @> joe smith . the republicans are doing what ? ? ?sarc

        sticking their heads in the sand ! ! ! . . . .
        that’s what.

    7. Hey Ron, take off the blinders! You can see much better without them! That’s right . . . go ahead . . . you can do it. That’s a big boy!

    8. WOW! Ron, I don’t think they like you very much 😉 Or at least that’s the impression I get 😉 As for me I will just keep whistling a happy tune 🙂 It all good 🙂

    9. Where is it that this great country need to be? That “really great president” has tried to socialize medicine, he has run our debt up to levels that cannot be paid, he has caused racial discord as well as economic discord, he has made America weak and Putin is taking advantage of that. Iran is still pursuing nuclear weapons but now, thanks to this “really great president” they have more money to do it with. What world do you live in? Are you really so ideologically blind that you can’t see what the hell is happening here? Obama should have stuck to organizing community pot lucks because he is seriously inept at running a country. Wake up and get educated, don’t just listen to msnbc for your news. You are part of the problem, lazy, low information voters who are so ignorant they don’t have a fricking clue what is going on, yet they exercise their right to vote.

    10. You are woefully ignorant of our history and constitution and laws. You are also woefully ignorant about this president and what he is doing to our country. And while you’re at it, your grammar could use some help too.

    11. I am glad they are obstructing. God only knows what shape this country would be in without obstructing the socialist ways of the Democrats. Get your head out of the sand Baby Cakes.

    12. Ron, you may go back to the kids table until you are old enough to understand. Probably won’t happen, but…

  8. Except that its hard to take the statement of a dumbass seriously. I’d need to hear these words coming from someone with a brain before even considering it to be truth.

    1. yea, he is a dumbass. The economy in Texas proves just that. I suppose Nikki Haley is another dumbass? Wake up, dumbass!

  9. Really??? I dont trust ANY of them from the Pres all the way down to city commisioners. This entire country needs to wake the hell up. Us, the people who actually pay to keep this country running are being robbed and we deserve it because we are to damb lazy to change it. PERIOD!!!!!!

  10. Time to grow the Guard and states rights. Dc is intent in taking away states rights. The federal government should keep their hands off education, health care, marriage, states rights. Let them do what they are supposed to do-secure the borders and provide for the common defense. Time to take on DC and the political elites there and send them packing or we’ll be packing.

  11. I hope governors push back… the first thing they should do is stop sending state tax money to Washington…

  12. Gov. Perry might not be the most eloquent guy but he actually is pretty smart and knows what is in the best interests of our country.

  13. He wants to destroy this country and screwing with the guard is a huge part of it-look what his monkey hagel has been told to the federal troops

  14. OK, so now he’s also telling DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS what to do. DO you freaky democrats now understand a dictator is NEVER your friends?

  15. Why isn’t this the headline news on every conservative site? Why don’t we turn this arrogant thug’s own words in his veiled threat right back on him: “You’ll be hearing from me”? It’s a perfect saying to rally the country to oppose this man and stop the tyranny!

  16. This punk really thinks he’s king! Looking down on all of us!! If we don’t take the Senate in November, we will pay for allowing him to rig votes, buy votes, and steal votes, plus block Tea Party action with his IRS goons!

  17. Keeping us safe is the one of the very few powers of the Federal Government as laid out in the Constitution. He has violated his oath to defend and obey the Constitution so many times. I just pray that those who are working to rid us of him will keep on trying.

  18. Obama is clearing the way for riots in the streets, declaring marshall law, then stopping all elections, thereby making him dictator. He has separated the people of the US based on race and economic status. He has attempted to bully any opposition by using the IRS to threaten them with economic destruction. Obama has got to go. Maybe Texas will just secede and let the northeast and the far west deal with the idiots in charge.

    1. You know if Texas would just secede I’m Texas bound. It would probably get the ball rolling with the other states. I think the Texas Republic is unique in that it had the foresight to put in a clause or a condition that it had the right to secede from the Union if it chose to without Federal interference when it first joined so Congress can’t stop them.I don’t want the Union to breakup but the time has come.He’s ruining this country! Impeachment and removal from office everyone knows would start a race war because most of the black people view him as something like the reincarnation of MLK.They are blind to his lawlessness and Congress is afraid.You know(and they know) there has been a lot of mysterious and sinister happenings in this administration.

  19. I can not believe that we have a President that is threatening duly elected governors over issues he has no business in getting involved with. From the way it looks to me and to many others he appears to be setting himself up to declare martial law. I sure as hell hope not and think that Congress is realizing how dangerous this man is. Sure hope this leads to having him impeached.

  20. Obama is clearing the way for the Obama Army, the half-witted thugs on whom he has spent millions through Homeland Security. See the YouTube videos.

    1. Just what do you suggest we do? Calling, writing, supporting our leaders who are TRYING to do something is about all we can do other than hold protests….THEN he really CAN call Martial Law!

  21. An open threat from Obama to all the governors!? The SOB doesn’t have to trust governors since their power in their own states trumps his! ENOUGH of this insanity!

  22. I read all these comments and they are for the most part, no different than Obama drawing his lines in the sand repeatedly with no consequences when those lines are crossed. We’re screwed. If anyone were going to do anything about this traitor he would be in prison by now. He occupies the office illegally. Everyone knows it, Congress knows it, yet there he sits. He’s not even a legal citizen and has committed several felonies with regard to phony Social Security numbers. So rattle those sabers all you want. Nothing will ever come of it. I know I’ll get some thumbs down for these comments. But they’re all 100% true and you all know it.

  23. He is removing the guard so the states can not protect themselves. From home land security Army hes building to take over the nation with!!

    1. you are right James. i believe he is going to try any thing it take to do just like he wants regardless who like it or not

  24. As Ted Nugent said, that “Subhuman Mongrel” will hear from WE THE PEOPLE soon if he keeps pushing the Governors & the people! The “Mongrel” might find himself in “deep sh*t”, MOLON LABE!!!

  25. You Governors need to get that man out of office NOW!!!! Governors need to get with their senators and do the next right thing!!! Impeachment is possible with all things that are on the table, nevermind the things that John Q Public doesn’t even know about!!! He is dismantling our great country, piece by piece. He is destroying the very fabric of this nation. He is bankrupting us, he has continued to falter the strength of our military and ignore the daily needs of our American heroes abroad. He has turned our own government assets into virtual enemies of the people. Our once foreign allies want nothing to do with us and our continued enemies are forging bonds together to have the strength to turn the USA into what they want. We are THE sovereign nation. We are the shining city on the hill, we are THE PEOPLE of the United States, and we are fed up!!!!
    Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Fast & Furious, The Naval Yard, Sandy Hook, Unconstitutional DHS Checkpoints, Fusion Centers, inproprietous use of tax-payer funds….

    Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*

    SpectraWatt ($500,000)*

    Solyndra ($535 million)*

    Beacon Power ($43 million)*

    Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)

    SunPower ($1.2 billion)

    First Solar ($1.46 billion)

    Babcock and Brown ($178 million)

    EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*

    Amonix ($5.9 million)

    Fisker Automotive ($529 million)

    Abound Solar ($400 million)*

    A123 Systems ($279 million)*

    Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*

    Johnson Controls ($299 million)

    Brightsource ($1.6 billion)

    ECOtality ($126.2 million)

    Raser Technologies ($33 million)*

    Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*

    Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*

    Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*

    Range Fuels ($80 million)*

    Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*

    Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*

    Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*

    GreenVolts ($500,000)

    Vestas ($50 million)

    LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million)

    Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*

    Navistar ($39 million)

    Satcon ($3 million)*

    Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*

    Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

    *Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy.

    GET HIM OUT NOW!!!!….and put Spineless Joe Biden with him!!!!

    1. With very few exceptions those who were elected and swore to uphold the constitution haven’t a clue what’s in the constitution. It’s as if our forefathers left a great country to their spoiled brat children who didn’t have to work for it, so they destroyed it.

  26. The pussies, and media have let this man get out of control, and now they want to put him back in his box. Good luck on that one. Watch out incoming drone.

  27. Just a lil dictator trying to prove he will take over and never fire a shot,,well I think the weasel may try to bite off more than he can chew

  28. The world is building up it’s military force and we are drawing ours down. What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. Soon they will walk on our shores with open arms from the Communist infiltrators in Democrat clothing..

  29. In 1980, and again in 1995, Quebec held referendums on Independence from Canada, neither passed (primarily because of lack of true sovereignty in either), but the Central government in Ottawa made huge concessions and autonomy to Quebec to prevent their leaving.
    Now in 2014 Scotland will vote on Independence from Great Britain, and Catalonia will vote on leaving Spain. Both those Central governments are making overtures of autonomy to prevent separation.
    In 1945 there were only 55 countries in the world. Today there are 203! Those 148 new nations separated from other nations!
    Texas has every legal and moral right to return to the status of Sovereign Nation, and Texans should INSIST on the right to place this on the ballot in the form of a binding resolution!

  30. All I can think in terms of Obama and his wrath as he thinks he’ll be President “forever”… like he’ll destroy America and “win”… is… Revelation 12:12
    Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

  31. Obama is not who you think he is, he is not black, he is not an American, he is not even an Obama. If our politicians let him get away with this fraud what makes you think they can stop him from destroying the country?

    1. Ahhhh another conspiracy theorist whio believes ever snippet of bullshit coming from solidly biased right wing rags like this, and the likes of liars like Hannity and OReilly….. Not to mention Joe Arpaio, who should stick to what he does best. Abusing prisoners

      1. none of those groups or people mentioned what I put up, you can’t deny that the guy looks just like Obama, and you can’t deny Obama’s birth certificate is a fake and that he went by other names than BHOII. I don’t believe that he was born in Kenya, it was just a roomer Obama started himself to cement that he was black and different than others blacks from America. It was Obama that told his publicist for years that he was born in Kenya.

      2. open your eyes and see, said Jesus to the blind man!
        The RIGHT WING is for the Constitution and or Bill of Rights, apparently you are not? Real Americans stand up for what is right,,,as you see….

      3. You obviously need to look up the word LIAR, because you left out a few. Why don’t you provide us with hannity and Bill’s lies, and we’ll show you the hundreds from Barry, Hitlary, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid and others you hold dear!! What a pinhead!!

  32. What do you think the Marxist in Chief said to Gov. Christy on the beach when hurricane Sandy had paid N.J. a visit !

  33. Now will the states wake the hell up? Stop taking Federal money – which is all of our money? If I was Governor, I would be contacting my states militia to be on standby, then demand this Socialist be removed from office. Enough is enough.

  34. What in the SAM HELL are these Governors and Congress waiting for? They should be marching up to the Oval office with arrest papers for BHO arrest for treason and impeachment. Are they really that afraid of this Tyrant of a Marxist Dictator. Grow a pair people. BHO is trying to render the states defenseless against the Federal government by weakening the National guard so he can run over the states that oppose his dictates. These Governors and Congress better get their asses moving before it is to late.

    1. Meanwhile, back in Rome, the senators on the ides of March told Caesar what they thought of his governance.

  35. I was driving today when I heard Rush talking about this story and was especially excited when he mentioned this article at The Right Scoop. Way to go TRS!

  36. “Perry went on to say that Obama was going to hollow out the National
    Guard and warned the state governors not to push back against it or they
    would hear from him:”

    Ooooooh! A threat by the petulant man-child. My question is: What are these governors going to do about it? Are they going to grovel at the feet of the Mutt in the White Hut?

    1. I agree, I will be watching to see which governors bend over but I know that Perry does not bend and Obama won’t rule over Texas by Intimidation and the American People won’t be ruled by Intimidation…this man is just pushing for a Civil War

  37. The national Guard in each state is to protect state rights.. I think those who do not realize this.. they should go back and read THAT THE INDIVIDUAL STATES HAS RIGHTS.. AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS NOT TO INTERFERE.. PERIOD.

      1. The states need to refuse to use this common core BS. It is crazy! Don’t think the teachers even know what they are doing. We need to demand the federal gov’t get out of our states.

  38. I am disturbed by this pos’s tone every day. The National Guard is unconstitutional. A well armed militia is lawful under individual states’ control.

  39. He threatened them. I would have said what are you going to do if we don’t obey you? This is not a dictatorship yet. He’s trying to change that. If republicans and democrats who can see the power he is stealing from the other branches of government, they are blind. He is literally turning into hitler before our eyes and not one is stopping him, just like in Germany. I think they might be afraid of him.

    1. That’s what I’ve suspected for awhile now, that they are running scared for some reason. Very troubling.

    2. Somehow, I believe there are certain men in this country that I don’t think would bat an eye at putting him back in his place.

  40. Good for Jindal , Walker and Perry for commenting on the Prez’ socialist, anti-free enterprise, climate baloney, and military preparedness. Guv O-M of MD. was just a sore loser by not making any comments that could challenge what the 3 Pub guvs said.

  41. The Governors are forgetting to mention the biggest danger facing the US: the lowered US credit rating and looming collapse of the dollar engineered by the crooks in the Federal Reserve which I have been writing the Governors about for years. Here is my latest letter, which also went to the County Executives, the sheriffs, and the 188 country members of the World Bank. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/emgovernors1.docx

    1. Can you offer insight into Ukraine? As per usual, media outlets promote different stories. Are they seeking liberation from the EU or Russian influence? Question goes for Karen or anyone willing to offer honest information. Thanks.

      1. Don’t believe anything in the mainstream media, which is entirely owned and controlled by the banking cartel identified by Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, and Stefano Battiston: “The network of global corporate
        control“, ETH Zurich, published September 2011

        The Ukraine “uprising” is fomented by the mercenaries who left Syria for the Ukraine.

  42. Every one of “our” elected officials are just talk, including Rand and Ted…to make you think they are going to do something..in the meantime Tyranny grows and we and our troops are the ones who lose..Stop this evil ..STAND UP…..join oathkeepers.org…

    1. Agree! We the People are the captains of our destiny. This existing Senate and House of Representatives will have to be annulled and we have to start over again. I am looking forward to the uprising to restore the original Constitution. Operation American Spring prayerfully.

  43. Boy, did this country miss the boat. We elected a person who rehearsed and practiced delivering rhetoric prepared and written by others rather than elect an individual who said what he meant and did what he promised. We bought a packaged car salesman rather than an honest, seasoned and proven leader that would have done what was best for us and our country.

    1. Ladyjk, You bought it ,I did not, right from the beginning. Anyone that studies nothing but Socialism, Marxism, and Communism all his growing years for the wrong purpose is not one I would ever vote for. His life is just one BIG lie.

  44. “…troubled by the tone…”? The president is not troubled by the Constitution, Governor. Not in the least.

  45. He is not a dictator, as this country does not allow for such roles. It is high time his butt was drug kicking and screaming from the White House and brought up on charges of treasons…numerous charges.

    1. That’s never going to happen. Obama will continue to ignore and write laws unilaterally. That IS a dictator and IS unconstitutional.

    2. The congress has issued complaints, investigations, warnings, and law suits. Not one of their actions has stopped Obama. O’ has used Holder and the IRS to punish citizens and the citizens are left out to hang. This latest statements to the governors and cutting the military is proof – we have a dictator in charge.

      1. The so-called ‘Republicans’ could defund Hussein’s power grabs in the House, but since they’re apparently part-time Marxists, they sit on their hands. It’s an election year, so we hear a couple peeps from McCain (traitor) and Boehner (works for Obama), but they’re just actors speaking lines they’re fed.

  46. How else will Obama’s brown shirt militia gain control? Obama is evil and if I were Governor, I’d tell him to go pound sand.

    1. Before the Gov. can tell Obama to pound sand, he’s got to know the people will stand with him through a horrible time.
      Which side will the cops, Nat’l Guard, and military stand with?

      1. All of my Disqus responses were inexplicably moved to my delete folder – sorry for the late response.
        Good point. But is IS Texas… 🙂

  47. “Socialism is the phantastic younger brother of despotism which it wants to inherit. Socialism wants to have the fullness of state force which before only existed in despotism … However, it goes further than anything in the past because it aims at the formal destruction of the individual … who … can be used to improve communities by an expedient organ of government.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  48. News flash governor:

    Obama is a wannabe dictator. He issues proclamations and threats instead of negotiating deals and pushing compromise. Why are you surprised by his tone ? It’s the same it’s always been.

  49. For five years Obama has been slapping Repub’s and the country across the face with an iron glove. This time he kicked them all in the nuts and they sternly replied “that’s troubling”
    Will it take complete submission before the country wakes up?

  50. …deeply troubled you should be initiating Mark Levins 5th Amendment by your State Legislators to implement the changes needed to prevent a President such as Dear Leader Obama from implementing his over reach of executive powers .”

  51. On the contrary we need to push back the jihad in the WH needs to know that we the people will not take more shit from him. enough is enough

    1. Speaking of obama’s jihad on America…


      Sec of State John Kerry beats mosque drum calling Muslims to prayer in the face
      of mass Christian persecution


      Teen Tied with Ropes for Uttering ‘Jesus’ in Sleep


      DHS Denial, Local Reporter Finds Evidence Muslim Terrorists Crossed the Border

      local news station found Border Patrol documents that indicated that thousands
      of OTMs — “Other Than Mexicans” — have been caught crossing the Mexican border
      into the U.S., including some known terrorists. I wrote an article for The
      Washington Times about this back in 2010. I warned of the influx of OTMs (Other
      than Mexicans) over the Mexican border. READ MORE


      Axis: Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi “passed state secrets to


      of Antisemitism: Samantha Power’s Pro-Jihad Daniel Pearl Beheading Tweet


      Muslims bomb cathedral and tourist bar


      Seven Egyptian Christians found dead on beach


      refused visas to US increases by 80% under Obama


      Entitlements: Somali Muslim Migrants Protest Welfare Reform in Maine


      group slaughters 43 children in Nigerian school, Children burned alive,
      Jihadists shot and slit the throats of children who tried to escape through the


      Immigration Rules Favor Muslims over Christians

      Thank you, jihadi Barry. Sarc.


  52. It’s a h__l of a lot more than troubling, Gov. Perry. It’s one of the last warning signs before the tyrant begins the hot war against freedom in the US. You “hope” that “we” are not going to gut the NG? Your “hope” is all the permission obama needs to do whatever he wants to the NG. You have told him that you are timid. There should have been a unanimous chorus of governors shouting back
    instantly in front of every mic they could find a brief, pungent message
    to the muslim in the White House to the effect that he could go commit a
    biological impossibility on himself, and declaring the immediate invocation of
    the 10th Amendment in all matters except the very few the fedgov
    has authority to deal with.

    What follows will be regarded by many on the Right as a beautiful fantasy. But with courage, it could become reality. If you have the will, there is almost always a way.

    The governors’ instant and unanimous response to obama’s threat should have been something very close to this:

    “The NG of every state is responsible to that state only, not the fedgov. What the fedgov takes away in NG funding will be compensated for by funds the state has been sending to Washington, but will now apply to the maintenance of its NG. And by the way, this state as of now will tax the presence of every fedgov employee in the state, including fedgov politicians, and every vehicle and all personal property they own. And every DHS, NSA, TSA, and EPA agent / employee must register with the NG within 48 hours, and must surrender ALL firearms and ammunition and all devices that might be used offensively, such as but not limited to tear gas, pepper spray, batons, and dogs. those found within our borders 48 hours from now who have not registered and surrendered the aforementioned devices will be subject to arrest and imprisonment for a term of not less than five years … And obama, if you threaten us again, we will send our NG to wherever you are to arrest you and incarcerate you. Also, notice is hereby served to the world that the citizens and funds of this state will no longer be obligated to any agreement the fedgov may make with any foreign power. We will not send our citizens to be slaughtered by the president’s muslim brothers. Which reminds us, islam is now illegal within our borders.”

    The hyper-narcissistic psychopathic adult BRAT whom democrat vote fraud and repub cowardice put back in the White House is not going to stop or divert from his mission: the total destruction of American freedom and prosperity. Therefore he must BE stopped.

    Governors should have instantly announced that federal court decisions were no longer valid in their states, and that all fedgov employees of all levels must report to the State Police barracks nearest them within two hours for a briefing on the new rules they must follow when in the state, and the new taxes they must pay for the privilege of being allowed inside the state border. And to arrange an appointment for the microchip that would be implanted in every fedgov employee for the purpose of monitoring him / her.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. A fantasy. But I repeat, with courage, it could become reality. Are there any governors with courage?

    (…chirp … chirp …. chirp …)

    1. Instinct tells me that Barrack Hussein Obama wants States to have less control of their security and for the Federal Government to have more. (It’s not just instinct, it’s true!) The scary part is that we are reaching a point of no return. Once Obama has Gutted the State Guards and fired all the Generals and Commanders that will maintain their Oath to Uphold the Constitution of the United States, BHO will unleash his wrath on the American People. Folks, let us never forget, Barrack Hussein Obama’s Mother, Father, Grand Parents and Mentors were all Communists!

  53. It’s good to see that some of the governors reacted this way as they rightly should have. My concern is who are the ones that nodded in approval at what Obama said. What Perry said is not the issue as I expect a governor to react this way. More important is to identify those governors who need to be called out for treason along with the president. I’m sure my farrier governor was in total agreement.

  54. Until we unite and tell Mr. AssMunch that we will not let ONE little Pipsqueak mousy little NaziRAT mess with our elected Officials or our constitution this will continue to get worse…

  55. That is chilling that he said that if governors oppose him that they would “hear from him”. This man is a terrorist threat to our very way of life. If he would’ve said that junk to me, I would’ve unloaded a verbal beating on him so quick he wouldn’t know what hit him.

  56. He’s not a president . He’s just a street organizer willing to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY . It’s all about power for him and his friends at our expense .

  57. Now we have another example of what Obama meant when he announced he would transform America. The elimination of States rights is next in line.

  58. I would have told him we don’t trust you to make decisions about anything .so I guess that makes us even …sort of

  59. Well, I guess that is fair, since the people (and probably the majority of the attendees of the conference) do not trust him [Obama] to make ANY decision regarding our country, our security, our healthcare, et al.

  60. “….. that is really troubling.”
    “Troubling”? Excuse me? Running out of batteries for my TV remote in the middle of the night is “troubling’.
    When are you SOB’s going to grow some balls and call this ‘Tin Pot Dictator’, what he is.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Se my comment above. We’re waiting for an earthquake from SOME elected officials, and instead they are trembling.

  61. Where is the loyal opposition? The biggest problem we have is that there is no Republican Party. It has faded into nothingness.

    1. LOOK guys.. If the We the Conservative People would write to our guy/gals in the Senate and the House and tell them we are Proud of what Ted Cruz did (tell McCain and Mcconnell that and tell them two that we were disappointed in them two) instead we let the media say that Ted Cruz shut the government down.. HECK DIDN’T OBAMA AN REID SAY THEY WERE NOT NEGOTIATING? WELL IF YOU DON’T Negotiate then YOU OBAMA AND REID ARE SHUTTING THE GOVERNMENT DOWN.. We have to let the dems and the Republicans know how we feel and if we are proud of them.. so every time we write a letter to Cruz how proud we are /then we send a letter to McCain and McConnell and tell them we are proud of Cruz and Disappointed in the two of them..

  62. The National Guard is under the authority of the states unless Obama nationalizes them, right? Do the governors have no authority here? Where is congress in this???

        1. Thank You for Your Service, and My FREEDOM, SIR ! ! ! Ft.Bragg/Pope Field trips have been a part of my life`s experience…I live a Blessed life…Welcome Home Soldier ! ! ! !

            1. If the Good Lord`s willin`, I`ll be there again in a couple or three months for another visit with a True Brotherhood…OOO RAAAA

                1. I tried to reup but they wouldn’t let me back in. Told me I had just missed the cut-off age. Now they’re going to gut the military, so I guess it didn’t matter anyway.

        2. Thank You for your service ‘Brother’.
          USAF, C-130, Viet Nam, 66-67.
          “We don’t jump out of perfectly good aircraft”.
          (but you already knew that was coming) 😉 😉

            1. I always thought you guys were crazy. My Mrs. daughter’s husband retired from the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell a few months ago with 1 Iraq tour under his belt. Here’s another phrase we Air Force guys use.
              “Any landing you can walk away from, is a good landing”. 😉 😉

    1. Old quote: “They have rights who dare maintain them.”

      If governors have no courage, the states have no NG, or rights.

      1. I thought Obama made a lot of sense and Rick Perry is an idiot!-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D)

        1. As Obama continues his power grab, I can certainly understand Rick Perry’s concern. Of course you think Obama made sense, you’re a Democrat, but. some of us don’t like or trust Obama at all.

          1. Too bad Disqus is too uppity, otherwise I’d downvote you for not getting the joke #McAuliffesADeltaBravo

  63. He is a loathsome creature and his antics deserves the contempt of every American with half a brain or more. Maintaining a well-armed militia has now become of major importance for each governor of this nation. I hope they are all beginning to prepare for when that slime decides he wants to nationalize the state’s guard and relieve each governor of their “command.”

    Yes, I really loathe that criminal piece of excrement…

  64. Seems to me that Mr. Obama doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t kneel in his presence and kiss his ring.

    1. Valerie Jarrett: “it’s important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to RULE day one.”

      That it is a mystery to the vast majority who these people are is incredibly sad.

  65. The Phony has truly pooped in his mess kit!
    To threaten 50 Governors, Republican and Democrat has got to be one of the dumbest moves yet.

  66. It goes without saying that the most transparent aspect of Obama’s presidency is his contempt and disdain for this country. There is enough irrefutable and indisputable evidence to impeach him, immediately! America can’t wait another three years before he’s out of office. He must be removed NOW!

  67. Action speaks louder than words Gov. Perry. Nice little speech there Gov., now what action are you and others going to take to save our country? So far you guys haven’t done jacks–t. Do you prefer our country be ruined rather than be called racist? Are you afraid of our community organizer-in-chief? I believe you are and I believe Barack Hussein Obama knows it and will continue to run roughshod over you and other cowardly GOP. Oh, and is “troubled” the best you’ve got?

    1. Yes but Governors and their states are controlled by Federal money and as long as the Feds can cut off that spigot. These Governors will dance around like puppets on a string.

  68. Another point:

    This is why the XVII Amendment needs to be repealed – and the governors and/or legislatures of each state appoint the US Senators. That way, the states have representation in DC, not just the populace. The reason the framers designed the Senate to be made up of such appointed, not popularly elected, Senators is for this very reason: the states will have no power, no one in the federal government standing up for them should a branch of the government get out of control (which was always expected to be the Executive, or perhaps the judiciary).

    These governors are going to have trouble getting their Senators to stand with them against Obama – either Democrat or Republican. This imbalance can be corrected, if the states hold a Convention to propose amendments.

    1. No one has ever explained to me how having Senators removed from answering to the people would improve things. We complain about unelected bureaucrats, and unelected Senators would,m IMO, be more of that.

      1. How well are any of our congress-critters listening to the people? They aren’t. If they did this while appointed by the state, the state would have the option of recalling them immediately and replacing them. The only reason it’s the way it is is because our illustrious congress-critters voted themselves into permanent positions. The people didn’t do it, they did. They have been out of control and interested in nothing but their own power and perks ever since.

        1. “the state” would have the option? Who is “the state”?

          As I understand it, “the state” would be the state legislators, or maybe the US Representatives of each state. And as you so rightly observed, they’re not listening to us. Why reward them with more power?

          They’re not in permanent positions. That’s why we have elections. Not sufficient, I grant you. But fewer elections, an d a whole new class of politician that does not have to face elections, would only make things easier for them and worse for us.

  69. These governors minds and hearts are in the right place, but they don’t comprehend their place in our Republic. They need to declare their sovereign right over all these matters and challenge the federal government, not in court, but in action by constitutionally nullifying federal programs and mandates.

    I have often wondered if someone like Rick Perry made a statement that the State of Texas no longer will allow the federal government to act in areas that are properly reversed to the state of Texas. Following that he would outline a very peaceful method by which all federal agencies and departments operating out side the scope of Texas jurisdiction (EPA for example) would be asked to leave and stop executing their duties within the state.

    I’m sorry, but the above is what is required of these governors.They need to realize that the time for niceties will only prolong our slow demise. Stand strong and act Constitutionally.

    1. The idea of united, sovereign states was tossed in the waste bin as soon as the southern states were made to stay by force, IMHO.

      That’s neither here nor there. What matters is that states have the power of the Constitution to have a degree of sovereignty that they do not enjoy. Powers not expressly granted the Fed are theirs. End of story.

  70. Wow. Unbelievable. And you can tell that Gov. Perry was couching his words. Gov. Nikki Haley nodding really reinforced the power, and the severeness of his statements.

    With what he seems to be proposing with the National Guard, it seems he has a plan to use “…a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded….” as he said in Colorado back in 2008…………. (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt2yGzHfy7s )

    Obama is a tyrant, and the states NEED to stand up to him. The Convention of the state representatives to propose amendments, as Mark Levin outlines, is what we need to happen – NOW!

    1. When he said that, he stopped just short of saying – and that takes an oath to ME instead of to the Constitution. When he said that, I got chills…..so much like Hitler and the other despots and tyrants.

  71. Obama weak, Putin Strong.
    Republicans weak, Obama strong.
    This crap is a direct result of never being challenge on anything. Beyond useless congressional hearings and whining on tv what have they done to prevent any of this?

    1. absolutely on point. this is a result of Rinos and established

      punks sits on their arses and go with the flow – career security – dead fishes, so do smell and wink at the dictator-wannabe-in-chief.
      Many should speak up around the country together with these Governors.

      1. Its because the GOP has a majority of wimps and gadflies who are terrorized that they may be criticized in the Washington Press. Obama is all bluster as assad and the real world trants know. It would be nice if someone other than Cruz and Lee made a stand.

      1. Do whatever it takes. This nation was built by a few hundred courageous men who did not depend on having enough people to hide behind.

  72. The President is essentially saying; “Look, I run this show; you States are hampering my agenda and I can’t have that!” As Nixonian as it sounds, he is basically saying; “If the President does it, it’s not illegal”. I am afraid the push-back will come from the Democrat Governors. He has pretty much told the Congress that he is going to do what he wants to do… .. .Some are waking up.

    1. This is really hard to believe. I wish I had seen this live!
      It’s time to make a move towards States Rights and The Constitution as written…not The Phony’s version.

  73. Why didn’t Perry just come out and say. “I am troubled by a President who made veiled threats against states rights and Governors”? I appreciate Perry’s words but Obama threatened them by saying he’ll “hear from us” if they grumble about spending. Dang it…someone needs to threaten Obama back in a strong and firm way! To hell with his threats. The people of Texas would surely stand by Perry should he say call him out!

      1. No offense to you sybill, but so what. Seriously. The state of Texas and other
        successful states can do fine without extra gifts. The Pres controls the
        purse string but he can’t cut states off of primary spending. If enough
        states stood up to this nonsense they would have the flexibility they
        need in the long run. He can’t withhold all funding. He is obligated to
        fund the states for federal programs.The Gov’s don’t want to make waves
        because they know the people will have to tighten their belts in order
        to take a stand and Gov’s want to be re-elected too.

    1. No offense to you but so what. Seriously. The state of Texas and other successful states can do fine without extra gifts. The Pres controls the purse string but he can’t cut states off of primary spending. If enough states stood up to this nonsense they would have the flexibility they need in the long run. He can’t withhold all funding. He is obligated to fund the states for federal programs.The Gov’s don’t want to make waves because they know the people will have to tighten their belts in order to take a stand and Gov’s want to be re-elected too.

    2. And what example of the highest GOP is to be followed? SoH isn’t willing to have his neck on the line since he seems more in agreement so why should the GOP govs?

      1. It’s because Obama doesn’t trust himself, he knows he is devious therefore he thinks everyone else is devious and can’t be trusted. The traits of a dictator including paranoia

  74. No offense, Scoop, but your headline is too benign. The Governors were threatened by our President. Yes, Gov. Rick Perry said he was troubled, in a rather polite take on the meeting, but the details he went into after that rather polite take on the meeting literally chilled me to the bone. According to Gov. Haley’s take, he also told them they no longer have a say in how higher education or the National Guard is handled in their state. The a’hole said “you’ve been asking for cuts, well you got them” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w_ZE_7J45E

    There’s a reason there was no press coverage allowed of this today. President Obama is trying to outdo LBJ in strong arming. This scares the hell out of me. I’m glad I sent this to you, but, really, am I overreacting?

    1. That was my first reaction, too….so polite, the Governors are. So subdued. I hope this is the quiet before they stand up and say SHOVE IT and then DO something. They need to light the fires of Truth in every single state.

    2. These governors need to stop acting like they are servants of the federal government. Start telling the federal government that you do not recognize his authority on these matters. They don’t understand that President Obama is picking a fight with the states(rhetorically speaking), it’s time for the states to fight back.

      1. I suspect that Obama’s civilian force was pulled from the
        “do nothing, I don’t wanna do nothing” crowd.

  75. “I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure…”

    Spoken like a true dicktator.

  76. Wow! I knew that meeting was a sham because off Gov. Jindal’s statements. But, while democrat Governors will comply I am not sure about Republican Governor with teh exception of Chris Christie.

  77. The American People are troubled as well Gov. Perry. It is VERY disappointing for the nation’s first Black president to be intentionally destroying the very Country who has given him every opportunity.

    1. The resistance must start with the Governors!

      The Guard must be increased – not reduced

      Obama has evil intentions – No doubt!

      The Governors MUST reduce VOTER FRAUD in their States

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