Rick Perry talks family and military service

This is a little different side of Rick Perry that we don’t get to see, of him discussing military service from the perspective of his family and as Governor. This was created by Ben Howe over at RedState:

There’s been a lot of narratives swirling around about who Rick Perry is and what he’s capable of. I can say with confidence that many of them are wrong. One small example of how I know this is this video which his campaign sent me for a Veterans Day video I was putting together.

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25 thoughts on “Rick Perry talks family and military service

  1. I wonder what Glenn Beck the wonder boy thinks of him? He seems to be close to Palins views I think so I wonder. Maybe Glenn is looking for the Morman space god with Tom Cruise on the other side. They both haven’t been taking their medications.

    I think I’m leaning Rick Perry now.

  2. Since Mr. Cain left the field, Gov. Perry has moved to the top of my choices, at least so far. He seems down to earth and talks to us like real people not underlings that are stupid. I think he connects with the average citizen as Mr. Cain did.

    The more I see him, the more I like him. I hope he does well in the debate Thursday.

    I’m sick and tired of the polls and the talking heads.

    1. “I’m sick and tired of the polls and the talking heads.”, I agree 110%. Just follow three things when making your decision;
      1. Your Head.
      2. Your Heart.
      3. Your Gut.

      1. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I refuse to allow others to make my decisions for me. The polls are a joke! They poll 1,000 people, and suddenly they declare a new front runner. It’s BS!

          1. Yeah, me neither. I only get calls from the RNC for contributions and I tell them that I contribute to the candidate of my choice, but I will not contribute to the party.

        1. I keep trying. Polls can be real helpful, or they can be so misleading, as to be called, lies. Several times I have been asked to use statistics to lie. I even lost one job because of it. I maintained my integrity. To really evaluate a survey, you must see who was polled,and what the exact questions are. And, you must be able to evaluate the results, yourself. Try to remember the ‘Dewey wins’ headlines. Add that to a media obsessed, and you have a true result. Use your head, vote for the man, and his belief’s. Sounds like democracy!

          1. You know, I think that’s why I enjoy the community here at Scoop. Good, patriotic people who only want what is best for our country and to preserve our liberties. I learn more each day from my fellow citizens that post here and appreciate their thoughtful and respectful comments.

  3. When you listen to Perry “just talking” like this, it’s easy to quit worrying about his policies. He just has that sincere, wholesome, easy-going, home-folks personality, appearance, and voice. His speech is relaxed, his smile looks genuine…

    I wouldn’t vote for appearances only any more than for smart only. But I relax while I’m listening to Rick Perry. I wonder if my subconscious is telling me something important.

    1. This is how I feel about him as well. I think some of his statements have been misconstrued and he has garbled some of his lines but overall I sense integrity.

    2. Genuine, sincere, and wholesome – well said. I think he and Sarah P. share many of the same qualities that set them apart from the usual politico. Trust your subconscience.

  4. Perry is and has been my candidate. His record in TX and his core principles are why I support him. He is not a great debater and he has struggled some on the trail but he can lead. Does anyone know if there is anything we can do to help him in Iowa?

    1. Thanks for supporting Perry, you can join the Perry Strike Force in Iowa. I believe you can go to rickperry.org and sign up there. If you can’t make it to Iowa then donations right now are going to his Iowa push. Also go on other sites and post truths and good comments on Perry, help combat the lies.

  5. WHO is this guy?

    Where have I seen him before?

    Let me put my FOIL HAT on for a clearer picture

    RICK – Where have you been???

    1. Lol don’t ruin that foil hat, the fox debate is on Thursday and your going to need it to understand Ron Paul’s answers 😉

  6. This was excellent. I’m still looking at all the candidates, but this is great. I wish we could have segments like this for all of the candidates to go along with the 3 minute debates. We can learn more about the person behind the candidate this way, and that’s what we need.

  7. i would like to thank you for being so positive by presenting perry and the others. i am especially happy about perry’s exposure. he is a fine candidate. i support him.

  8. It is so much more edifying to see these types of personal insights into the candidates than the 30 second or 60 second sound-bites, especially when it is a candidate that I can easily support.

  9. Thank you Right Scoop for giving Rick Perry some positive coverage.
    You have raised my hopes for him to make a comeback.

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